Shell Chargers for a Coastal Themed Table Setting

Welcome to the 204th Tablescape Thursday!

Time to break out the shell chargers!    You knew I’d be using them this week after finally getting them all done.

This week’s table setting turned out to be all about neutrals.

Shell Chargers for a Summer Beach Themed Table Setting


After all those hours (and sore fingertips) working on the shell chargers, I decided to take my cue from the colors in the shells/chargers for this week’s tablescape.

Beach Themed Tablescape with Shell Chargers


The centerpiece for this table is simply made.

Beach Themed Table Setting with Shell Chargers

Remember this woven container (below) I embellished a while back with aqua shells in this post: Shell Craft for the Beach House?

Shell Chargers for a Summer Beach Themed Table Setting


I found this pail below at the same time.  One of the containers was $6 and one was $7 …forget now which was which.  Anyway, they were very reasonably priced and too cute to leave behind.

For this tablescape, I filled the pail with white and cream colored shells and a few white starfish.   The shell candlesticks have come in handy for a number of previous beachy table settings.  (Links to all the beach tablescapes are available here:  Beach Themed Table Settings)

Shell Chargers for a Summer Beach Themed Table Setting


If the napkin rings look familiar, you may remember seeing them in other beach themed tablescapes.  They were super easy to make…just glued large shells onto plain, white napkin rings.  You can do this with any plain napkin ring, embellishing it for any particular theme.

Beach Themed Tablescape with Shell Chargers


You can really see the “3-D” effect the shells create much better in this photo than you could in last week’s post here:  Pottery Barn Knockoff: Shell Chargers for Summer Dining.  I used a lot of the bigger shells around the outer edge to give the chargers some dimension/depth.

Shell Chargers for a Summer Beach Themed Table Setting


Recently Noritake sent this adorable polka-dot china my way.  It’s from their Java  Collection.   Such perfect timing, the soft colors of the salad plates worked well with this shell themed setting.   Kind of hard to see, but the flatware has a shell design on the handle, as well.

Shell Chargers for a Summer Beach Themed Table Setting


The beautiful stemware is Noritake, Breeze Clear.  I decorated the stems with dollar store shell necklaces previously used in this table setting as napkin holders: Coastal Summer Table Setting.  You know what would also be pretty?  Just a single shell hanging from the stem of each glass.  It would be easy to do that…just drill a teeny hole in a shell.  I did something similar in this beachy table setting.

Beach Themed Tablescape with Shell Chargers


A view down the length of the table…

Shell Chargers for a Summer Beach Themed Table Setting


For the centerpiece, I attached starfish around the outer edge of the pail using the same jute yarn previously used to attach the aqua shells to the other container.

Beach Themed Tablescape with Shell Chargers


This seashore birdie has made a few appearances in the past, too.

Shell Chargers for a Summer Beach Themed Table Setting


With the candles lit…Beach Themed Table Setting with Shell Chargers


I’m looking forward to using the shell chargers for future summer table settings.  You’ll find the tutorial to make your own shell chargers here:  Shell Chargers for Summer Dining, A Pottery Barn Knockoff

Beach Themed Table Setting with Shell Chargers


Looking forward to all the wonderful tablescapes linked for this Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. Thank you so much for the party, Susan!

  2. Susan…the shell chargers are fantastic…better than Pottery Barn!…Love the Noritake Java collection…you are so right, they are perfect for your setting….I have always admired your gorgeous beach tablescapes and this one is truly on my fav list!!!….Thanks for always being a great hostess and giving us such wonderful ideas for our tables…!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Susan,
    Hi! I just love those shell chargers. Your coastal tablescape is wonderful. Love everything.
    Thank you for hosting.

  4. Gee Singh Newbanks says

    Very pretty summer tablescape. Luv, luv the shell chargers!!!

  5. I’ve been so far behind in my blogging.. but I’m so excited to see your chargers! The polka dotted plates are perfect with them.. Love the neutrals on the table!It just turned out so pretty.. Thanks for hosting.. xo marlis

  6. Love those shell chargers! We could use those year round here in FL! Not sure I would have the patience to make them though!
    Very nice tablescape, the neutral tones look lovely, very calm and relaxing (like the beach!)
    Thanks for hosting, and for the info!

