What Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day, Plus a Couple of Ideas for the Guys

Forget the flowers and the chocolates, I love a gift for Valentine’s Day that truly lasts, not one that’s consumable or will wilt within a few days.

Today I’m sharing a few of my faves that I think any woman would love getting either from her sweetheart (or for herself) on Valentine’s Day. I’m also sharing a couple of ideas for the guys because they deserve a special gift on Valentine’s Day, too!

For the last year or so I’ve become obsessed with these gorgeous House of Sillage lipstick cases. They’re made of enamel and covered in more than 300 Swarovski crystals. They are dazzling in person, photos do not do them justice! The Swarovski crystals sparkle as if they are on fire!

Photo from House of Sillage on Instagram


The House of Sillage lipsticks that fit in the cases are wonderful, too. They do not feather (so important!) and feel luxurious on the lips. The cases are so beautiful, they make you feel like royalty when you’re applying your lipstick. They are bougie to the max and the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

Photo from House of Sillage on Instagram


They come in a rainbow of colors. I’ve been gradually collecting them in all my favorite colors. This is where I’ve been purchasing mine since shipping is free, as are returns: House of Sillage Lipstick/Lipstick Cases.

Some of the cases are limited edition, I think the two floral ones at the bottom right are limited editions. Those are the first two I purchased because I was worried they would sell out. I’m surprised they are still available.

Photo from House of Sillage on Instagram


House of Sillage also makes perfume. I think that’s how they first started…with perfume. I’ve sampled some of them and they are feminine and as beautiful as the containers they come in. I haven’t purchased any of their perfume yet, maybe when I’m done obsessing over their lipstick cases. You’ll find their beautiful perfumes here: House of Sillage Perfume.

Photo from House of Sillage on Instagram


2 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

A gift that won’t break your sweetheart’s (or your) budget is the leather card cases/wallets I posted about recently. I’ve heard such good things from so many of you who purchased these. It really is amazing to find such a beautiful, well-made, leather card case wallet for under $15! These are all available here: Leather Card Case and Wallet.

Leather Card Holder, Pink, Red, Green, Navy, Black


Another gift idea that is also budget-friendly are these Swarovski Crystal butterfly earrings. I think I may have shared these a couple of years back. They are beautiful!

They also come in this gorgeous pink color. I bought a pair in each color and have loved wearing them. You’ll find them in three colors (including a stud version) here: Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Earrings.


A Gift for the Special Guy in Your Life

I was trying to think of an over-the-top, special gift for the guys and the one thing that keeps coming to mind is a Hermes tie. I’ve purchased several over the years for my son and he loves them. Hermes makes both serious and whimsical ties but the whimsical ones are my fave. My son has a ton of serious Brooks Brother’s ties for court days, but I think he enjoys the less-serious ones even more.

The only place I know to buy a Hermes tie is directly from Hermes, either in person or online. You’ll find all their ties online here: Hermes Ties.

Tip: Use the filters along the left side of the page at that link to narrow down to the ones you’re most interested in seeing. Be sure to click on the “Theme” filter. I love shopping for the “Animal World-Wildlife” ties under that section. Also, love the “Horse-Equestrian” ties under the “Theme” filter.

Here are a few that I’ve given to my son over the years. Since Thierry Hermes first opened his shop making saddles and harnesses back in 1837, Hermes has always had a lot of equestrian-themed items available online. I love this whimsical/horse/clouds/jockey tie. Do you see the clouds that are shaped like horses with the jockey on top?

Hermes Tie, Equestrian Themed


This tie is called “Job Interview” which cracks me up since it’s covered in good-luck charms.

Hermes Job Interview Tie with Good Luck Charms


Another tie with an equestrian/chess theme…great for the guy who loves playing chess.

Hermes Tie, Chess, Equestrian Themed


Often the back of a Hermes tie has a hidden surprise, a little joke or touch of whimsey that only he knows is there. This is the back of my son’s baseball-themed tie.

Hermes Baseball Themed Tie


He wears this one during the month of October! I love the ghosts chasing after the chariot in the Hermes logo on back.

Hermes Ghosts Tie, Great for Halloween


This one is one of my favorites! You know how dinosaur obsessed my grandsons are, so I had to get this one for him last year. On the back of the tie, Tyrannosaurus Rex has taken a few bites out of the Hermes logo. 🙂

Hermes Dinosaur Tie, Tyrannosaurus Rex


While I was visiting with my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren during the Christmas holidays, I seized the opportunity to share all these fun Hermes ties at UnderMoonlightAndMagnolias, the IG account where I share fashioned-oriented posts. (Follow me on Instagram for fashion-themed posts here: Under Moonlight and Magnolias. Find my Home/Garden/Travel related post here: Between Naps On The Porch.)

The next morning, as my son was rushing out the door to head to work, I noticed he was wearing one of the Hermes I had given him. I snagged him and asked if I could take a photo. He laughed and said, “Sure.” I pulled him into the dining room where I could take a photo in the natural light coming in through the windows.

So here’s how the Hermes dinosaur tie looks when worn. It’s not often I get to have a model for something I’m sharing. lol The silk Hermes uses to make their ties is incredible, but then that’s what you would expect from a company famous for its silk scarves.

