Lots of Little Tweaks, An Office Update

Yesterday was a non-stop day and I still feel like I have so much left to do. Do you get this way come spring? I want everything spiffied up and organized for spring–and I want it right now! lol

I did too much stuff yesterday to share it all, but thought I’d share a few fun things, as well as a little splurge that arrived mid-day. I spent part of the day trimming off dead branches from the Standard hydrangeas that tried to die while I was in Ireland last August. Apparently, we got virtually no rain the whole time I was gone. Thankfully they didn’t die, but I lost a few branches. I’ll pamper them this spring and summer and hopefully, they will fill back out again.

I wiped down the table/chairs that were an end-of-season purchase last year. (See that post here: Before & After Deck Makeover.) I can’t wait to start sharing a few tablescapes out here for Tablescape Thursday. 😉


This guy wintered over in my garage and he’s looking pretty sad. I was tempted to just toss him. but I think I’ll fertilize him a bit and see if he’ll make a comeback. I have a hard time tossing out a plant unless it’s really a goner. I could see a little new growth, so I’m optimistic he’ll look better soon. I need to get busy filling some pots for the planter behind the table that I spray painted last year. Still so much to do! Arggg!


The knockout roses in the two urns on the deck are getting ready to bloom. Love them, but not so much their thorns. lol I was hoping the thorns would discourage the raccoons that visit the feeders at night, but they don’t. So now I just bring all the feeders in each night.


Aprilaire Space Gard Air Filter Replacements

Do you have Aprilaire Space Gard Air Filters on your A/C systems? If not, skip this part. I have one on each of my systems and they are a pain in the tush to change. If you have these, you know what I mean…hate feeding all those individual sections of the filter onto the big comb/teeth that holds the filter. It takes FOREVER!

I knew my filters probably needed changing, so a few days ago I looked online to see about ordering them. In the process, I discovered some replacement filters that are available for the original Space Gard filter. (They are available here: Replacement Filters.)

This is one of the filters below. You don’t have to deal with threading each little section onto the comb-like you do with the original filter. Instead, you just put this entire cardboard box inside the plastic Space Gard box/case.

I’ve replaced the downstairs one so far and I’m going to replace the upstairs system in the attic tomorrow. We’ll see how these work this summer. The filter material seems a lot thicker than on the previous filter. I hope it doesn’t restrict the airflow too much. I saved the large combs that hold the original filters, in case I need to go back to the actual Aprilaire filters the next time. This was certainly faster than the old way!

Replacement Filter for Aprilaire Space Gard Air Filters


Okay, enough about filters…back to pretty things. Yesterday I replaced the fall-winter firescreen…

Firescreen with Cardinal Birds in a Birch Tree


…with the one I use for summer. I found the summer one in a local shop many years ago. Unfortunately, they have long since gone out of business. The fall Cardinal firescreen was a find in A Classy Flea several years ago. I’m probably the only person who uses decorative firescreens, but I love ’em! 🙂

Firescreen for Summer


It was so nice out yesterday, I had the door that leads from the living room to the porch, open all day. It will be 77° tomorrow, 78° on Friday and 81° on Saturday, so spring is really here this time! I can’t tell you how happy that makes this “always-cold” girl. If you’re in one of those places that keeps getting snow, I hope your snow is melting fast and spring comes on with a vengeance! You deserve it after all the late winter weather you’ve had!

Summer Firescreen


I worked on so many things yesterday, I can’t fit them all into one post, but one thing I did was add more lighting to the office. I thought three lamps was pretty sufficient for this room, but then I got an idea.

Home Office with Pottery Barn Bedford Furniture


I was working on a puzzle in the office and wanted more lighting down on the far right of the desk. I stole the lamp you see in the photo below from the upstairs family room…

Hermes Tray for Living Room Coffee Table


…and placed it on the end of the desk. Sorry this photo is a bit dark, all the lighting freaked out the camera. I am loving the extra light this has added to the end of the desk and it makes me wonder why I haven’t had a lamp there all along!

