A Blue Painted Chest for a Beach-Themed Upstairs Family Room

Welcome to the 554th Metamorphosis Monday!

I’m not sure why, but every time I order any kind of furniture from Amazon, my local UPS always delivers it busted up and damaged. Remember the multiple ordering attempts I made when trying to get cabinets for my garage?

I ended up ordering them via Walmart and had them delivered to my local Walmart Market where I picked each cabinet up in my SUV and delivered them to my home myself. It was the only way I could get them to my home undamaged.


Thankfully when I ordered this blue chest for my grandsons’ bedroom in Ohio, it arrived in pristine condition. Even the box it came in was in perfect condition. The UPS delivery guys in Dayton, Ohio always do a fantastic job, at least the one who delivers to my son’s home!

Dinosaur Theme Boy's Bedroom, Pottery Barn Quilts


Unfortunately, it was the same shenanigans for the chest when I ordered one for my home recently. The first delivery/box was literally dumped into the center of my driveway. After driving all day 9 hours back from Ohio, this was not what I was in the mood to see when I pulled into the driveway.

I got out of my car, found my garden wagon, loaded the box onto the wagon, then pulled it over to my garage so I could get my car into the garage. I’ve never had UPS leave a package in the center of my driveway like this.


This was how the box looked. I won’t waste your time showing you all the corners and sides, but it was in horrific condition. It literally looks like it was split wide-open at one point.

Botched UPS Delivery


Inside, the chest looked like this. Needless to say, I logged onto Amazon and requested a pickup. Holding my breath, I reluctantly ordered the chest again.

UPS Delivery, Damage


I left a note on the sidelight beside my front door letting the UPS driver know the chest for pickup was by my garage. I also requested that they not leave any more deliveries in the center of my driveway, to please leave larger deliveries beside the garage door.

After the damaged chest was picked up, I found this written atop my note. The driver had written, “Too Heavy” and “Couldn’t Lift it” with a 🙁 frowny face.

The chest weighs 41 pounds per the Amazon listing. I’m sure it’s a bit more with the box and packaging materials, but still, it’s well under the 150 pounds that UPS has agreed they can deliver for Amazon. I wish Amazon and UPS would get their act together. I just want my chest delivered in one piece.

UPS, Damaged Delivery of Furniture


The next chest arrived in a box that was also very badly damaged, especially on all four corners.


Inside I found the brace that holds on one of the legs splintered apart and hanging about 3/4 off of the chest. I pulled it on off, thinking I could probably repair it myself.

I glued the splintered brace back together using wood glue, then placed it underneath the edge of a chest of drawers overnight since I didn’t have a vice to hold it together while it dried. That part of the repair went well. Next, I needed to reattach it to the chest.

My plan was to pull out the nails on the right side and with the addition of some wood glue, hammer the support back onto the chest at the top part where it connects. Then using my nail gun and more wood glue, I’d shoot 3-4 skinny finishing nails back in from the right side. I could touch up the nail holes with some matching blue paint. That side would be toward a wall and never seen, anyway.

I ended up not doing that and returning the chest because I later discovered a big blop of the antiquing product they must have used on the chest, right on the top surface of the chest where it had apparently dripped and dried. I took a photo of that to share with you, but I can’t find it this morning. If it turns up, I’ll come back and add it to this post.

That big blop on the top surface of the chest was the straw that broke the camels back and I decided to return the chest and reorder it, yet AGAIN.

Damaged Delivery of Furniture, UPS


This time, I heard the UPS truck when it arrived and ran outside. The driver, an older woman probably in her late 50’s to early 60s, looked startled to see me and inquired rather rudely why I had come out. I told her I wanted to help (if I could) with the delivery since the other two chests had arrived broken.

She didn’t seem interested in my help. As I stood there watching, she slowly lowered the chest from the back of the truck down to the ground, explaining all the while that she hadn’t had a hand-truck during the first delivery, had loaned it to another driver. Then she started telling me all about her bad knees and how she used to play basketball–and how she couldn’t do this job much longer. Using a hand-truck, she wheeled the chest to my garage.

Thankfully, the chest was in one piece this time and I was finally able to keep it. How about a little reveal?

This is the view as you enter into my upstairs family room, aka, the bonus room or FROG as some folks call the room located over the garage.

Upstairs Family Room, Antique and Painted Furniture


The view coming up the back staircase from the laundry room has definitely changed!

