Shopping the Big Tabletop Sales & the Cutest Peter Rabbit Plates for Spring and Easter!

I stopped into both Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma today and picked up some really cute things for spring. Both shops have some great sales going on right now. Pottery Barn has all of their tabletop items on sale, 25% off and their Easter goodies are on sale up to 40% off. I scored some adorable napkins for 40% off. You’ll find the sale here: Tabletop Sale.

I had to check out this pretty blue and white table in the window.

Blue & White Dinnerware


This makes me think of Greece, a country that’s on my travel bucket list. I hope to see it in person one day.

Blue & White Table Dinnerware


There were several table settings on display around the store.

Spring Dinnerware Ideas


This one had a nautical/beach feel…I love all the soft colors.

Springtime Beachy Table Ideas


I love a great beach-themed table, the soft ocean blues are so relaxing for dining. This dishware is currently on sale in several colors here: Dinnerware. I love the turquoise/aqua color, too…would love a set in that color!

Beachy Table with Striped Napkins


I was super tempted by these glasses. The natural woven sleeves easily slide off so the glasses can go right in the dishwasher. You’ll find them on sale here: Glasses.

Woven Natural Covers-Sleeves for Drinking Glasses


Pottery Barn has brought their shell chargers back. You’ll find them on sale here: Shell Chargers.

Shell Rimmed Chargers


If you want to make your own chargers, it’s super easy to do, just a bit time-consuming. I’ve made them twice now using shells collected 35 years ago on Captiva Island. This was the first set I made and I loved how they turned out with soft, muted colors.


Here’s how they looked in a table setting that summer. (View this table setting here: Beach Themed Table Setting.)

David Carter Brown Driftwood Plates with Shell Chargers & Shark Flatware


The next time I made them, I incorporated pretty, blue glass found in Marshalls to mimic the gorgeous color of beautiful sea glass.


Here’s how they looked in a summer table setting. (You’ll find this table here: Sailing with Mermaids.)

If you would like to make your own shell chargers, you’ll find my tutorial here: DIY Shell Chargers. Again, they are time intensive and best created while watching a long movie, or three. lol But they are worth it once they’re done. They are some of my favorite chargers to use in summer tables…so worth the long hours and sore fingertips.


I loved this fun lantern-style beverage server I saw during my visit today! It made me think of the huge light at the top of a lighthouse. Or, is it supposed to look like a ship’s lantern? You’ll find this unique server on sale here: Beverage Server.

Lighthouse Lantern Beverage Server


So many cute bunny things!

Bunny Dishes, Easter Dishware


I noticed they brought back my favorite bunny bowl. Did you see it on the table in the photo above?  I purchased that bowl the first year it was available and use it on my kitchen counter filled with fruit during the spring months.

You’ll find this darling bowl discounted to almost half off here: Bunny Bowl. It would make a beautiful centerpiece for any spring table. The view of the inside of the bowl is just as cute as the outside.

Bunnys climbing out of bowl


These plates are also part of the big Easter sale right now.

Bunny Dinnerware Plates for Spring and Easter


I purchased a set last year during a sale.

Bunny Dinnerware


You may remember when I used them for this table setting out on the porch.

Dining on a Screened Porch, Spring Table Settings


You’ll find these sweet bunny plates on sale here: Bunnies for Spring-Easter.

Pasture Bunny Salad Plate with Syracuse Orchard Dinner Plate, Spring Table


This year I picked up two sets of the napkins since they were marked down 40%.

Bunny Napkins


You’ll find the napkins on sale here: Bunny Napkins.

Bunny Napkins with Blue Easter Eggs


I fell in love with this bunny ears bottle holder. It would work well for wine or any beverage in a similarly shaped bottle. At first, we could only find one, but after searching all over the store, we were able to find one more. It appears they are still available online, though…at least for now: Bunny Ears Bottle Cover.

Bunny Ears Wine Bottle Holder


These were the items that came home with me from Pottery Barn. I also bought one of the Bunny Ears Bottle Covers as a gift for my son/daughter-in-law. I’m flying out tomorrow morning to visit my son, dil and grandsons for a few days so couldn’t resist picking up a few gifts. The blue napkins were on sale 25% off, too.

Shopping for Easter Spring Table, Bunny Ears Wine Holder & Bunny Napkins


If you need some bunny ears for your spring/summer dining (and who doesn’t need bunny ears!) you’ll find this bunny ears bottle cover/holder on sale 40% off here: Bunny Ears Bottle Cover.

Bunny Ears Wine Bottle Holder


Next, I stopped into Williams Sonoma. Oh my gosh, I wanted everything I saw in there! It’s late and I need to get to bed so I’ll share that visit in another post soon, but I can’t go to bed without sharing my two absolute favorites from that visit.

