Beautiful Blue and White Bedroom and Bath

Today we’re are continuing our tour of Sandi’s beautiful 1833 home.  Sandi shared a fascinating fact about her home with me yesterday.  She said the home was originally built about 15 miles down the road.  In 1895 it was taken apart, all the pieces/parts numbered and then rebuilt on it’s current location.  Sandi said, “The reason it was because Mr. Willis asked for his lady’s hand in marriage and she said she would not live that far from town-so he loved her enough to have the house moved. You have to remember that 15 miles by horse and buggy was a very long ride in the 1800′s!!!”  How romantic is that!  I wonder what it cost to move a house in those days!

Historic Home

When Sandi sent over these pics of one of her guest bedrooms, I couldn’t help but smile.  I love, love, love a blue and white color scheme and after looking a bit closer, I’m pretty sure we have the same bedding.

Blue and White Bedroom

Here’s a picture of my guest room below with a Ralph Lauren bedding called “Porcelain” I found many, many years ago.  Don’t they look the same?  It’s kind of fun seeing it used on two different type beds and with two different wall colors.  Anyone else have this bedding in a room in their home?  If so, send me a photo (betweennapsontheporchatgmaildotcom) and if I get enough pics, maybe I can create a post showing it in all the different rooms.  Wouldn’t that be fun?!

Blue and White Bedroom

Sandi said, the “Queen size four poster rice bed is a reproduction bought 20 years ago in Hickory N.C. through the great discount stores they have there. The chest of drawers is from my Great Aunt Lynne”

Blue and White Bedroom

This photo is a bit blurry but I wanted to post it so you can see how dramatically the look of a four-poster bed can be changed by just draping fabric in soft, flowing way.

Blue and White Bedroom

Here’s yet another look I found in an old Country Living magazine I have back from December 2004.  Love this for Christmastime!

4-Poster Bed Drapped with Pine Garland_wm

Sandi has a sweet iron daybed in this room, too.  What a great room for when she has lots of company visiting.  Sandi said, “The white twin,  iron bed used as a day bed, is from my Aunt Lynne.  It came from the Army Hospital set up during World War 2 at Wofford College in Spartanburg, S. C.”

Blue and White Bedroom

This bedroom has its own bath, right through those doors.  Sandi said, “The glass doors to the bath were given to me by an antique dealer friend.  I spent weeks scrapping the old alligatored paint off and re-glazing the windows but they are wonderful for letting light into the bath.”

Blue and White Room with Glass Doors Leading to Bathroom

I love the wood plank walls in this wonderful old home.  Folks are now trying to imitate this look for their own newer homes.  Isn’t it funny how the ways of the past like higher ceilings, deep moldings, plank walls, porches, to name just a few, have all been coming back into vogue over the last few years.

Blue and White Bath with Blue and White Sink

Sandi said, “The marble counter top in the bathroom was bought at a Habitat Restore for $60.  It was a broken tabletop and I had it retrofitted for the new bath.  The blue and white vessel sink I bought on line and it matches the Ralph Lauren linens in the bedroom which were purchased at the Outlet Store in West Point, Ga.”   The shower curtain was made from a Ralph Lauren twin sheet.  The Roman shades were made from the same thing.  All from the Outlet store.

Blue and White Bath

Love this beautiful sink.  It looks like a gorgeous blue and white bowl that just happens to be sitting on the counter.  The only thing that give away that it’s a sink, other than the faucet, is the silver stopper.

Blue and White Sink 20_wm

Sandi said, “The shelving in the bathroom was added after we found we could not fit the toilet for the other bathroom in that space.”

Blue and White Bathroom

Sandi, thanks so much for sharing these two beautiful rooms with us!

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Update:  Several folks have asked about Max.  I’m cautiously optimistic.  He is doing well so far with his treatments and is in no pain.  He’s eating better and is acting very much like his old self today.  I so appreciate all your prayers for him…you are a blessing!

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  1. I have the Ralph Lauren porcelain bedding in my guest room as well. I saw your beautiful guest room photos, and I was at a town square yard sale, and I found the comforter for $10!! Of course I had to have it. I will try to send photos of my guest room. I love it!

    • Karen, way to go…that’s a great deal! I still love it after all these years. I’d love to see yours. Take several pics and you can send them to betweennapsontheporchatgmaildotcom. If I get enough, I’ll try to do a post showing them all.