Sidenote: This is the only room in my home where I haven’t had hardwood flooring installed, yet. I need to get that done one day. It will be an expensive room to do since it’s pretty big. Ugh.

View from Back Staircase


Before, I only had the painting hanging there on the wall with nothing underneath but a bunch of puzzle boxes stacked on the floor. I like this view much better. I plan to take the painting to get it framed sometime soon–maybe this week.

Back Staircase View of Blue Painted Chest


I know the chest is a bit crowded over near the clock, but it’s the only place I like the chest and it’s the only place the clock works in this room. I was determined to find a spot for the chest after falling in love with it when I ordered it for my two grandsons’ bedroom.

Blue and White Room with Blue Painted Chest


I love it there, even if it is a tad crowded with the clock.  Kinda wish I hadn’t had the wall lights installed on either side of the window seat so many years ago, then I could slide the clock over a bit. The slanted ceilings of this room drastically limit where the clock can go. I love the color of the chest contrasting against the mellow wood of the clock.

Blue Painted Chest for Blue and White Room


This photo best illustrates the true color blue of the chest. I truly love this little chest!

Blue Chest, Nautical Beach Themed Room


I scooted the chest over to the left a bit after taking this photo, so it’s not tucked in behind the clock anymore.

I think this chest is best suited to be used as a bedside table, alongside a chair, tucked under a staircase in that little alcove you sometimes have when you have a staircase, or in an area like I have it with a lower ceiling. It’s not super tall so I think it would probably be too short for an entryway or someplace like that. It’s the perfect height to go beside a bed, sofa or chair.

Blue Painted Chest, Beach Cottage Chest


In this older photo, you can see this room has a bit of a beachy theme going with lighthouse paintings and shelf filled with shells over the sofa.


Of course, I had to style the chest within an inch of its life for this reveal.  Ha!

Blue Painted Chest, Beach House Style


I need a new lampshade for the lamp. This lamp used to live out on the screened porch so the lampshade looks a bit weathered.

Blue Painted Chest for a Nautical Themed Room


I pulled a few books from my office bookshelves to display here on the chest. I thought these fit pretty well with the beach cottage feel of this chest. You’ll find these books available here: Cottages by the Sea AND Cottages on the Coast.

Beach Cottage Books


The painting will soon be framed and I’ll share another photo of how it looks once that’s done. I found this painting in A Classy Flea several years back. I miss the Flea, wish it had not closed!

You may remember seeing the little buckets in a previous table setting.

Painting for a Beach Themed Room


I’ve used them several times in table settings. (View this tablescape here: Easter-Spring Tablescape.)


I couldn’t decide which shorebird to use atop the books. I think I finally settled on this guy. I like how it looks as if he’s looking at the shell. 🙂

Shore Bird, Beach Cottage Room


If you love this little chest and decide you would like one in your home, you’ll find it available here: Blue Chest. One good thing that came out of having to order it three times: the cost of the chest dropped $60 since the last time I ordered it!

If you like it, get it now before the seller raises the price back up. That seems to always happen when I link out to a product on Amazon. The seller notices it’s selling and jacks the price back up. Hope that doesn’t happen with this adorable chest.

Blue Painted Chest, Beach Cottage Chest


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Your “FROG” is so nice. And the chest is perfect!!

  2. I have had similar dealings with both UPS and FedEx so I feel your pain. When I’ve calmly confronted a driver, all one gets is excuses. Glad you persevered because it looks lovely in your beach themed room!

    Is there anywhere else you could relocate the large clock? Might appear less crowed and it is such a beautiful clock it should have it’s own space. Just a thought.

    • I really love it in this room and unfortunately, there’s no where in this room it will fit. I think I can live with it where it is. I may end up replacing the wall lanterns on either side with skinnier ones, then I can move it a few more inches away from the chest. I can’t remember why I added those wall lanterns so many years ago. I may have seen something similar on either side of a window seat in a magazine and thought it would look nice.
      I feel your pain, Susan! I used to have a great UPS driver but they just moved him recently to another district, or at least that’s what my FedEx guy told me when he saw the UPS note stuck on my sidelight. He couldn’t believe they left the chest in the center of my driveway either.

  3. Susan, it looks great in that corner! And the blue goes so well with the other blue scattered around the room. So happy you finally got one in proper condition. You have had your trials!

    I have cut back drastically with amazon. For a few reasons, but one reason is vaguely similar to yours. I had a number of orders I placed ‘cancelled out of the blue. The reasons given were always either ‘lost in shipment’ or ‘out of stock.’ Of course, the item wasn’t out of stock when I ordered it.

