Summer Scarf Pairings and Hermes Clic H Bracelets

When I was out-of-town visiting family this past weekend, I stopped into a Talbots that I always visit when I’m there. As I walked through the door, I immediately began scanning the store for a scarf I had seen online. I hadn’t realized how much I really wanted that scarf until that very moment. I had seen it online many weeks ago, even before my trip to Morocco, but it wasn’t on sale then so I had decided to wait. Now it was the first thing on my mind as I entered the store.

That Breezy Scarf Person, Can I Become One, Too? ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve never been much of a scarf wearer. Well, that’s not exactly true. I wear scarves a lot during the winter, the warm, woolly kind that you throw on with your coat just before heading out the door. But I’ve never taken the time to look for pretty scarves that I could wear as an accessory or accent piece to finish off an outfit.

I think this idea has been rolling around in my head for a while, though, the idea of wearing more scarves. About 1-1/2 years ago when I was vacationing in Italy, I did a bit of shopping in Sorrento.


In addition to buying a straw hat that day, I also purchased this blue and white linen scarf.


I love blue and white together, and I love stripes. I wasn’t sure how I’d wear it but I couldn’t resist how soft and “flowy” it felt. I remember thinking that day, “This is what you wear on a summer day in Isle of Capri.” ๐Ÿ™‚


I double-checked to make sure it was truly made in Italy before purchasing it since it was going to be a memento from those 15 days I spent touring Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast.


So this idea of wearing breezy scarves during the spring and summer months has apparently been hatching for a while. When I saw this beautiful yellow scarf online a few weeks ago, I could not get it out of mind, it was like a burst of sunshine in scarf form!


I bought it this past weekend and was pleased to find that it was just as pretty in person as it was online. And it was on sale, 40% off! Yay! You’ll find it still on sale here: Yellow & White Scarf. I think the sale ends tomorrow.

I love how it feels, so soft and lustrous. It’s not that thin, gauzy, cheap-feeling fabric that so many summer scarves are made of these days, you know…the kind that runs or picks if you just barely touch it.

I wear a lot of navy throughout the year. During the summer, I often wear nautical-style, navy and white striped shirts. I thought the scarf would pair well with that style shirt, and it does!


It even looks great with brighter blues.


Of course, it will also look great with white as shown in this photo below. I love the other scarf shown below, too! It’s available here: Scarf. Actually I love all their scarves this summer…they are hitting it out of the park lately! You can see all the summer scarves here: Summer Scarves.


Here’s how it looks with a white linen shirt, another purchase from Talbots last year. Love this scarf!


Another one I’m eyeing before the sale ends tomorrow is this blue and white floral scarf. I think it would look amazing with jeans! It’s available here: Blue and White Scarf. I just noticed it’s 55% silk, 40% wool and 5% cashmere. Wow, that’s an awesome price for that combination! Yup, definitely need this one in my summer scarf wardrobe!


Another one that would be beautiful for summer! See what I mean…so many pretty scarves! This one is available here: Spring-Summer Scarf.


Before I close out this post, if you were one of the folks who wanted this adorable woody-car vacation sweater, it’s currently on sale, too. You’ll find it here: Woody Car Sweater. I wore this sweater when I was in Morocco and got lots of compliments on it.

I have to share a cute story involving this sweater, something that took me totally by surprise. When I was driving home from Ohio on Tuesday, I stopped into a McDonald’s to get an iced coffee. As the young man behind the counter handed me my drink, he commented on how much he liked what I was wearing, making a gesture that indicated the whole outfit. That made my day! If a young guy, practically a teenager, notices your outfit, you gotta be doing something right! lol

That day I was wearing this sweater paired with dark blue jeggings and a blue, polka-dot shirt, also from Talbots. I was wearing it like it is shown below on the model with the collar, cuffs and the bottom part showing from underneath the sweater. I do like that style, it’s so casual and you get to see more of the shirt which is a lot of fun.


You can see the blue polka-dot shirt I was wearing under the sweater in this photo that I recently shared on Instagram HERE. I think I bought it back during one of Talbots fall sales.

Several folks asked in the comments of THIS post to see the Clic H bracelet I mentioned purchasing duty-free in the Charles de Gaulle airport when I was flying home from Morocco. It’s the coral one below. The color is called, Rouge Corrail. The other Clic H shown below is a color called Bleu Atoll. It’s a very close match to Tiffany Blue. I am completely obsessed with Clic H bracelets, I love the pops of color they add to an outfit and how they look when paired together or with other bracelets.


Happy weekend, Friends! Hope you’re having a great one! I’m off to vacuum and do some spring cleaning around here. This house definitely needs it! But first, I need that blue and white scarf! lol Priorities! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Yes, all the scarves you are showing are definitely beautiful. I think a scarf adds so much interest to an outfit.
    What a sweet thing for a young guy to say. I’m sure that made your day.
    Love your bracelets!!
    Have a great weekend, Susan~

  2. Nice scarf collection you’ve started, and like how they coordinate with so many of your outfits. Such a great idea for a travel memento too! Hope you got the blue and white one before they sold out.

