Awesome Spring Sale From One of My Favorite Stores!

Your comments on yesterday’s post have me excited to get the results of my DNA test back! Thanks so much for sharing the amazing things you’ve discovered. After reading your comments, I went ahead and signed up for Ancestry dot com on a month-to-month basis to see what I can learn.

Last night I discovered several cousins that I’ve never met, have started their own family trees which has greatly helped fill in some of the dates/gaps on mine. They’ve even posted pictures. I found myself tearing up looking at photos of aunts and uncles who I last saw or spoke to as a small child, all of whom have now passed. I would love to talk with them today and let them know how much their presence in my life meant to me back then.

I kept getting chills last night each time I came across a census or an old draft record. It almost felt like I had reached back through time and pulled that person forward, like they were standing right there beside me. Gives me chills now, just thinking about it. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing your amazing stories in the comments on yesterday’s post. I loved reading each and every one!

Clothes Shopping for Spring

I’m sorely in need of some new summer clothes. I just got an email today from Talbots about a big sale they have going on. I love their clothes!



This is what caught my eye and everything I’m sharing below is on sale, many are around 40% off so this is a great spring sale!

Love this lobster sweater…so beach! It’s available here: Beaded Lobster Sweater

Beaded Lobster Sweater


This is the shirt they paired up with the sweater above. I think it looks great with jeans, right by itself. So cute! It’s available here: Polka Dot Shirt

Red Polka Dot Shirt


This has to be one of the cutest puffer vests I’ve seen…love the buffalo plaid! It’s on sale here: Plaid Vest

Buffalo Plaid Black White Vest


LOVE this dress! It’s on sale here: Adorable Dress for Summer

Summer Dress


Cuff are so popular right now and this is one of the cutest I’ve seen. I found it on sale here: Beautiful Gem Cuff

Gem Cuff Bracelet


I’d love to have a pair of these in every color. The heel is the perfect height…style yet, comfortable! I like how the back strap is adjustable. They are available on sale here: Slingback Flats

Colorful Slingback Flats for Summer


I’m still crushing on this cute embroidered polka dot cardigan I shared a while back…and now it’s on sale! It’s available on sale here: Embroidered Dot Cardigan

Green Cardigan with Embroidered Polka Dots


I always buy my summer shirts at Talbots because they wash so well and are so comfortable. Love this cute paisley shirt! It’s available here: Paisley Shirt

Paisley T-shirt


Another great shirt for summer, available on sale here: Striped Shirt

Striped Shirt for Summer


If you’re in need of a raincoat, this cutie is on sale. It comes in blue and yellow, too.

Colorful Raincoat for Spring


I love how it’s styled in back with a pleat, so comfortable for sitting down without having to remove your coat. It’s available on sale here: Raincoat

Raincoat, Pleated Back

Happy summer shopping!

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  1. Margot C. says

    So glad you signed up for I reconnected with second cousins on my mother’s side who still own the house in Ireland where my greatgrandmother was born. I can’t wait to get to go see it. You will be amazed at what you will find. Be sure to check the WWI and WWII registration cards which even have hair, eye color and height. The computer makes things so much easier and be sure to contact anyone who has a tree already done. Good luck!

    • Margot, I noticed my dad’s father was described as being medium built and “tall” on some record I found. It also said he had blue eyes. My father had blue eyes and reddish hair. I guess he got it from his dad. I never knew any of that about my grandfather, never even saw a photo of him. You are so right about being amazed by the things you find out. I think it was a WWI record that I read that on…a draft record, I believe.

    • I hit reply to post this because I couldn’t figure out how else to do so. My red-haired blue eyed hubbie always thought he was Irish due to his coloring. We had our DNA tests done and guess what – I am more Irish than he is!!

  2. Susan Sofield says


    I absolutely love Talbots clothing. In fact, my hubby says that it is the card that never cools off!!!
    Have a wonderful day.


    • lol I do, too! I just drove over to the one near me and bought a couple of summer shirts that are part of the big sale that’s going on. They have the cutest clothes! We would have fun shopping together, Susan!

  3. Susan Sofield says

    Hi Susan,

    I absolutely love Talbots clothing. My hubby says it is the card that never cools off!!
    I just ordered the striped shirt you pictured above. Have a great afternoon.