I knew I’d miss having a lamp on the chest in the upstairs living area, so I searched on eBay (since you can never find beautiful, quality brass candlestick lamps anymore) and lucked out finding an older Baldwin Brass candlestick lamp, minus its shade. The listing said it was in excellent condition with no pitting or tarnish, and it looked perfect. It’s also the same height as the one I already have.

Once it arrives, I’ll visit David, the owner of Flourish Antiques, for a beautiful shade. He has excellent taste and always has beautiful, traditional shades, or he can order one if needed. If you live in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend him for any lamp repairs, new lamp designs or shades. He has the best eye for designing lamps–love his style! He’s in the back of Dupre’s Antique Market on the Marietta square.

Lighting for the home office


Another thing I did yesterday was clear aways some space on my office bookshelves. For years I’ve wanted to put a small lamp on one of the shelves, more for ambiance than actual lighting. I found a cute bunny one that tempted me yesterday, but I’m going to shop a bit more to see what else is out there.

Bookshelves in Office, Clearing them for a lamp


I also ordered a frame for this adorable painting Fifi surprised me with many years ago. It’s of one of my little teascapes out on the porch.

Tea Party Painting


You may remember this St. Patrick’s Day tea-for-two setting. I’ve had the painting forever, just finally getting around to putting it in a frame. This is the frame I ordered here: Frame. I think the black color of the frame will set off the other colors and work with the black in the painting. Will share that once it comes…have to find a cute spot to hang it.

St. Patrick Day Tea on the Porch


Tiffany Blue Treat

Ever since purchasing a Tiffany & Co. travel jewelry box (see that post here: Pearl Earrings for Sensitive Ears and Tiffany & Co. Travel Jewelry Case) I’ve been eyeing their leather card holders. Though not cheap, they are a lot less expensive than some designer card holders/wallets and I love that infamous Tiffany blue color! I finally broke down and ordered one last week.

I did the exact same thing this time that I did last time when I ordered the jewelry travel case. I placed the order, then wondered if it would really be worth the expense. When it arrived, just like last time, I kept asking myself why I had ever waited! I can’t begin to explain how nice the leather and craftsmanship is on all the Tiffany & Co. leather pieces. If you’ve ever thought about buying any of their leather goods,  don’t hesitate because you will love it.

Tiffany & Co. Card Case Wallet


Here’s how the inside looks. This particular card holder has a lot of storage. I placed the card that I most often use (gives me double points) in the slot on the right side. It’s so easy to reach there. I placed my debit and one other card that I occasionally use for Frequent Flyer Points on the other side.

Tiffany & Co. Vertical Folded Card Case


My driver’s license and military ID are tucked in the space that’s underneath the cards, since I rarely reach for those. There’s a nice size pocket that’s great for holding a couple of loyalty cards, as well as some cash. If you’re in need of a small card case/wallet, I love this one! They’ve been sold out on the Tiffany website for a while, but my SA found one in a store and had it shipped to me. There’s a button at the Tiffany website where you can have them notify you when they are back in stock. They seem to sell out and restock items all the time. To find it at the Tiffany website, just search for Vertical Folded Card Case.

Tiffany & Co. Card Case-Wallet


Looking forward to sharing a spring table with you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday! Happy Spring, dear Friends!

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  1. Linda Page says

    I love your summer fireplace screen. I love fireplace screens! Wish I was there to stroll through A Classy Flea!! The painting that Fifi did is adorable. Can’t wait to see where you put it. What a nice surprise! We have been gardening our tails off but the yard is looking beautiful. I need to send pictures to you of my banana bread making. The bread turned out really good!!

    • Yes! I would love see those. I bet your banana bread is so good, Linda! I bet A Classy Flea is getting in some great stuff right for spring!

  2. I have been looking for storage for my garage could you please send me information on your cabinets . Thankyou

  3. Nan, Odessa,, DE says

    Who or what if Fifi?

