Beautiful Inspiration for Your Spring and Easter Tables

Welcome to the 489th Tablescape Thursday!

I always love to stop by Pottery Barn this time of year to see what they have available for Easter and spring table settings. It appears they have a Friends and Family 20% off sale going right now with the code FAMILY at checkout.

I’m happy to see they brought back the bunny bowl I purchased last year. I love this bowl! I keep mine out all through spring and summer in my kitchen for holding fruit.

Pssst: All the items I’m sharing in today’s post are gathered together and linked at the very end of the post. Hopefully I found the majority of them.


When I first entered the door, I saw this pretty table in blue and white. I love how blue and white never gets old, it’s forever and ever in style and one of my favorite combinations for a table setting any time of the year.


It was kinda funny because they had all these blue over egg-shaped plates turned sideways. I turned this one the way I think it’s supposed to go to take a photo of the scene. So pretty!

Update: Some folks think the plates do go sideways.l I guess you can turn them however you wish. 🙂


Adorable bunny place card holders!


This was one of the tables on display in their main window so tricky to get a good picture. Notice the wine carrier in the back…love that! Looks like it would hold utensils, too. I think I’d be tempted to the put the wine in the larger sections in the back and save the front for holding flatware or napkins.


A little closer view of this table…the colors are so soft, so subtle. Love that beautiful tablecloth! I could see this table out in the midst of a beautiful garden, preferably underneath a large pergola…flowers blooming all around. It just feels like it belongs in a beautiful garden.


These chargers were a step in the opposite direction…very blingy. They would be great for a festive occasion like New Year’s Day or Christmas.


The white dinnerware tones them down a bit for an elegant setting. These glass chargers are available here: Chargers.


Then I spotted them…all the pretty Easter tables!


Love the navy and white gingham placemats with this floral Easter-spring pattern. I never would have thought to pair these two patterns, but the gingham pattern is smaller and really acts as a neutral. That’s one of the big secrets in mixing patterns, be it in a room or on a table, you can often use busy patterns together in a room, if they are very different in scale.


Adorable napkins for spring…♥


The bunnies are back! A few days ago I mentioned in a post that if you were looking for a bunny to use as part of a centerpiece, this was the time to start looking.


In another area of the store, I saw this same bunny displayed with a faux flower in his basket. He would look super cute with a real flower for your spring table! You’ll find this large bunny here: Bunny. He is also linked below in the picture links near the bottom of this post.


Love, love, love this bunny platter!


Another bunny table!


This one is done in more muted tones. I really like the striped napkins!


These bunny napkins I found nearby would have also worked in the above setting.


Time for a little spring shopping, because spring will be here in just a few more weeks! I’m getting so excited, I love spring and summer so much! Can’t wait to see all the flowers blooming again!


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. Oh so many new fun things! I will try and resist! The storage is already bursting at the seams! haha

  2. Great inspiration, Susan. Those pretty bunny napkins look hand-painted. You could do PB displays. Some of these tables remind me of yours. Thank you for hosting.

  3. ””’Thanks for the party, Susan!

  4. I’m one of those people who loves the cold. Must be those hot flashes that abate when the weather is cool. 🙂 I hate to see fall and winter go away, but I must say I do love decorating for spring and summer. Not a fan of those black & white placemats, though. To me they fight with the plates for the starring role. Pottery Barn really does spring right! Thanks for the preview.

  5. I think the plate is meant to go the other way; the bird is not sitting properly the way you have it faced. The branch is meant to be growing sideways, I think; it’s not the trunk of the tree.

    It’s a gorgeous plate regardless!

  6. I just don’t know if I can resist those bunny plates this year! Thanks for hosting Susan!

  7. Hopefully one day we will get a Pottery Barn or Pottery Barn Outlet in our area. It’s a pain having to drive to Knoxville or Atlanta to shop there. I do love their stores.

  8. I bought the floral bunny plates last year, and I love them! Fun finds.

  9. Rebecca Dexter says

    Heavens…bunny overload and I love it but can you have too many??? I am sure that I do but I don’t think it will stop me as long as Pottery Barn and Williams and Sonoma keep bringing out such cute ones. Check out the very sweet bird plates at Williams and Sonoma. I am wild about humming birds and really didn’t need a whole set but one of the small bowls is perfect for a table on the lanai.

