Porches for Sleeping

From time to time I visit a section of the Atlanta Journal & Constitution called “Private Quarters.”  They highlight homes of all types and give mini tours.  Recently this home was featured.  You can see the full tour HERE.  My favorite “room” shown in the tour was the porch.  I know that comes as no surprise since I have a thing for porches.

Screeened Porch on Cottage Home

This little piece of heaven especially caught my eye.  Imagine sleeping away a warm southern night in this spot, lulled to sleep by the sounds of the crickets, cicadas and frogs.  It would be a regular symphony of natures best musicians.  Candlelight would be provided by lightning bugs.  What a wonderful way to end a day.

Sleeping Porch with Swing Bed

This sleeping porch reminded me of some other porches with swings for sleeping that I’ve featured here on BNOTP.

Porch Swing for Naps and Sleeping

Do you remember this porch from this Christmas Home Tour in 2010?

Porch Swing for Naps and Sleeping

Or, how about this porch in the Southern Living Idea home when it was in Senoia Georgia in 2010.  You can take the tour: Southern Living Idea House in Senoia Georgia.

Porch Swing for Sleeping

By the way, this year’s Southern Living Idea House is going to be in Senoia again!  They have chosen a wonderful old historic home to make over and it’s going to fabulous.

Porch Swing for Naps and Sleeping

If you’re thinking about adding a swing big enough for sleeping on to your porch, Pinterest has some wonderful examples.  The following pics can all be found pinned on the board I started at Pinterest, HERE.  Once you click on my Pinterest board, just click on each swing if you wish to follow it back to the original source for more information.

Take away the small pillows and throw a real pillow and blanket on this swing and you’re in business for the night.

Porch Swing Designed for Naps and Sleeping

Another oasis perfect for napping…

Porch Swing Great for Porch Naps

Imagine going to sleep listening to the sound of ocean waves crashing on the beach!  What a view!  This porch even has “his” and “hers” swings.

Sleeping Porch on Beach House with Ocean Views

I love how this sleeping swing is hung from ropes…so much prettier than chains.  Gotta have a fan overhead for staying cool on those balmy nights and lazy Sunday afternoons.

Porch Swing for Sleeping

Sweet dreams!  See you tomorrow morning for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Wish it were “porch” weather here! They all look wonderful! XO Cindy

  2. My aunt lives in the home that my great grandfather built in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The front porch swing was always a favorite. Years ago the evenings were cool enough to require a sweater while on the porch. Love all these swings.

  3. Blondie's Journal says

    These are fun! Not only functional to sleep on, but pretty, too! I would definitely have sweet dreams! 🙂 XO, Jane

  4. miss flibbertigibbet says

    We have a swing on the back porch and everyone fights over it! I always wanted a swinging bed though….maybe someday! Right now, I lay flat on the swing and push it back and forth with my foot….heavenly…. Lorraine

  5. I would love to take a Sunday nap in any one of those. Looking forward to warmer days and nights.

  6. As a southern girl too, you failed to mention the buzzzzzzzzzzz of misquitoes too, that abound on our wonderful sleeping, entertaining, etc. porches. LOL

  7. Sleeping porches are The. Best! My husband grew up with a sleeping porch in his historic home in Marshal Michigan. The home belonged to the first superintendent of schools in the nation. It was a beautiful house. I know this because when we were first married, by husband took me there and while we were admiring the home from outside, the owners spotted us and welcomed us inside. My husband was able to go through all the great details of his childhood as we toured the home. What nice people!

  8. Phyllis@Around the House says

    How wonderful to go to sleep on one of those beautiful porches ( yours included) makes you want to take an afternoon nap after lemonade and cookies…thanks for sharing

  9. Beach Bungalow says

    Only in my dreams! Sue xo

  10. I don’t think I could pick a fave if I HAD to!! I am in love with each and every one of them! That is my idea of the perfect location for a nap!! <3 I have extreme porch envy! 🙂

  11. Really delightful porches!!!! I would never get anything done if I had a spot like one of those to nap :o) ~Des

  12. Shabby chic Sandy says

    Having a beautiful porch is my dream! (one of them)

  13. While the specific “look” of the ocean swing might not be what I pick, it wins hands down just because of the sound of the waves. ~Bliss~

  14. Eclectically Vintage says

    I have a porch but it’s not big enough to hang one of those amazing beds! I love the ones hung with thick rope (and the one on the beach would be nice too)! Kelly

  15. Oh I love the pictures. I need a better porch.

  16. Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest says

    Oh dreamy!!!!!! I need a porch! This spring it is finally going to happen – if I can EVER get the design right in my head!

  17. Don’t have a porch or an entry large enough for one of these beauties, but a girl can dream! CAS

  18. I love these porches. We have a lot of porch, but here in the Pacific Northwest most of our porch furniture grows algae,and if I were to nap too long on the porch I would sprout algae too! I love your blog and read it often, but don’t usually leave a comment. Lots of creative ideas here for me, I just need to make sure the furniture can handle a good scrubbing !

  19. How neat. I’m glad I came across your blog. I’m a Georgia Peach myself and porch naps are the greatest. We are planning on adding a back porch to our house in the near future. Tranae http://www.becomingfab.com

  20. Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside says

    I love porches, too! My husband enjoys sleeping outside when the weather cooperates. Even though we have a screen porch, he prefers sleeping under the pergola. He has a mosquito netting that he hangs from the rafters.

  21. The first (and only) time I saw a sleeping porch here in New England was at a mansion by the coast. I can only imagine what it would be like to have the sound of the sea rocking you to sleep! If I could cram one more piece of furniture onto my little porch it would definitely be a porch swing or daybed! (And maybe it’s just me, but I prefer the “before” look of that Senoia house…)

  22. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says

    What is more “Southern” than a swing on the front porch to enjoy the moment and to “swing and smell the roses’.

  23. I can picture really sleeping out there if it was a breezy night.

  24. Susan, I love your porch and the lovely porch swings! This is a wonderful post. It takes me back to my childhood and happy memories of days gone by. Thanks for sharing.

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