Throwing Fisticuffs–It’s That Time Of Year When I Duke It Out With The Mattress! Ha!

Welcome to the 773rd Metamorphosis Monday! Or, maybe it’s more like a wrestling match! It was past time–normally I swap out my summer bedding for my winter bedding around the first week of October. I think I’m late this year because it really hasn’t felt that fallish. We’ve been having some wonderfully warm days. The leaves have really started falling now, though–so it was time, past time!

My biannual swapping of the bedding is not for the faint of heart! Ha! It is quite the production and literally turns into a half-day job! This is how I normally prepare my spring/summer bed skirt for storage. Actually, I do this for both the summer and winter bed skirts in an attempt to minimize the wrinkles during storage. After I have it laid out as shown below, I fold the right side over/atop the left side which creates a long section that gets folded twice more. Then into the top of a bedroom closet, it goes.

Changing My Bedding from Summer to Winter


I snapped this photo late last night. Things are still a bit wrinkled, especially the bed skirt. I will leave the skirt alone for a few days to see if some of the wrinkles fall out. In the meantime, I think I’m going to order the handheld steamer I shared in a post a few days ago and use that to steam out any wrinkles that don’t fall out on their own.

Winter Bedding, Tartan


So let me describe the labor-intensive, crazy process of changing my spring-summer bedding out to my fall-winter bedding. First of all, I blame everything on the mattress! This is alllll the mattress’s fault! Arggh!  My previous mattress would stand up on its side when you tilted it off the bed. Not so much this one! This one feels like you’re trying to move 10 dead bodies and standing it up is a big, fat challenge. It sorta wants to just collapse on itself. It’s NOT one of those super-heavy, foam mattresses, so I have no idea why it’s like this. It’s a “firm” BeautyRest that I purchased at Macy’s a few years back. Imagine if I had gone with a softer one–can’t even imagine what that would be like to move!

4 Poster Bed, Traditional Bedroom, Spring-Summer Bedding


Anyway, it’s incredibly heavy and super awkward to move on your own! So, because the mattress becomes a 3-year-old having a meltdown tantrum in a store, refusing to stand or walk, I have to move every single bit of furniture that’s on the right side of the bed in this photo below in order to get to the bed skirt to change it out. Thankfully, a few years back I put those thick, chair-leg protection pads on the bottom of all the furniture so I could easily slide all of the furniture off into my dressing room.

Winter Bedding, Tartan


After vacuuming the floor really, really well, the chair that’s barely visible on the right in the photo below gets slid into my dressing room, and the secretary gets moved all the way to the corner of the room where the chair was before. Then the other chair (just barely visible in the left corner) gets slid into my dressing room. The bedside table on that side, which is a large round skirted table, also, gets slid into the dressing room after the lamp and everything on it gets removed. Inevitably, when all of that furniture is moved out, I find dust bunnies and molding that hasn’t been dusted in a while, so the whole process comes to a complete halt while I clean for 20 minutes. Once all the cleaning is done and I’m satisfied with how things look, I take the bottom of the drapery panels and loop them up and over the top of the shutter panels to ensure they are out of the way, then it’s time to drag the 10,000-pound mattress behemoth off onto the floor.

Winter Bedding, Tartan


Finally, I’m able to put the winter bed skirt onto the box springs/bed. In the midst of all this, there’s a bunch of washing of bed linens and pulling out new linens from the closet that takes place–so lots of starts and stops along the way. Getting the mattress back off the floor and onto the bed isn’t a party either, but I’ve gotten pretty darn good at it! Fortunately, the bed skirt always stays in place as I reposition the mattress back on top. Thank the heavens for that! I shouldn’t complain about this process, though–it forces me to make sure all the hidden molding and hidden corners in this room get thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year. Come April 1st, it all happens again when it’s time to change to my spring-summer bedding!  I think the next time I go mattress shopping, I’m going to make sure the mattress is light and stiff enough that it can actually stand up on its own when pulled off the bed! Ha!

Winter Tartan Bedding


I’ll leave you with my favorite photo of this bedding. Happy Thanksgiving to you dear, friends! ♥

Bedding for Birders, Chickadee Bedding


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  1. Love your plaid and pinecone bedding for winter, Susan. So cozy and snuggly! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh my goodness…your mattress fiasco brings back memories! Our previous mattress was like that….one huge spineless blob to move! Hubby & I could barely handle it…so you are a Pro at it! I was happy when we purchased a new mattress in late 2017….although still a handful…it will stand off to the side…without slumping over. We have the same four poster bed…& stool! I’m tall & still need the stool to get into bed…I’ve offered to get one for hubby…but he likes a challenge!