They have the cutest Peter Rabbit goodies in stock right now!

Peter Rabbit Salad Plates for Easter


These plates!!! Oh, my gosh…these plates! They are stunning in person! Oddly, they were not on sale in the store. I almost bought them anyway because I figure they are going to sell out quickly. Surprisingly, when I got home and looked, they are on sale online! I just ordered two sets because I know they won’t last long, especially now that they are on sale. The colors are so, so pretty in person, much prettier than they look online.

You’ll find these whimsical plates on sale here: Peter Rabbit Salad Plates.

Peter Rabbit Dinnerware for Spring and Easter


While in the store I purchased a few more items for my daughter-in-law. I couldn’t resist getting this apron because she loves cooking and is an excellent cook. I know my grandsons will get a kick out of it, too!

Again, it wasn’t on sale in the store but it is on sale online, so I just ordered one for myself. It’s just too, too cute to pass up! You’ll find this adorable apron on sale here: Peter Rabbit Apron.

I purchased a few more small Peter Rabbit items while in the store. Wish I had known they were all on sale online, I probably would have waited and ordered them when I got home this evening. Oh well, at least I’ll have them when I arrive for my visit.

You’ll find all the Peter Rabbit goodies here: Peter Rabbit. I can’t wait to use the plates in a table setting soon!Peter Rabbit Apron


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  1. I think you ” fell right down the rabbit hole” and saw ” wonderful things!!!” I’m hopping right on the internet & checking out!! Have a WONDERFUL visit!! franki

  2. Cyndi Raines says

    What great gifts, such fun! Love all the items both stores have. I have to get hopping today and get the rest of my Easter items out on display to enjoy in time for Easter! Glad you will be coming north for some time with your family. Safe travels! ⚘

  3. Mary Anna Cochran says

    I purchased the single bunny salad plates and when ordering them on line I noticed the description said glazed. However, when received them they were “crackled” like very old china. I ordered 12 and all were the same way. Did you notice if the ones in the store had this same crackling style.
    I love the Peter Rabbit too!!

    • I actually picked one up and looked at it up close, but I can’t remember now if it had a smooth or crackle finish. I just remember how beautiful and vivid the colors were.

    • Hi Mary Ann, thanks for sending the photo. I had thought you meant the Peter Rabbit plates which I believe had a smooth finish. The other bunny plates may have a crackle finish, I think they were going for an antique look with those.

  4. Dawne Marie says

    Susan! Love all the plates! PeterRabbit WS is adorable. And the shell chargers! We live three miles from Sanibel. I’m going to collect shells and going to make a few chargers. Famous last words LOL. Future Project.
    I appreciate all you do for us. Loved visited PB store. Thank you so much.
    Enjoy your family visit. Safe travels.

  5. I love the Peter Rabbit plates ! They are so cute. Did you ever see the movie Miss Poter ? Starring Reese Wetheroon ? It is so adorable ….Peter Rabbit and his friends jump off the page and talk to her

  6. Sorry…..I mean Miss Potter movie…

  7. Miss Potter with Renee Zillwenger

  8. Thanks for another field trip; I love them! How clever that lantern beverage dispenser is.

  9. What a lovely table display. Everything is so pretty. I love all of the bunny things. The Peter Rabbit apron and dishes are adorable. Glad you got to order the dishes and get the apron for your daughter-in-law. Enjoy your purchases.

  10. Linda Nixon says

    I have my 1942 The Tale of Peter Rabbit book by Beatrix Potter and illustratd by Masha displayed. Publishers were Grosset and Dunlap. My mother saved everything and I am so glad she did. Also a set of the rabbit books by Potter.”It was the second little jacket and pair of shoes that Peter had lost in a fortnight! I am sorry to say that Peter was not very well during the evening. His mother put him to bed, and made some camomile tea; and she gave a dose of it to Peter! “One tablespoon to be taken at bedtime.” But Flopsey , Mopsy, and Cotton-tail had bread and milk and blackberries for supper.

  11. Kathleen says

    Love the apron! The bunny bowl, which I purchased last year, is huge and adorable. Surprised at the price today only! Also, the bunny egg holders, 4 for only $9.99. I have no where to use them and I sure was tempted. Can’t wait to see your table with the new napkins. Have fun with the grandsons!

  12. I’m going online in a second to see if I can score the plates. Everything having to do with those wonderful Beatrix Potter characters is a favorite.

  13. Oh Susan! Thank you so much for the heads up! I am heading to Pottery Barn online! The best thing is I don’t even have to deal with the spring break traffic here in Orlando to get these bargains!

  14. I ordered these too! Aren’t they adorable.

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