The Tablecloth Really Changes Everything

Welcome to the 765th Tablescape Thursday! How is your week going? It’s been a busy one here. The painter finished painting the storage room yesterday, and on Tuesday, I started priming/painting the workbench in this room. I hope to finish it today or tomorrow. Look forward to sharing the finished space on Monday!

Painting a Workbench


We are back out on the porch for this week’s Tablescape Thursday. The weather has been so beautiful this week with wonderful spring temps, so it was the perfect time for a table here on the porch.

Nautical-Themed Beachy Table Setting, Porch Dining


This post contains a lot of photos because I decided midstream to change one of the main elements in the table–just to see how it would look. Plus, I added some additional glasses. So it’s a bit like I’m sharing two tables today.

Fishing Net Tablecloth, Beach, Nautical Themed Table Setting


At first, I set this table without a tablecloth, but later I started wondering how it would look with a fishing net tablecloth since the dinnerplates themselves actually have netting in their design.

Fishing Net Tablecloth


The fishing net tablecloth definitely adds a nautical feel, and it appears to have caught a lobster and crab! Ha!

Crab, Lobster Plates, Beachy, Nautical Sea Themed Table Setting


The crab and lobster salad plates were a find in World Market many years back. I wonder if World Market is still open, hope it is!

Crab Salad Plates and Effetti D'arte Coral Reef Dinner Plates


Ocean-Seaside Themed Table Setting


I love the bold design and the embossed coral background of these plates.

Lobster Plates for Beach-Themed Tablescape


The dinner plates, hallmarked “Effetti d’ Arte, Italy” on the back, were the inspiration for today’s table. I’m pretty sure I found these in HomeGoods, been so many years it’s hard to remember. Unfortunately, they only had 3 in stock when I purchased them. It’s taken quite a few years, but I just recently found two more on Etsy, giving me enough to set a table for four.

Effetti D'arte Plates, Italy


I love this color combination–coral and blue! I paired them with some shell/sea glass charger plates I made several years back. The netting on the dinner plates works well with the fishing net tablecloth, while the coral design ties back nicely to the embossed coral design on the salad plates.

Effetti D'arte Plates, Coral Reef Pattern


I was surprised by how well my recently purchased flamingo napkins worked with the dinnerware. (Flamingo napkins are available here: Flamingo Napkins. The aqua and white buffalo plaid napkins are available here: Aqua/White Napkins.)

Shark Flatware, Beach Themed Table


Lots of critters in this table with crabs, lobsters, flamingos, and sharks! Here’s a close-up of the spoon and knife.

Shark Flatware, Fun, Whimsical


Here’s a closer view of the forks from a different table setting. I found this whimsical flatware many years ago on Amazon. I love how each piece has a fin across the top! This flatware was only available for a very short time, wish they would bring it back again. Update: You’ll find similar “fishy” flatware here: Fish Flatware.

Shark Flatware for Nautical Table Setting


I kept the centerpiece simple with a lantern that always makes me think of a lighthouse.

Whimsical Beach Themed Table Setting


The candle inside the lantern is surrounded by white sand and seashells.

Lighthouse Lantern Centerpiece


View from overhead…

Fishing Net Tablecloth for Beach Themed Table Setting


This was how this table actually started out–without a fishing net tablecloth.

Beach Blues Nautical Table, Screened Porch Dining


Usually, the birds stay away from the feeders when I’m moving around a lot on the porch. It didn’t seem to bother a beautiful Cardinal who came down for a snack.

Porch Dining, Dragonfly Screened Door


I think I prefer this table without a tablecloth. It just seems less busy that way. What do you think?

Beach Themed Table Setting, Lighthouse Lantern


Which do you prefer–fishing net tablecloth or no fishing net tablecloth?

Crab and Lobster Plates, Beachy Tablescape


Crab Plates for Beach Themed Table Setting


I wanted to use these nautical-tied ropes as napkin rings but I could only find two. I guess when I tied these for a previous table, it must have been a table for two. I need to find the rope and tie a few more. lol

Whimsical Shark Fish Flatware


Since I could only find two rope napkin rings, I used these DIY starfish napkin rings for two of the four place settings. You’ll find the steps for making these here: Starfish Napkin Ring Tutorial.

