Between the Rivers, An Historic Home Tour in Rome, Georgia

Between the Rivers:
A couple of weeks ago I shared both interior and exterior pics of a plantation home called, Colonial Heights. Colonial Heights was included in the spring ramble held by The Georgia Trust. Also, that day, the tour included many homes in an historic area of Rome, Georgia called, Between the Rivers. Between the Rivers is a downtown residential area, and it lies between the Etowah, Oostanaula and Coosa rivers, thus the name, Between the Rivers.

I took my camera along to share the exteriors of a few of these beautiful homes, some dating all the way back to 1834. I didn’t take any interior shots since they were private homes.

Since it’s Pink Saturday, let’s start off our tour with a home that’s painted pink. I love seeing a flag flying from a beautiful old historic home, especially on this special weekend when we remember those who have served and are now serving.

Notice the porch ceiling is painted haint blue. You can read more about the old Southern superstition of painting porch ceilings haint blue at Squidoo where you’ll find an interesting article by Lori Sawaya. Lori’s website is, Color Strategies. She’ll be happy to assist if you are having trouble choosing paint colors for your home.

I want to live on this street…

~~~Sigh~~~Big Sigh~~~

This home was part of the tour. I’m going to just hush and just let you enjoy your stroll through historic Rome, Georgia…on this gorgeous spring day.

This home was on the tour. The homeowner gave us a personal tour and shared the neatest stories.

Ok, you knew I couldn’t keep my mouth shut for long. I just had to share this wonderful old tree dressed in spring green. Sorry about the power lines…they were everywhere. No underground utilities back in the day.

I adore a gas lantern.

And check out the wonderful gate beside the lantern. Want to peek inside?

Wow…great backyard!

Ok, peel yourself away from that beautiful gate and let’s keep strolling.

This camellia was absolutely loaded with blooms!

Wow…what a porch!

Do you see the vine growing across the front? These homes were so pretty in person…pics don’t do our tour justice.

More pink for Pink Saturday…

Love this Federal style home…this home was on the tour, too.

This was the last house we actually went into on the tour before we headed to Colonials Heights Plantation for dinner on the lawn. We arrived right at the time the tour was ending, but the owner was sweet and took us inside for a tour. She raised her family here. It was furnished with wonderful antiques and was beautifully decorated…so warm and inviting. It “felt” like a home should feel. I loved it!

Beautiful boxwood hedges lined the walkway.

If you live near Georgia, you’ve got to go on a Spring or Fall Ramble sometime with The Georgia Trust. Their tours are always wonderful, include many historic homes and the catered dinner is always some place special and memorable. You can read and see pics of Colonial Heights Plantation where we had dinner here: Colonial Heights Plantation

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  1. Funny in My Mind says

    Great photos!
    I just love your blog, not sure how I came across it but I still love it.

  2. Tobi Britton* says

    Wow- what lovely homes! But none even hold a candle to your porch! I think you should have a giveaway fro a nap on your porch.
    Happy Pink Saturday and have a lovely weekend!
    Come over to the Forest and join my giveaway!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and The Pixies!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your tour with us. *Sigh* How I wish I could own one of those homes. They are all so lovely!

  4. Tales From My Empty Nest says

    Susan, what a wonderful tour. I can only imagine how gorgeous the inside of the homes were!!! The gardens and flowers were so pretty too. Congratulations to Suzanne on winning the gift certificate. She is such a sweet blogger friend. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. This was a pretty tour. So many nice houses. Different colors, different styles but each one very pretty and inviting. And so many nice and neat gardens. I adore this huge cammlia. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed it.
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. Thank you, Susan, for sharing these lovely pictures! And yes, I would also love to live on a street that looked like those! I love big front porches, too!

  7. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for sharing your home tour! So many fantastic homes. I just love home and garden tours.
    Happy Pink Saturday, Have a great weekend,

  8. fitty's pinky rose cottage says

    Happy PS Susan! what a great post, full of beautiful houses which I love so much and if I were to choose one, welp, it would be sooo hard! coz I love them all.. have a good weekend!

  9. Thanks for sharing your photos. I never get tired of looking at house pictures.

  10. Tennis Girl says

    Thanks for the tour. I will take that yellow house with the green shutters and picket fence 🙂 Wonderful!

  11. Jacalyn @ says

    Oh I want to live there too! The house with the amazing porch would be good, ha! Happy PS!


  12. black eyed susans kitchen says

    Beautiful houses! I would love to have the nerve, the audacity, the hutzpah to paint a house pink like that….maybe in another life…but definitely not this one. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Hi!
    I've never been in Georgia, well, I've drove through it, but never actually stopped. All those homes are awesome and I would love to live in that PINK house. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  14. Debbie@Debbie-Dabble says

    WOW!! What fantastic homes!!

    The Victorian ones, esp. the pink one is my favorite!!



  15. Such beauty and grandeur! Thank you so much Susan for this wonderful tour. -Brenda-

    P.S: (I'm so envious that those living in warmer climates seldom, if ever, have to contend with
    S-N-O-W. Oh sigh!)

  16. KarenHarveyCox says

