Black And Silver Sequin Table Setting, Great For New Year’s Eve Or For Halloween

Welcome to the 797th Tablescape Thursday! Happy New Year! I hope your 2024 is off to a great start! Unfortunately, mine started out with a yucky cold. I had planned to make the drive from Ohio back home to Georgia on Tuesday, but I caught the cold that’s been going through the family and it finally caught up with me on Monday. After a sleepless night, I didn’t feel up to the 8-hour drive back home on Tuesday, so I waited one extra day, hoping I’d feel better on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I still felt terrible on Wednesday, but I made it home with the help of some over-the-counter cold/flu meds, an iced cold Coca-Cola, an iced coffee, and a good Audible book that kept me alert and engaged for the drive home.

The book I was listening to (and have almost finished) was Barbie and Ruth, the Story of the World’s Most Famous Doll and the Woman Who Created Her. Really interesting book! I didn’t have a Barbie growing up, but always wanted one since all my friends had them. Did you have one? Have you seen the “Barbie” movie that came out recently? I saw it and wasn’t impressed, but I enjoyed seeing the clothing and the sets, so it was probably worth a watch for that.

Anyway, I finally arrived back home around 5:30 pm last night. After unloading the car, I went straight to bed. After a good night’s rest, I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday. Still have a yucky cold but I’m definitely feeling better than I did last night. I hope you are staying well! Since I was a day late getting back home than I had planned, I planned to post a little roundup of some winter tables from the past, but fate stepped in and blessed me with a wonderful table to share instead! Kathy, a lovely BNOTP reader wrote, “Just wanted to show you the tablescape for New Year’s. It’s not complete. I still have to make the centerpiece and finish placing all the little rhinestones on the stemware, which I’ll be doing during the winter. It’s the same place setting as the Halloween. Double duty.”

Kathy’s all-black and silver table setting looks so elegant for New Year’s, but as she mentioned, this setting would work great for Halloween, too. Just a change in the centerpiece is all you need to take it from New Year’s Eve to Halloween. Kathy found her flatware on Amazon. There are quite a few to choose from here: Black Flatware.


Kathy said, “The dinner plates and salad plates are from Doller Tree. Cups and saucers are from JC Penny.” Kathy found her sparkly, sequin tablecloth and both napkins on Amazon. You’ll find many to choose from here: Sequin Tablecloths.


Kathy shared, “The champagne and wine glasses are from Amazon, while the water glasses are available in a set of 12 are from Walmart.”


Thanks so much to Kathy for sharing this elegant black and silver table she’s currently putting together. I wonder what kind of centerpiece she’ll create for this table?


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  1. Hi Susan,
    I hope you are feeling better. I’m impressed you were able to drive for 8 hours feeling so lousy. You’re a trouper! I didn’t see the Barbie movie, but from what I’ve heard, it wasn’t that great. I was 10 in 1963 when I received my Barbie, complete with a huge wardrobe my mother made for her. A dove gray wool suit with a pill box hat (aka Jackie Kennedy), cocktail dresses, a rodeo outfit, a wedding gown complete with bridesmaid gowns. For Midge, of course. Plus, lots of other outfits. I would play for hours while listening to my Beatle albums and Haley Mills and Shelley Fabares records. I still have all the dolls and clothes, hoping to pass them on to my granddaughter some day. I love your blog!

    • Oh Ellen, lucky you. I can’t imagine a mom like that. So fun that you’re saving them for your granddaughter!

    • Thanks so much, Ellen! It wasn’t easy–the drive–but the allure of resting in my own bed at home kept me going. Yeah, not a great movie to me. The dialogue (and plot if you can call it that) was so nonsensical at times, but I did enjoy the clothes and the sets. Those were amazing!
      Your mom sounds amazing and so talented–to make all those clothes! I’m so glad you saved those, how wonderful to pass those down! I would love to see photos of the doll and the outfits she sewed, such a treasure!

  2. So glad you are home safe and sound. I can’t imagine a long drive when you’re not feeling well. Please rest now and feel better soon!

    • Thanks, Rosie! It wasn’t easy but having something interesting to listen to helped a lot. I hope you are staying well. I’m still not feeling too hot, just sleeping a lot to get over this cold.

  3. Frances Gomez says

    Hi, yes I had a Barbie growing up, the original with the striped bathing suit, we also had midge, and I think there was a little one called skipper.
    I was not very good at taking care of dolls, so I’m sure mine were like weird Barbie
    I really didn’t care for the movie, I watched it at home, and I’m glad I didn’t pay the money to see it at a theater

    • Wow, that’s so cool that you had the original Barbie! I didn’t really understand “Weird Barbie” until I was well into the movie. I have seen dolls like that, though–drawn on with crayons, etc… That was pretty clever that they thought to include her in the movie.
      I know, I felt the same way. I recently subscribed to Amazon Max and I saw it advertised after I subscribed, so that’s how I ended up watching it–it was included in the subscription. Not sure how long I’ll have “Max” since I just don’t care for 99% of the movies being released these days.