  2. This is a gorgeous bedroom, Susan, and I love that porcelain sink!!! Old houses have such amazing charm and character; I never get tired of looking at them. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day.


  3. Sandi Lee says

    I have had the blue and white for years and I still love it. I don’t remember the name of the first pattern that went in there but the bed skirt on the rice bed and the comforter on the twin bed are that pattern-I was so thrilled to get the comforter for $19 on sale at the West Point Outlet The comforter and shams on the rice bed are the Porcelaine pattern. The Roman Shades and bathroom curtain pattern is Palm Harbor which you can still find on EBay and at TJ Maxx off and on. That’s been one of the best things about this group from Ralph Lauren as you can add to over the years with his new designs and replace worn out things without having to redo everything. I also have one more pattern on a round table I will get a picture of for Susan-bought it at a consignment shop for $3.

    PS the reason the house was moved was because Mr. Willis asked for his lady’s hand in marriage and she said she would not live that far from town-so he loved her enough to have the house moved. You have to remember that 15 miles by horse and buggy was a very long ride in the 1800’s!!!

    • Sandi, I love that story! I just added it to the post. What a romantic gesture. I guess Mr. Willis was the person who built the home originally? Wonder what he did for a living back then.

    • Pat Wheeler says


      I loved seeing your rooms…so beautiful.
      I have had a blue and white bedroom since approximately 1990…when I first came across RLP bedding while visiting Maine. The first grouping was in fact called “Porcelain”. Then it was discontinued and RLP then came out with an almost identical second similar line around 2005….not sure of the name on the second line, but perhaps also Porcelain? By then, I was in need of some replacements, so,immediately picked up the full deal…sheets, shams, bed skirt, duvet cover, etc. I even got extra sheets to use as upholstery material for my wicker settee.

      But I now am in need of more bed sheets…full/double size, and I cannot fins them anywhere. On-line or elsewhere.

      Can anyone help me with that?

      With much thanks for any assistance,


      • Thanks, Pat! I love that blue and white pattern, too. I’m not sure where you would find those now. I would check eBay…that’s the only place that would probably have them if it was that long ago. I never bought any of the sheets, just used white sheets with a pretty damask design on them.

  4. Laura Clements says

    Happy to hear Max is doing better, I’ve been thinking about him-thanks for the update.
    I am a new subscriber and I love dishes and tablescaping, although I never knew it was called tablescaping!

  5. Faith Koch says

    Beautiful photos today, Susan! Wish we were in an area where there were no termites……wood floors are so beautiful and love Colonial homes! Sigh!
    So happy to hear about Max…he is SO loved not just by you, but all of us! He is part of this blog just as much as the home decor!!!! Prayers still going up every day! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks so much, Faith. He is so much more alert now that he isn’t having to take the anti-diareah Rx…that stuff kept him zonked and not eating well. He is eating better and doing well after his first treatment. I’m praying things will continue this way and it will go into remission. Maybe even a miracle will happen and it will vanish. The doctor said in some cases it is virtually a cure because the cats live to the age they would have if they hadn’t gotten sick.
      Faith, we have terrible, terrible termites here in the south but we do have the wood floors. We just all have to get our homes and the area around the home treated to keep them away. There are also traps that can be put into the ground that attract them, forgotten what that type of treatment is called. So you can have your hardwood flooring. πŸ™‚

    • And thanks so much for the prayers. I KNOW they are working!

  6. Such a beautiful home filled with past and present treasures. All the blue and white is so fresh, classic and always looks great. I love the sink, such a great piece. Thanks Sandi for sharing your lovely home with us. Susan, thank you for continuing these lovely posts, I know you are worried about sweet Max. I do hope the doctors are able to help him. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking ang praying for you both. Patty/BC

  7. Nancy Carr says

    Blue and white is always a winner.

  8. Quality just holds up. This is a great post. Just imagine moving a house for love…..

    I just stopped by to see how Max was doing. I am glad to hear he is doing better. Funny how he sneaked into our hearts.

