Beautiful Autumn Wreaths in Both Neutral and Fall Colors

One of the first things I’m going to do when I get back home is decorate for fall. I’m busting to get started! I have two wreaths I’ve used for my front door and over my mantel in past few years, so it will be time to pull those out and access their condition. I have a feeling it may be time for a new wreath or fall basket.

I’ve been wreath shopping today to see what’s available and there are some gorgeous wreaths out there. Some are even on sale. This is the wreath I’ve been using on my front door the last couple of years. I love its soft muted colors!

White, Green Pumpkin Wreath for an Autumn Fall Door


I love how this wreath looks against the red color of my front door. I’m often asked what paint/color this door is painted. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Heritage Red.

Decorate Door for Fall with Pumpkin Wreath


I checked today and it appears they are bringing a similar wreath back again this year. It doesn’t appear that it’s available to purchase quite yet, but when it is, you’ll find it here: Fall Wreath.

I absolutely love the beautiful colors in this autumn wreath. I think it would even work on a red door since it contains a lot of green in the design. You’ll find it currently on sale here: Autumn Wreath.


Is this not gorgeous?! I love this magnolia wreath! Because it was designed with the backs of the leaves visible, just as you would do when making a wreath for live magnolia, this wreath would work beautifully for fall. It could be used right through Christmas. This magnolia wreath is available here: Autumn Magnolia Wreath.

Magnolia fall wreath for door


This is another wreath I’ve used for many years. It looked okay on my red front door…


…but I really prefer to use it here above the mantel. The colors really pop again the mirror that hangs above the mantel. I just noticed from the angel I took that photo, the paneling on the other side room is being reflected in the mirror. It makes it look like the mirror is divided in half. So weird! It one solid mirror from where the side panels with urns end.


Here’s another slightly blurry photo that shows that a bit better.



If you like a fall wreath in autumn colors of red, orange and gold, this wreath is similar to mine. You’ll find it available here: Autumn Wreath.


If you prefer a wreath in more muted colors, this one is really pretty!


I love how it looks in this photo below, such a gorgeous display! This REALLY makes me want to decorate for fall right now!

You’ll find the wreath available here: Autumn Wreath in Neutral Colors. You’ll find many more wreaths as well as fall and Christmas decor items by the same company here: Fall Decor.


I’m always drawn to sunflowers! One autumn, I hung a basket filled with sunflowers on my front door. Love how the yellow looks against the red.


If you love sunflowers, too, you’ll find this beautiful sunflower wreath available here: Sunflower Wreath.

Sunflower Wreath


Have you started decorating for autumn?  I can’t wait to get started!

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  1. Love all the wreaths ! Beautiful job !

  2. Wanda Bradey says

    Susan, I’d love to share with you and readers a designer of wreaths that I frequently order from and am extremely pleased. It is Ashley Nicole Designs. She and her team have them for every holiday and occasion and they last a long time. Enjoy!

  3. Jackie Allen says

    Gorgeous Wreaths!!!! I love putting wreaths everywhere. But then you have to store them 🙂 – just increased the size of my storage unit!

    Autumn is one of my favorite time of the year. I can just smell the Autumn in the air when I see those lovely wreaths.

    Can’t wait to share my home with you and your readers- I spent the majority of Labor Day Weekend decorating – but it is still not completely done yet…but soon!

  4. All beautiful! I like the garland that goes along with the neutral wreath – they’re perfect together. You pick the best things! 🙂 Thanks for this batch!

  5. Making your own is so much cheaper. I just go to Michaels, get a grapevine wreath, go to the floral dept. and start choosing what I think looks good. I stick it into the wreath as I go along I’ve had people stop me in the store to find out where that wreath is. LOL. It really isn’t hard to do, and costs so much less.

    • Whenever I’ve made my own in the past, by the time I paid for the form and the flowers, it was always way more than a ready-made wreath. Maybe it’s because I like my wreath REALLY full, not skimpy. I’ve made them before but if I can find one I like already made, I prefer that.

      • Susan, I’ve had that same experience. My wreaths cost me a fortune to make, lol. And now they’re worn out and I have to find replacements.

        By the way, I can’t believe how much you’ve influenced me through the years. I was always the fall and winter lover, (hating hot and humid summers) while you complained about the cold and praised summer. And now, for the first time in my life, I am not wanting to let go of summer!

        P.S. In real life I rarely ever meet another Pam but there are several that post here. 🙂

  6. Terri Santiago says

    Tomorrow is my decorating day.

  7. all look wonderful and would be difficult to pick just one…isn’t that something like the pringles potato chip saying…bet you can’t eat just one.

  8. Susan, Those are beautiful wreaths. It’s just my personal observation but it seems that Southerners are more happy to greet fall as a welcome respite from the heat and humidity. When I lived in Florida I loved the end of September when everything outside was so pleasant. Now that I am living in the North I know many of us hang onto summer knowing what follows fall.

  9. They are beautiful but clearly I am not charging enough for mine !
    The door basket is very cheerful, but if you are making your own, spray clear paint/varnish on the baskets to preserve them.
    Maybe southerners like decorating for fall and Christmas more.

  10. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Those are some really beautiful wreaths Susan! I couldn’t even see a mirror, until I went down a photo, lol, funny how the mirror disappeared with it’s reflection. I have not decorated for fall, but am ready to soon start. Hope you have a safe trip home and enjoy decorating! Hugs, Brenda

  11. Cyndi Raines says

    Beautiful wreaths! I liked all of them. Today I started the process of putting away summer items and decorating for fall. The mantel is done and the wreaths are up, but a few more touches to go. Haven’t purchased any pumpkins yet, still a little early for that (for me), but if I happen to see one or three (or 5, hehe) that tug at my heart this weekend, I’ll probably cave.

  12. Laurie Tricarico says

    I need a wreath for my front.. unprotected.. door.. I guess it must be water/ weather proof..Would any suggestions you might have . Thanks

  13. Hi I just reread your 2013 post about preserved boxwood wreaths and found it interesting. FYI I just bought a beautiful preserved boxwood wreath at Marshalls for my door. They had various sizes and ranged in price from
    $13.00 to $20.00. I agree with you that they are the closest thing to live and they look great.

  14. Thanks for the ideas. I have a basket with sunflowers similar to yours on our front door. I can’t hang anything on the front door when the birds are building their nests. They try to get the material out for their nests.

  15. I love the wreaths and your front door color.

  16. LARRY Nixon says

    Love your wreaths. But I wish your prices were
    more easily found. I’m not sure I could afford
    them but time will tell. Good luck with your

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