Bedrooms, Baths and Back Porch of Historic 1833 Home

Sandi’s been sharing pics of her historic 1833 home with me this week .  Today I’m taking you into two bedrooms and their accompanying baths.  I’m also sharing a photo showing the back of the home and a special screened door Sandi designed and had built for her back door that’s not a standard opening.

I added a fun little fact to yesterday’s post later in the day.  I thought I’d mention it again in case you read yesterday’s post right after it went up and missed it. While Sandi and I were chatting via email, she told me her home was originally built about 15 miles down the road.  Sandi said, “The reason it was because Mr. Willis asked for his lady’s hand in marriage and she said she would not live that far from town-so he loved her enough to have the house moved. You have to remember that 15 miles by horse and buggy was a very long ride in the 1800′s!!!” How romantic is that! I wonder what it cost to move a house in those days!  Now that is true love!

Historic Home Built in 1833

Let’s start today’s tour in one of the bedrooms. Sandi is a bargain shopper.  I think you could give her a couple hundred dollars and tell her to pull a whole room together and she could do it!   Sandi, said, “The brass and iron queen size bed came from a store in Columbus, Ga. about 15 years ago.  The plaid pillow shams came from Good Will in Roswell for $2.97 -25% for both-the inspiration for the room.  The pink pillows came from Take Two Antiques and Consignments in Columbus for $2.00 each as did the checked table topper for $20.  The green pillow came from a shop in the same shopping center as A Classy Flea in Marietta, Ga-don’t know the name-it has the same plaid on the back as the shams and the front matched the sheets which originally came from Bed Bath and Beyond.  The fabric for the window treatments and the runner came from a discount fabric store in Columbus-the fringe from Lewis/Sharon in Atlanta.”  Lots of great bargains!

White Iron and Brass Bed

Sandi said, “The lamp on the checkered table came from eBay.  Sandi said the design is a perfect match  to the other lamp.  This is one of my favorite design strategies.  I love using different elements, like lamps, table etc… on either side of a bed, but have a little something that ties the two together and makes is work.

Table Skirt on Bedside Table
About the chest in this room, Sandi said, “The cherry chest of drawers and mirror above were in my room as a child and match the tester bed in my room which you will see in another picture later.”

Bedroom in Historic Home

“The Wedgwood pitchers were my mothers, plates hung above are from Good Will Columbus, Ga $4.00 each, oval platter antiquing in Cusseta, Ga. years ago.  I painted the floor white and stenciled the ivy on it years ago to save $ and mess!  It’s worked out great over the years.”  Sandi was ahead of the trend with the painted floor.  That’s been a pretty popular trend over the last few years.

White Painted Wood Floors with Decorative Design

Close-up of one of the plates.  Let’s go check out the room Sandi calls, “the red room.”

Decorate Walls with Plates

The Red Bedroom:  Sandi said, “My grandparents had the cherry pencil post four poster bed made for me by a Mr. Mehan of Anderson, S.C for my 12th birthday.  The cherry wood was given to them as a wedding gift so they could have a bed made and they never got around to it. They moved that wood from Tennessee to New York, to Georgia, to Florida and to S.C before ever having it made into a bed.

The chest in the pale green room and the mirror over it were in my room as a child plus another small cherry chest, 2 bedside tables and a lazy Susan tea table which I will try to get photos of tomorrow-too late in the afternoon today.  The Chinese man on the scroll behind the bed was bought in Waycross, GA.”

Canopy Bed in Historic Home

Sandi loves peacocks and has them in several places in her home.  She said, “Another peacock picture over the mantle-a gift from a friend.  The blue and white doo-dads were picked up somewhere along the way.  Love the look of the blue and white transferware against the red wall color.

Fireplace with Blue and White Transferware

“The doors are another pair from my antique dealer friend and again many long hours of stripping, sanding and reglazing.”