  7. This table is just enchanting! I can imagine sitting at it and being transported to the white sugary sand and foamy surf….aahh. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I love, love, love this tablescape! There are just so many things to love, the dotted plates, the soft colors, the detail of shells on your glassware. I missed last week so this was my first look at the shell chargers, they are so pretty, I actually prefer your design to PB. I feel your glue gun pain on that project, lol Beautiful table that I want to copy cat, thanks for sharing and for hosting!

  9. Love this! You’ve inspired me to try those chargers. Our Marshall’s store has some really cute glass starfish plates – about salad or appetizer size in a variety of iridescent colors that are really cute.

  10. Wow Susan, you sure did a lot of work to make all those chargers! They look excellent with the new polka dot dishes! What’s great about this too is you can vary the look a lot with different patterns on the dishes. Even the napkin rings are decked out! Love it!

  11. Susan, your shell chargers really make a statement. Beautiful job creating these. This is a gorgeous table, but no doubt there will be many more that feature these beauties. Thanks for hosting each week……..Sarah

  12. Susan, once again I am TRYING to link but it keeps telling me I don’t have a link back to your post but I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????? HELP!!!!!

    • Pinky, I’m guessing your link back has the old blogspot address in it. Just redo the link with the new address. If you click on your old link, it will still take you here since it first goes to the old blogger blog and then the developer who moved my blog set up the old blog to route folks back here to the new blog, but unfortunately InLinkz won’t regcognize that old link since it’s for blogspot and not the .net address. Hope this helps. XO

  13. this is one of my fav tables you have ever created.. LOVE IT
    may I ask please were you got your seagull . I would so love to have one .. thank you

    • Sonny, I bought him so long ago, I don’t remember. I bet it was a Marshalls or HomeGoods. I remember when I was looking for them several years ago (when I decorated the upstairs family room with a bit of a beach vibe) whenever I found them, they were always ridiculous prices. But twice I came across ones that were reasonably priced. The other one is upstairs in the family room behind the sofa. I’ve used it occasionally in table settings, too. Just keep checking the discount stores, especially during spring/early summer. They almost always get a few in each year. If I see any while I’m out and about, I’ll email you and let you know.

  14. Ooo…I love what you did! So beachy and lovely!

  15. Wow….I knew you would do something spectacular with those chargers!! The neutral tones are so perfect……love the choice of china, and the shells around the glasses are wonderful…….the napkins and flatware are perfect… it!!!

  16. Your table is beautiful, Susan. The chargers are gorgeous. Perfect timing cause I have a luncheon on Tuesday and I want to make it a beach theme. Thanks for the nice ideas….Christine

  17. Hi Susan, You just need the sound of the ocean waves to make this tablescape feel like it is at the beach! I LOVE your DYI chargers! What a great job! I found 4 shell chargers at HomeGoods this week and scooped them up… they were not nearly as pretty as yours!!! The Noritake china is fabulous! I wouldn’t mind a set of those myself!
    Thanks for hosting… 204 Tablescape Thursdays! What an accomplishment. I started tablescaping because of you!

    • Yvonne, someone sent me a pic of those about two days ago. I was just in HG and they didn’t have them in my location. I know you are going to love using them! They are really cute! I do love this Java collection with the polka dots…they have it in some cute, cute colors!

  18. Susan–This tablescape is amazing! I love all the shells, the seagull, the starfish, the candleholders–just beautiful.

  19. Beautiful tablescape and I, too, like your chargers better than those from PB. I also love the polka dot china. Is there a paint that could be safely used (microwave, dishwasher and “eating” safe) to achieve the same look? Thanks for all the lovely inspiration.

    • Diane, Thanks! I haven’t been able to find one. I was looking for some last year around Halloween. They make paint pens that say you can use them on dishware, but if you read the fine print, they all say they aren’t food safe…so you could only use them on the rim where they food would not touch. You can find those in Michaels.