    • Oh my gosh–that’s the perfect description, Charlotte! It really is a “huge spineless blob!” I should probably use the steps but I’m like your hubby and like the challenge. lol I I do love how the steps look, though.

  3. You do know there will come a day when trying to lift that mattress will be dangerous. The first time I threw my back out was lifting my mattress! Be careful! That’s why I only change out my spread for winter!

    • I always think about that each time. So far, I can manage it but I do try my best to use my legs and not my back when moving it. Thanks for the warning, Toni. I will definitely pay attention to the weight/design of the mattress the next time I purchase a new one.

  4. Franceil Parde says

    Trust me, I EMPATHIZE EVERY MOMENT!!! It’s truly…exhausting…& then, Luv the look & forget all about the labor…it’s what we are…crazee!! franki

  5. Margaret Kuhn says

    I love your Stewart Plaid bedding. I have wanted to find new bedding as mine is getting quite old. Question, what size is your bed? Mine is a Cal-King and as I have gotten older, it has become more of a chore to do. When I find something I really like, I may ask my son to help me. My bedroom has a French theme and I would love a new Chrismas and Spring/Summer bedding sets.

  6. Kudos to you for handling the metamorphosis from spring/summer to fall/winter on your own! That is truly a massive job, but in addition to having a lovely bed, you also have a thoroughly clean room, which must make you feel good. One note about the hand-held steamer: I have one and like it very much. However, I learned the hard way (when I was steaming some curtains) that you can’t get it close to wood b/c it will take the finish off. So if you get one to use on the bed skirt, be very careful when you are close to the bedposts on the headboard and footboard.

    • Yikes! Good to know. The one I currently have keeps snagging my bed skirt. It’s designed poorly with jagged edges, so I ordered a new one that should be here tomorrow. I’ll stay away from the wood parts. Thanks, Maureen!

  7. Susan, there’s GOT to be a BETTER way….but dang if I know what it is!

    • lol I know, I think that every single year. It always ends up in the floor no matter what. Ha! The good thing about that is it gives me plenty of time to get the new bed skirt onto the bed–no rush since it’s not leaning anywhere. lol

  8. Wow, that is a job! But your bed now looks SO cozy and inviting…enjoy. I know what you mean about that mattress. We are in the market for a new one…thinking of maybe one of those adjustable ones. But that is a New Year project. Happy Thanksgiving….thankful for all of your posts!

  9. Cut out the center of the skirt. That way you can just tuck its edges under the mattress. I did it and it works great.

    • I would consider that but I paid a hefty sum to have this bed skirt made from scratch, so really would hate to do that.
      Have a great Thanksgiving, PatinCal!

  10. Snowflake281 says

    I really love the whole package deal of this bedding ensemble but there’s got to be a better way! I can definitely relate to your mattress dilemma as my mattress is too heavy for me to properly tuck in my sheets. It is a king size Stearns & Foster. And fuhgedabout even attempting to occasionally rotate it.

    • So strange how today’s mattresses are so bloomin’ heavy! I don’t like tucking the sheet under this one either, especially since I have a little arthritis in some fingers. Fuhgedabout it is right! Ha!

  11. Susan,
    If you want to get wrinkles out of your bed skirt next time put it in the dryer with a wet lint free towel for about 20 to 30 minutes. Remove from dryer and place it on your bed as soon as you can. This little tip works for a multitude of things and it also removes the dust.

    • This bed skirt is so massive and so heavy, I’m not sure it would fit in my dryer. It’s a monster! lol I love that idea, though! Definitely remembering it for other things that I can get in there. Thanks, Mary!

  12. At least your room got a good cleaning!

  13. More hands make light the work. Ask a bestie gal pal to lend a hand and offer to treat her to a wonderful afternoon tea luncheon in your area. That to me is a win-win in every sense of the term.

    • Good idea! I’m just stubborn and hate to bother anyone, plus, it takes me a good while to get the bed skirt in place, so whoever helps would be here for a while. Happy Thanksgiving, Michele!

