Bonus Room Makeover: From Bonus Room to Family Room and Spill Over Space for Guests

Welcome to the 14th Metamorphosis Monday!

Update: Sorry about the darkness of some of the photos in this post. I plead ignorance since these were taken during my early blogging days before I learned to take better photos. πŸ™‚

For this Metamorphosis Monday, we’re going for another ride in the time machine, back again to 1991, just before we actually purchased and moved into our house.

This time our time machine is taking us back to the upstairs family room/bonus room. I know some of you have seen this room before, since I posted about it last year, but this the first time I’ve posted the “before” pics.

The future “upstairs family room” prior to our moving in, was actually decorated in a “cute” way…I think it may have been a little girls room in a former life. Cute as it was, the decor just wasn’t fitting into my plans for an upstairs family room/occasional guest room. Take a look at the following pictures and you’ll see what I mean.

The walls down inside the dormers were covered with a blue pinstriped wall paper…

And the main walls of this large upstairs room were wallpapered with a blue wallpaper covered with little white butterflies…very cute, but not the look I wanted for an upstairs family room.

The dormers had coordinating fabric that matched the butterfly wall paper. Just so you don’t feel too bad about my demolition of the butterfly wallpaper…the fabric in all three window seats was badly faded and the “white” part of the pinstriped wallpaper was looking rather dingy.

Here’s another “before” pic of one of the dormer windows. Remember the orange carpeting you’ve seen in previous Met Mondays…yep, it was in here, too. But at least this room didn’t have gold trim…so that was a plus! πŸ™‚
Those are the only before pics I have available to share. So, just try to envision blue wallpaper with white butterflies on all the walls and orange carpeting…EVERYWHERE!

Now for some “after” pics…

This room is fairly large:  16 feet wide (not counting the two dormers) by 24 feet long. The ceiling is 8 feet high down the middle, slanting down to 6’4″ at the lowest point. This room is completely different from my downstairs family room.  It’s very bright so I decorated it in a totally different way.

I furnished the room primarily with Swedish antique pine pieces, inspired by an article in Traditional Home magazine. Notice the clock on the front of the magazine…more on that later.

Sofa and two plaid chairs are by Highland House…carpet is a cream Karastan carpet. This is one of the three remaining rooms in my home that doesn’t have hardwood floors…yet.

Wallpaper is gone and the walls are painted a soft yellow called Tea Biscuit…it’s a Duron color. I really wanted to keep this room casual so I chose a heavy denim fabric for the sofa. I also used the denim on all three window seats.

The armoire is an antique…I had shelves added prior to purchasing it…it holds a t.v. and lots of books. In this pic, you can sort of see both the dormers on either side of the armoire.

The chairs are not old…they were stained to compliment the antique pieces.

This room has mostly a “beach” theme…but one day I was out antiquing and came across this adorable painted, bunny window. It didn’t fit in with the beachy theme, but I thought it would look great with the blue/yellow plaid fabric of the chairs…plus, I just loved it. πŸ™‚ I tend to buy what I love and don’t worry too much about “messing up a theme.”

The cushion in the window seat is covered in the same denim that was used for the sofa. I found more of the plaid fabric at Calico Corners and had lots of little pillows made to go on all the window seats. The window seat is filled to the top with board games and puzzles…this was one of my son’s favorite places to hang out with his friends…still is…when he’s home.

A close-up of Mr. Bunny…

I wanted this room to serve multiple functions…the sofa is a sofa-sleeper for over-flow from the guest bedroom. The linens and pillows are stored in the trunk for easy access.

This spatterware or spongeware pitcher is an old piece…I think that is what it’s called…does anyone know?

The light house watercolors you see above the sofa, and on either side of the armoire, were done by artist, Donna Elias.

Her website is available by clicking HERE.

Plate rack is an antique…holds a collection of old Flow Blue and Blue Willow…

I found this large flow blue platter in an antique shop on a skiing trip in Bend, Oregon. Fortunately, it survived the plane trip back home. πŸ™‚

Made a sleeve for the hanging wire out of the same plaid fabric you see on the chairs…

The mirror that hangs above this antique chest is an old family piece.

Danish Bornholm clock, made in 1830…similar to the one on the cover of the Traditional Homes magazine.

Sorry the pics are a little crooked…the clock really does sit straight…despite the photos. πŸ™‚

One of the dormer windows filled with my son’s old teddy bears… Wish I could shrink him little again…just for a day. πŸ™‚

The other dormer window in the bonus.