  20. Oh, Susan!
    Just one word: BEA (- ch) UTIFUL !!! lol
    Seriously: I can only repeat you did a great job with the chargers and, plus, I love your idea to embellish the stemware with the shell necklaces!
    But now I have a problem: after seeing that table, I need an ocean right in front of me or … a porch! lol
    Susan, thank you so much for all your amazing tablescapes and for being who you are!
    Hugs to you!

  21. Wow, that’s very beachy ๐Ÿ™‚ Amazing! Thanks for hosting, Susan ๐Ÿ™‚ Greetings from Australiaโ™ฅ ~Pernilla

  22. Love the soft shades of white, cream & beige … very comforting & welcoming! And your chargers are beautiful!

  23. Hi there, it’s a wonder you have anything left after glueing all those chargers. They turned out beautifully! As did the whole table!

  24. Susan, this tablescape is just spectacular! I expect to see it in a magazine one day, and the colors in the polka-dot plates are just perfect with your chargers. Wow!

  25. This is one of my all time favs! The table is perfect!! franki

  26. It’s no surprise that your shell chargers look terrific.

  27. Those shell chargers are fabulous! That was a lot of work!!!!! I have loved all your beach themes this year. I especially like the shell necklaces decorating the stems. Looks nice. Amazing how you use things you have used before but change things and it looks great. You are very much appreciated for all the time and effort involved hosting this fun get together each week. All your creative ideas inspire all of us. Hope my post went through. I don’t see it. Thank you.

  28. Oh, I meant to mention the clam shell in my post I bought from Ballad the day we met for lunch in March. I really have enjoyed using it. The lanterns I bought that day at Ikea I also used in my fourth of July tablescape. That day was fun and my shopping items have been useful. Didn’t plan any of the purchases but am glad I decided to buy them.

  29. Susan, the chargers are just beautiful. Always a favourite with me are ocean themed tablescapes. Something sad happened two weeks ago. We had very bad storms and as well as affecting my trees and plants, the wind took the top off my gazebo tent, which was always decorated inside, nautical style. It ripped it to shreds so I had to put away all my lovely items from the gazebo and we cannot get a replacement until next year when available. So there goes my *seaside* entertaining and I will have to just enjoy yours.

    • Megan, I’m so sorry. No one has them? Not even online? I hate that you have to wait until next year.

      • Susan, that was online. The store where we bought it, no longer dealt with the company, it was Sojag so I went into their site and the earliest they can deliver is March 2013. We could wait until the sales go on at the end of the summer and buy a completely new one, but our frame is screwed down to outdoor brick tiles and the curtains are still intact. We do, however, have the original umbrella to wicker style table and chair set which went into the gazebo and we are using that. It seems funny looking at the sky through the frame!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I bet it is strange! I hope they get them in sooner than that. Maybe if you call them, they’ll find one hidden away somewhere that just isn’t listed online. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I LOVE this table so much. Having always lived near the ocean I absolutely adore all beachy related themes. So many pretty details, I don;t even know where to begin. Just lovely!

  31. Hi, Susan!! So happy to get to party with you today!! Your chargers turned out beautiful!!! I always love coming to hook up with you!! I hope you had a great week and an even more Wonderful Weekend!! Thanks again, Hugs and Blessing,

  32. I really like this. I think it is great that beachy doesn’t always have to be in blues and greens. The shades of white and neutral are just beautiful.

  33. Stunning table, Susan. Since I live at the beach I think those chargers would feel very comfortable here!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for hosting!

  34. Amazing how so many shades of neutral can look so beautiful!! I love the use of the necklace wrapped around the glass stems! Great idea! Love what you did!!

  35. Christina McCall says

    Beautiful and so relaxing for sure. Do you remember where you purchased those awesome candlesticks? I may see what is left from the summer as it is now clearance time (a lot of summer stuff still left), but retailers are eager to get the Fall and Christmas items out. I hope you remember. They are so unique and just gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚ Christina

    • Thanks! Those came from HomeGoods, around 5-6 years ago. I wish I could clone them so many folks have asked about those. Someone needs to make them again! You may want to google for Shell Candlesticks just to see if anyone has made something like them recently.

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