Hermes Dinosaur Tie with Burberry House check Scarf


If I think of some additional gifts for the guys, I’ll come back and add those to the end of this post. Of course, a beautiful cashmere scarf is always a great idea for the man in your life. My son is wearing a Burberry scarf in this photo. You’ll find several cashmere scarves, including some beautiful Burberry scarves here: Men’s Scarves.

Burberry Scarf, Red House Check


Happy Valentine’s Day shopping! I’m getting ready to mail off a little package to my grandsons. Hope they like the popup cards and goodies I’m including. Marshall’s had some of the cutest Valentine’s Day pop-up cards for children!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Biodynamic Barb says

    Am I the only one? When my husband and I were first dating I told him I didn’t want ANYTHING for Valentine’s day, ever. He didn’t believe me and asked me to confirm a dozen times. Then he sweated out that first one until he realized I was serious. Honestly, I’d rather he showed he cares every day, with small priceless gestures, as I try to do. Now, Valentine’s day is just another day for us.

    • You sound like me on my birthday and Mother’s Day, trying to talk my son out of sending flowers. I hate seeing flowers wilt, it’s depressing…and a waste of money.

    • Agreed! While I love a surprise gift or flowers or jewelry – no to Valentine’s Day. We don’t even go out for dinner because it is just crazy out there. This year it falls on a Friday so we will do what we usually do…relax with a glass of wine, pizza, and a good ( ok, for Valentine’s Day I will pick a romantic one) movie. We joke that Valentine’s Day is for amateurs…real romance happens every day ! That being said…love the ideas for gifts you posted, Susan. My friend has a birthday on Valentine’s Day and some of those ideas are just the ticket!

  2. Donna Zoltanski says

    Love all these items Susan! I’ll take 1 of each. Lol. And your son looks quite dapper on his way out the door. ❤

  3. The lipstick cases are just too adorable! I ordered two leather wallets, one black and one pink. They are both so well made and pretty. Except the pink color isn’t at all similar to the pictures online. Mine is a dark mauve and I’m thinking about exchanging it for another color. Either way I appreciate you finding such a cute well made wallet and sharing it with your readers. They would make great Valentine presents.

  4. Ooo, one Christmas when we were swamped with work and gift buying, especially for children (no internet buying at that time, just dreaded ToysRus) we gave up gift buying for each other for holidays, birthdays, etc., and my husband sweated it out too. But we have loved it ever since.

    Downside, our son learned from us and has had problems with girlfriends and now partner. They won’t give up on gifts or going out on amateur nights like Valentines Day. Guess there are bigger problems.

  5. Honestly, I’d rather have an upgraded KitchenAid mixer, nice set of bakeware, or a large amount gift card to buy more books and home décor, but that’s just me. 🙂 Dh never wears ties, and doesn’t own one, either. He’d rather another woodworking book, more tools, a Bass Pro gift card, lol.

    It takes all kinds! 😀

    • Oh, I love your list…and your hubbies! What KitchenAid would you upgrade to? I don’t cook enough now to justify the one I have which is a basic one.

  6. Yes, please. franki

  7. Great ideas, Susan. And I love that photo of Chip’s tie. Wow, does he look sharp. His windsor knot is tied perfectly! The whole look is so well put together. Honestly, it looks like a picture Hermes could use in their advertising.

  8. Thea Reynolds says

    I was thinking of buying myself the red lipstick holder for Valentines Day, but my local Neiman does not carry the brand in the store so how would I be able to pick a lipstick color? How have you done it?

    • I’ve been ordering my lipstick cases and the lipstick refills online at Neiman Marcus. The guide that I use to choose the lipstick color is the picture of the mouth/lips.
      For example, go to this link: http://bit.ly/2VydLbI
      Then click on any color, then click on the mouth/lips picture over on the left side. I’m doing this on a desktop. If you’re on a phone, you may not be able to see the lips, not sure.
      As you click on different lipstick colors, the mouth will change to show that lipstick. I find that the mouth/lip picture is the most accurate way to tell how the color will look on.
      I just ordered “Queen” for my dil. She looks great in red lipstick. It hasn’t arrived yet but Queen is a red with a blue undertone. Very rich looking.
      King looks a bit brighter so I think she will like Queen better.
      I have several of their lipsticks nowd so far I love them all. They feel amazing on!

    • Thea, here’s a screen capture of what I see at the Neiman Marcus website. See what I mean about the lips on the left side of the screen. Once you click on the mouth/lip picture, when you click on each of the lipstick colors, it changes the mouth to show how that color looks on. Hope that makes sense.

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    I really do like my little navy bee wallet / credit card holder. Such a great find Susan, thanks again for sharing, it will be darling in my smaller spring and summer purses. I caved and ordered the pretty blue butterfly earnings, lol, I like that they are made for sensitive skin. I agree with the comment above, I want sweetness and kindness everyday, not just once a year. I am going for a good hour long massage on Thursday and will love every minute of it, I so much prefer this type of a gift over flowers. Happy Valentine’s Day a bit early. ♥️

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