  4. rebecca dexter says

    I have had an Ancestry membership for a number of years and through it have found 2 third cousins (one a double third) and have become very close to one of them even visiting her in Colorado. That being said it is interesting to us that although both the cousin in Colorado, her sister and I have done our dna, Ancestry does not show us to have any match. We have all called and get a different reason why every time…there is no doubt that we are related…none of us are adopted and we have letters from family members that show visiting between our relatives. My line connecting to them is through my dad and theirs is through their mother…one explanation from Ancestry is that more of my mother’s line was tested???? what is with that??? Anyway, it is a mystery that we would like solved.

    • That’s weird that they don’t give the same answer each time…very strange. I wonder if it takes more detailed DNA testing, something way more sophisticated, to actually link individuals together as being related.

      • Susan, I think one has to keep in mind DNA involves ‘hereditary characteristics’ that are passed on to offspring or descendants. In other words; even if you take an immediate family unit and compare each individual there will still be variances due to ‘dominant genetic factors’ which perhaps has occurred in Rebecca’s case and reason why there is a contradiction in lineage/relation. -Brenda-
        Footnote: In a nutshell; the above is probably one of the reasons why it is so common now for the medical profession to request a history of family illness. I know for myself; health wise I am a carbon copy of my Mother (and not my father).

        • Exactly! And unfortunately I followed in my sister’s footsteps in a lot of ways. Thankfully I didn’t smoke so that helped, but she and I both had a lot of the same health issues.

  5. Hi Susan, I didn’t comment on yesterday’s post but wanted to today. Our family has a good bit of their history as one of my mom’s cousins did some extensive research about 20 years ago, some my mom knew and some she wasn’t familiar with. One of the things she has always known is her kinship with the preacher Billy Graham (I believe Billy’s grandfather and my mom’s grandfather were brothers) and Elizabeth Dole (my mom’s 2nd cousin) who she remembers visiting with Elizabeth’s grandfather when she (my mom) was a young girl. Momma called Elizabeth’s grandfather “Uncle Pink”! She said she used to see Elizabeth in her grandfather’s yard playing.

    When my mom was in her house (she’s now in a nursing home) she had a computer and email address and stayed in contact with cousins as far away as Oregon (we’re in Alabama). I love this kind of thing… interesting.

    My husband doesn’t know much about his family as his parents separated when he was around 4 months old but he’s always wanted to know more. I can’t seem to get much information from his mother b/c she’s still bitter about the situation (my husband is now 53 so I think it’s beyond time for her to let that go but whatever)….so I thought I might try and do the swab thing kit for him either for his birthday in September or for Christmas and take it from there. I know a little bit about my dad’s side but his mother died when he was 3. The father remarried and his one remaining half sister is still alive. My sister and I are going to visit with her in about 2 weeks and she has some interesting information for us.

    Well, I didn’t set out to write a novel (LOL) but I’m so grateful that you brought up this interesting story and I can tell lots of your readers are as well.

  6. I love Talbots but not their prices. I want that paisley tee shirt but not willing to pay $39.00 for it, will wait til it goes on sale. I have thought about going to Ancestry too. Will have to look into that. Would LOVE to know more about my roots!

  7. For my birthday a year ago, our daughter gifted me a subscription to I’m the “baby” in our family and knew only one grandparent and only paternal aunts & uncles. My paternal journey has taken me back to English royalty and a HorseTrader (legitimate buyer/seller of horses). Finding census records really are like treasures; and the Find-A-Grave source often gives a lot of information. There have been stumbling blocks & dead ends along the way but they just make the “finds” more precious. All of this has made me wish I had asked my parents so much more about our family while they were living. It’s the family stories that I wish I could hand down to our children & grandchildren.

  8. Linda Page says

    Susan, what you are finding out about your family history is wonderful. So glad you signed up for more. Today is the first day my foot has really felt better. Maybe the xrays on Friday will show marked improvement. Keep your fingers crossed. The Talbots clothes shown are just too cute. I can see you wearing all of them.

  9. I bought the lobster sweater a month ago to wear while visiting my parents it Florida. It was a great hit! I love it. I have been researching family history for nearly 30 years. Ancestry software and .com are key to searching, record keeping and sharing. I’ve just recently also researched my two brothers in law families for my nieces and nephews who wanted both branches of their tree. What a fun adventure – I went back through slavery, Civil War, Revolution, Salem Witchcraft trials, 7 direct ancestors who came on the Mayflower, ministers to Queen Elizabeth, etc. I’ve also researched branches for cousins, etc as wedding gifts. And, I still find more on my husband and my ancestry, distant cousins, photos and more. It’s highly addictive.