    I was so tired of this happening that I decided to look into it a little further and as I suspected, there were some peculiarities going on. For instance, I ordered some Christmas plates that I loved and couldn’t find anywhere else. I got the notice that my item had shipped — but then it never came and never came and the tracking number wouldn’t work. I contacted the seller who said he’d look into it, but then said he had no explanation other than it must have been lost in shipping. He said he’d send another set, then later said he was out and couldn’t get any more. I had my suspicions, so I dug again. I went to my local post office with the information from my original order and they delved into it and told me that while the seller ‘opened’ a shipment, he never actually sent the shipment! He never actually brought the item to the post office to send to me. I complained to amazon but they didn’t do anything.

    As I said, this sort of thing kept happening to me and I had my suspicions since these happened to be those third party sellers (in other words, not shipping directly from amazon warehouses.) And I wondered if these sellers realized that they had underpriced the items or not considered the cost of shipping, so conveniently invented an excuse like, oops, even though it wasn’t out of stock when you ordered it, it is now. Or oops, it got lost in the mail, even though I never actually sent it.

    I have let amazon know how I feel about that, but as I said, they did nothing and there are other reasons I’m no longer happy with amazon, but letting sellers get away with not even shipping items is outrageous!

    Another thing they did when all of this happened was immediately take the item off my ‘orders’ list. Why? Even if the reason I didn’t get it was legitimate, I might have wanted to be reminded of the exact brand, model number, etc. in order to try to get it from someone else. Very fishy, imo.

    Anyway, love the way the chest looks right at home in the room. And I bet the boys love that their grandma has a chest just like theirs. 😀

    • Pam, I’m with you on Amazon delivery. I’ve had that same thing happen with an order canceled after being “shipped” and just recently had one order returned because it was damaged before it even got to me. I look a lot closer now to see where things are shipped from, i.e., Amazon warehouse or third party. I also had trouble with Amazon delivery persons. Throwing packages on the ground over our gate, not brining them into the yard. I had to hang a basket on our gate for small packages (which UPS now uses with permission, our UPS guy is wonderful).

      • Kathleen, our UPS guys are great, too. Poor Susan! But yes, it’s a shame what has happened with amazon. Letting third party sellers get away with that is just not right, no matter how you look at it. And it makes people like you suspicious of third party sellers, which is also not fair. I’ve bought from some third party people with no problems. I hope amazon gets their act together on this. For now, I’m buying elsewhere.

  4. For Pete’s sake…what a fiasco!! We just had a water pump arrive in a box that looked like yours! “Our driver” said, “Amazon treats their employees with such unreasonable shipping oyems” they are just “throwing this stuff” on the trucks. I just luv the chest color!! franki

    • I’ve caught some pretty interesting Amazon deliveries on my RING doorbell…where they are heaving the packages onto the porch, refusing to walk up two steps to place it on the porch. Thankfully, nothing has gotten broken.
      Thanks, Frank!

  5. Fed Ex is just as bad. Once leaned out of his truck and left box on top of the garbage can on the day of pickup garbage. You guessed it. Garbage folks took it. Another time shoved a box through the doggy door to the garage. You guessed it items sprawled all over back yard. Once would not get out of truck because we had pets. I then asked when I ordered for items to be left at our local post office. Our postal gal brings it to the door. She also brings pets treats and they love her. Problem solved.

  6. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  7. Your addition looks fantastic. The entire room is up-to-date, cozy and welcoming. I like the sea shells in numbered buckets and the faux book end table too. The painting with the Chinese umbrella is so fun. Reminiscent of either two sisters or two friends posing seaside. I can picture their drinks with mini umbrellas nearby!

    • Thanks, Teresa! You and I think so much alike! I’ve always imagined they were two sisters are two best friends, having a wonderful day at the beach. Exactly…you know those drinks are nearby! 🙂
      Amazingly, the books that I used to create the end table are not faux, they are actually books. You can see and read more about them in this post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/a-trip-in-my-time-machine-here-we-come-1921/
      My sister got those for me when she was working as the bookkeeper for a recycling company in Macon, Georgia many, many years ago. She collected the ones that were from significant years…like during the war…and the one that was during the year I was born. They are fascinating to look through. Check out that older post to see some of the photos and ads inside of them.

