Decorate with Wreaths Inside

Although Thanksgiving is still two weeks away, I’m already thinking about Christmas.  I have even started decorating a little inside.  I want to start early this year so I can really enjoy the holiday season in full.  There have just been too many years in the past where I felt I had just put the decorations up when it was time to take them back down.

One  of my favorite things to decorate inside with at Christmastime are wreaths.  We all know wreaths look wonderful hanging on doors but there are so many more fabulous places to hang a beautiful wreath inside your home.

Wreaths are gorgeous hanging in front of a window.  Give the chief dishwasher a lovely view with a beautiful wreath.  I love the little one hanging off the edge of the island.

Traditional Home

Here’s another great example using a square wreath inside, again in a window…

Traditional Home

I took this photo while on a home tour and I love how she not only hung a wreath in the window, but she completely encircled the window with garland, too.  You can take this Christmas Home Tour, HERE.

On this same home tour we saw this wonderful bedroom, again with a lovely wreath hanging from a window.  Isn’t this room just beautiful?  You’ll find more of this home tour, HERE.

As you may have figured out by now, one of my favorite things to do this time of year is to go on home tours. You get the best ideas you can then incorporate into your own home.  I love the use of wreaths on all the windows in this home. You’ll find more of this tour, HERE.

Pssst…If you enjoy home tours, click on the category header “Tours” at the top of this blog.  You’ll find lots of home tours there.  If it’s holiday home tours you seek, click on the category header, “Holiday” at the top, then scroll down to you reach the Christmas home tour section.

There are so many places you can hang a wreath inside–truly the possibilities are almost endless.  Besides windows, I love hanging a pretty wreath atop a mirror.  You many remember when I hung an autumn wreath above my mantel in my family room for the fall season HERE.

I once hung a sparkly wreath on the Venetian Glass mirror in my dining room for Christmas.  I loved the look so much, I’ve never taken it down.  It stays there all year as you may have noticed on Tablescape Thursday in this photo of a past Thanksgiving table.  At Christmastime, I sometimes give the wreath a light sprinkling of red berries for the season.

Here’s another example of a wreath hanging from a mirror in a beautiful Victorian home decorated for Christmas. You can take the full tour of this home HERE.

I found some beautiful examples of wreaths hanging atop mirrors for the holiday season online at Traditional Home.  Notice the way they decorated the chandelier, too.  Love this room!

Traditional Home

Another example of a wreath hung from a mirror…

Traditional Home

Beautiful mantel with a simple boxwood wreath over a mirror…

Traditional Home

Other than windows and mirrors, where are some other places you could hang a wreath inside your home? How about from an old grandfather clock?  This clock lives in my upstairs family room HERE.

You can hang them from your kitchen cabinets.  I stole this idea for my kitchen after seeing it on a holiday home tour in Madison, Georgia.

I have a little patchwork wreath I sometimes hang from my pantry or laundry room door.

This may be one of my favorite places of all for hanging a wreath indoors—atop bookshelves!  I love this!

Traditional Home

Do you decorate with wreaths inside your home?  If so, where are your favorite places to hang them?

I’m off to do a bit more holiday decorating.  Now where are all those extension cords…

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  1. Divine Theatre says

    Thank you for the lovely inspiration!

    The Venetian mirror in your dining room is all the more beautiful with the addition of that wreath.


  2. Now in addition to all your beautiful posts, I need to know what vitamins you are using, because you have way more energy than I do!

  3. FABBY'S LIVING says

    Such fabulous inspirations for Christmas, I'm getting into the decor, it has taken me a lot longer this year as we changed window treatments and painted the social area…I love the dining room with the hanging lamp decoration. Thanks for sharing Susan and have a nice weekend too.

  4. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Karen, I need to start taking them…always forget. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  5. Days at Buttermilk Cottage says

    I love the look of wreaths on mirrors–double the pleasure! Thanks for helping get me in the mood!

  6. I love these ideas! In fact I've used many myself. I hung a wreath upside down under my chandelier last year and use small suction cups to put really small ones on the glass of my china cabinet…I love them on mirrors too since the reflection gives you double impact! I hang on in each window of my living room and two bedrooms! They have tiny lights too. Since we get so much winter weather here we don't do a lot of outside lighting. I've always loved seeing wreaths in the windows for the holidays!

  7. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Lizabeth, I love the idea of the wreath beneath the chandelier…sounds gorgeous!
    Are the tiny lights on the wreaths battery powered? Would love to see pictures of the wreaths on your windows with the lights. Do you have any you could send me?

  8. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    I bought a lot of wreaths one year because I wanted to hang them on the windows outside our home {the old one}. I wound up not doing that but I still have the wreaths. I'm sure they will be a big part of my holiday decorating this year!

  9. Love these pictures, thank you!

  10. Savvy Seasons says

    What wonderful photos….I'm in love with each one, just dreamy! Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Friday! xo ~Liz

  11. nikkisimone says

    Susan thanks for this – you always inspire! These are some great ideas – thanks again for sharing.

  12. Beautiful inspiration, thanks for sharing these gorgeous ideas.

  13. Designs By Pinky says

    I ahve gotten lost in this post clicking all over the place:) I have gotten some NEW ideas for wreaths! Thanks!!! I think my bookcases are going to get "dressed up" this Christmas! Happy 11/11/11!!!!! XO, Pinky

  14. Designing Lady Jane says

    What inspirational thoughts on how to place a wreath….or three! I'm excited about using one on my livingroom mirror now, and maybe even the diningroom light fixture.