  10. Linda Nixon says

    I have a pair of jeans with tiny anchors on them. Happened to be in Walmart passing by the clothes and saw them for $15.00. Found navy tee shirt at old Navy that is navy in color with a large cream color anchor on the front. The little anchors on the jean are also cream. going to Nantucket in May and that will be my “uniform.” The t- shirt was $12.74 or 2 for $14.00 so I ordered 2. There was only one in the store which was a xs so they ordered it for me waived the shipping fee and mailed it to my house. got it today Tues. after ordering it Sat. Cute outfit. Where can you get a cute outfit for $22.00 anymore?

  11. Genealogy research can be very habit forming! My mom has doen it for years and even teaches and is paid to do it. I have also done it for a long time but not nearly as good as she is.

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    LOVE the sailboat dress! Will have to drive an hour to get to a Talbots, as it said not available on line. I’m sure it would be worth it though. Shoes are darling! Thanks Susan!

    • Cyndi, I don’t know if they still do this, but once I wanted to order a sweater for my dil that was showing out her size online. I called their 800 number and they did a search, found it in a store and had that store ship it to her. So before you take that drive, call their customer service number and ask if they can locate it for you in a store. If they do, ask them if they can have the store ship it to you. All the stores around here are out of them, too. I think it’s so cute!

  13. I’m a night owl so this is late but wanted to respond about ancestry dot com’s DNA test. My brother did this & rec’d his results recently and it was disappointing to say the least due to the vagueness. The largest percentage (43% I believe it was) was attributed to Western Europe which could include various countries but Ancestry’s test doesn’t break that down at all such as 10% German, Italian, etc. Be aware that your results will also include what I consider a disclaimer in that they say their results are an “estimate”. Fishy and possibly misleading advertising on Ancestry’s part imho.

    We’re fortunate that our mother inherited and kept excellent records of her family history going back several generations. Before she passed away we joined Ancestry to explore further & look into our dad’s side. We discovered the documents they have are, likewise, limited. Keep in mind, it is imperative to cross-reference any finding with documentation when doing genealogy research. Without documentation, it is merely guessing at probabilities. My mom hired a professional genealogist who was able to obtain records she was missing and also obtain names & origins of ancestors beyond her own records. I have no idea what it cost her as this was years ago but at least we know our info for our ancestry tree is 100% accurate (because of documentation). I just wanted to caution you or anyone else interested about the importance of documentation because Ancestry dot com will give you hints and many times the hints are other members trees. This can be a good thing but only if that member has documentation to support their findings. For anyone just starting out searching their ancestors, Ancestry is a good place to start for sure because they do have the census, military, and marital records for most (I presume) parents, grandparents and if your lucky great grandparents. Beyond that requires a lot of independent research. Birth & marital records for example may need to be purchased from the state where it took place.

    I hope this doesn’t come off as dissing Ancestry (not my intention at all lol) but just wanted you to be aware of the limitations they claim to offer. A google search will result in claims that many DNA tests being offered are unreliable and inaccurate – so like many things today, buyer beware, I guess is best way to put it.

    Genealogy is so interesting. Time consuming and addicting too lol. You’ll enjoy it 🙂

  14. Thanks so much for tugging at myself to get out there and do some shopping. I’ve been putting it off…..but in seeing your awesome great selections I’m now inspired to get out there and get it done!! Loved all of your picks! 🙂

  15. I am heavily into geneology being a Mormon, and we did our DNA testing a few years ago because some of my children have what is called a Mongolian Spot, a blue colored triangle at the base of their spine. We thought we were all European blood. We wanted to know which side that came from and I found out that I was 4% Western Asian! My husband thought he was German, and found no German blood in his DNA testing. His Dad said, no they came from the Shoemakers, but we found that name is common in Scotland too! It is really fun to find out. Found out he had a little Portuguese in his blood, which he didn’t know.
    Have fun finding your roots!

  16. bobbi duncan says

    Cute picks! Wish the dress came in other colors, but It would be perfect for you. Got to get me some of those shoes, and I love that lobster sweater! I am a winter, so many of the pastels don’t work for me unless they are “icy” colors. One reason I love anything nautical is because the red, navy, and white work great for me.

    • I look terrible in pastels too, I think I may be a winter. I know I look better in black and hot pink. I saw a beautiful yellow dress in Talbots yesterday, but no way I wear yellow…wish I could! Does that sound like a winter to you, Bobbi?

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