  4. Ugh – winter colds are the worst! Hope you keep feeling better. Love Kathy’s dramatic black table. The sequins are a fabulous touch. I hope she shares her centerpiece – I’d love to see what she came up with for New Years. Yes, I had Barbies, and Skippers, and Francies too! I’m curious to see the movie – I’ve heard so many differing opinions, but as you said, the sets and costumes will be interesting, if nothing else. Thanks for hosting the party, and Happy – and healthy – New Year!

    • It is amazing how bad the common cold can make you feel. I seem to have a bad habit of starting the new year, sick.
      That is so cool that you had Barbie and the other dolls. I remember hearing about Skipper. I do think it’s worth a watch for the costumes and sets.
      Stay healthy, Barbara! If you see the movie, let me know what you think. One review I watched afterward complained that the movie had two plots running through it and they didn’t like that. Maybe that’s partially why it felt so disjointed and chaotic at times. It def had some “roll-your-eyes” moments for me. lol

  5. Franceil Parde says

    LUV THAT LOOK!! (I do it, too…a black sequined runner.) Kate, I spray painted dried hydrangea flowers…yep, black & “tipped” some of the edges silver glitter…mostly free centerpiece w/ some outdoor greens…”shiny black” hollowed out pumpkins, too. Feel better Susan, “tis the season.” franki

  6. Thanks to Kathy (and you) for sharing her New Year’s table! I hope you’ll post her finished table sometime. I’d like to see what sort of centerpiece she created. I can’t believe she’s gluing all those tiny rhinestones! The color combo is so dramatic and good for New Year’s Eve.

    Sorry you were feeling poorly, Susan, but glad to hear you’re on the mend. Oh, and to answer your question, no, I did not have a Barbie. I did eventually get a knock-off style doll that my mom won in a raffle.

    • I’ll def do that if she shares some photos once it’s complete. Sometimes the centerpiece can be hardest part for me.
      I think that happened, I think I remember getting a knock-off similar type doll. I still wanted a Barbie, though. I guess we’re a little too old to get a Barbie, now. Ha!

  7. Susan, I am so glad to hear that you are on the mend! Kathy’s table was fantastic – I adore all the sequins – such a wonderful blingy feel. I too hope that she shares the centerpiece. I didn’t have Barbie as a kid – my sister and I had Midge and Allan and Skipper and Scooter, as I recall. We had so much fun making furniture out of cardboard and then painting it. A little trip down memory lane lol. I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t comment. Happy New Year to you!

    • So interesting that you had so many of the other dolls, but not Barbie. Allan is pretty funny in the movie. I love that you made furniture! I think you’ll love the sets if you see the movie. There are some fun scenes and they tried to keep it like we (the audience) were stepping into the “doll world” as much as possible!

  8. I’m so sorry you have not been feeling well. I can’t imagine driving 8 hours being ill with a cold. I’m thankful you are home safe. I didn’t have a Barbie, but my niece, who was a little younger, had one, and I remember how much she enjoyed playing with the doll and accessories. I have some friends whose opinion I value who enjoyed the movie. I have not seen it.

    • Thanks, Nan! I sure was happy to get home! I think it’s worth a watch for the sets and the clothing/costumes, but the storyline was pretty lame and chaotic…at least to me.

  9. Happy New Year Susan, sorry yours got off with a nasty cold. I sure hope each day is better for you. They seem hard to shake this year. I don’t envy you that drive when not feeling all that well. I did have Barbie’s growing up, mostly hand me down ones, and I loved them. I saw the Barbie movie and like you wasn’t impressed. But I did enjoy the clothing and the sets. Love Kathy’s dramatic table setting, it will definitely work for either holiday! Like you, I wonder what centerpiece she came up with. Keep feeling better Susan! Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks, Brenda! I haven’t turned the corner yet, but I hope that will happen after today. At least I’m not sneezing as much. I’ve discovered that Cutemol is awesome for helping heal/protect sore noses and very chapped lips!
      I so agree–loved the clothing and sets. I especially liked the pink/white gingham dress and daisy necklace Barbie wears at the start of the movie. There’s a super cute Daisy necklace on Etsy that I’m tempted to buy for wearing in the spring. I love stuff like that. Stay well, Brenda!

  10. Hi, FYI. Have you seen the LEGO Birkin handbag?

    • I have seen those–the virtual ones. I wish they could get permission to actually create them. I would def buy the Gold Birkin kit. I love the idea! Nancy, would you buy one if Lego actually gets to produce them? I’ll be surprised if Hermes allows it because they just recently, in the last year or so, sued a guy who created NTFs which were digital images of Birkins that could be purchased online. I think he called them MetaBirkins. Anyway, Hermes sued him and won! But maybe if Lego goes about it the right way, asking permission and getting their approval, maybe Hermes will allow it. I think it would be so much fun and I think they would sell like crazy!

  11. Happy 2024. I hope you feel better. I was born in 1952. The only child of older parents. I did have a Barbie and many outfits. I wish I had kept her, but I donated her during one of my many, many moves. Between ages 17 and 30, I moved 13 times. I did not see the movie. I did see a good movie on Netflix last night called, Nyad. Starring Annette Benning as Diana Nyad, the 64-year-old swimmer who made it from Cuba to Key West. This week I plan to see The Boys in the Boat. I hope the movie is as good as the book. I am always interested in book and movie recommendations.

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