Online Shopping for End-of-Winter Deals & Loving the New Spring Fashions

L.L. Bean is having an End-of-Season sale, just wanted to share this in case you’re looking for some last minute goodies to get you through the winter. I just ordered this coat for my son. With the sale, plus an additional 25% off at checkout, it ended up being half off. Awesome sale!

Down Jacket

They have gotten a lot of snow this winter so I thought he would enjoy it when playing outdoors in the snow with his two little ones. I love the color and I think he will like how light-weight it is despite being rated for some pretty cold temps.

This jacket is available here: Jacket.  The women’s version that’s also on sale is available here: Jacket.


Shopping for Spring

It’s going to reach 67 degrees here today! 67 degrees! I love these surprise warm days, a wonderful reminder that spring will soon be here. I’ve been noticing that the spring fashions are starting to appear in my favorite shops online. I know this adorable gingham vest with the ruffled collar will go fast. I’ve really gotten into vest this year, they add such a great accent to an outfit. I definitely need either this one, or…


…this one in my spring wardrobe! I really want both! Arggg! Such a great transition piece for moving from winter to spring. You’ll find it here: Gingham Vest for Spring.


Have a winter beach getaway trip planned? I wish I did! If I did, this shirt would be going with me. Blue and green are one of my favorite combinations, so fresh and classic! This shirt is available here: Beachy.


Also love this embroidered shell, looks so cool for our hot and humid Georgia summers. You’ll find it here: Embroidered Summer Shell.


Update: Just purchased one of these online and love it! Works so well for either smoothing out hair or adding curl…and it’s fast! Also, much less damaging on the hair than a flat iron or curling iron! It’s available here: Perfecter. I’m going to order one for my dil, too…I think she will love it!

Best Hair Tool for Smoothing Frizzies and Creating Beautiful Curls

Have fun shopping the spring fashions! See you tomorrow for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. I have been eyeing that ruffled vest, too! So cute!

  2. Ann E Friend Seigman says

    Susan, I always love to see the new and cute things that you find! I really like the Beachy shirt. (I like the vests too, but I find that I don’t wear them often).

    Church was cancelled here this morning due to ice. After having devotions on our own, I came across your post. It has been a fun Sunday morning, thanks! Ann

    • Ann E Friend Seigman says

      Oh, wait, that’s your son and grandson! You are a lucky mom & grandma. They are such handsome guys. You are truly blessed! Thank you for sharing some of your family with us!

      • Aww, Thanks, Ann! I have two grandsons but only the youngest one wanted to come out to play in the snow this day. I took that photo while visiting a few weeks ago. I miss them!

  3. Your son is so cute! He is like you and will look young forever!

    Love the vests. No shopping for me at the moment. Wish I had a place for that bike like yours. It’s warm here today too.

    • Thanks, Mary! lol I wish that was true! Ha!
      Isn’t this weather amazing! I love it when we get a little respite like this. I’m really tempted to do some cleaning out on the screened porch, but I know pollen season is coming, so I should probably just wait.

  4. donna a zoltanski says

    Oh yes! I love checks and plaids, and toile too! I think I “need” (I mean want) the blue one. LOL.

  5. Your grandie is a cutie! That jacket for your son will match his son’s snowsuit.

  6. That beachy shirt with the white slacks–so perfect!

  7. Hi Susan,

    I love the pic of the Courts. They look like they’re having so much fun. Great photo of both of them.

    I also find it so amusing that an Atlanta boy is now a cold-weather Ohio man!! I don’t know how that happened, knowing your disdain for chilly weather. And I can’t help you with your vest choice because I agree, they are both adorable! Good luck with that one. 😀

    • Chip has always loved cold weather and snow. I don’t know where that came from, definitely not from me! Maybe it’s from the skiing trips we took when he was little. My favorite part of those trips was the shopping and eating out! lol

  8. That is the cutest vest I’ve ever seen but no way I could pay that price.

    • Susan, keep an eye out, it may go on sale at some point, although the really cute things do sell out in the most common sizes. I’ve learned that the hard way before. I have pretty much everything I’ve ever bought from Talbots because their styles are so classic and the quality is so good.

      • Me too Susan. I do try to get them on sale and they do have % off a lot more than they used to. But the truth is, I will pay full price for a nice top or pants from Talbots because I know I will have it for many, many years to come. Both my mom and I have some jackets from them that are closing in on 20 years old. Just love their classic style. And, they seem to keep the same colors from year to year, like their navy seems to always be the same shade. That is hard to find sometimes.

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    Love the pics of son and grandson! Big smiles, lots of fun and great memories! Cute clothes, fun to dream of spring. Thankfully we are 1/2 way through winter and no more snow this week until Friday, yea! We had 3 storms back to back and that was tough.

  10. I love seeing the pretty fashions you’ve found! I adore that blue and pink vest! Super cute! Speaking of cute, your son and grandson are very cute!

  11. Elizabeth Ann says

    LOVE the happy pic of your son and grandson! Looks like lots of fun!

  12. Hi,
    This is completely off-topic, but I came across the site of an artist and her Christmas ornaments brought you to mind. Her name is Alison Junda and here’s a link:

    I am not related to her in anyway but when you see her ornaments, you’ll know why I thought of you immediately.

    • Nina, those are sooo pretty! I love them, especially the car/truck bringing home the tree. 🙂 Looks like they are sold out, maybe they’ll bring them back again next year. Thanks for sharing that link!

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