  14. Now knowing more about the bedding process, that winter version looks even more cozy and inviting! I suspect that I would have a rather difficult time crawling out from the covers on a stormy wintry morning.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Your mattress looks exactly like mine, only mine is very soft. My late husband and son (we got him one too) fell in love with how soft it was. Or so they thought. In the long run, the too soft mattress isn’t good at all. Anyway, mine is super heavy too and I can’t wrestle it on my own, no strength due to my arthritis, so my youngest always turns it for me. I don’t envy you doing all that yourself Susan! I’ve gotten mine half way and then had to call my son to finish helping me, so I do know how heavy it is. I can’t even imagine getting it up and off the floor though! Bless you for doing it twice a year! Hugs, Brenda

  16. Thanks for the great chuckles about moving the mattress. Your bedroom is lovely! Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. I see from past experiences, you move everything surrounding the bed. This is how my favorite floor lamp was broken. While I was flipping the mattress, it landed on my lamp and bent it. I haven’t been able to find another one like it. I think this is why my mother always hired someone to help with spring cleaning back in day.
    Looks like a happy ending and you are in for the winter. I love flannel sheets too.

  18. Tina Reynolds says

    Your room is so beautiful, but zowie! That really is a wrestling match! Two years ago we had to replace our mattress and box spring set. I was told that it was old fashioned thinking to want another just like it and that the new,huge,heavy all in one mattress would be better. Well, not so much! I finally gave up on having my dust ruffle and coverlet and purchased a lightweight bed spread that covers it all. I miss the classic look of that coverlet and dust ruffle. I just can’t move that monster mattress. I dislike owning things that I can’t move.

  19. So funny! You make everything look so easy all the time! I’m happy to learn you are as human as the rest of us! Happy Thanksgiving Susan and thank you for every post that brings a smile to your fan’s faces!

  20. You’re certainly getting your weight workout with your matress! The bed looks lovely and you know your room is clean! Having your bedrooms clean before you begin your downstairs Christmas decorating is a real plus. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  21. Susan, That’s quite a workout! I don’t know if you have this available in your area, but I’ve used the app to get movers for an hour or two to help me move big furniture, get things off of my loft in the garage, etc. Check it out!

    • Cathy, thanks for suggesting Lugg. It appears they are in my area so I will def keep that service in mind. There are so many times I could use some help moving stuff. Appreciate you telling me about it!
      Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  22. Susan, Whoa!! I am exhausted just reading this! In a totally unrelated topic, I bought the Graeter’s Peppermint Ice Cream today and it is wonderful!!! As good as I hoped it would be AND PINK!!! A requirement for me. The store was already down to just 2 containers. Hope you can find some too…Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Thanks again for hosting this charming party!! I truly appreciate the time and effort that goes into it! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  24. Susan, as an unrelated side note, a friend said Publix had turkeys for 69 cents a pound if someone needs extra to freeze. Did you stock up on Peppermint ice cream?

    • Thanks for that tip, Myrna! Publix has always been so good about putting the things we like to eat and cook/back with at Thanksgiving on sale this time of year. I’ve always appreciated that about them. I did buy around 6 cartons, so far. I need to go back and get around 4 more and that should last me until next Thanksgiving. 🙂

  25. The fight is real. I’ve just about given up on duvets. I’ve seen the videos how to stuff a comforter inside, and I can get it done, but it never looks like it should. I don’t do it when my husband is here because that’s even worse. Once I was trying to iron the duvet and was driven to bad language when one of my best friends called and said she would iron it for me. She likes to iron! What a good friend. Your plaid bedding and Williamsburg painting are beautiful.

  26. Our local paper ran an article a few years ago about a wonderful mail carrier who was retiring. All the patrons on his route praised him, especially the newly widowed woman who mentioned to him when he delivered her mail one day, that she could no longer flip her mattress. He said he’d help, and every six months, he put down his mail bag and flipped her mattress for her. Now, that’s a great guy. Guess his boss didn’t know !

  27. I have desperately resorted to cutting the center part of the bed skirt actually out so I’m left with a sort of horseshoe shape. I then tuck it in under the mattress. It’s not a perfect solution by any means but I got tired of waiting for a visiting assistant. I bought a “Purple” mattress a couple years ago and it’s amazing. Paired with “Bare” or “Berkshire” fleece sheets it makes an amazingly cosy nest in New England.

  28. I can solve your bedskirt problem easily. Remove the muslin white piece that the “skirt is attached to”. Next sew elastized binding all around the skirt part. Now, slip over mattress & box spring. It will stay secured without all the hassle. I have it on my bed and have no problems. Not worth getting a hernia over a bedskirt.
    Merry everything!

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