Beautiful Table Setting with Vintage Hutschenreuther China & A Love Story

Welcome to the 550th Tablescape Thursday!

Warren and Kathie love to entertain. Recently Warren shared photos of a beautiful spring table he put together for friends.

Warren said, “I set the table for our friends who are sharing  75th birthdays. Most of the glassware and china are family heirlooms made by Hutschenreuther, Huntington Glass, Fostoria Glass and Heisey Glass.”

Spring Table Setting in Blue and Yellow


“I found the very pretty April-Cornell tablecloth in HomeGoods and used it as the canvas for this tablescape in cobalt blue and yellow.”

Spring Table Setting in Blue and Yellow 02


“The table was set to celebrate the 75th birthdays of our dear friends, Tommy and Doris, who, as newborns, shared adjacent bassinettes in the hospital–talk about love at first sight. ”

Spring Table Setting, Blue and Yellow, April Cornell Linens


“Many of the items incorporated into this tablescape are family heirlooms. The 10-inch blue candlesticks were one of the cherished possessions my great grandparents brought with them when they immigrated from Denmark. The tallest goblets, which were made by Huntington Glass, were inherited from Kathie’s maternal grandmother as was the blue Fostoria vase. The shorter Heisey ice tea glasses belonged to my grandmother.”


“Kathie’s father, Ernie,  purchased the beautiful Hutschenreuther china (service for 12) before he left Germany at the end of the Second World War. Ernie is 98 years old and lives with us. He is a thrice wounded and highly decorated veteran, who is in great shape with a sharp mind.”

Hutschenreuther china


Such a beautiful pattern!

Hutschenreuther Sugar Bowl


Hutschenreuther china, Creame


Warren said, “I found the blue glass charger plates in the Christmas Tree Shop; they were covered in dust and on extreme markdown. I purchased twelve, all they had.”

Butterfly Napkin Rings, April Cornell Linens


“The “faux gold” flatware was purchased many years ago in Lancaster, PA.”

Hutschenreuther china in Spring Table Setting


“The butterfly napkin rings were made by Lenox and purchased on eBay”

Butterfly Napkin Rings in Spring Tablescape


“The antique salt cellars are of unknown origin.”

Antique Salt Cellar


Salt Cellar, Antique


“For the dinner, Kathie served pan-seared marinated veal chops topped with rosemary butter, poached asparagus spears and baked Maine white potatoes and baked sweet potatoes along with several bottles of a hearty red wine.

She used a maple pecan cheesecake as a birthday cake. The Harris Turkey Farm in Newfield made this incredibly delicious treat.  The cake is well worth going out of your way to purchase.”

Spring Table Setting, Blue and Yellow, April Cornell Linens


Thanks so much to Warren and Kathie for sharing this beautiful table with us for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! I know Tommy and Doris must have felt so honored to have their birthdays celebrated in such a lovely way!

Spring Table Setting in Blue and Yellow


Looking forward to the beautiful tables shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Love at first sight! Lol. How adorable. What a great story. And what a lovely table. I love, love, love that tablecloth. It looks beautiful with the dark blue glasses and chargers. How nice to have such dear friends. Thanks, Warren and Kathie — and Susan.

    • I missed some of the comments! I love that Ernie lives with Warren and Kathie and I love, love, love that so many items on the table have been inherited from generations ago! I would dearly love to have something, even a small something, from past generations. What treasures!

  2. I love this table for so many reasons – the celebration of lifelong friends’ 75th birthdays, the cherished heirloom tableware from both families, the mixing of “high-low” pieces from antique to Christmas Tree Shops, the beautiful colour combination including the stunning blue glassware. I’m also tickled pink that the 98 year-old war-veteran father is a beloved member of the family.

  3. The table is lovely, but the story about Tommy and Doris, what a love story! That tablecloth and the napkins are so bright and ready to ring in Spring! Thanks for hosting!

  4. What a lovely table! Like Helen, I love that good friends, a cherished father and many family treasures are all celebrated at this table. Wonderful tablescape, Warren!

  5. Julie Williams says

    This china is beyond beautiful. I was picturing how lovely it would look interspersed with Lenox’s Winter Greetings also–if a person didn’t have enough of the bird plates. Do you know the pattern name for this china?
    Thanks for sharing this lovely, peaceful tablescape! Jw

  6. Janet Zaritsky says

    It’s a wonderful love story and one of respect for the beautiful things our forefathers cherished enough to keep safe through the generations! Please ask Warren to send the recipes for Kathie’s meal as well! 🙂

  7. What an “emorionally” lovely tablescape!! Your dinner sounded delectable as well!! 1944 a “good year…my 75th tomorrow!” franki

  8. Tammy Schulz says

    Gorgeous, a husband who sets a beautiful table, wife who cooks, and Grandpa Ernie, a war veteran who purchased beautiful china. Sounds like a novel in the making, too good to be true.

  9. I love that bold AC tablecloth with the roses in blue !
    Great china and I’m sure the guests for dinner had a wonderful time, with fabulous food and table setting at your friend Warren’s birthday party.
    Thank you for hosting Susan.

