A Great Way to Carry Your Favorite Perfume In Your Handbag & When Traveling

This post is for the perfume lovers. I know some folks don’t care for perfume or may even be allergic to it. If that’s you, please feel free to skip this post and come back tomorrow when you’ll find a new post on a different topic. If you love perfume as much as I do, read on! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Perfume is a passion of mine and I’m always up for trying new scents. Lately I’m really enjoying some of the fragrances from Hermes. For Christmas this past year, my son gave me one of their newest scents: Twilly. I love the adorable bowler hat and the mini twilly scarf it wears. Presentation is everything! lol (Twilly is available here: Twilly.)Twilly Perfume by Hermes


One of my favorite Hermes fragrances is 24, Faubourg which takes its name from the address of the Hermes flagship store in Paris at 24 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore. The smell is elegant and sophisticated—just a beautiful fragrance. (Hermes 24, Faubourg is available here: 24 Faubourg.)

I also really like Hermes’s Kelly Caleche, though I don’t have that fragrance other than in a small sample. (Kelly Caleche is available here: Kelly Caleche.)

Any Hermes fragrance lovers out there? Which is your favorite? Which one would you recommend I try next? I’d really love to try a Guerlain fragrance in one of their iconic bee bottles. Love those bottles!

Hermes 24 Faubourg Perfume


Take Your Favorite Perfume With You When Traveling, or When You’re Out for the Day

I always love taking one of my favorite perfumes with me when I leave the house. Often when I’m in the car driving some place, it will dawn on me that I forgot to put on perfume, so it’s nice to have one of my perfumes with me at times like that.

I’d like to have more variety in which perfumes I can take with me when I leave the house. It always put a smile on my face when I open my handbag to retrieve an item, and catch a glimpse of my favorite perfume tucked inside. It feels like a tiny, little luxury that I’ve brought along with me, and it makes me ridiculously happy!

Travel Perfrume Atomizers


The only way I really feel comfortable carrying perfume in my handbag is if it’s in an atomizer that’s been designed for that purpose. The atomizers I currently have and sometimes carry are these shown below. Starting on the left you’ll see Chanel Mademoiselle Coco, Chanel Chance, Chanel Chance Fraiche, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and an empty Hermes atomizer that will soon contain 24, Faubourg. I wish Chanel would offer Coco in an atomizer, another one of my favorite Chanel fragrances.

Handbag Perfume Atomizer, Hermes, Chanel, Viktor & Rolf


Coco Mademoiselle on the far left was the first travel/portable atomizer I ever purchased. (Find it available here: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.)

The other three Chanel fragrances were purchased as part of a set after Christmas a couple of years ago. All four of the Chanel fragrances open by twisting them, which raises the sprayer head upward for spraying. I love the twist and spray atomizers because they feel really safe to carry due to their design.

Perfume Atomizers, Chanel, Hermes & Viktor & Rolf


In the center of this photo below, you can see how the sprayer raises up when the canister is twisted. It takes a really good twist to bring it up, so it would be almost impossible for it to raise up on its own inside a handbag. So far, I’ve never had any of them leak at all, not even a drop. Though the set of three is no longer available, You’ll find all the Chanel Twist and Spray fragrances available here: Twist and Spray Fragrances.


I just purchased the Viktor and Rolf atomizer (second from the right) this past Christmas. Flowerbomb is one of my favorite scents for spring and summer, and I was looking for a way to carry it with me in my handbag. The cap fits tightly, but I think I would feel better carrying it standing upright inside a handbag organizer, although I doubt it would ever leak. It’s available here: Flowerbomb Atomizer.

Another great thing I love about atomizers is, if there’s a perfume you’ve been wishing to try and it’s available in an atomizer, that’s a great way to try it before spending to purchase a full-size bottle.

The Hermes pale pink atomizer on the far right is the sturdiest/heaviest of all the atomizers I own. It’s covered in their signature Epsom leather in the color Eglantine Rose. It doesn’t twist up, but the cap feels very secure.

Perfume Atomizers, Chanel, Hermes & Viktor & Rolf


I purchased three 24, Faubourg refills for it from Hermes a few days ago, so I’m looking forward to having that fragrance with me when I’m out and about. I would love one more Hermes atomizer at some point. Currently they have the colors shown below available at Hermes here: Hermes. The price you see at the site includes the atomizer along with three refill bottles of perfume.