  10. I always go nutty for bunnies. I bought the bunny bowl and egg holders and basket bunny last year. I always fall in love with new bunny plates. I can’t get enough. I have either three or four different sets and mugs. I found some lovely bunny placemats and runner many years back that I love. I have bunny pillows on the porch. I mix my ceramics with Fitz and Floyd bunnies sometimes. I always keep them out. Even my fitz and Floyd Christmas stuff has bunnies. So many bunnies to buy and so little time. I search antique shops for bunny stuff as well. I even wrote one of my children’s stories about bunnies. I think it is a disease!

  11. It’s a good thing those damn bunnies are so cute because they are such a nuisance in the garden! Love those colorful florals with bunnies, and all the creamy accessories. The blue & white is nice too, and how strange for them to turn the plates sideways. My OCD self would’ve reset the entire table, lol.

  12. Love when you go shopping and share! Love all the bunny plates and gingham napkins. Love that bunny bowl. What caught my eye is the pitcher holding flowers sitting on that beautiful table cloth, the one you would put on a table outside in the garden. It looks like the design on the pitcher matches the table cloth. There were also quite a few napkin rings that were super cute…like the succulent. Makes a person what to host Easter dinner, doesn’t it?

  13. Marlene Stephenson says

    It will be hard not to buy everything except i am trying to stop getting more than i will use,or can store. These bunnies are so cute.

  14. I’m sending big hugs your way for posting these pics! After 9 long weeks I’m still unable to drive, and unable to stand, sit, or walk for very much more than 10-15 minutes. Thanks to you, though, I’m privy to a bird’s eye view of one of my favorite inspiration haunts! I really like how they paired the checks with florals…very cool!!! I’m going to tinker with some of my current stuff to see if I can at least capture the spirit of the look. I don’t know if they’ve even sent a Spring circular yet. I’m excited!!! This certainly inspires me to get creative!

  15. Too many cute things! The placecard holder–wish I could think of more uses for one other than meals. I have long liked the floral and graphic prints together; they can be nicely balanced when done right. I see so many “cute bunny” centerpieces, but only yours is a “regal rabbit.” [Mr. Rabbit instead of Mr. Bunny seems more appropriate for him, but you know him better than I :)]

  16. No one does bunnies – at least affordable bunnies – like Pottery Barn. They outdo themselves every year. I DO like the gingham placemats with the floral dinnerware, but the taupe/beige gingham napkin is just too much. Picture a solid color napkin there and the pattern fighting seems to go away – or leave the napkin and use a solid color placemat.
    With regard to the oval plate – I agree that the branch grows sideways. The way the bird sits on the branch, I think, causes confusion, but to my eye, the oval of the plate is horizontal.

  17. PB is a dangerous place! I would have never thought to pair black & white gingham with spring plates, but it looks fabulous! Thanks for all the inspirations!

  18. Love PB, and the bunnnny overload!!!! Love the blush plates and blush linen napkins………I have the bunny napkins and bunny tea towels.

    Looking forward to Spring sometime, not ready for Winter to end, too many indoor projects to finish!!

  19. Thanks for the virtual shopping experience!! And thanks for hosting too!

  20. Beautiful inspiration and the gingham is calling my name! Thanks for hosting.

  21. Helen Rice says

    Been looking and looking for a bunny for over a year. Yea!! Just ordered the large one from Pottery Barn. Thanks

  22. Ann E Friend Seigman says

    We are expecting a winter storm through here this weekend. I am looking forward to a cozy weekend by the fire! (I love that and really enjoy ). I just can’t even think spring yet! Maybe next month.

    I wasn’t a fan of the black and white gingham placemats, a softer color would have been prettier. I do like all of the bunnies!

    Thank you for posting this glimpse of spring!

    • Ann, I’m not sure where you are located but I’m south of Chicago & the snow is supposed to start here tonight! By the end of the weekend my area should have 8-14″ inches! Some areas maybe more! We got the groceries that we’ll need & we’re ready!

      • Ann E Friend Seigman says

        I am in Defiance County in Northwest Ohio. We are in between Fort Wayne, Indiana and Toledo, Ohio. According to the Sheriff’s Dept. we are in line for 4-6″. The county next to us has a forecast for 8-12″. We have a place at a lake just inside of Michigan in Hillsdale County (about an hour away). They are predicting 8-12″ there, but in the northern part of that county they are saying 12-18″! I have to say that I really like winter storms, as long as everyone is safe. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

        Glad you are prepared! I had an appointment today and picked up a few things while I was out. The store was busy! Enjoy the snow!

  23. I really liked the butterfly place card holders. The gold chargers where also pretty. But, like you said, they are more for high affairs. Then again….How much higher can we get than Christmas and Easter (pass over). I’m like Kathleen, I love when you go shopping.

