My May Favorites

Happy Weekend! I have so many great May favorites to share with you today! I’ve been looking forward to doing this post all this month! If you were one of the folks who commented that you wanted to purchase the cabinet that I’ve been buying to use here in the garage…

Garage Makeover Renovation


…and now in my basement, they are back in stock again. I just got a third one for the basement on Thursday and put it together yesterday. I have quite a few updates to share on Monday, including a sneaky trick I learned about putting the doors on these cabinets from reading the reviews. Anyway, you’ll find these cabinets available here: Storage Cabinets.

Storage Area Updates, Lighting, Painting, Flooring


Out of everything I’m sharing today, this may be my favorite of all! A few months ago I visited my eye doctor for an exam and decided to try wearing my Gas Perm contacts again whenever I leave the house. I got a brand new pair of gas perm contacts and was super excited to shop for a new pair of stylish, polarized sunglasses to wear with them. I splurged on a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses after a YouTuber I follow recommended those. I have really enjoyed wearing them, but they are too pricy to buy more than one pair.

Fast forward, another YouTuber I occasionally watch recently shared a pair of Polarized sunglasses that she had purchased. I was shocked by how reasonably priced they were–I always thought you had to pay a hefty price for polarized sunglasses. I ordered a pair and love them!


I am so happy to have found this brand because they have a really huge selection of polarized sunglasses that are super stylish, flattering, and incredibly well-priced. Most are in the $14-17 range which means I can have several pairs from which to choose when I leave the house. And since returns are free, I can return any that don’t work for my shape face. Love that! Just had to share these because I’m so excited to have found stylish, affordable Polarized sunglasses! You’ll find all their Polarized styles here: Polarized Sunglasses.


Absolutely love this spice organizer I purchased back in May! Oh my gosh, it has been a game-changer for sure! Don’t know how I ever lived without it all these years! If you need a better system for storing spices in your kitchen cabinet, I highly recommend this spice organizer. If you get one of these, be sure to check out the video(s) on YouTube that shows exactly how to put it together. It really isn’t hard, just a bit confusing when you first open the package. The videos made it easy to assemble. You’ll find this spice rack/organizer here: Spice Shelves.

Spice Organizer Rack for Cabinet


I’ll be visiting my grandsons in July and guess what we’ll be doing? We will be having a water balloon fight! Ha! I can’t wait! I just came across these awesome reusable water balloons a few months back. I had to think about it a while before I purchased them since they are a little pricey when you buy the large set. After reading the reviews, I decided they sounded like they were worth the price and bought a set. I can’t wait to show these to my grandsons, they are going to love them! We love our water balloon fights in the summertime! These will be so much more fun than regular balloons since they fill up instantaneously when you place them underwater. They are perfect for playing with in a pool! Check out the reviews for them here: Water Balloons, Can Be Used Over and Over.


You guys know I’m a huge Yeti fan; I have a lot of their tumblers. Recently, I came across this tumbler that’s a lot less expensive than the Yeti brand and claims to keep ice and drinks cold for a very long time. I love all the colors and monogram options they come in!



You can see some of their monogram options in this chart.


I really like this design a lot! These are available in a ton of colors here: Personalized Tumbler.




I haven’t purchased any of these drink covers yet but I think they are hysterical! I definitely want to buy a few to give as gifts for Christmas or to use as stocking stuffers. They come in a bunch of different styles, this is just a small sample below.  They are soooo darn cute! You’ll find them available here: Adorable Covers for Drinks.


Now that summer is here, I am living in these cotton pajamas again! I sleep in a pair every night, and when I awake, if I have no place to be that day, I stay in them for the rest of the day. They are beyond comfortable and so perfect for hot summer days here in the south. I must have 6-7 pairs now–just purchased another set in May. I hope they never stop making these and just keep coming out with more and more designs. I will definitely keep buying them! You’ll find them in several designs/patterns here: Cotton pajamas.


I purchased a pair of these Skecher sandals last summer and loved them so much, I repurchased them again this year. The pair I bought last year is still going strong, but I like them so much, I wanted to have a backup pair. They have amazing arch support which is super important to me. Love them and very much recommend them! You’ll find them in different colors/designs here: Sandals.

Comfortable Sandals for Summer


I don’t know what put pumpkin seeds into my head recently but I purchased this large container in May and have so enjoyed snacking on these! They are great mixed into a leafy green salad and just recently I discovered they are delicious sprinkled over ice cream. They are a healthy snack that I really enjoy indulging in during the day. I buy the roasted, unsalted type, but they probably offer them “salted” if that’s what you prefer. You’ll find these available here: Pumpkin Seeds (Roasted and Unsalted)



I’ve been wearing Flowerbomb so much lately and getting a ton of compliments! Even the guys who came and picked up a broken cabinet commented on my perfume and asked what I was wearing. That really surprised me! I love this fragrance! It’s currently on sale here: Flowerbomb Perfume.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf


I may add to this list today because I know I’m leaving some things out, but I hope you found this helpful! Have an awesome weekend! See you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Oh Susan, I’m so excited to hear you’ve started wearing your gas perm contacts again! Thanks for sharing. How is that going? In July, when I have my annual exam, I’m going to try getting some again – my ophthalmologist thinks it’s worth trying them. Those sunglasses are great and fingers crossed that I’ll be shopping those, too, in a few months!