With the shutters open…that’s a Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) tree…just outside the window.

A book called The Nook Book…tucked down inside this little nook. Why is it we like little nooks…those cozy little spots? We even seek them out sometimes. I think it must be a comfort thing…a feeling of being safe. πŸ™‚ What do you think? Do you like cozy nooks?

hanks for stopping by for the metamorphosis of my Upstairs Family room…let’s go check out all the other Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    I love this room, Susan! It’s absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. You have quite a flair for decorating. I just love what you did. I especially am loving the plate rack with all the decorative plates. Such a beautiful job! Amy πŸ™‚

  3. Lindsay @ Blue Peacock says

    Love your clock and plantation shutters! It looks very cozy!

  4. Hudson Goods says

    this could not get any better. my favorite colors on the walls and the furnishings. Love the angled ceiling, the same as my bedroom. Really great!

  5. Happy, comfy room. Love the Bunny glass art. mishelle

  6. Jan said… Dear Susan, I JUST THOUGHT THIS NEEDED to be repeated from PINK SATURDAY…..

    “The gifts you receive and the encouraging, sweet comments could not be more deserving than to be offered to someone as talented and appreciative as you, Susan, and I know this has to be felt by all your friends in blogland. As I have said before, the precious time and genorosity you put into your blog are gifts everytime you post another of your fabulous entries.” Happy Sunday friend, Jan
    April 19, 2009 5:26 p.m.

    p.s. I just loved the original post of your bonus room…. What a difference from the previous room! Please repost because I was late in replying….

  7. Tamara Jansen says

    I love your blue and yellow theme! Sunflowers are so gorgeous, I wish they were in season all year long!

  8. Marsha's Mpressions says


    Just want you to know how much I have enjoyed your blog! It is so informative and you are such a gracious host!
    Blessings, Marsha

  9. I just love that window seat!
    I still have a few rooms of the 1980’s striped wallpaper that needs to come down! Slowly but surely!

  10. Susan,
    I love the blues and yellows !
    Beautiful ! I know what you mean
    about shrinking your son down
    (just for one day) to be little
    again. Seems like they grow up
    so fast ! Thanks for hosting !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  11. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    I’ve always loved this room, and definitely one of the reasons is the dormer nooks-just so inviting. The bunny glass and the clock are two of my favorite things in this room. laurie

  12. What a comfortable and inviting room! I love that clock! I have always wanted a grandfather clock but worried about putting it on carpet. Thanks for hosting the “party”!

  13. What a beautiful family room! I love the colors you chose! I love nooks, too!

  14. Your room is so inviting! It just reminds me of a warm summer day!
    Thanks for inviting me to the party!

  15. I do lve nooks, Susan. They are cozy. IN fact, dh and I are thinking of adding a big room above the 3 car garage and I want 2dormer windows in it. I love dormer windows too. I love this room the first time I saw it and I still love it now. It’s very welcoming and it’s neat that you still have your son’s teddy bears when he was little….Christine

  16. Painter's Place says

    I love this room. It’s so cozy! We had a room similar to this in our old house and I sure do miss it. We downsized when we built this one. Now I wished we hadn’t of.

  17. Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick says

    Hello and thanks for the invite!! This room is just absolutely cozy and warm, I LOVE IT. That armoire is gorgeous. This is my kind of space, warm and cozy. Just beautiful.

  18. Ooo La La! I love everything about this redo. You have such good vision Susan. The new look and feel is amazing. So bright and lovely. The colors are wonderful too! Hats off to you!!

  19. Mary @Boogieboard Cottage says

    Hi Susan! Thank you for following my blog :O). I love how you redid your family/occasional guest room. It has a really cozy feel about it. The sofa and sofa chairs look soft and comfy. I like the pine pieces and the color scheme of the room. You’re a very talented decorator!

  20. Melissa Miller says

    Susan I LOVE this famiily room!

    Every inch of your home is beautiful but this one may just be my new favorite.

    It’s so bright and airy! It’s very welcoming and feels like home. Love the window seats and the stunning antique armoire piece. The shell shelf is so cute too.

    Wonderful transformation!
    ~Melissa πŸ™‚

  21. Looks so much better – congratulations!

  22. Susan,
    This room is such an inspiration! I love the blue and yellow, the swedish antiques and all the gorgeous decorating you did in here. I can’t pick a fave thing but that plate rack with the beautiful plates and that grandfather clock are just the best. This is my idea of a perfect room. Cindy

  23. starsfault says

    The clock is my favorite!