  3. Your scarf choices are pretty and fit your style so well. I have never been much of a scarf wearer either, but like them on others. My style is not preppy even though I have a lot of Talbots clothes. I wear jeweled jackets with jeans and booties. I just bought spring summer things from Anthropologie whose clothes I really love. They also had a blowout sale of 40% off of sale prices and some things I loved, including evening wear and shoes for more than 60%off. Things flew out, but the sale is still on today I think. I missed a stunning silver beaded gown that had been 450. and sold for 72.00…curses! For that price I would wear it to drink tea on the couch ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ohh, I need to check their site more often. They have some really cute things! Good going on catching such an awesome sale! You may want to call their customer service number on a chance someone has returned one or they just didn’t have all their inventory showing online. That happens a lot with J.Crew. I’ve before seen something on that site showing sold out, then gone back two days later and there would be one in stock. I’d purchase it and it would immediately sold out again. So I think they get the occasional return and if you’re watching when it happens, you can buy it before it disappears again. Might be worth a call, just in case. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Good idea. You could sign up for Anthro notices, then you could see the sales. I would forget to look at the right time otherwise. Since it is earlier in the East I suspect that is how some things get sold before we are even up out here. There are sales that are not announced in advance, just on the day they happen.

  4. Hi Susan… I enjoy your articles so much, and must tell you that you really have flair with your outfits! Tell me though, do you ever wear dresses??
    best regards..Paula.

    • Thanks, Paula! Appreciate that so much! I don’t wear dressy dresses very much, but I do wear a lot of casual skirts in the summer. I also have a few Lilly Pulitzer casual dresses that I love to wear. I fallen in love with jeggings in the last few months, so it’s going to be hard to get me out of those. But I know as soon as the really hot, humid weather arrives, I’ll be pulling out the skirts or sundresses! l

  5. susan dial says

    Susan, I’m having a deja vu moment here because I almost emailed you this morning about my scarf kick I went on last week – same thing as you. I was at Talbots a couple weeks back and a lady checking out had the blue and yellow scarf and I just could not get it out of my mind. So last week when they went on sale, I snapped it up along with the Octopus garden scarf – it is so cheerful. I also bought the yellow jean jacket which is just so cute for spring. Waiting on it to arrive still. Glad to see you are enjoying their scarfs also – I bought a pair of Betsey Johnson ladybug earrings to brighten up the whole yellow and navy theme!

    • Susan, that is too funny…amazing how often we do that! lol Oh, I didn’t see the Octopus scarf…that sounds adorable! I’ve been eyeing the jean jackets…those are so cute and would go with so many things! Sounds like you found some really cute things for spring!

  6. Linda Nixon says

    Not to be a smart alec but that sweet boy that commented on your outfit might find himself into a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment. I appreciate you finding it a compliment and taking it that way. Thank you for allowing me to vent.

    • He was very polite, didn’t say it in a “sexual” way at all, so I definitely didn’t get that vibe. It was really sweet…made my day!

  7. A-hah!! You’ve “officially crossed over”…to the scarf side!!! Once you’re smitten…well, take it from “one who knows…” I LUV SCARVES…just received a “yellow print” with blue mosaic trim…and tassels…see…it gets worse…franki p.s. the bracelets are GORG!!!

  8. Susan, I have loved scarves forever! I have so many and they can take an average outfit and give it pizazz! I occasionally use them as table runners, also.

    • I’m really loving wearing them, wore one all day today and loved it! I’ll definitely be keeping that in mind about the table runner…such a great idea! Multi-use!

  9. ~SuSan~

    I LoVe scarves , sometimes I think I over do it wearing them so often !!! Yesterday a young coworker told me that I reminded her of a lady going to the country club , hehe. I am so thrilled to see Talbots carry some wonderful clothes again, I was beginning to worry there awhile back !!
    The “H” bracelets are amazing,lucky you !! I wish I had you get me one hehe
    Have a super weekend!!

    • Paula, what a great compliment…you must look fabulous!
      I know, I thought the same thing a few years ago, I walked into shop and didn’t like anything and left. I didn’t go back for a year or two but I’m so glad I finally did because the awesome style they’ve always been known for was back! From talking with the associates, I don’t think they’ll ever do that again! They had the wrong person running the show back then but they are back on track now.
      I tell ya, I’ll be purposely trying to have a layover in that Charles de Gaulle airport whenever I travel from now on. lol Never thought I’d ever look forward to a layover!

      • ~SuSan~
        When you have that lay over let me !!! ๐Ÿ™‚
        I am so glad us women all agree on Talbots !!! Yes, they better not do that again !!
        Have a lovely week !

  10. Suzanne Davis says

    Hi Susan, I am your Talbots sister!! Good thing we do not live close. We
    might show up in matching outfits!!! Lol
    I totally agree, for awhile they were missing the boat. Sure glad they came
    back with all the great clothes and cute shoes!

  11. Cynthia Raines says

    Talbots does has a lovely selection of very pretty scarves – wow! I have some pretty ones, but don’t wear as often as the ladies above. When I was working, I usually took them off part way through the day, became too hot! ha Now just wear them to church on Sunday and do enjoy them. Really love the yellow and white and I agree, looks GREAT with the blue and white navy stripes. will pin that one! Happy shopping!

  12. Love scarves, especially when I travel. I can pack my basics and spark them up with a few lightweight scarves to avoid boredom. They double as wrap if the temps get chilly too. Drooling over your ClicH in coral.

  13. Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

    Great picks, Susan! I wear scarves throughout the year, except when itโ€™s hot outside (I find even the gauzy and silky ones add warmth when close to my neck). I wear a lot of slim leg black dress pants to work so scarves are perfect for infusing a bit of color and pattern over solid cardigans and sweaters (especially since I canโ€™t be carrying a colorful purse around with me all day, though I would love to!) Iโ€™ve had my eye on the blue & white Fringed Roses Toile Scarf for a while, but since Iโ€™m used to Ann Taylor and LOFTโ€™s frequent 50% off everything online days, Iโ€™m keeping my fingers crossed for one of those sales on the Talbots site : )

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