The “Necessary Room” & How I Plan To Hide The TP

In my home in Georgia, the main-level, half/guest bath is outfitted with a nice-sized vanity. The cabinet is so large, in addition to toilet paper, I use it to store the paper towels that I use in the kitchen that’s just a few feet away.

Half Bath with Far Hills Wallpaper


The half bath in the Dollhouse in Ohio is a very different story! That bathroom is quite small and has a pedestal sink, so there’s no place to hide away anything, much less extra toilet paper. I have to admit, once I started moving into the home, I stood there in that room for a minute or two, completely confused about what to do about this. I’ve never had a bathroom with zero storage before.


Obviously, I need a way to keep a few extra rolls of paper stashed away someplace, but I have this thing about storage being attractive. Toilet paper may be necessary, but I don’t want to have it staring me in the face. I’m not a fan of bathrooms in the first place. I’m that woman, who when traveling, will do almost anything to avoid going to a public restroom. Bathrooms, in general, gross me out. They are a “necessary room” I know, but I try to make them as inviting and un-bathroom-like as possible. One of my favorite things to have in a bathroom is a lamp that can be turned on in the evening. I love the softness and unexpected feel of lamplight in a room where you wouldn’t necessarily expect it.


But back to this toilet paper storage issue—I did a search for TP storage solutions for small baths and found some interesting choices. This one is pretty nice. It appears to hold a fair amount which means not having to fill it so often. Being skinny, this container looks like it would not take up too much space, either. (Holder is available in quite a few colors here: Hidden Toilet Paper Storage Organizer Holder.)

Hidden Toilet Paper Storage



This may be my least favorite solution, although the handy shelf on top is kinda cool. I wish they had made the front solid without that hand-hole opening in the front. (Holder is available here: Toilet Paper Storage Organizer for a Small Bath.)


Toilet Paper Storage, Hidden, Small Baths



If they don’t have this holder in every bathroom in Giraffe Manor, they’ve missed an opportunity to make all their guests smile. 🙂 (Holder is available here: Whimsical Giraffe Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Holder/Storage.) You’ll find posts about my visit to Giraffe Manor here: Giraffe Manor and Going On Safari.


I like this one a lot, especially if it were turned around where you couldn’t see the toilet paper inside. It comes in two finishes and this is the one that has good reviews. (Holder is available here: Seagrass Standing Toilet Paper Holder.)

Toilet paper storage for half bath


Spoiler Alert: I think this is my fave. Once I’m headed back to the Dollhouse, I’ll order this one to place on the back of the tank. It was designed for that space, so should fit well there. I’ll have to make sure that it doesn’t block the door to the laundry chute. I love the idea of adding a bit of texture to that bath, and I like that this could be storage for just about anything. It doesn’t scream, “I’m your TP storage!” (Holder is available here: Seagrass Basket.)

Toilet Paper Storage for Small Bath

I like this one—it would be super easy to clean, but the shiny surface may show water spots easily. Also, I’d prefer a storage container that isn’t on the floor where it will inevitably be in the way when vacuuming/cleaning. (Holder is available here: Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Storage for Small Baths.)

Attractive Toilet Paper Storage for Small Baths


This is a cute idea for small bathrooms. It’s narrow and wouldn’t take up a lot of space. Plus, it offers even more storage for other stuff. (Holder is available here: Slim Cabinet for Toilet Paper Storage.)


Do you have a half bath that has zero storage for toilet paper or other essentials? If so, how do you store/hide your TP in that room?

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  1. SharonFromMichigan says

    What about replacing the hanging mirror with some type of antique cupboard with a mirror door. That way the extra TP rolls could be stored in there? It certainly is a challenge. From your photo it looks like hanging storage is out of the question above the toilet due to the adorable clothes chute door & the wall sconce. You’d have to be careful how far a cupboard would protrude from the wall itself. Small powder rooms certainly call for “thinking outside the box” 🙂

  2. If your grandsons are like most boys (and men) I know anything in front of or beside the toilet needs to be cleanable. I like the tank top style for that reason and the wicker definitely adds some nice texture.