    How tall is your candle stick lamp? Looks lovely on your desk.

  4. So many things to comment on, but the one that really stands out, to me, is that painting. It will be more adorable when framed, and look good in any spot. Remember to show us when you find its place.

  5. Marty Oravetz says

    Love the cardholder. I have the tiffany wallet and I love it. It is the perfect size for all my cards, id and money.

    • Oh, Marty…I just looked at the T website and those are beautiful! I may have to go for one of those one day.
      Marty, have you found it hard to keep the pretty blue leather looking clean? I was a little worried about that when I ordered the card case, but I love the quality of their leather so much (and that Tiffany Blue color) I decided to take a chance. Hope I can keep it looking as pretty as it is right now. I’m determined to use it full time, I never keep anything “for best” as the saying goes.

    • Marty, I just ordered and received the full-size wallet and surprised hot fat it is. lol It fits in my purse but it’s really big! I decided to order it so I’d have a place to store cash money like bills and change, although I rarely carry change.
      Did you find the card slots really tight when you first bought your wallet? I don’t carry very many cards, so have a lot of empty slots, but the few cards I do carry were tight to slide in. I’m guessing they make them tight so they will still hold the cards well, even after the leather loosens up a bit.

  6. I can’t remember seeing this view in your room with the two chairs near the fireplace- I like it! I like the fireplace screen- it is nice to look at especially off season. You are so far ahead of us weather wise. Yes we are melting once again after another late burst of snow. I’m sure we should be moving forward from this point on (fingers crossed). What a cute picture from FiFi for you and I’m sure the black frame will be perfect. Love the Tiffany Blue card holder! That’s a tempting piece to own. It’s hard for me to imagine you being in the military? You have been a busy one!

    • Thanks so much, Liz! I was so determined to not line the furniture up all the way around the room. They are comfy for reading with a fire going during the winter. I sure hope your snowy weather is gone for good! I wasn’t in the military, my husband was. I sometimes wish I had been, though. I would love to have served my country that way.

  7. I’ll have to tell my husband about the filters. The first time he changed it I commented “what type idiot designed that?”

    • Exactly! They are a nightmare…they make you want to never change your filter because they are so much trouble to change. Very poor design!

  8. donna zoltanski says

    You are one busy bee! I always enjoy pics of your beautiful porch. Now we can look forward to pretty tables on the outside table too. Can’t wait to see them all! Ahhhh – tiffany blue is so pretty – I love that card case.

  9. Ann Butler says

    Thank you for all your shares. I can’t wait to see what lamp you choose for your bookshelf. I so envy that space, hope to have room for shelves one day. I agree about tossing out plants. I always do my best by them but sometimes they have to go. Today we actually have a 60 degree day. I had to take a walk today on my lunch time. On Sunday we go back to bad weather again. Spring is trying to arrive here. We will have to wait. Military ID, were you or your Husband in? Myself and ex were in the Navy. What an experience, being in and being a dependent. Look forward to your new posts!

  10. Hi Susan
    If you put an in ground bird feeder in your yard then you can buy a raccoon baffle so they don’t raid the feeders, also good for squirrels.
    Go to a good wild bird store they have everything for our feathered friends.

  11. Your new porch table is a wonderful addition to that spot on your porch! I can’t wait to see the tablescapes! I love Tiffany products, too. I thought, for some reason, that card wallets were meant for business cards. I guess I just learned something new! Good call on moving the lamp to your office. I, too, am struggling to bring more lighting to our own office. Welcome, Spring!

  12. Lucy Beliveau says

    were a very busy lady but aren’t you glad you have all of those chores behind you!??? I, too, like brass lamps and thankfully have quite a few! Yours are lovely! You are much further along weather size than we are! I live up near Montreal, CA where I think Mother Nature forgot us!!! Snow again all weekend!! Ugh!!!
    II enjoyed reading your fun blog! Keep up the great work and have fun with your spring projects!!!