      • Hi Susan- I just viewed your 2008 post. Your sister Glenda knew a great find. Oh, I love those. I’m addicted to newspapers.com for ancestry research. Those books are like gold.
        Great creative way to repurpose. They must weigh a ton. Thankfully, Glenda didn’t ship those chucks of history to you via UPS…they appear damage free unlike your blue chest! Those volumes will be a treasured family heirloom.

    • I need to do another post about those books sometime…with larger photos than what I used the last time.

  8. That chest is definitely tempting! Thanks for sharing it — and for hosting.

  9. Mary from Virginia says

    I knew the UPS driver had to be female; not many guys are going to leave you a frown face! Glad you went out to help, too bad she she got miffed. I love the blue chest of drawers in your FROG! Yes, that’s exactly what we call a “finished room over the garage!“ enjoy!

  10. So frustrating when you are anxiously awaiting an order to have it arrive in unusable condition. Hey, you have probably already thought of this but could you move the clock to the other side of the window? I know that’s at the top of the stairs but maybe there is enough room. Just a thought. The blue of that chest looks amazing in that room. I’m impressed with how much furniture you have in that room and it is arranged beautifully.

    • I wish I could but there’s not enough space. There’s only about 8 inches of space to the right of the wall light on that end…before you get to the steps. If I hadn’t had those wall lanterns installed 20 years ago, I wouldn’t be having this issue. lol I may look for some skinnier wall lanterns and replace those that are there, then I could move the clock over a bit more.

  11. Need to call a supervisor on them. Did that to my sister. They just dumped it in the driveway. I bought a wafair piece. My first time. I ordered a black cabinet. They sent me a white tall kitchen cabinet. She said if a ship back label isn’t here in 2 weeks it is mine. Been 3 weeks Dropped my price to the sale price after I ordered it Then then the next one came damaged. So they gave me 30% off again and ordered new parts. Finally, I have my cute little cabinet. Now I get to do it again because I need 2.

  12. I love the chest, so glad you bought it. I like the color with the clock, but the clock isn’t beachy. The chest can go either way. Too bad the two can’t be switched but the wall isn’t tall enough. It looks great! I would smile coming up those back stairs. Now for the delivery drama. Wasn’t that something to discover a UPS driver with bad knees still hard at work!!! I don’t think she did all the damage hand dragging it up the driveway though. Sometimes I get boxes half way opened or torn and so relieved when what’s inside is still safe. You had some substantial damage. You should also have received a discount from Amazon for all your trouble….did you do a complaint or work directly with the Seller? So happy you finally have the blue chest…third times a charm as they say!! Look forward to seeing the picture framed and a new lamp shade.

    • I have a feeling the damage happened when she dumped it off the truck the first time. The last time I went through this nightmare having a bunch of cabinets delivered for my garage, the male UPS driver who kept delivering them and picking them back up told me that they (UPS) didn’t have the proper equipment back at the warehouse to move around long boxes like the cabinets were in. He said they only had small carts, so the long boxes were hanging off the carts and that was damaging/denting the cabinets. Yet despite this, UPS agrees to ship packages for Amazon weighing up to 150 lbs per the current delivery woman. The guy who was delivering the cabinets had said their limit was 130 lbs.

      By the way, two of the cabinets I had ordered that did exceed UPS’s weight limit and Amazon had delivered via a professional delivery service with a truck with a lowering platform, those arrived in perfect condition. Obviously, Amazon should not be using UPS for furniture, they just can’t handle it and won’t invest in the right equipment to handle heavier packages. They need one of those trucks with the platform that lowers down OR they need a ramp. It’s not okay to just dump a piece of furniture off a truck from a height of 4+ feet. I think the only reason she lowered it slowly THIS TIME was because I was standing right there watching which she made it clear, she didn’t like.

      I would have complained to Amazon but the last time I did that about the cabinet deliveries, the manager I talked to at Amazon immediately pulled all the cabinets off the Amazon website so they were no longer available to purchase. I didn’t want that to happen with the chest since I still hoped to get one delivered in one piece.
      BTW, they ended up putting the cabinets right back up on their website about a week later and nothing changed, they were still being delivered by UPS and not a professional carrier with a truck with the lowering platform.

      • I agree it’s the weight causing all the problems. I just brought home a recliner from Sam’s and the box had a hole punched in the side. When we opened the box I was surprised at the lack of protection the recliner had. Lucky the leather wasn’t damaged. So packaging is a problem too. Adds to the weight and makes things more expensive. Also, in today’s world there seems to be less dedication to one’s job or maybe finding an employee that goes above and beyond.