  3. Interesting ways to store TP! I have cabinets above my toilets that hold roughly 6 rolls each. One has glass doors and the other does not. One has a towel bar (big enough for a hand towel) and the other does not. Room on top of each to hold whatever (towels, baskets, etc.) They are not large cabinets, more like a cubby with doors, just big enough to hold the TP rolls. It doesn’t look like you have much floor space to sit a holder so I like the one that sits on top of the toilet. Not a fan of anything sitting next to a toilet. Prefer to avoid splashes!!!

  4. Kathleen says

    PS: Just noticed that neat surround on the pedestal sink in the last picture. Pretty clever.

  5. I have a pedestal sink alongside the toilet bowl much like yours.
    I use a vintage picnic basket (wooden latching cover that remains closed) that has a bit of whitewash..sits on the floor, but so easy to move around with those wooden handles. Warms up all the china fixtures, etc. in a bathroom.

  6. I also have a small powder room with a pedestal sink. There isn’t much room to add any storage on the floor, so I hung a three shelf unit above the toilet to store extra hand towels, baskets of toilet paper and a few cleaning supplies, the tissue holder and a few decorative items. It works well, and isn’t in the way when cleaning.

  7. Rebecca Dexter says

    Put a skirt around the sink in a fabric that matches the window treatment

  8. Susan W. says

    I really like the seagrass items and good news! You can seal seagrass! Also check youtube for how to seal baskets.

  9. What is the little door above the toilet used for? I like the wicker basket with a lid that sits above the toilet. You could also use the extra compartment for storage of washcloths or a small bottle of hand lotion.

  10. I did not imagine so many versions for TP holders. I was all for the giraffe holder until I saw the standing seagrass. Then after viewing them all, I’m totally for the tank seagrass one too.

  11. Antoinette says

    You can always replace the pedestal sink with a sink attached to a vanity to give some storage space.

  12. Oh my goodness, I love that giraffe paper holder, lol! What a hoot. I even love the fruity paper towels and TP it holds in the photo. (I wonder where I could find that happy looking paper.) Anyway, my two cents is, you could use any of the prettier ones that are floor models if it were your personal bathroom, but as someone else said, if it’s a bathroom your guests and family will use a lot (meaning men,) I think you made the pretty but practical choice in the tank top version.

    How funny that there are cabinets that fit around pedestal sinks! I had no idea. I love the things I learn from this place.

    P.S. I still love that wallpaper in your guest bath in Georgia. I think it’s gone now, 🙁 but I still think it’s so pretty and traditional looking.

  13. Elena M. says

    I’ve seen some Pinterest ideas where a shelf is installed over the doorway, and it’s not a bad idea, since it takes up no floorspace and it can be whatever size you need. I don’t know if it would make a small bathroom feel claustrophobic, though. I actually own the little floor cabinet in the last picture, and it’s very convenient, holds a lot, and it is easy to clean. However, the material it’s made of is kind of like plastic (it’s not wood) so it looks kind of cheap, so may not be a good idea for a guest bathroom. I like your favorite, I hope it fits without blocking that cute little laundry door!!

  14. Jill from Southern NH says

    I really like the style of the lidded woven basket for the top of the tank, but since I would definitely need to put a facial tissue box in the bathroom, I vote for some kind of floor storage like the options you showed, or just putting a pretty basket the corner, etc. with a couple of rolls when you have guests over, and keeping your extra supply in a closet nearby when it’s just you at home. Another option would be to go with the lidded woven basket on the top of the tank and add a pretty wall shelf somewhere that could hold a facial tissue box.

  15. Jane Windham says

    Susan, our bath is small so I store the tp rolls in a tall laundry hamper that has a pretty fabric lining.

  16. We are cut from the same cloth as I can’t stand to see any toilet tissue visibly
    stored. Is there any possibility of adding a complimentary fabric skirt to
    the sink thus creating zero view storage. It would not have to be especially
    full if the bathroom is tiny & can be added with velcro so it’s removable for

  17. Tina Reynolds says

    I have also lived with the pedestal sink situation! Thankfully I had a closet in that area but when guests are around, the tank top basket is best. Things on the floor just get in the way! I’m with you: I try to make the guest/powder room a little more comfortable. I have a small lamp there and use an inexpensive but pretty glass decanter for mouthwash. Even my father-in-law loved that! I don’t put a bunch of unnecessary decor in that small room but instead I make the needed items more attractive. My ugly cautionary tale about the floor model metal toilet paper holder. A visiting dog wet on mine and even after cleaning it with an enzyme product, my own cat forever afterwards would occasionally wet on it! It eventually rusted and I had to toss it out. I was so tired of trying to make it clean again!