Flamingo Napkins, Starfish Napkin Ring


I started out with just wine glasses on the table but later decided to add these cute tumblers featuring Adirondack chairs.

Aqua Glassware


Can’t remember where I found those now–most likely HomeGoods or Marshalls.

Adirondack Glassware


So, which way do you like this table? Do you prefer it with the fishing net tablecloth or without?

Beach Blues Nautical Table, Screened Porch Dining


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! (If you enjoyed this post, subscribe for email updates when a new post is up here: Subscribe for post updates.)

Nautical-Themed Beachy Table Setting, Porch Dining


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  1. With netting! RHill, TX

  2. Hi Susan- I prefer with the net!
    I’d love to set down at this table! The blue in your glasses and napkins is my favorite color. Thanks for sharing this. I so look forward to your Thursday posts.

  3. Jackie Allen says

    I love the fishing net tablecloth – it makes such a statement! I love, love, love the flatware. I searched Amazon and found something similar – just not as dramatic as your set. Here it is.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. That’s such a cute summer table. My preference is with the netting. I love the napkins.

  5. Teresa Pasquariello says

    So many cute elements you have there! I do love the netting tablecloth, it is so unusual and when are you ever going to get a chance to combine all the nautical theme! I like the silverware, so cute and I like those charger plates you made with the shells on the edge.

  6. Carol Norton says

    I guess I’m the odd man out–I prefer your table without the netting, Details of the dishes, glassware, napkins, etc. stand out more without the netting,

    And we have a World Market here in Nashville. It’s way on the other side of town, so I rarely get there. A group I belong to has an annual Christmas ornament exchange, so I always make the trek then. WM always has ornaments no one else has!

    • Carol Norton, I’m with you on being odd man out….I prefer the table without the netting. I think it’s too busy with it and everything else on the table makes a statement.

    • Thanks, Carol! Oh, I need to remember to check out their ornaments next Christmas.

  7. Love this cute and inspired tabletop. Prefer the netting, it looks less bare and so cute. You could have friends over for a lobster roll meal!

  8. Oh, my friend! I live in south coastal Georgia, and we are all about coastal decorating. One more idea for your table: light blue tablecloth with the net over it or just as a runner down the center. (That’s what we did for our son’s wedding rehearsal dinner.) It gives an “ocean” vibe, so the net fits right in.

  9. Love the netting! My have to copy the idea later this summer!!

  10. I prefer the netting; all the other pieces are just perfect! I have followed you for a long time and always get new ideas. Thanks so much!

  11. Tina W Reynolds says

    I like the netting. I think it is the element that makes people say, “What a cute idea!” A light-weight, light blue or aqua cloth under the net, or with the net bunched up and winding through the center of the table would work, too. You can’t go wrong, it is all fun! The lantern is so pretty, too. I’m glad that summer is finally here!

  12. Hello! Word of caution: if used as a tablecloth, the netting will likely catch on jewelry (rings, bracelets, long necklaces) and buttons on shirts, dresses and pants; I was at a beachfront party where this kept happening! May be more wise to use a smaller tablecloth that doesn’t hang much over the edge of the table, or ‘bunch it up’ a bit to snake through the center of the table as part of the decorations. I love the combo of ocean blue with coral, too!

  13. Dawnemarie says

    I love the netting! The table mates to go with are so pretty. The blue glasses, the crab, etc. just beautiful!

  14. I love the whimsy of the net tablecloth! Love the blue glassware and the adorable shark silverware. Too cute.

    • Thanks, Karen! I’m always looking for a way to squeeze in using the shark flatware. Ha! It cracks me up! Wish more companies would make fun flatware like that.

  15. Mary Anne says

    The fishing net table cloth is a game changer!! So clever!

  16. Susan, I love the netting! It just seems to be the cherry on top that finishes the table and brings all the elements together. It’s still a great tablescape without it, but I do love that fun little touch.