    • Oh, and the clock is an antique Danish Bornholm clock made in 1830. I purchased it about 25 years ago from a local antique dealer who used to travel to that area several times a year to buy antique furniture to bring back to Atlanta for his shop.
      I wasn’t look looking for a “beach-themed” clock when I purchased it for this room 25 years ago, but I think the clock works fine since there’s just a few beaches and a lot of ocean surrounding the country of Denmark. lol

  13. Wanda Bradey says

    Love the blue chest! Adds great accent to the room.

  14. I love the chest – so cute! It’s perfect in the boys’ room and also in your family room. So sad that UPS has such a bad track record. Maybe your driver will be a little more careful in the future. Thanks for the story – a heads up for all of us who get UPS deliveries!

  15. OMG Susan, you really have the patience of a saint! And a good heart!
    I too, have a good heart 🙂 but my lack of patience and that woman’s audacity to get angry would have been a dangerous combination! lol
    However, I just got back from my vacation at the beach and am still trying to catch up with all of your posts I’ve missed, but I can already say I LOVE that blue chest of drawers! It looks as if it and its “twin” were made for your grandsons’ room and for your FROG! 🙂
    ~Hugs to you~

  16. You look fab. in a swim suit.

  17. That looks great, Susan, and glad you finally received a delivery in good shape. The saga of UPS and that female driver especially just infuriates me. No excuses. They must have a policy where they don’t allow drivers to accept help from customers. I’ve tried numerous times to assist our driver and he always insisted on carrying it by himself up to our porch.

  18. Wow, what a drama, least it all worked out in the end. Great post and chest.

  19. I always admire your determination Susan! AND I love your old fashioned beach vignette, fabulous!!

  20. Snowflake281 says

    It’s such a pity that people in positions of delivering items take on such a careless attitude when dealing with other people’s purchases. Have you been able to check each of those deliveries on your Ring app? If so, & it appears that the fault is with the UPS driver then it’s time to report him/her to their supervisor. Completely unacceptable. But the chest looks super & is giving me ideas on how to decorate my own furniture!

  21. What horror you had to deal with in the deliveries. Sounded like the UPS man may have been peeved and took it out on your chest! Glad you finally got what you wanted…one in good condition!

  22. What a terrible experience! Thankfully our UPS drivers are better here! My pet peeve is with the USPS. They put the mail in the box out by the road, then walk the package up to the house. Don’t know why they don’t bring the mail with them!
    I’m surprised you didn’t find a chest at a garage sale and paint it blue. A little project for you!. I have the perfect one for you, free!

  23. Wow! You have certainly had your share of issues with UPS over the years. Just a few days ago I was wondering if I would get better treatment from them if I put out drinks and snacks the way you did during Christmas. I guess that only helps during the Christmas holidays and apparently you have different delivery people now. We have terrible problems with UPS. We only live about two miles from the truck loading center, but if we request picking up our package instead of delivery, we have to drive over ten miles to another pickup office. My husband gets a small box of medicine that is shipped UPS overnight. The box is clearly marked perishable, rush and is packed with cold packs. It isn’t a problem in the winter, but in summer with 100 degree temps in August, we have to worry about the medicine getting warm. In July We tracked the package and it showed they loaded the box on the truck at 6:30 am. Less than two miles from our home which is in an easily accessible neighborhood. After tracking and waiting all day at home to sign for the package, we realized the truck had gone back to the center and hadn’t moved for an hour. This was around 8:00 pm. My husband drove over there and showed someone the tracking. They got the package off the truck for him and just said the driver had gone home and probably had a lot to deliver that day and didn’t have time to finish. No apologies, just excuses. We tried to get the company who sends the medicine to change delivery companies, but they didn’t. This was only one example of multiple times we’ve had problems with UPS. I love ordering through Walmart and picking up at the store. I’ve never had anything damaged and the pickup is fast and easy.
    On a brighter note, your blue chest is perfect in that room. It looks like it is worth all your trouble. Love your beach theme and the beautiful painting. Enjoy your little blue chest.

    • Mary, I found out the drivers have insane delivery expectations. I stopped one day to ask a driver who was in my neighborhood a question and he said he had 135 delivers to make that day. What?!! Unless they were all in the same neighborhood, that is just insane, imo.

  24. Loretta Knight says

    Why not shop locally and support the small businesses in your area? It would certainly save you frustration even if it costs a bit more — seems smarter to me. Your mental health is certainly more important than a few $$$ saved — oh well, to each his own.