    What a beautiful place to live. I especially love that pink house.

    Wishing you a Happy Pink Saturday Birthday, and many more pink posts to come.


  17. Susan, you are always so thoughtful to take us along on these wonderful outings. Love seeing these magnificent ladies! The porches, the blooming trees, the details ~ all such a treat.
    Hope you are enjoying a fun weekend. ~ Sarah

  18. Jane (Frugal Fine Living) says

    Thanks for the fun tour. I love older homes, and those are absolutely gorgeous! I can almost hear the birds chirping as I'm having coffee on one of those front porches.

    Have a wonderful long weekend!


  19. EVERY home on that street is just DARLING! It looks like something out of a movie! THANKS for sharing and letting us dream a bit!

  20. Sherry @ No Minimalist Here says

    Susan, What beautiful homes and such a fun way to spend the day. I lived in Atlanta for years and I can't believe I never visted Rome.

  21. Southerncook says

    What a special treat that you shared the Tour of Homes that you went on. Those homes are amazing and you must have treasured every moment. Historical tours are always so amazing to me. Have you ever been to Natchez for thier Spring Tour? I have and I highly recommend it.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  22. I'd like to be your neighbor on one of these lovely streets. Great photos!

  23. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Susan. We've been pinking together almost the entire two years. Thank you for everything you do to make Pink Saturday special.

    I so loved the tour of this gorgeous neighborhood. These homes have been well loved.

  24. Atelier de Charo says

    Hi Susan, so beautiful place, the houses are amazing!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  25. Magnificent! Thanks for sharing these beautiful homes…they whisper of long ago stories!

  26. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says

    How fun!! These houses are absolutely gorgeous. So many amazing porches, too. It would cost a fortune to replicate those today. I oohed and ahhed all the way through this post.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Susan! 🙂

  27. Marydon Ford says

    My hubs gr-g'pa enlisted in the Civil War in Rome, GA., altho he lived i Dirttown, GA., at that time. We've been to this gorgeous town. Until one can see it in person, let me tell you, you have captured it beautifully.

    May your Memorial weekend & celebrations be safe & enjoyable, filled merriment … as you solemnly remember those that have passed before us & our military that protect(ed)s our freedoms. LET FREEDOM RING!!

    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  28. Where on earth do you live? these pictures are jaw droppingly beautiful – I'm pink with envy!!

  29. My Carolina Kitchen says


    Great photos. Thanks for the great house tour. Happy pink Saturday.

  30. A Write Life says

    Have a happy pink day.

  31. Catherine says

    Beautiful houses, very nice post! catherine

  32. Oh if only….I could win the lottery…it is such a dream to have such a beautiful home, complete with tree's along the curbside and pretty fences and gates..oh yes..just a dream for some.

  33. kayellen says

    Happy Pink Saturday Susan~~pretty neighborhood:)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Kay Ellen

  34. Sandi (Meme) says

    I still like your porch best! Have a wonderful weekend.

  35. Cara@TheSheetBoutique says

    What a great house tour… wouldn't you love to peek INSIDE these homes as well?

    Thanks for hosting The Sheet Boutique giveaway! I enjoyed working with you on this.


  36. The Polka Dot Closet says

    Those houses are exactly what I think of when I think of Georgia! I am so glad i found your blog! I am a new follower. If you get a chance I would love for you to peek at my blog

    Thank You Carol

  37. Debbie (Meadowcrest Cottage) says

    I love looking at your "Tour of Home" photos. You are inspiring me to take my camera to the old part of Tampa and try my hand at taking photos of the homes on the Bayshore. Thank your for sharing. Loved them!!

  38. Lucky you living so close to such a beautiful area; what a beautiful tour! Every house is so pretty and so interesting!

    Thank you for posting your pictures. I missed my local garden tour this year =(

    From Virginia

  39. Happy Pink Saturday!! Love your pics! Hope to see you at my blog sometime! XX

  40. I loved the tour. Thank you for taking us along. I am so envious that you got to see the interiors too. But I'll be happy with seeing the beauty of Spring everywhere and the great exteriors.

  41. Connie Eyberg Originals says

    Wow! I want to live next door to you if you are going to live on that street. Fabulous! Thank you for sharing the tour and have a wonderful Pink week! Connie

  42. The Shiny Pebble says

    What a fabulous neighborhood tour. I love looking at these quaint historic homes and imagining how idyllic they are to raise a family in. Some of these homes in particular look like a happy family lives there.

  43. Becolorful says

    What a fun virtual tour. I especially liked the haint blue paint and the link to the article. I'm not a blue girl but I wish I had a covered porch to paint the ceiling of. Interestingly enough I also loved that aqua door in one of the following pictures.
    This looked like so much fun. I'm envious.

  44. Wow thanks for the home tour I really enjoyed it. Yes those power lines can be distracting. Here we have all underground which is so much safer in storms, but the houses today do not have the charm these old ones have.
    Take Care

  45. Mmmm I love love love historical home tours!
    This was fabulous!

    Thank you for taking us along!

    Hugz, Dolly

  46. Fleur de Bee says

    I love them all! Hard to pick a favorite!! Thanks for the lovely tour!

    xo Molly

  47. Very neat seeing my home on your blog! Glad you enjoyed the neighborhood

  48. paterick clark says

    Love the homes,native Roman here.

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