  10. What a great story and a beautiful table. I get so angry with all the articles I read about how we should get rid of all our possessions because the following generations don’t want them and shouldn’t have to deal with it. My mother (who died when I was 15) urged me to pick a silver pattern starting when I was 13 or 14. Of course, like a fool I pooh-poohed that idea. Why would I ever want sterling silver and all that old junk? That sure changed!

    This tablescape and story proves that things like this should be cherished and tradition and history ARE important.

    • I know exactly what you mean Ginger. While I treasure so much of my heirlooms from my MIL and now my mom, who is alive but has given me some of her treasures, as the china I’m sharing here today.
      You were young when your dear mother wanted you to have sterling, but my hubby just said to me: What are your daughters gonna do with so much stuff you have when you ass away, lol… To what I said: “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn !” Which I don’t, it’s they’re problem, lol..

    • Julie Williams says

      I totally agree. When I was 25 I didn’t care about this stuff but by 55 I sure did. We change as our lives change and our taste changes too.

    • What a beautiful and storied tablescape! I can imagine a movie script with the opening scene at this table. Heartwarming!

  11. A table filled with generations’ possessions and someone actually using them. I love it. I love blue. The whole reason for the celebration in the first place is too cute. I like that there’s room for all that good food to be placed and passed around. A shout out to the 98 year old Veteran…thank you for your service!

  12. What a great table and history! Ernie would be my parents’ age, and I love that he is still sharp of mind and can enjoy this table with Warren and Kathie and their birthday guests. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  13. Oh my! What a beautiful story, and that table is gorgeous…I love blue and yellow together and this is stunning. Also, please thank Ernie for his service! It is because of men and women like him that we are free. He also has great taste in china!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  14. What a charming story and beautiful table! I really miss the April Cornell store that used to be around here. I could never pass it without stopping by and picking up something. I am also adding cherished heirlooms to my collection. It’s bittersweet to be sure.

  15. This is all good and a wonderful way to celebrate.

  16. An exquisite table at so many levels! Thank you for sharing the tablescape and the lovely memories attached to everything. It must have been a night that will stay in everyone’s memories for a long time.

  17. I have those Heisy goblets in clear glass, that were my grandmothers too! This is a lovely tablescape. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    What a beautiful table and awesome story! Love that so many items are heirlooms passed down and lovingly appreciated. Thanks Ernie for your service! My dad was a WWII vet also. Thanks Susan, another great post!

  19. Shirley Ore says

    One of my favorite things, blue and yellow combination. Works beautiful with the lovely tablecloth…the china is stunning as is the glassware…Makes it special shared with friends….Thank Dusan for sharing….

  20. Beautiful!!

  21. Grandpa Ernie had a good eye for a lasting, classic china pattern.
    I have a similar Royal crown derby Kedleston pattern that has served me well over the decades. Then somehow accumulated another 4 sets of formal china that I couldn’t resist.
    One of those sets I picked up for $90 at an estate sale. It is 12 piece sets complete with multiple serving pieces custom made in Japan. Each piece is monogrammed with the letter M. The owner had served our country in Japan and like Ernie, brought it home for his wife.
    It happens to be my favorite – a regal white with gold edging and the monogram is the letter of my last name. I treasure the beautiful set purchased for a fraction of their value.
    The estate sales lady said that No one wants to handwash these china fragile items.
    A sad reminder that many fine traditions are going the way of tableclothes, ironed napkins, lace curtains, etc.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful table setting, story and keeping a tradition going.

  22. Love the tablescape & story. I have AC napkins that definitely give ‘oomph’ to a solid tablecloth! Like Teresa (above) I rescued a 12-place setting set of Rosenthal china from an elderly couple. The gentleman purchased it for HIS mother just before he left Germany where he was stationed (in 1957). NONE of this couple’s 3 married children wanted the set (yellow/gray wheatsheaf with platinum band). I got it for $30. I typed out their story and have placed it with the stored china. I use it for Thanksgiving. It is the 3rd set I’ve rescued. And I hand wash all my china also.

  23. What a beautiful table for such a special occasion! I love the colors and the fact that so much of the table pieces were inherited from family. What a lovely and sentimental occasion.

    Both my parents grew up in extreme poverty, they were never exposed to fine china, crystal etc. I have inherited nothing from family.

    But I have started my own traditions with tablescaping, thanks to Susan and BNOTP. Someday my daughter will inherit my beautiful pieces and will carry on with tablescaping. That’s what I hope and pray for.

  24. Where to start. I love that blue glass and the family history. Those salt cellars are very unique. I, too, hate that a younger generation doesn’t care about heirlooms. For a long time I would pick up pieces in thrift shops to save them. How dare someone buy them to break up for mosaics or drill holes in the plates. Thank Ernie for serving this country and to Warren and Kathi for inviting us into their home. Anybody has china and glass nobody wants, you let me know. We are the keepers of history. I was ‘tablescaping’ before it had a name. Thank you Susan for sharing this story with us.

  25. Love the family story incorporated into these wonderful pieces. The color palette is so beautiful and those butterflies are the cutest. Everything is done with such attention to details and is truly breathtaking.

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