Celebrating Spring With A Table Setting In A Surprising Color For This Time Of Year

Welcome to 814th Tablescape Thursday! Recently, when I was down in the storage area of the basement, I spotted this adorable bunny cake holder and thought that I should really use it in a spring table this year. It’s one of my favorite pieces to pull out and use this time of year.

Upside Down Bunny Cake Stand


Every table needs a starting point, some kind of inspiration. This bunny server was my inspiration for this week’s table setting. I decided to head over to Publix for one of their small cakes, and depending on the colors in the cake I chose, that’s the direction I would take my table.

Spring Dining on Screened Porch


The cake selection was pretty limited, just three small cakes. The first cake was all white with two very small yellow flowers on top. The second cake was white with blue icing drizzled down the sides. I wasn’t that keen on either of those. I liked the third cake the best, a cute little carrot cake that was covered with orange carrots around the perimeter on top. Ummm, just one problem: I wasn’t sure I had any dinnerware back home that had orange in the design. I liked the cake, so I decided to challenge myself to find something in my collection of dinnerware that would work with the colors in the cake.

Carrot Cake for Spring Dessert


The carrots may look a little shiny/funny because they tried to melt on me! Ha! It was 79 degrees on the porch when I was setting this table. After no more than 5-10 minutes on the porch, I noticed the carrots were kind of loosing their shape—almost melting! Yikes! I wouldn’t expect icing to melt in 79° weather, so maybe it was the humidity. I quickly brought the cake back inside and placed it in the refrigerator while I finished working on my table.

Carrot Cake on Bunny Cake Server


Checking my dinnerware, I found that I did have a dish pattern with a bit of “orange” in the design.

Spring Table with Carrot Cake Centerpiece


A bunny centerpiece definitely called for bunny ear napkin rings. You’ll find the steps for making these easy, burlap, bunny-ear napkin rings here: DIY Bunny Ear Napkin Rings.

Bunny ear napkin rings in spring table setting


I normally use these orange dinner plates (a Dollar Tree find if I’m remembering correctly) in the fall, and sometimes for Halloween. I don’t think I’ve ever pulled them out for a table setting in the spring.

Spring Table Setting, Bunny napkin ring, bunny salad plates


These cute bunny salad plates, a find in Pier 1 several years back, surprising had touches of orange thoughout the design. I had never noticed that before!

Floral Spring Charger Plates and Salad Plates


I really do love these floral, bunny plates for spring table settings. I paired them with my Kim Parker “Emma’s Garland” charger plates that also contain the color, orange, in the design.

Bunny Salad Plates, Bunny in Flower Garden


These chargers were a find in Marshall’s many, many years ago.

Kim Parker Charger Plates, Emma's Garland


For flatware, I went with a Wallace pattern called Napoleon Bee. I thought the gold accent in the flatware paired well with the “orange” theme I had going in this table setting. You’ll find this flatware currently on sale for a great price here: Wallace Gold Accent Napoleon Bee Flatware.

Wallace Napoleon Bee Flatware, Gold Accent, Spring Table


I had to take these pictures quickly before the icing melted, and the orange carrots slid right off the cake. Hahaha!

Spring Table in Orange , Pink, White and Green


Spring Dining on the Porch, Spring Table Setting


Happy Spring! I love this time of year so much! I hope you are having a wonderful spring! Today was absolutely beautiful here, blue skies and white puffy clouds–my favorite kind of weather!

Spring Dining on Screened Porch


I’ll leave you with a view of the sweet bunny lamp I added to the porch just a few weeks ago. I really have enjoyed it here on the porch. (Lamp is available here: Bunny Lamp, here: Bunny Lamp, and here: Bunny Lamp.) Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Bunny Lamp for Screened Porch


Tablescape Thursday


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  1. The table is so beautiful and Toms favorite is carrot cake. I just made one for a customer yesterday for his wife’s birthday. I love how you challenged yourself to find something that would work and the table is beautiful. 79 degrees, we are freezing in Canada still, snow in the province of Alberta, and a lot of it, (thankfully we live in the province of Ontario) but still very cold. That carrot cake would have had to be brought in for risk of freezing here…lol…wonderful job as always Susan…love your posts…

    • I think it’s fast becoming a favorite of mine. I had a slice last night and the icing was so much better than the icing normally is on the typical store bought cake. It tasted very much like a cream cheese frosting, so I guess that’s the type most carrot cakes have. It is wonderful so I can see why it’s Tom’s favorite.
      I hope thing start warming up for you in Ontario really soon! Brenda, when do you normally start seeing flowers and warmer temps?