  24. Oh I couldn’t stand it when I saw the oval blue and white plates. I just got back from the mall in Sarasota. I looked all over but didn’t see them. The woman who then helped me looked at your picture and didn’t recognize them but offered to look in the back. She returned with six that had arrived but they were evidently saving them for late spring. Yay!

    • Rebecca Dexter says

      I was just there and was surprised that there was not a lot of Easter out yet…it is my favorite place to go this time of year…they do such a great job…will go back in a few weeks and hopefully they will have more out..

  25. Now I’m craving Jelly Bellies.

  26. Thank you for the spring tables & cute bunnies! We have lots of snow coming this weekend so it’s nice to have that hint of spring! A light at the end of the tunnel! :0)

  27. Cyndi Raines says

    Spring…Nice to think about, but we are still only mid-way through winter. This week we received at least 10 inches of snow, with it snowing every other day. So we enjoy our warm, blazing fireplaces, and cuddle up with a good book, a movie or your blog and take a nice winter nap.hehe. I suppose I could get out my bunny and call him a winter rabbit and fill his basket with chocolates and hearts… now that’s a good idea, Thanks Susan! ❤

  28. Oh yes, I too drool over anything blue and white all yea round and I love this china.
    The rabbit china is to die for, simply adorable and all the elements to go with it. Amazing Susan.
    Thank you so much for the party.
    Happy Valentine’s.

  29. donna a zoltanski says

    Beautiful bunnies……I think the tall one has my name on it! Gorgeous tablescapes – pretty pastels scream Spring. Love the bunny napkins too. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Pier One is my very favorite store for Easter things, thanks for sharing all these lovely photos! Between Pier One and Williams Sonoma I have three full (8 place settings) of Easter dishes, I can set three tables for the big family Easter dinner. I shouldn’t buy any more Easter stuff because I’m running out of storage–but I’m always so tempted whenever I shop at Pier One this time of year! Thanks for another wonderful Tablescape Thursday

  31. Spring is certainly in the air when the spring and Easter tables hit the stores! I am in love with the sweet little muted-tone bunny plates! They would be adorable any time. Thanks for the “lift” I needed as the snowflakes are still falling outside my window!

  32. Hi Susan, I love the black and white gingham place mats, but I don’t see them on the pottery barn website. They have other colors, but no black. I wonder why?

  33. I saw the Pottery Barn Bunny Serveware Bowl on your blog last year. By the time I ordered it they were all gone! My wonderful husband saw how disappointed I was and purchased the tall standing rabbit with the basket on his back as a surprise gift and it has been so much fun. I looked in on your blog the other day and saw the bunny bowl again! I hurried and ordered it–the 20% off plus ‘free shipping’ offer made it a sweet deal for me. Thanks for the heads-up on that! I am looking forward to spring and decorating the tables for Easter. I enjoy your blog so much and truly love seeing all of your creative ideas. I am over 60 and have so many things for the table. Most are inherited items or treasures that I rescued from flea markets and antique shops. I am so glad to see younger women doing such fantastic things for entertaining! For awhile this sort of thing was not popular because to many it seemed like too much work! However, anything that is worthwhile requires effort. My Aunt used to say, “Do it for your own enjoyment first.” Also, I saw and read with great interest the posting about your new cabinets! I showed my husband the photos of the interior and the many items so beautifully organized. I told him, “See. I’m not alone!”

    • What a sweet hubby you have, Tina! He’s definitely a keeper for sure! I’m glad PB brought back the bunny bowl, sometimes they do that but not always. I know what you mean, it seems like everyone is running in so many directions these days, not much time for setting beautiful tables.
      Thanks! I’m really enjoying having those now. Yes, you are definitely not alone! 🙂

  34. I enjoyed your post! On the PB website the only gingham corkmats are shown in “navy”–no black. Did you see black in the store? I have other black and white dishes that I would love to use with these mats.

    Also the only bunny place card holders are silver. Thanks for your advice.

    • They looked black when I was in the store…ummm. I’m about to run some errands, I’ll stop by and look at those again. Now I’m wondering. lol

    • Judy, I just got back from PB. I took one of the placemats out from under a plate where I could hold it up to the light, and I’m afraid it does look navy. Sorry to have to the bearer of bad news. They need to make them in black and white, too!

  35. Love the use of black. My home has dark rich colors, so it’s difficult to decorate for spring. This is perfect. It reminds me of MacKenzie Childs.

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