    I’m very impressed with how your new flamingo napkins blend so nicely with the dinner plate and various color elements. Lol, I definitely always think of that lantern as the ‘lighthouse’ lantern. And I love the beautiful blue glasses. Both sets! It’s so nice to see a summery table setting!

    • I was surprised at how well the flamingo napkins worked, too. I thought I was going to have to chase down some flamingo plates to use them. I still wouldn’t mind flamingo plates if I can find them in the right colors/designs.

  17. Very cute ideas. I agree that a colored tablecloth under the netting would make everything stand out. In years past, I would find unusual pieces at Old Time Pottery, but they were sold recently to Gabes. They had a lot of sea themed dishes a couple of years back, but it was mostly melamine. I found beach themed placemats there.
    I haven’t been to World Market in a long time. I love their Christmas ornaments too. Covid made such a difference in our shopping habits.

    • I didn’t know that about Old Time Pottery. Did they change the name. I should ride by the location that’s near my home and see if it’s still there. The last few times I shopped there, there were not many people in the store. Melamine is really great for dining outside, especially around a pool.

      • They closed some stores here a couple of years ago, but the one near me remained open. I haven’t been for some time, so I sent them an email. They sell a couple of floral supplies I can’t find anywhere else and I panicked. I love the floral markdowns after a season ends. For right now, it looks like it keeps the name. When they opened in this area, people would come out with carts full of merchandise because the prices were reasonable. Then it went downhill and stores are empty. The clerks in my store said during Covid, their merchandise was sitting on a dock in China, so shelves and tables were empty. I have never been in one that didn’t leak when it rained.
        So many stores are
        closing, not only because of the economy, but theft.
        Good excuse to stock up on favorites.

        • The one near me used to be a Kmart back in the day. It isn’t fancy (if it’s still there) but I don’t think it leaked. So sad that it’s in that condition and about the theft. 🙁

  18. I, too, am an odd person here. I like it without the netting. But super cute no matter what!! The lobster and crab plates are so fun!

    • I was leaning that way, too…which kinda surprised me because I’ve used the netting before and preferred it. lol I just love the look of bright colors against a really white background. Thanks, Rosie!

  19. Definitely with the fishnet, adds a lot of interest.

  20. Definitely prefer the netting for the nautical look and the texture! Your table is perfect!

  21. I love both your darling tables! The net really adds that seaside touch, but the unadorned white tabletop is so classic. Can’t go wrong, either way! Thanks so much for hosting, and Happy Almost Long Weekend!

  22. Netting! Adds texture and interest and oh so clever. Also like suggestions of tablecloth, or trimmed netting to tabletop/runner size. It’s a little like adding wallpaper in a room.

  23. Susan, I love your beach-themed table! It looks great with or without the netting, although if I had to choose, I’d probably say with. I’ve long admired the lobster and crab salads and I’m so happy you were able to find some more of those pretty dinner plates. And of course I adore the flamingo napkins! The wine glasses are the prettiest shade of blue and the rope napkin rings are so cool – I would love to know how you tied them. Happy upcoming Memorial day!

    • Thanks so much, Kim! I love that shade of blue, too. I think those glasses came from Pier 1–so sad they no longer have physical stores to shop in. I used to love going in my local store that was a couple of miles from my home.
      I used to do a lot of macrame back in the day…many years ago. That may be where I first learned to make that knot. Been so long, it’s hard to remember. I think it’s called a Square Knot. I just did a search for Square Knot on YouTube and found a video that shows how to make it. It’s super easy…basically, you just tie the rope/yarn one direction, then tie it again, reversing the way you did it the first time. Here’s the video showing how to do it:

  24. A gorgeous table setting without the fish net “tablecloth”, but the fish net makes all the difference! I love that used as a tablecloth, so fun, so unique and perfect for this beach themed table! It certainly makes me feel like I’m at a beach restaurant! Love it! Hugs, Brenda

  25. franki Parde says

    How did I miss this one…hmmm… I luv the netting!! Off to look for…fishing nets…how’s that!! franki

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