I was tempted by the brown which is covered in their Etoupe-colored leather since I have a bag in that color, but ultimately I decided to go with a brighter/lighter color and purchased the soft pink atomizer instead.

The coral-rose color atomizer is growing on me, would be pretty for spring/summer! I’ve been told the color is Rose Confetti, but it doesn’t really look like the handbags I’ve seen in that color online. Ummm.

The blue is Blue Zanzibar and the golden-yellow is the color, Curry. Hermes doesn’t have the color names listed on their site for their atomizers, so I called their Customer Service number for that information.

Hermes Atomizer


A lot of the fragrances I enjoy wearing are not available for purchase in a purse/handbag size atomizer. I Googled to see if anyone was making a “Twist and Spray” style atomizer, and I actually found one! I purchased this set below and they should arrive tomorrow. The reviews looked pretty good, so I’m looking forward to getting them and filling them with some other favorite perfumes.

To fill them, I should be able to just spray the perfume down inside the bottle that’s inside the atomizer. I won’t try to fill it all the way up, will probably just fill it half-way. These atomizers are available here if you have a perfume you wish to carry with you when you travel, or just to have every day: Twist-up Atomizer.

Do you enjoy carrying your favorite perfumes with you, too? What’s your favorite perfume to take along when traveling, or just when you’re out for the day?

Empty Atomizer to Fill with your Favorite Perfume


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  1. My Nordstrom perfume counter will create tiny atomizers of perfumes I want to try, but don’t want to invest in yet. You might want to ask at your local department stores if they do that.

    • They do, but I like having a bit more since those only last for 2-3 sprays. It never seems like enough to really know if you like it or not.

  2. A few days ago I read an article about an animal sanctuary in Arkansas that had a few bears to care for. To make the bears life more interesting they hid scented objects for the bears to find.
    The bears favorite fragrance was Chanel No. 5☺!
    That’s my favorite too!

  3. I usually just carry the bottle when I travel ina zip-lock bad. I have seen the little travel atomizers you fill from your own bottle of scent but I don’t have one and I don’t carry any with me when I am out and about. I bought Jo Malone’s Peony & Blush Suede cologne in October and really like it! I wore an Hermès scent many years ago but can’t remember which one.

    • I need to try some of the Jo Malone scents, Peony and Blush Suede sounds really interesting! The peony part sounds like spring/summer, but the blush suede makes me think of fall/winter.

  4. Perfume is a passion of mine, too, as you might remember from my other comments (not that I expect you to!).

    I don’t, however, usually carry them with me day-to-day, since I wear fairly heavy perfumes and prefer extraits, so they last with no need to touch up. (And stay close to the skin, so I am not gassing everyone around me)

    When I travel, I will take a decant or two, just in case, but I like to buy fragrance as a souvenir, so I usually stick with plain small glass atomizers (5ml or less) that I buy in bulk. I exchange decants and such with friends and other perfumistas, so they’re handy to keep on hand.

    Travel sprays aside, I think you need to explore more houses! Given your choices above, I would recommend Parfums Divine, Parfums de Nicolai (Mme de Nicolai is an actual member of the Guerlain family, but because she is female, she was all but forbidden from becoming a “nose” for the maison and chose to start her own company) Parfums DelRae, and Frederic Malle, and also to seek out fragrances by Calice Becker ( the packaging for her work with By Kilian is amazing, though many of the fragrances will not be to your taste) and Jean Claude Ellena ( in-house perfumer for Hermes for many, many years)

    For fun and glitzy packaging, you might also check out Parfums M Micallef.

    Always enjoy your fragrance posts, thank you!

    • What I like seems to change…not sure if it’s a seasonal or a mood thing, but sometimes I like a heavy, very feminine fragrance that stays with you the whole day, and other times I like a fragrance that’s very clean, fresh and light smelling. I’ve heard of Frederic Malle, one of the YouTubers I used to watch, loved his fragrances. One may have been French Lover…does that ring a bell?
      Thanks for the recommendations, Tammy!

      • French Lover is quite nice; crisp, green, elegant. Might seem masculine to you, though. (I wear fragrances marketed to men quite often, but I know many women might be uncomfortable doing so!) My favorites from the line are Iris Poudre, Parfum de Terese and Une Rose.

