20 Toys They Will Love Getting for Christmas This Year

Do you have little ones on your shopping list? In today’s post, I’ve put together a list of both play and learning toys that I’ve given to my grandsons in recent years. These are the ones they always ask me to play with them whenever I visit. If you’ve got little ones on your shopping list, I hope you find these ideas helpful.

My oldest grandson has always loved this game, now the youngest one really enjoys it, too. It’s a great way to help them learn their site words. They actually make 3 different versions of this game, if I’m remembering correctly. I’ve bought all of them since this was such a big hit! It’s available here: Zingo Bingo Game.



My son was a huge fan of Transformers when he was growing up and he had one really big transformer that broke down into multiple transformers. This one does the same thing, only it breaks down into 5 different toys/vehicles. I just purchased the boys this year so I can’t report on how they like it, but I think it’s going to be a big hit based on the reviews. It’s available here: Robot Transforms into 5 Different Vehicles/Toys.



Legos are always a huge hit! I love this adorable set that builds a house surrounded by trees. The raccoon sold it for me. Ha! It’s available here: Lego House and Forest.



I shared these recently after sending them to the boys. They LOVED them per my daughter-in-love. Definitely a big hit and very affordable. They come in sets of two and are available here: Large Glider Planes with LED Lights.


Just bought these for the boys this year for Christmas. I could just see them outside running around talking to each other on these. : ) They are available here: Walkie Talkies.



I bought this adorable stable for my youngest grandson to play with during a visit. I think I actually ended up taking it up to him during one of my visits. It was a huge hit! It comes with labels so you can name each of the horses. Soooo cute! It’s available here: Stable with Horses.

Toy Stable with Horses for Children


This is another game I just purchased for them this year, so can’t report how they like it, yet. But I think it will be a great rainy day activity when they are cooped up inside this winter. It’s available here: Target Game.



This Gravity Maze really intrigues me. I’m thinking of ordering one for the boys this year. I love giving them toys that get them thinking and problem-solving. You’ll find it available here: Gravity Maze.


This remote control robot was such a huge hit with my oldest grandson, I HAD to buy one for the youngest grandson when he got a little older so he would leave his brother’s robot alone. lol I was so delighted to see this robot was still in working order when I visited again months later. I hadn’t expected it to hold up so well to little ones playing with it, but it has! The boys always tucked their robots back away in the bottom drawer of the little blue chest between the beds to keep them safe. Kids, both the boys and the girls, love robots! You’ll find this guy available here: Remote Control Robot.



This was a favorite book of my son’s growing up–both it and the original, The Jolly Postman. Very much recommend it for the children in your family. Little, little ones will need a bit of supervision with opening up each of the letters and reading them. It’s an adorable, delightful book! You know it’s good when it’s been around for at least 35 years!  Check out the 4,187 reviews here: The Jolly Christmas Postman.


Of course, you know I can’t make this post without mentioning my favorite toy, one I use several times a month. In fact, mine is currently out with a half-finished puzzle on it right now. Love, love, love my puzzle board! Great gift for anyone who loves doing puzzles! Definitely a back saver and just makes working a puzzle a lot more fun! It’s available here: Puzzle Board.

The Cat Library Puzzle on Puzzle Board


I gave this to my oldest grandson a couple of years back and he was obsessed! I’m so glad they make a Spirograph Jr. Fun, fun learning game for the little ones! It’s available here: Spirography Jr.


My youngest grandson and I played several games of Jenga during my last visit. He’s really good at it! This is a classic for all ages and never gets old. Guess that’s why it’s become a classic family game. You’ll find it available here: Classic Jenga.


I bought each of my grandsons this set a few years back. It’s amazing and they love it! Definitley a gift they will use over and over. It’s available here: Crayola Masterworks.


Another gift that was a big hit! I had trouble finding this one initially after my DIL suggested it for either a birthday one year. It was sold out everywhere back then! It’s back now in time for Christmas and available here: Play Dough Dinosaur Play Set.



I just purchased these for my grandsons a few days ago–came across them while working on this gift post. They aren’t going to be a Christmas gift, since I’ve already bought those, although they would make a great gift for Christmas. My grandsons already have the huge set of wood classroom blocks I bought back in the day for their dad from a school supply store. Every single time I visit for a stay, one of the boys brings out the blocks and starts building or making roads with them. I think they will love expanding their kingdom with these awesome castle blocks.  These should arrive tomorrow at their home, will be eager to hear how they like them. I wish I was there right now so I could help them build castles–I love these! They are available here: FAO Schwarz Wood Castle Building Blocks Set.