      • I make mine with a cream cheese frosting, that is the best part…lol…Hopefully soon it will get warmer…a lot of rain and really quite cool with the wind…we are heading to Italy for a month soon, so hopefully it will be warmer there.

  2. Hi Susan, I forgot to ask where the bunny cake server is from?

    • You know, I was going to say probably Pottery Barn, but I just checked and the price sticker is still on the bottom, and it says, $12.99, so def not from PB. I’m guessing I found it in HomeGoods or Marshalls. Those are normally the two stores I used to shop in for bunny goodies. They always have a great selection at the start of spring.

  3. warren giering says

    Love the cake stand!!

  4. Love your spring table!! I just love the bunny cake plate. If I had room…….

    • It’s dangerous for me to visit the stores in the spring. I don’t need anymore bunny servers but I can’t resist when I come across them! lol Happy Spring, Sheri!

  5. What a lovely table Susan, and a fun project – I love to challenge myself with something like that too! It’s so cute how you have the bunny on the plate peeking out from under the napkin in one of the pictures. I’m going to have to remember to use that double napkin idea – it really makes the table so elegant. Too funny about the carrots too! Thanks as always for hosting the party. Happy May!

    • Thanks so much, Barbara! I know, those crazy melting carrots! At least they taste good even if they are looking a bit shiny. lol Happy May to you! Wow, I can’t believe May is already here!

  6. We often forget how many pretty flowers come in orange so it’s a great color choice for spring. I set a carrot and bunny themed table a few years ago, using orange, green and black. One of my favorites for spring.

  7. I love that you challenged yourself, brave girl, and you knocked it out of the park. It came together so well and it all looks fabulous. The cake looks yummy so I’m glad you enjoyed it. Enjoy the nice weather. XO- MaryJo

    • Thanks, MaryJo! It is fun to give ourselves a challenge now and then, it forced me to discover a new pairing/combination I hadn’t thought of previously. Can’t believe I never noticed the orange in the chargers and bunny plates before. I hope you are having a wonderful spring, too!

  8. You pulled it together and made it work! The floral plates helped the orange fit right in. Lately, whenever you display a cake, cupcakes etc, I think about them the rest of the day. So could you do a tablescape around nutritious food sometime?

  9. What a fun table. I love the rabbit cake plate
    Maybe the cake had too much simple syrup. I ordered a casada (?)
    Italian cake for a client once to the tune of $30. They made it especially for me. Had the cooler. As I am driving, I could see the layers sliding apart. As I handed it to her, they slid apart some more. Publix was glad to refund the money. After some consideration because they followed the recipe, it was determined to be too much simple syrup. The carrots should hold up better. Even though it was yummy, I would ask the bakery next time you are in the store. At 79° it’s cooler than here. We were over 90° last month. Humidity is tough. And the AC has to be replaced. How cold was it in Canada ? LOL

    • Thanks so much, Myrna! I bet you’re right! 79 degrees didn’t feel that hot so I was surprised when things started sort of melting.
      Oh my gosh, so it didn’t even make it home before your Italian cake was coming apart! Good idea for me to mention it the next time I’m there so they know what happened. It never totally fell apart, but it wasn’t as appetizing-looking as it was when I first purchased it in the store. lol Wow, 90 degrees! I think the warmest it’s been here was around 81, but I know the warmer temps are coming. Get that A/C ready!

  10. Kathleen says

    The cake looks so yummy, slick carrots or not! I love the bunny cake server and your plates and chargers. Wow on the bunny lamp, very unique.

    • Hahaha, they were a bit on the shiny side! Still tasty, though. lol
      Thanks, Kathleen! It’s just the right amount of whimsy for the porch hutch.

  11. Hi,
    I’m soo jealous of the whole porch, especially the table/chairs and of course, the bunny cake stand, I’d never get anything done cause I would be sitting there enjoying that room!
    Hoping to move to new house with a porch, lol.

    • Aww, thanks Ann! It’s entertaining to set out here in the summer and listen to all frogs, crickets and assorted critters singing their springtime songs. lol

  12. Hi, Susan,
    I didn’t know where you were going with orange in Springtime, but WOW you pulled it off beautifully!! How fun to find a whole new look for this time of year. Bravo!
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

    • Thanks so much, Rosie! I wasn’t sure when I bought that cake if I could make it work, but it was fun trying it as a little challenge. I was really surprised how many springtime dishes I had with the color orange in them! Happy spring! I hope you’re having a great one!

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