        • I also like some of the “men’s” fragrances and am not the least uncomfortable wearing them, but especially like them on my sheets and pillowcases. Some sweet memories that way ….

    • Oh, and that’s so interesting about Mme de Nicolai! Good for her for striking out on her own!

  5. I think I’d better “step it up a notch…” I LUV browsing the perfume counters! And, you know those magazine perfume inserts…yup, use them…franki

  6. Cyndi Raines says

    I do enjoy wearing a nice perfume, it does seem to be the “cherry on the top” to finishing off your outfit and making the day special. I have invested in a “roll on” fragrance to carry in my purse and that was nice. Maybe I should graduate to the atomizer you fill yourself, lol. Did you notice the little funnels that can be purchased, 3 for $6.99 to assist with the filling.

    • My Hermes atomizer came with a little metal funnel in the box, I guess so one can pour from a perfume bottle into the atomizer. Interestingly though, the refills that I ordered from Hermes are the same size as the bottle that’s already in the atomizer, so I believe you just drop them down into the atomizer, instead of refilling the empty bottle that’s in it. So I guess I won’t need the funnel for that situation.
      For the other atomizers, the ones that I ordered online and linked to at the end of the post, I plan to fill those with perfumes I already own that are in spray bottles. I think I’ll just spray right from the perfume bottle into the bottle that’s inside the atomizer, like they do when giving samples in stores like Nordstrom. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try the little funnel.
      I was reading online somewhere a few days ago (forgotten where now) and several folks were complaining about trying to pour perfume into a bottle using a funnel. They were saying that the perfume just ran down the side of the bottle from which they were pouring. They were lamenting about how much perfume they spilled/wasted. So I think spraying it into the atomizer might be more efficient for filling from a perfume I have that’s already in a spray bottle. I’ll let you know how that goes. lol

    • Oh, Cyndi…one perfume for which I will use the funnel is a Lilly Pulitzer perfume I found on eBay. The seller had tons of those samples that they give out in the LP store. They were still attached to the Lilly Pulitzer cards that tell about the perfume. Anyway, those I will be pouring…I have 10 of them. I’ve always wanted to put all those into a spray container, so looking forward to doing that!

  7. But when you travel by air, will you be allowed to carry them onboard in your purse or will you have to pack it away in checked luggage? Hmm, I think I just answered my own question.

    • The last two trips I took, I had my Chanel Chance atomizer in my handbag. I pulled it out and put it in the little tray along with my laptop, phone, etc… and it went right through the machine. One time one of the TSA folks held it up to ask what it was…maybe she thought it was mace or something. I told her it was perfume and told her she could twist it up to spray some if she liked. She just read the bottom and looked at it and put it back in the tray. They don’t hold very much so I guess it’s under the limit of what’s allowed. So far, I have had any problems. I guess it could go in checked luggage, but I always keep it in my purse.

    • Okay, I just looked and all the Chanel atomizers hold .7 ounces of perfume, which 20 ml. You’re allowed to take 3.4 ounces of liquid or 100 ml in your hand luggage, so the perfume atomizers are way under that limit. https://www.dhs.gov/how-do-i/learn-what-i-can-bring-plane

  8. I’ve loved wearing the Cartier perfumes since the 1980’s, I’m “addicted.”

  9. I discovered 24 Faubourg many years ago. On a recent visit to Paris, I purchased a bottle from the Hermes store. So much fun to actually get it there. I always get compliments when I wear it. Love Coco Mademoiselle, too, and also green, woody No. 19 by Chanel (harder to find).

    • My favorite Chanel so far is Coco. I like it better than Coco Mademoiselle. I haven’t tried no. 19 but I’ve heard really great things about it. I have an Hermes about 25 minutes from me in Atlanta, and they are super nice and helpful there. I would love to visit the flagship store one day in Paris, although I hear it can be very crowded. Was that the one you visited on your recent trip?

  10. I never have more than 2-3 perfumes at a time and they last me a long time. How do u possibly wear and use so many scents? How long are they good for in the bottles? Ever since we first went to Hawaii, I now always have a gardenia based perfume.

    • I wear a different fragrance almost every day, unless I’m totally hung up one that I just purchased, then I might wear it for several days in a row. From all the reading I’ve done about perfume storage, as long as you keep perfume out of direct light, it can last for many years.