    I did a ton of decorating and art projects this weekend, but found myself focused on the incredible change to my horse, who has been with me for a year now. He was poor and thin when I got him, but so lovely now. Truly a Metamorphosis – for both of us.

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star’s Fault

  24. What a beautiful room!!! I Love your collection of old flow bleu and blue willow.

  25. The Bliss Journey says

    Good morning Susan, Your room is beautiful. I love the yellow and blue. I am a nook person, although I don’t have one. I have done posts about them.
    Have a great week.

  26. I love the warm and cosy look in this room. I also love the little nooks -can’t have too many of those!

  27. That room is so inviting! Love every single thing about it!
    All Things Heart and Home

  28. Lazy Mom Amanda says

    Thanks for the linky! Love your room!

  29. Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam says

    Every thing is so warm and cozy. Love it!

  30. Madame Meg says

    What a cozy room! And you’re so right about nooks- I love them and am always trying to create them! Secretly (not so now!) I’m a little bummed my house has no window seats, they seem so romantic! But the bubbling brook goes a long way toward compensating for that absence. : )

  31. Barb~Bella Vista says

    Beautiful room, Susan. I love the wood tones….so restful and welcoming.


  32. I just had our bonus room painted the same color – thanks to your inspiring metamorphosis. We are planning to turn our bonus room into a bedroom for my elderly in-laws so I am not sure I will ever have a true “after” picture to show you. But the color is delicious! Thanks again!

  33. I love your room. Its in some of my favorite colors, and the bunny stainglass is really cute. I could be really comfortable in your cherry room.
    Have a great day.
    Jean in virginia

  34. If I were you I would spend all day in this wonderful room!

  35. DesignTies says

    Wonderful room, Susan. I paid close attention to all that you incorporated because we’ll be building a family room in the basement πŸ™‚ I particularly loved your old Swedish grandfather clock!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  36. Just another comment on our “wrapping the porch” theory that we were so excited about and that I wrote you about. The wrapping came down in a storm or partly so. We were out of town so never really saw what happened, but resident son removed it all. So, we have a green/yellow porch to clean after all!

    enjoyed the photos of your family room!

  37. Blue Eyed Tango says

    Thanks for all the photos of your metamorphosis! It’s great! Luanne

  38. My MM post today tells of winning a giveaway which will be the focal point in transforming my master bath:

  39. Love the window seats and the antique chest. I passed on one a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale, and now I’m starting to regret it. Great transformation!

  40. 9405018--Pat says

    Hi Susan, Your home is absolutey gorgeous…love your window seat….Have a great week..Pat H

  41. Shady Creek Lane says

    Blue and Yellow, one of my favorite color combos. Love the plates in the plate rack and the sunflowers. I could just curl up on the sofa with a good book and get lost in the tranquility.
    Thanks for the inspiration, it is beautiful.


  42. HI Susan! I have always LOVED this wondeful room….the bunny stained glass is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!! Oh it is so perfect! I love the shells scattered around, the cheery yellow and blue colors and everything in this rrelaxing, comfortable, inviting room! Thanks for sharing this beautiful transformation. Hugs, Pinky

  43. Susan this is one of my favorite rooms in your home it is so bright and cheerful. You have designed it in a warm and inviting way. I have a chair from Highland House and my carpet in my home is also a Karastan. Great minds think alike. Two good companies to deal with. Thank for sharing,hugs Kathysue

  44. One of the most tried and true color combinations…yellow and blue! I dare say however, that you have one of the best I have seen!

  45. Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much I enjoy your Metamorphosis Monday. I had hoped to join in this week, but, alas, I could not figure out the link “stuff.” And, in fact just figured out how to post pictures in my blog today! LOL In the meantime, I will continue to view your blog and hope to join the fun soon!

  46. Cass @ That Old House says

    Beautiful room! What a sunny, dreamy spot; love it all. and I'd leave that carpet if I were you; it must feel great on bare feet!

    My favorite? Ok, there are two — one is that fabulous tall case clock. Wherever did you find it? I remember that issue of Traditional Home; probably still have it. My other favorite — the plate rack. I've been pestering my daughter to make one for me, but she's working on a tea table instead (a college design course project). Gorgeous…and in blue & yellow, one of the all time great classic combos. Sorry for the long post — no time to write short!