  13. Busy as a bee in spring time. Always nice to have a door open!

  14. So funny….just read this post as I rest my weary bones from CLEANING AND SCRUBBING ALL MY DECK FURNITURE at our lake house to get the gross pollen off!!! Can hardly get off the couch tonite…ouch. Just seems that so many times I read your posts and chuckle because I’ve just done the same things. We should live closer and work in unison!!!
    Love the Tiffany wallet too…hmmmmm

  15. ps….thanks for idea of putting knockouts in pots! I have them all over my yard and they do so well. Been trying to find something that does well in HOT sun on my boathouse deck~~these will be perfect. Never thought about putting them in pots!!!

  16. You really have been busy. We are sort of coming down the home stretch in the back yard. Then we need to finish the front and then attack the house from bringing so much of the yard inside with us along with Prince Hairy our wild child puppy now six mos.. Have you ever used fish emulsion on your ferns? Thing is …..ferns are cheap in the whole realm of things but it is satisfying to save a plant. If I attempt to revive a fern I repot with miracle grow dirt as they tend to get root bound. We have the most fabulous nursery about 15 miles down the road in Harriman Tenn that opened only in Spring and usually sells out by Mother’s Day…….incredible plants. People come from all over East Tenn to purchase…Giant ferns and hanging baskets and bedding plants very reasonable. I am going the end of April to get ferns and geraniums for front porch and back yard arbor and pots and bedding plants. for yard. We have a sloped area between our lower yard and upper yard that I worked today…..spreading bags of soil and pine straw. Spent Monday raking a zillion Spring drop Oak leaves and pull weeds to prepare for today. I used to do weeklong outdoor workathons but being close to 70 I find I must take a break and work every other day weather permitting. I have to recoup. My hubby is adding onto our deck and incorporating an arbor off the deck to the existing deck and making it part of Hairy’s new wrought iron dog run. I am so lucky to have such a helpful hubby. He is taking time out from his new drawing of Lukenbach Texas that we took a pic of when we lived in San Antonio. I have put my storywriting on hold for a while to get the yard done. I don’t know how we accomplished so much before retirement….seriously…..4 kids, worked at least 60 hours a week getting ready for trials, cleared 4 acres in the hill country on weekends, did the housework, yard work, and cooked hot meals every night, plus hubby carved wood and I did art. How did we do that? It is a mystery. You obviously are also a workaholic. I will tell you to do what I have a hard time telling myself…….take a break! Lovely card holder and love the little painting. So free and charming. I also really like your bottle tree. I think I need to find one. Hugs and thanks for a fun post.

  17. We have yet to clean the porch, so my door will have to stay closed for a while yet. We have bought several lamps and a chandelier from David, and he also rewired an antique Gone With The Wind lamp for us. I hope he doesn’t retire anytime soon. We are looking for a new charge card because one of ours switched from Visa to American Express. We don’t need two A.E. Cards. What card do you have that gives double points? I have been reading your blog for several years now and I know a couple of times you’ve mentioned your military I.D. Are you a veteran?

    • I like Capital One. When I book a trip, I put everything for the trip on that card. Then I just call and Capital One does a “purchase erase” deducting the cost of the trip right back off the card using the points I’ve accrued. I’ve paid for at least two trips that way and a plane flight or two. I also love their customer service, they answer promptly when I call to do a purchase erase and they are to understand, no communication issues. They pay double points for every single thing you purchase on the card…doesn’t matter what it is. Love that! No I’m not a veteran, just have military benefits.

  18. Marlene Stephenson says

    You were busy and i love your seasonal firescreens, please keep changing, i love all the different ones you have. My son came and got his dresser so i have been cleaning my screen porch. It was 83 here today but, it will be cooler by Saturday, as long as i have a nice day ever so often i can enjoy the outside. Have a great weekend and don’t work too hard.

  19. WHEW!!! Talk about the “energizer bunny!!!”…nothing on you, kiddo!! That Tiffany blue is heavenly!! franki

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