      Mine is stored on a three tiered shelf in a little area off my master closet. The room currently has no windows, hoping to change that with a renovation one day, but for now it’s the perfect spot to store my perfume. You can see it in this post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/beautiful-way-to-display-and-store-perfume/ I’ve added quite a few to my collection since that post. You’ll never hear me describe a perfume as my “Signature Scent.” I love trying new scents and love too many fragrances to have a signature scent.

      One YouTuber I follow buys older fragrances online and loves them. Some of the ones he has purchased haven’t been being made for many years, so they last a lot longer than you think if stored properly. You may enjoy his videos…he’s done a ton of reviews. You’ll find him here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNsLYk3Oyu-2qJ18mAJWTRQ/videos

      He just retired and purchased a house recently, so posts about the house and some trips he has taken are mixed into his perfume reviews. So scroll down at that link to find the majority of his perfume reviews.

  11. Chanel “Chance” is my fragrance. I wear it every day. My sweet hubby gets it for my birthday and Christmas. It is a fragrance that doesn’t hit you in the face but slightly lingers when you walk away.

  12. I love the Jo Malone, Lime, Basil and Madarin. Did you know all Jo Malone are unisex scents? I bought a little travel sprayer from The Container Store. It fills from the bottom. You take the sprayer off the top of the bottle and there is a place on the travel spray to set it on top of the larger bottle and refill.

  13. Great ideas! I save the magazine perfume inserts for when I travel.

  14. My favorite perfume above all is Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan, it is a light and clean fragrance that is just as wonderful in the spring and summer as in the winter time. I use it the most of all the ones I own. Another favorite is
    Boucheron Femme Baccarat Limited edition Boucheron for women, I love it but it can be a bit heavy. Vince Camuto makes one that is also very very nice it is called Fiori Eau de Parfum it is available at Nordstrom.

  15. I wish more fragrances made the travel size roll ons – I travel a lot for work & those feel the safest to me – but they are hard to find, especially in the fragrances I normally wear. The older I get the more sensitive I’ve become to heavier scents, so my tastes have changed & I don’t spend as much.

  16. I have several Chanel, don’t wear much…my absolute favorites in perfume, lotion etc are Jo Malone…Have a whole shelf of them. I have another shelf just for fun that I wear sometimes because I wore them in high school and they bring back fond memories…Wind Song, Tigress, Emeraude, Chantilly, Wood Hue, White shoulders. I even have a vintage bottle of Evening in Paris my mother wore, and wish I could find Oh!De London (Yardley) just to smell it again. Does anyone else remember these?

  17. What a fun post, Susan. I LOVE the Hermes Twilly bottle, and almost bought it for Christmas, but purchased something else instead. I don’t purchase a lot of fragrances because I don’t wear perfume everyday, and really don’t know what the shelf life of a perfume is, but the two I always come back to are Boucheron and Carolina Herrera.

  18. Cartier used to make a fragrance called “So Pretty”, which I also loved, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

  19. My mom told me it was important to have a “signature fragrance’. Very old school, I know. As a teenager I wore Channel 19. But then I found Red Door by Elizabeth Arden and wore that frangrance for over 20 years. Total strangers would stop and ask me what I was wearing. And that happened all the time. I guess it agreed with my chemistry. But alas, I grew nose blind to it, and would have to ask my husband if I’d put it on, because I could not smell it at all. Recently I found a newer company , and I’m obsessed. Nejma (Arabic for “star”) They sell it at Macy’s and are billed as unisex, though I doubt many men would wear it. There are 7 main fragrances, I settled on Number 2. If you like something unique, spicy, earthy, stop by and get a sample.

  20. I know I’m late to the party in posting a comment but I love perfume. For years I wore the same scent, Shalimar. Now I switch it up. Toca is my new favorite until I discovered Scentbird. Now I get to try a new fragrance for $14.95 a month and got a free atomizer to start. They’re just like the ones you’ve purchased. I even get to pick the scents I receive. Love this service and have enjoyed trying new fragrances. My new fav is Burberry!

    • I love Burberry! I purchased a bottle in the gift shop when I was on the Property Brothers cruise in 2015…it’s a wonderful fragrance! Great idea using Scentbird to try lots of new fragrances!

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