    • My eyes had to grow accustomed to the hard, gas-perm lenses again, but it didn’t take long. After wearing them 3-4 times for a few hours each time, I felt like I’d never stopped. The only downside is when I return back home and take them out, it takes an hour or so for my computer/workstation glasses to start working fully normal again. lol
      Gas Perm contacts literally change the shape of your eye or is the cornea that it changes? Anyway, they change the shape of something when you’re wearing them. So when I get home and pop them out and put on my much-loved workstation/computer glasses that I live in here at home, it takes my eyes about an hour or so to fully relax back to their normal shape. I love how fast my eyes adapt to the gas perms now when I put them in. I wore hard contacts from age 18 (switching to the rigid gas perms when those became available) to around my early to mid-50s and truly loved them! It’s great to have them working so well again. I think the ones I have are the multi-focal and somehow the eyes figure out where to look when wearing them. I love them so far!

      • I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all this info. I wore hard contacts starting at 15/16, and switched to gas perms st some point, but stopped wearing them a long time ago. My doc and I had talked about the multi-focals, so your reply makes me very hopeful!

  2. Diane Hooper says

    Always been afraid to order sunglasses online since it’s such a personal thing to fit your face. Which did you choose & how. I’m definitely going to order the pajamas. I like the longer shorts. I’ve purchased several items you’ve mentioned. Love the Car Guys spray to clean outside cushions.

    • The first sunglasses I bought were the ones the YouTuber purchased and said were the same style as a popular Prada design…you can see those here:
      I like those a lot so this morning I ordered two more pairs. These are the two that I ordered earlier today, they will arrive on Wednesday.

      Since returns are so easy, it’s a great way to try different styles. I plan on trying several of them to see which style works best for my face shape. I tend to lean toward tortoiseshell rims normally since they go so well with my hair color.

  3. It’s likely to be hard to wear any other sunglasses after the Maui Jim’s. I purchased some for around $90 at Costco many years ago and they are still like new with daily wear and so incredibly comfortable. They live on top of my head until bedtime.

  4. Those can coolers Aldo work on stuffed animals! We had the life jacket type years ago and the kids put them on their bears, lions and bunnies when going out in the boat.

  5. Rtic is another brand of tumbler just the same as Yeti except cheaper. I read that Rtic was the first to come out with that type tumbler and Yeti copied. I guess because people lean towards more expensive things that’s why Yeti is so popular. I have the Rtic and it is the same.

  6. I enjoyed this post and got several good ideas. I also like goodr sunglasses, so light-weight, good-looking, and inexpensive. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Susan, rarely do I already have the things that you recommend, and I have bought a few from your research and recommendations! (All winners!) But I DO have the sunglasses and little puffer coat can cozies. 🙂 I love the sunglasses because I am forever losing them at the gardens I volunteer at….I stick them on top of my head and sometime during the day, they slip off and I am clueless as to where. Not sure how that happens, but has at least 4 times now! So only cheap sunnies for me…and they are cute and comfy too!

    • So great to hear that you love the sunglasses. I’m looking forward to getting the two I ordered yesterday. You are so nice to volunteer work in gardens! You really meet some wonderful people doing that!

      • Yes, I find that I reach for the ‘cheaper’ sunglasses before I do my others! They are super comfy and just fit me! The gardens I volunteer in are at an arboretum. We do meet a lot of nice people strolling thru, but the fellow volunteers and crew leaders truly become good friends. We do things outside of volunteering too…lunches, visiting, shopping…then sharing plants and keeping track of each other’s gardens. It truly is a wonderful thing to find like-minded garden friends.

  8. I haven’t worn a scent in a very long time, so just ordered the smallest size of flowerbomb. Also how to the skechers compare with the eccos you’ve raved about before?

    • They are equally as comfortable. The Skechers have a softer feel when walking than the Ecco sandal and they are also very adjustable like the Ecco sandals, which I like. I wear both about the same amount each week. I tend to wear the Ecco sandals more when I’m out running errands.

  9. My thirteen year old and her volleyball team had a pool party and used those refillable water balloons – be careful, they can be a bit painful if thrown too hard! Maddie had a few bruises after the party

    • I bet older kids can throw them a lot harder, too. Angie, I’m not sure if this would help, but I noticed in one of the reviews, they mentioned to fill them all the way up for best results–that they pop much better when filled all the way up. Maybe that would make them feel less hard when thrown, too. Thanks for that followup!

  10. Darlene Gardner says

    This morning on the Today show they were sharing great summer items from Amazon and included the reusable water balloons. Hoda was loving them, throwing them in a baby pool on the plaza. Great idea, wish I had thought of it!

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