Beautiful, Festive Tables from Kansas, Maine and Mexico!

Thanks so much to all the lovely readers who shared their holiday tables with me over the past few weeks! Before we say goodbye to Christmas for another year, I thought I’d share some of the lovely tables the BNOTP readers shared with me over the last few days.

Sheri’s Christmas Table Setting with a Beautifully Hand-Crafted Centerpiece

Sheri, who lives in Kansas, created this beautiful table for her family’s Christmas dinner this year. Sheri said, “The tablecloth is a bright red sheet covered with a large piece of lace I have had for years and use with other colored sheets during the year.”


“My chargers are from Dollar Tree, dinner, and salad plates are from a great shop in Kentucky when we lived there called the Dish Barn.”


“The bowls and water goblets are from Dollar Tree and match. The mugs (and the dessert plates I used for my kitchen table) are from LTD Commodities many years ago and have different cute reindeer on each one. Silverware is mine and so old I can’t remember where I got it. Napkin rings were made and given to me. The napkins are white cloth and I used a colorful paper napkin to supplement them.


“My centerpiece is a long cedar box my TH (talented husband) made me and I used my Cricut to make the Merry Christmas on it. I love my Cricut and use it all the time. I just smiled every time I went into the dining room!”


Love how Sheri turned a simple, cedar box into a beautiful Christmas centerpiece by adding Merry Christmas to the side in a fun black and red buffalo check design!


Sheri even created place cards with a photo for each family member…such a cute idea!


Debra’s Christmas Eve Table Setting

Debra, who lives in Maine, shared a photo of her Christmas table and I’m crazy about the black and red buffalo tablecloth she used. Debra found her tablecloth in Khol’s and her Dishes are Memory Lane. Her glasses are from Dollar Tree.

Debra created her centerpiece using red roses and pine branches from her back yard, placed in a thrifted vase. The wooden base was from a harvested tree from her backyard.


Ginger lives in Mexico and set a fun, festive table for Christmas. Ginger said, “Gaudy but Mexico is colorful! The year before I had found small brass stars which I scattered over the tablecloth.”



I don’t think it’s gaudy at all, I love it! It’s also perfect with Ginger’s colorful table and chairs.


Shirley’s “Winter Greetings” Bird-Themed Centerpiece

One of my favorite holiday china patterns is Lenox, Winter Greetings. I love this pattern and don’t think of it as strictly for Christmas. It really works beautifully all through winter. I realized recently that I haven’t shared a table setting using this china in quite a few years, so look for one sometime soon with this adorable bird-themed pattern.


A few days ago Shirley emailed to say, “When I saw your Lenox Winter’s Greeting china, I knew immediately I had to share pictures of my 40+-year-old centerpiece which has an annual place on our breakfast table during the holidays.”


“As clever as you and many of your readers are, I am sure you could make one like it to go with your beautiful Winter’s Greetings pattern. Thanks for all the wonderful blogs… is the first thing I read in the morning!”


Is this not perfect for a Winter Greetings table setting?! Oh my gosh, I love those sweet birdies taking a wee bit of ribbon from the centerpiece to decorate his nest for Christmas!


I also love that you’ve been using this same sweet centerpiece for your holiday breakfast table all these years. It’s those little traditions that really make the holiday season so special. I just may have to try and make something similar for my table when I next use my Winter Greeting china.


Thanks to all the BNOTP readers who have shared their wonderful holiday tables this year! You all give me so much inspiration!

Happy New Year, dear Friends!

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  1. Bernadette says

    Wonderful, beautiful, artistic tablescapes!

  2. warren giering says

    These are such fun tablescapes. I love the different styles and the creativity of the designers.

  3. Franki Parde says

    So pretty and creative…gives me happy !! franki

  4. Such beautiful tables. I have a bird like that and a basket and the rest of the naturals growing around my house, I’m going to make a centerpiece!

  5. The lacey cloth over a bright cloth is so clever, and as she said, great all year. And the Mexico decor is not gaudy, but so cheerful and apropos the country.

