Candlelight Dining on a Late Summer’s Night

Welcome to the 572nd Tablescape Thursday!

I’ve been traveling most of the summer, there were two trips to Ohio to visit family with a trip in between to England. During that time I’ve been dreaming of setting a beach-themed table here on the porch. Every time Tablescape Thursday came around and I wasn’t at home, I was thinking how much I wish I was home and creating a summer table with a beachy feel.

I know the blogosphere has moved on and autumn is popping up everywhere, but this is our weather here in Atlanta for the next 10 days. That forecast will probably continue right on through the whole month of September.

Does that look like autumn to you? Yeah, doesn’t look like autumn to me either.


If it’s autumn inspiration you’re looking for, come back in about 3 weeks. In addition to today’s table setting, I have one more summer/beach table I want to share before I sadly let summer slip away.

Candlelit Dinner, Screened Porch, BeachThemed Table Setting


I got a late start on my table so it was just starting to think about getting dark as I completed this setting.

Summer Dining on the Porch, Beach Themed Table


Candlelight is the best for dining anyway, isn’t it?

Porch Dining, Late Summer Table Setting


Shell Candle Holders for a Beach-Themed Tablescape


When I only set the table for four, I can place the napkins alongside each plate. I like that because then you can really see the salad plates.

Candlelight Dining on Screened Porch, Beach-Themed Table, Crab-Lobster Plates, Shell Chargers, Shell Candle Holders


The shell candle holders are from HomeGoods many, many years ago.

Beach Themed Table Setting with Crab, Lobster Plates, Candlelight


Here’s a close-up of them from a previous table setting several years ago.

Shell-Candle-Holders, Beach Themed Table Setting


I brought out my shell chargers for this setting. You’ll find a DIY tutorial for making these here: DIY Shell Chargers for Summer Dining.

Shell napkin rings are from Cracker Barrel if I’m remembering correctly. Picked them up on one of my trips either to or from Ohio. Glasses are Noritake Breeze Clear and you’ll find them available here: Noritake Breeze Clear. AND here: Noritake Breeze Clear.

Crab Plates, Shell Chargers


The dinner plate is Mikasa, Italian Countryside. You’ll find it available online here: Mikasa Italian Countryside. It’s a beautiful neutral pattern that goes with so many different salad plate designs.

Salad plates are from World Market several years back.

Crab Plate, Shell Charger, Beach Table


This is the flatware I chose for this setting. I love the little shell design on the handle. You’ll find it still available in several colors here: Shell Design Flatware.

Flatware with Shell Design


Remember these guys purchased earlier in the summer. They make me smile every time I use them. Looks like they are still available and on sale now for 50% off! Awesome deal! You’ll find them available here: Crab Place Card Holders.

Crab Placecard Holders for Beach Themed Table


Forgot to take a photo last night of the lobster plate, here’s one from this previous setting: Dining with Seagulls.

Lobster, Crab Plates, Nautical Table Setting, Beach Themed f


Hope you’re enjoying every moment of these last summer days!

Candlelit Dinner, Screened Porch, BeachThemed Table Setting


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. I agree Susan, bring on the beachy tables, it’s going to be 96 today on the Gulf coast! Love your shell chargers and candlesticks!

    • We got a little heat wave going on, don’t we? It had been in the 80s here but we’re back to typical August/September weather now. lol Stay cool, Jenna!

  2. Beautiful plates and so summery! Thanks for hosting, Susan…Christine

  3. Hi, Susan! This is a beautiful table and I love the fat candles and shell candlesticks. I’ve longed to see the beach this year–I looked for sand among the shells but didn’t see any! For me, that’s the only thing missing. LOL. Maybe there’s still time for me before the sun sinks too far and fall arrives. Thank you for all the gorgeous tables you design for us. I always look forward to new ones and often look back at previous ones.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful beachy table today, Susan. I, for one, think stores ‘push’ the seasons more and more each year, so I appreciate you setting a table that truly reflects the current conditions. It’s HOT! Thanks for sharing your talents. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Your tablescape is gorgeous. I love the little crab place card holders and your plates are adorable. TFS

  6. You amaze with all your ideas!

  7. Those crab card holders crack me up! I too am savoring these last days of summer.

  8. Lol, those crab place card holders are a hoot! Even though it’s still very much summer and temps are in the 90s, at least the humidity is not hovering around 100%, and that’s our silver lining, I suppose. I enjoyed still seeing summer at your table, Susan.

  9. Ranger Smith says

    Thank you Susan for a wonderful summer tablescape. Here in Southern California we are in the 90’s and will be in summer mode for another month. I prefer to savor the present and not rush into fall.

  10. Thank you for this timely post! Can one even taste pumpkin spice when it is above 80?

  11. I’m so done with being hot, but you can’t change the temp even though the calendar says September and the trees are all holding on to their green leaves! I love the crab card holder, it does make one smile and they go so well with the plates and theme. Fun!

  12. That was “beachy-keene!!!” franki

  13. Jill from Southern NH says

    I’ve been looking forward to one of your gorgeous table settings today – I love it! I agree with you about not rushing fall – here in New England people seem to go from seashells right into pumpkins! To me September is a season for whitish-green PeeGee hygrangeas that slowly change to rose pink, blue and white décor without any seasonal elements mixed in, and enjoying the last of my beachy stuff in natural tones and corals – like your crustacean salad plates! Those crab place card holders always make me laugh – they remind me of SpongeBob SquarePants’ boss!

  14. Susan, the lantern is beautiful! I live on the Texas Gulf Coast and we’re looking at 99-100’s for the next week and no rain. I love the idea of a beach supper for 4. I can almost hear the waves now!

  15. Perfect Susan – it’s still really hot here too! I love the plates, and crab place card holders. And candlelight! I agree any dinner is better with candles. We have them even when it’s not dark yet! 🙂 Thanks again for hosting this great party!

  16. Susan, our weather is much the same, but hotter. We are still in triple digit days. I do feel a difference in the morning. Wish we had some rain!
    Love the seaside theme. Your shell chargers always make me smile.

  17. I am hanging on to every day of summer! Fall will come on its on time! You have inspired me! I have the salad plates in a turquoise blue color. This will be my dishes for this Sunday lunch!

  18. Bobbi Duncan says

    Another lovely table setting…of course, I had to pin it lol! Those crab card holders are adorable. I always love seeing those beautiful DIY shell plates you made…prettiest I’ve ever seen. I’m glad you’re going with the season we’re in…time flies fast enough as it is without rushing it along. Hugs!

  19. Love your tablescape, Susan! <3 Also loved the blogpost on the Faux Nails.

    <3 Rebecca

  20. Beautiful and inspiring as usual, Susan. Now about your high temps. Unfortunately Fall is definitely in the air where I am which means, ‘old man winter’ for us is just around the corner so would you like a permanent house guest as I do looooove warm weather! -Brenda-

  21. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh, yes, hanging on to summer and I still have my nautical dishes and shell chargers on my dinning room table. I just love it too much! Haha. Susan, I am so happy I saw yours about 3 years ago and made my own with shells and touches of beach glass, they turned out so pretty and were so fun to make. I have 8 now and each one is unique. Thank you for the inspiration. I love your candle holders and wish there was a way we could dyi them! Lol. I did put out a few fall wreaths and will slowly transition, but not rushing it.

  22. Brenda Lawrence says

    Beautiful table Susan, I love those candle holders, so fun and beachy. And I love the the fun plates and of course your chargers, but it is those cute little crab place card holders. They make me smile too. Hugs, Brenda

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