    • Very simple, locally didn’t have this chest. Also, why would I waste my time and gas driving all over metro Atlanta in insane traffic trying to find a chest when I already loved this one? Perhaps you didn’t read the first part of this post when I stated that I fell in love with this chest after I purchased it for my grandson’s bedroom. I support plenty of small businesses in my area, but only when it’s convenient and practical for my needs.

  25. Linda Diane Townsend says

    The UPS of years ago is gone. I am shocked at how they treat packages. I have had things broken because of their mishandling. Usually the items are heavy.

  26. Love the blue chest. Susan, how did you get the chest up the stairs? Would there be a nice spot downstairs where the clock could reside?

    • Thanks, Maureen!
      I just removed all the drawers and carried it up my back staircase. Once I had it upstairs, I screwed on the feet and put the drawers back in. It isn’t that heavy with the drawers out.
      I already have a grandfather clock downstairs in my entry and I really want the clock to remain in this room since it coordinates with all the other antique pine I have in that room. Most of the furniture in that room was purchased from the same antique dealer who brought everything over from Europe/Denmark area.

  27. You might want to think about getting a different wall fixture. Put it on your “I’ll give it some thought” list. You could then move the clock a few inches to the right.

  28. Glad Maureen finally asked how you got the “heavy” chest upstairs! Granted with the drawers in it would be heavier as well as awkward but still, no excuse for anyone to play ball with it. I have to say all my delivery people are terrific!

  29. So sorry you had all those issues with delivery!
    I love your beach themed room. Makes me not want to let go of summer!
    Thanks for hosting!

  30. Cyndi Raines says

    So glad you were able to get one all in one piece with no damage. I like the chest tucked in where you have it, that was my choice for location as well. Of course I love the beach theme with lighthouses, sea shells and the bathing beauties are perfect to finish off the theme. I like the carpet also, makes it nice and cozy. Well done Susan.

  31. I had problems with UPS leaving my packages on the outside steps instead of opening my screen porch door. When ordering from Amazo n, there in a place for leaving instruction s for the shipper. I always ask that my delivery be p!aced on my porch. It has worked for me and maybe it will work for you.

  32. I would’ve been so mad to have a package dropped off like that. It shows such disregard. Her making excuses about it is unacceptable and she knew she’d be called back on it so she gets to handle it twice. I don’t think Amazon has anything to do with it- it’s UPS’s fault. I admit I’ve never had a piece of furniture delivered but I’ve also never had a package delivered in such bad condition.
    Love where you placed it- it’s a nice pop of color and the picture above is perfect!

  33. Just a thought….can you do with just one light on the wall? You could remove the other fixture, attach a metal plate over the hole, and move the clock over. Love how the chest looks!

  34. I was wondering how your beautiful corner would look if you placed the lamp on the left side of the chest and off centered the picture on the right towards the clock? It might look less crowded and more balanced. Just a thought. The chest is beautiful. I don’t know if I would have had the patience to order it three times. Love your blog and all the info that you give us.

    • Thanks, Mel! I was determined to get that chest in one piece. It had become a challenge! 😉
      I was thinking about that, as well. It’s funny because it feels like I have my shoes on the wrong feet when I look at the lamp on that side of the chest. lol I’ll try it that way for a few days, though and see if it grows on me.

  35. Can you tell me the name of the blue plaid fabric on your chairs? I love it! Thank you.

  36. …what Barbara said….just take a little peek at a different set of light fixtures for the wall next to the clock….you might find something with a little slimmer profile that you love and then you can scoot the clock over just a skosh and be happy as a clam. I adore that chest and wish I had a good spot for it. You do such a great job. Thanks for sharing & for persevering through all the UPS shenanigans!

  37. Susan, everything looks beautiful. You’ve been such an inspiration to me over the years.
    We’ve never had problems with deliveries from Amazon, but 3rd-party sellers sometimes create a label right away which shows up as “shipped” when you check the status, and then it goes nowhere. Drop shippers are famous for that. You buy from a 3rd-party seller, he creates a label, it shows as “shipped,” then he attempts to have it drop-shipped from a wholesaler who doesn’t have it in stock. A nightmare to undo. It only happened to us once on Amazon, but that seller had lots of buyer beware reviews — we should have heeded them!

  38. I know this is an old post, but I’m wondering about the wall color in this family room. It is beautiful! If you have the color, I would love to know it!

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