  18. The first question I would ask is are your walld plaster or sheet rock. If sheet rock I would remove the laundry chute as it appears useless. Then remove the mirror and place it with fancy medicine cabinet with a mirror and light. You might consider adding a glass shelf underneath to hold a fancy soap dish and a tray for paper hand towels. You would need a trash can so I would go with wicker and I would put a full lover in the window. This might give you a warm inviting look. You have so much to think about so go slow and enjoy your new Dollhouse You have done so much alreadyMake it lovely and easy to clean.

    • Thanks for those suggestions, Carol. Actually, the laundry chutes are quite handy. Whenever I visit with my son/dil and grandsons, we all use the two laundry chutes in their home every day, so I def don’t want to remove it. It takes the clothes and linens down to the basement where the laundry room is located. My very first home had one and we enjoyed that one, too. Also, the two laundry chutes are original to this home which is part of the Schantz Park Historic District, so I would never want to remove it. I will be adding shutters to all the windows at some point, love how those look! Exactly, I need to go slow so I don’t do anything that doesn’t work later on.

  19. Michele M. says

    My fav is the triple seagrass one for toilet topper. HOWEVER if you can find that cute white pedestal surround cabinet – that’s even better. What a clever idea!!!
    Or do you have enough room in the doll house to maybe just get a skinny cabinet and new sink??

    • I noticed the sink has a pretty wide apron front, so I’m not sure a cabinet would fit underneath. I’ll have to investigate that further once I’m back there. The bathroom is so small, it may overwhelm that bath. I should probably just do the woven box that goes on the back of the toilet.

  20. I vote for the beauty and simplicity of a natural fiber container on top of the commode.

  21. I always get so much useful information and ideas out of your posts and those of everyone else here. Love it! Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be beautiful. I would just add that the extra paper needs to be accessible when you or guests are still “sitting” in case you haven’t noticed the roll is getting small…

  22. Our home is a country Victorian with brass accents throughout the house. Our 1/2 bath is very small with just enough room for a pedestal sink & high boy, pull chain, toilet. There is no surface to set a TP holder on so I had to resort to placing a holder on the floor beside the toilet. I chose to use an antique brass umbrella stand, which holds 4 rolls of TP. It has an interesting shape with decorative embellishments along the top & on the sides. It fits our decor perfectly & is one of my favorite repurposed finds.

  23. Carmelee Thorpe says

    Check the size of the openings in the covered basket. I have a similar one. With those big rolls of TP it is a very tight fit!!

  24. Susan, have you considered replacing the sink with a small vanity/sink? Lowe’s and Home Depot have really cute ones and your storage problem would be taken care of.

    • I would love to check into that once I’m officialy moved in. It’s such a tiny bathroom, not sure there will be room, but it’s def worthing checking into.

  25. Dina Bacco says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have a bathroom with the pedestal sink and no storage. I’ve been trying to figure out a solution with some baskets etc but still no room as this is a main bath . Thanks for the ideas!

  26. I have a really small powder room with a pedestal sink too. I found a small chest, sort of like a mini trunk. It has a lacquer finish and the color (a sort of turquoise green) matches one of the colors in the small Persian rug I have in front of the sink. It sits on the floor and holds 3 rolls. It’s not meant to be used for that, but it works great for me.

  27. I’m sending this to both of my daughters who have zero storage in their bathrooms… small bunglow house and NYC apartment. Your search produced so many good options for them. Glad I didn’t come home and send something to the apartment gal immediately after a visit!

  28. Hi Susan,

    Need it be a designated TP holder? I wish I could attach a foto, but I have a domed vegetable tureen (I collect transferware which is where I got the idea)–I purchased it b/c is was beautiful & reasonable & then looked for the right nook. It fits perfectly on the tank top & though it only holds 2 rolls, I don’t mind refilling it. It is unexpected place to display china, but the china area is more than full! Within your beautiful tableware collection, I’ll bet you already own something that would be perfect repurposed!! The Dollhouse is adorable–I wish you many happy years there.

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