  6. I’m happy you liked it. It’s a bit much for some folks but fits here. I hasten to add this was from a year ago. With this virus, no big entertaining this Christmas sadly but high hopes for next Christmas. Love all these tables. Happy New Year!

  7. Loved all these tablescapes very much. I really liked Sheri’s idea of mixing a cloth napkin with a paper napkin…ya know, some of us prefer one over the other. This way you have the best of both napkin worlds. Ha!

  8. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Beautiful table settings, so festive and fun! I’m with Sheri on using the Cricut machine, I use my machines all the time and made just about all my Christmas gifts this year with it. Love her cedar box with the buffalo plaid Merry Christmas! Happy New Year Susan! Hugs, Brenda

  9. Such wonderful tables – thanks so much for sharing! I love all the color and brightness from everyone. A perfect way to start the new year!

  10. I love the individuality of each table…..why the looks are endless! Thanks for sharing each one.

  11. Tina W Reynolds says

    Shari mentioned “The Dish Barn” in Kentucky—at one time, I had a job that required some traveling twice per year and we always drove past The Dish Barn. Oh, how I always longed to stop there and be able to linger! But, I was actually working and there was never any time! I really must take a trip back there someday just for that purpose. I really hope they are still in business! Dishes, whether they are everyday or fine china always transport me to another time and place. I enjoyed all of the tables this year! Happy and Blessed New Year to you Susan, and all who have contributed and brightened my days!

    • Jeanie Neikirk says

      The Dish Barn is no longer on South 27. It went out of business. The ladies who probably had worked there since the place opened retired & with them retiring, the owners sold the land for a new road going through. The place was wonderful with dishes of all kinds. During the Christmas season the place was tastefully decorated. You would have loved it. Jeanie

  12. Everyone has such different creative tables. I like Debra’s centerpiece and want to know about the green glassware. It looks like the 70’s glass I c0llect.
    Happy New Year to everyone.

  13. I can’t find the brass stars scattered on Ginger’s table.

  14. I rate Sheri, Shirley, and Gingers’ tables as five-wows. Gorgeous, ladies. And Shirley where did you find your poinsettia placemats? (They’re so cool.)


  15. Well done ladies and admiring your creativity! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Sheri’s elf place-card holders are hilarious. 😀 And I too like that she added that colorful paper napkin to the cloth. Really jazzes things up. Never heard of a Cricut. Will have to look into that.

    I love that Debra used a cut of a tree for the base under her vase centerpiece. (I wonder what she did with the rest of the tree?!) Royal Daulton’s Memory Lane is such a comforting pattern and reminds me of Johnson Brothers patterns. And it’s so nice when people use materials from their own yard, like the flowers and tree branches. Susan, I know a young couple whose whole decor scheme is centered around black and red buffalo check, like Debra’s! It’s very homey and puts me in mind of a cozy, woodsy cabin.

    Ginger’s dining chairs perfectly match her Christmas decor! I wonder if she had Christmas in mind when she chose those chairs! I mean, it looks like the chairs and table decor were bought and planned, together.

    And Shirley’s Winter Greetings basket! Perfect. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, Susan. I have always loved that china. I have the Winter Greetings Every day pattern and love that too, but I would also love to have this pattern.

    Well, that was fun. Always fun to see what other readers are coming up with. I’m so glad these ladies let you share their tablescapes. Thanks, Susan. And Happy New Year to all of you.

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    Great tables all. Each decorated with love and care for their families and that’s what makes tablescaping so special and why I enjoy it so much. Thank you for sharing ladies and Susan for all your great posts. Looking forward to more fun in 2021!

  18. Holly Bridwell says

    Winter Greetings is one of my all time favorite patterns! My mom has the casual set and my aunt has the one you have here. It’s just beautiful!!! I love the table setting with the holly dishes from Dollar Tree – I have a holly pattern for Christmas that isn’t super fancy (China Pearl NOEL) but had I found these at Dollar Tree I would have scooped them up!

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