This is a game my grandsons always bring out when I’m visiting. They have gotten really, really good at it. It’s fast-paced a lot of fun! You’ll find it here: Let’s Go Fishin’ Game.


I bought this K’NEX building set for my oldest grandson when he was around 4  years old. Since then, I’ve purchased additional sets because he and his brother love creating everything you can imagine! It comes with a booklet showing things to make, but the boys often make things that they dream up on their own. I think I’ve purchased 3 supplemental sets over the years because they never tire of it. I love toys like this because they never get old and really engage the imagination. You’ll find this large set with 100 pieces here: Kid K’NEX Building Set and a smaller set here: Kid K’Nex.



Another classic I couldn’t wait to buy for the boys. I think I bought this game as much for me as for them. I always wanted a Lite-Brite when I was a kid! lol They love creating with it and especially turning off the lights and showing off their creations when they’re finished. You’ll find this classic toy available here: Classic Lite-Brite.



I think this was one of the games I purchased for them back when we were all staying home almost full time. They still love it and play it all the time. You’ll find this cute, cute game here: Pete the Cat.



I mentioned this in a previous post but wanted to mention again that this delightful Christmas Vacation wrapping paper is back! It’s my favorite wrapping paper of all time. I just love it!

Christmas Vacation Wrapping Paper, Bringing Home The Tree


You’ll find it available here: here: Christmas Vacation Wrapping Paper.

Christmas Vacation Wallpaper, Perfect for Christmas Presents


I’ll add to this list if I think of some other games or toys that you’ll want to consider for the kiddos this year. It’s sooo much fun shopping for the little ones! It’s spoiling time! 🙂


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  1. Thank you so much! I’ve used your ideas so many times and always look forward to more. I appreciate the time it must take finding such unique ideas. They’re always great. Have a lovely weekend

    • Thanks, Marta! These are the ones my grandsons love so I hope they are a hit with the little ones you’re shopping for this year. Hope you have a great weekend, too!

  2. Thank you so much for all the great ideas.

  3. I ordered the book and planes! Hope my grandsons enjoy. Thanks for all the selections.

    • Thanks, Maureen! The book is really special, unlike any book you’ll ever read. My grandsons really love the planes; I hope your grandsons do, too! ♥

  4. I played the Pete the Cat game with two granddaughters not too long ago. We had a terrific time. Even my two year old granddaughter was able to play (with minimal help from Gram) SUCH fun!

    Just like another reader said, I always love your recommendations!

  5. Bobbi Duncan says

    Always the best kid’s gifts! I loved Lite-Brite & Legos playtime w/ my children. Hugs!

  6. Love the bedding too! Do you change the picture seasonally?

  7. First off, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you Susan. Wonderful suggestions for little ones however my Grandchildren are now either in their early or mid teens. Speaking of which knowing how yours are so intrigued with Dinosaurs wanted to mention a T.V. reality program series that I and my husband got hooked on watching, in event you are not aware of it. It is on the Discovery Channel and is called DINO HUNTERS that feature the cowboy/ranchers (of Wyoming/Montana/New Mexico) who search for prehistoric dinosaur fossils on their land for extra income. All said; its very entertaining as well as educational. With warm hugs -Brenda-
    P.S.: Only have Xmas Stockings to fill this year as treating immediate family members, a week’s stay at Disney and keeping my fingers crossed all goes according to plan.

  8. Have you heard yet how your grandsons like the castle block set? Curious to know as I’ve seen it and wondered whether kids enjoy it.

    Also, have they had any issues with the Lite Brite? We had one when my kids were young, and they loved it, but the reviews on the newer version with the LED lights are not great. Many people say there are dark places where the little colored pieces are not lit up, so you can’t see the whole picture well. Would appreciate any feedback you’ve gotten about it.

    • When the boys got it a couple of years back, it worked great. I’m not sure about now, but it worked great back then. They loved the castle block, set. My DIL sent me a picture of both of them playing with it the day it arrived.

    • They look great. It will be a while before my soon-to-be-born grandson is ready for them, but thanks so much for sharing. (Your grandson is adorable!)

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