Red bedroom

Sandi said, “The red bathroom has a marble sink done by a local company and the legs were from Habitat Restore for a quarter apiece-I have the same legs under the sink in the peach bathroom and the blue and white bathroom.  They were old banisters.  The mirror came from the antique mall in Pine Mountain many years ago and the toilet is a rear flush toilet from Signature Hardware-the sink hardware came from them as well.  It was the only way to get a toilet in there due to a huge beam in the wall.  The shower stall has not been tiled yet as I want it in the white marble to match the sink-saving my pennies.”

Sink in Historic Home

Sandi said, “The light fixture is a bamboo one from the 50’s probably-bought from eBay, rewired and repainted.  Since the room has Chinese fabric I wanted this type lantern in the bath.  Took me months to find and win it.”   I can so sympathize with Sandi about the light fixture. When I was looking for one for my home office, the bids for the ones I wanted always ended up going out of my price range.  I finally won a tole chandelier that was just what I had been hoping to find.

Here’s a view of the back of Sandi’s home.  Look at those huge trees! Sandi is currently giving her back porch a mini-renovation.  She just had some work done on it and the wood has to cure before she can paint it.

Back of Historic Home

But I had to show you these awesome screened doors she designed and had made.  Sandi has two rescue Cocker Spaniels and she said, “I designed them so Sam wouldn’t tear out the screens trying to open them.  There are Chippendale inserts on both sides.”

I love anything with a Chippendale design and I almost used that design for the rails/pickets on my screened in porch.  But the builder told me it would add a lot to the cost of the porch so I nixed the idea.  I love this design in Sandi’s screened door!  It will be so nice this spring when she opens the doors and feel those springtime breezes coming through.

Screen doors on back porch with Chippendale Design


Thanks again to Sandy for sharing her beautiful home with all of us!

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  1. WOW..what a difference…a little bit country..a little bit asian…love that pink lamp..and that white light fixture is great…a nice sweet tea on that patio must be fabulous too…Thanks for sharing her pix….

  2. WONDERFUL!! franki

  3. Great bedrooms just a bit different.

  4. Betty819 says

    Wow! Sandi really is a bargain shopper; your area of Georgia has the neatest places to shop. Our local GW has junk everytime I stop by but SA has some nice, solid used furnture. Antique shops here are too high priced for my budget. Habit for Humanity gets some nice things but everything is cramped into a small showroom. I’m looking for a used, old table that I could use for my computer, so I can spread out more and have room. I have one of those Sauder computer desk, that might be 35 “width x17 1/2″ deepx29 1/4” hgt. There is no room for a lamp, or my printer paper, speakers have a tendency to fall down when I try to make room for other things. I will finished up bowling by end of month and that will free me up to go hunting for a table that I can strip down and paint and put it in my home office which I share with my Husband.

    I think I could find some at Habitat for Humanity resale store or SA thrift store . Will have to tell my cousin about all the great places you and Sandi shop for bargains. I love that red bedroom, that has teal or aqua bedspread. Can you imagine having to paint over all those red walls? Bet it would take 3 coats or more of primer/cover stain. Beautiful and Thank Sandi for sharing the photos with you.

  5. Beautiful home, thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  6. Linda Page says

    I love both bedrooms and the fact that Sandi found such wonderful pieces to use from thrift shops. Amazing! But I have to say that I am in love with the original fireplaces. They have that old original look to them that just says “old and well preserved”. I would love to have a house this old and so well maintained. What a joy. Thanks for sharing. Love and kisses to Mr. Max.

  7. Loved touring Sandi’s home again…the bedrooms are so beautiful with many wonderful treasures…and I just love the light fixture!

  8. La maison de Sandi est une très belle demeure… Merci pour le partage photographique.
    Gros bisous

  9. I loved seeing this beautiful home. Think I will take a look on Ebay for lamps. How is Max doing? Hope all is well.

  10. Such lovely bedrooms, love both the iron & brass bed and the beautiful cherry. Each room is so special, who wouldn’t love to stay as a guest in either of these bedrooms?!

  11. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Beautiful home!! I always love to see how folks decorate a historic property!

  13. What a lovely home, Can’t wait to see the kitchen!
    I am amazed at what people find at Good Will and thrift stores, the times i have stopped its a lot of junk, I wanted to say where is the good stuff!!
    Thanks for sharing

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