  15. says

    Beautiful Inspirations! I love all the wreaths, they make a house feel more like a home. Your home is so beautiful, it fits right in with the homes from the home tours!
    Happy decorating!

  16. It 's always a pleasure to visit you …..
    Your posts are fabulous ….
    Have a nice weekend

  17. jewelsinthegarden +: ) says

    Oh so beautiful! I am a wreath-aholic! Besides the outside of my front door, they can be found on the inside of my front door, in front of my family room window, the outside of my bedroom door, the laundry room door, above my pantry door, and my kitchen wall. I think that's all of them. But this isn't just for Christmas, they are up every day of the year!! I enjoyed seeing all the ones you posted! Blessings, Julie

  18. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says

    We hang wreaths on the outside of each window of our house. It's a small cottage that is white with black shutters. We hang the wreaths on red ribbons, so the look is very traditional. I got an idea from your post about hanging wreaths in the kitchen, and I'm ready to start decorating, too!

  19. Richard Cottrell says

    I refuse to start Christmas decorating till after Thanksgiving, but I have been busy for awhile making stuff and getting ready. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  20. On Crooked Creek says

    The wreath hanging in front of the mirror in your dining room stole my heart last year…exquisite!!! I, too, hang a wreath in front of a mirror in the living room. I have three windows in my living room and hang wreaths in them every year since arriving On Crooked Creek.Thank you for all the inspiration from BNOTP!

  21. Bubble and Squeak says

    Wonderful post! I can't believe the season is already here. We better get moving!

  22. Jen @ Creating with the J's says

    Thanks for sharing the inspiration. We just might get started with our own decorating this weekend! Love this time of year!

  23. wonderful ideas!!
    a tree in the bedroom…if only mine were big enough!!

  24. This is something I am going to do this Christmas…hope they turn out as great as your photos!!
    thanks for the idea…

  25. Entertaining Women says

    Great ideas! Thanks for all the inspirations. Cherry Kay

  26. Susan, as always, I enjoyed your post featuring beautiful wreaths. One photo, that of your patchwork wreath, instantly took me back in time. As a newlywed many many years ago, I made all our Christmas decorations and gifts. I made several of those patchwork wreaths and used mine for many holidays. I have no idea what happened to my wreath, but it was such fun to see yours. I look forward to seeing how you decorate your home for Christmas 2011.
    Thank you, MM

  27. Hi Susan! Oh, I love this post and the wreaths all look wonderful!
    Have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

  28. Susan, I am so glad the spiders have gone from Halloween!! 🙂
    Now is my favourite time to come..Christmas.
    Just love all the wreaths you have posted and I just bought a new one for my front door, pre-lit and I am going to dress it up a little more from my Christmas stash!!
    Yay…it's nearly time for Santa!!!

  29. Along with interior design, Christmas decorating is one of my passions. Thank you for presenting all the wreath ideas! I love using many wreaths and swags throughout my home. My home is on tour this year and I have participated in numerous tours in the past. My entire home is decorated, so I have to start in early October so that I can be finished by the first week of December. Yes, please support these home tours as many of them not only give you wonderful ideas, but for the most part they are for charity.

  30. Μαζί... KaPa says

    I love wreaths too.The y look amazing and they are a perfect idea almost for every season!!

  31. Now I want to go out and buy lots of wreaths. They are on sale like crazy right now. Thanks for the ideas.

  32. Beautiful as always! Seeing your photos of the house from the Pilgrimage last year got me excited. I've already marked 12/3 on my calendar…this year I am going to make it to all the pubic buildings too! I love that you post some pics from the tour (sorry you had to take some down last year) because there is so much to see it's hard to remember it all! Thanks for bringing some beauty into the world:)

  33. Cozy Little House says

    What wonderful inspiration here. Getting me in the mood!

  34. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Thanks so much, Judi! It's always a great tour. We are eyeing the Washington, GA one this year…haven't been to it in many years. 🙂

  35. Heaven's Walk says

    LUV LUV LUV the sparkly wreath on your mirror, Susan! Wow. Just stunning! Thanks for all the great ideas! 🙂 I'm ready to decorate for Christmas!!!

    xoxo laurie

  36. Loved the square wreath on the window!


    How funny…that is what I did this morning!


  38. Susan, I start decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving afternoon so my grown children who are visiting can help get all the decorations down for me. We need the exercise after the BIG dinner. Also, each year on DECEMBER FIRST, I plan a Christmas brunch here for my friends with whom I play Bridge and other games. That way I know I will have the decorating done and can enjoy the rest of the holidays. This has worked for me for several years now so that group of friends know to "save the date" DECEMBER FIRST for my house. Since I love to use wreaths inside my house all year, all I have to do at Christmas time is add a few red berries, bows or red ribbons and they are lovely.

    [email protected]

  39. Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G says

    Great Inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing all these beautiful ideas! I love to use wreaths on mirrors, too! Gives that extra pizazz! 🙂 Love your Venetian Mirror, fabulous piece!

  40. Bohemian- Belle says

    These are beautiful, really inspired me to do similar in my home.I love how subtle things can be to make a big impact. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Just started following your blog and so far this post is definitely my fav! I've already posted it to Pinterest, so many great ideas! I can't wait to start decorating for the holidays and I'm looking forward to reading more from you! 🙂

  42. Hi there! I absolutely love your dining room and have been looking for a venetian mirror myself, where did you get yours! It is divine!

  43. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Anonymous, Thanks! The mirror came from a local furniture store about 15-16 years ago. Unfortunately, they went out of business about several years ago. I have also seen them online. Google Venetian mirrors and I think you'll find some. Thanks again!

  44. Where are the dining room table and chairs from? Love them!

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