  9. So happy that Max is doing better.

  10. Linda Page says

    Susan, so glad to hear that Max is doing better. I will keep praying that he will continue to improve and resume his position of being in charge of you and keeping you on the straight and narrow. I know that is a big responsibility for a cat, but I know that once Max feels better, he will be up to the challenge!! I love the blue and white. I once had a spare bedroom in blue, white & yellow with an ornate white wrought iron bed frame. I loved it. Blue & white is just so crisp and clean looking. Thanks for sharing. Give Mr. Max a kiss on the head from me. I just know those kisses are what is making him feel better! lol

  11. Hi, Susan,
    so glad to hear sweet Max is doing better and is in no pain!
    I know, this piece of good news is balm to your soul, too! πŸ™‚
    Beautiful pictures, Susan! Love that iron daybed! It must be amazing to own a piece of furniture with such an interesting historical background…
    ~Hugs to you~

  12. Hi Susan and Max! I just do not think you can ever go wrong with blue and white. It is so comforting. I think it is like that good feeling you get from eating, let’s say…chocolate! =) Quirky analogy, I know. Really love the Christmas pic. The garland wrapping around the four poster bed is wonderful! So, so, so very happy Max is feeling better! Still sending positive thoughts and prayers. Hope everyone has a terrific day! Hugs ~ jade

  13. Susan,
    I WANT your bedroom!! I love the mixture of fabrics!! Love the featured home too! Thanks for sharing.

  14. That’s great news about Max.
    Give him a pet from me.

  15. Hi Susan, Happy to hear Max is doing better. may i ask the color of your guest bedroom walls?

    • Thanks, Liz. It’s a custom color Home Depot mixed up for me years ago, matching to the yellow background in the pillows on the bed. It’s a brighter yellow than the sugar cookie in the office, which is more of a buttery yellow. I wish I had a name to give you, but it was a custom match to the pillows.

  16. Enjoy your site. So glad Max is doing better!

  17. I love the blue and white bedrooms! So refreshing and comforting.

  18. Margo Kuhn says

    Susan, this is a lovely home. What you said about the old coming back into style, I personally believe it’s because it is absolutely lovely and has class. Too many of the newer cookie cutter homes are boring with no character or class and the old homes had both. I so want the tall baseboards in my home and the deep moulding around the doors, etc. It is so rich and elegant and goes with just about any style of decorating.

  19. Hi……hope all is well…love the blue & white…I noticed the marble top bedside table is exactly like 2 I have that belonged to my mom…it’s probably some huge faux pa…but I intend to paint mine one day…figure since I ever plan to sell them it doesn’t matter…altho my daughter may want to when they become hers one day…maybe i’ll give them to my grand daughter instead…Thanks for taking us along on your visit…….

  20. Susan…such a beautiful bedroom and bath…I so love blue and white….and what a great story about the original owners of the house…yes, 15 miles back then may as well have been 150 miles…such a expression of true love!
    Glad that Max is feeling better….thanks for the update!

  21. Oh Susan I am so happy that Max is better. I will continue to pray for his full recovery. The blue and white bedrooms are so pretty and crisp.
    Happy Spring

  22. Yay for Max…he is such a strong boy, so happy he is feeling better, Tina will be so happy to hear this…

  23. I really enjoy the tour Susan!
    What a fabulous, gorgeous room!
    And that bathroom…so sweet and lovely.

  24. Debra-Jean says

    Susan so glad to hear the changes with Max! (Had to smile the other day when my husband asked me if I heard any more on Max…he knows how addicted I am to Between naps on the porch and how much Max is apart of your wonderful web site) Love your blue guest room! Prayers sent from Fort St John, Canada ^-^

  25. very PRETTY BEDDING. and I like how flowed it thru the bathroom.

  26. marti rippy says

    Woo Hoo! So glad Max is feeling better and I know that helps you so much…God’s precious creatures become so much a part of our hearts…what a blessing the little fellows are to us! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Blue and white bedrooms…you can never go wrong with those colors. As always enjoy reading your blog everyday! —Marti

  27. What a great post of a beautiful room! I thought the little note about the iron day bed was especially interesting. I live in the Spartanburg area and have many family members who have gone to school there, the most recent being my daughter who graduated in May!

  28. OOPS! I pushed Post before I proofed!!
    I meant to say I have several family members who have gone to Wofford College!

  29. Love the home tours! You have wonderful, gracious friends. Also, so, so glad to hear of Max’s good news! I’ve been a nervous wreck for you!

  30. Beautiful, Susan! I love me some blue and white! Great news abut Max! Eating is a wonderful sign! :-)…hugs…Debbie

  31. I am just now reading this and was so glad to read the update on Max. I am so thankful that he is doing well and will continue to pray for him. πŸ™‚

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