  47. Gorgeous room…love it! You’ve got some great furniture pieces.

  48. What a fabulous job Susan! It is quite “homey” and “comfy” looking! Love the Swedish clock….I want one!

  49. I love your family room! Looks warm and comfortable!

  50. Hey Girlfriend…

    Ohhh my…I just adore your upstairs family room…I could certainly spend many, many hours in this cozy little place and be soooo very happy! First of all…I love that pretty pale yellow wall color…Ooooh! And all of your blue denim furniture and pillows…so beautiful, my friend! This room really does have such a cheerful and laid-back ambiance…perfect for a family room! Love your cozy little nooks in the dormer windows…and yes, they certainly do feel cozy!!! Love all of your sons little bears…Girl, just makes ya wanna cry, doesn’t it? Today was my baby girl’s birthday…she turned 29! I have often thought…if I could just have them little again for a day!!! You’re not alone there, Sweetie! Anyway…moving on before I cry…I really enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful Swedish pieces…the clock is soooo gorgeous!!! What a treasure! This room is so beautifully done, my friend!!! Thank you for sharing the before photos…you’ve come a long way, Baby!!! hehe!!! What an awesome transformation!!!

    Love ya,

  51. Hi Susan…

    Girl, I just tried to email you for some blogging info but my email didn’t go through to you…thought I’d leave you a note here.

    I’m trying to add a Mr. Linky to my post…have signed up for an acct. and started the Linky wizard. They say go to my dashboard and….”click the Change Settings icon next to your blog’s name. Next click the Template tab and you’ll be editing your template. The large text box contains your entire template.”…

    I’m trying to add their HTML code to my header but I can’t even find the “Change the Settings” tab…how embaressing but I’ve looked all over for it! Anyway, you have my email…if you get a chance, I sure would appreciate it!

    Love ya,
    PS…I really hate bothering you with this…I know that you’re so busy…just didn’t know what else to do!

  52. Susan, this is such an inviting space. Love the colors, sure lightened it up to get the wallpaper off. Love the wood pieces in here that really add to the warmth of it all!
    Great job!
    Linda Q

  53. Your room is WOW! Love your clock — but I love clocks. It is quite a change — looks so inviting.

  54. Susan,
    When I first discovered your beautiful site I browsed through most of it and had already fallen in love with your upstairs family room!!! I was thrilled to see it again!!! Soooo lovely and warm…a wonderful place to share with friends and family!!!

    I am absolutely crazy for your clock…GORGEOUS…and the bunny in the window is adorable!!!

    It is always a pleasure to visit you…always so inspirational!!!

    Have a wonderfulday!!!

  55. What a lovely transformation! While it was fun to go back in time and see the 80’s with a little bit of 70’s rust carpet thrown in for good measure, I think that what you have in there now wont ever look as dated as the country 80s! πŸ™‚

  56. Glenda/MidSouth says

    What a pretty room, and looks so comfortable also.

  57. Jo - To a Pretty Life says

    Your after photos are gorgeous! I love the casual, peaceful feel. In the before pictures, I looked for one of those ducks with the blue or dusty-rose bows…It would have fit right in with that wallpaper! πŸ˜‰

  58. Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 says

    Susan, you have the most exquisite taste and talent for decorating! I love your home so much! It is such a delight to tour your beautiful rooms! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts! God Bless you today! Lauralu πŸ™‚

  59. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Hi, Susan, this is another pretty room you have! Just when we thought we’d seen your whole house, you have a few surprises left. It’s very cozy. I think I have 2 pillows out of your blue plaid in my bedroom that I found at a yardsale. Looks like it’s the same fabric.

  60. What a beautiful room! So cozy, and welcoming! I love the window seats!

    Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

  61. at the cottage says

    This is so cozy and comfie. I love the Buny window….how perfect for the room. The windows and magnolia tree!!! Oh to smell the scent of a magnolia. MMMmmmmmmm

    Two other standout pieces are the antique chest and family heirloom mirror. WOW! And that clock!

    As always this is such a wonderful blog to visit. It’s like picking up a fancy magazine and reading through.

    Thank you


  62. OMG. Beautiful. Please tell me that you have a tutorial on the wooden rug/floor mat with the typography letters on it. It’s stunning. I’ve been looking for that exact mat, but they’re all out of my budget or no longer for sale. Any help would be appreciated. Xoxo

    • Thanks so much, Amy. Unfortunately, I don’t have a tutorial…I purchased mine very inexpensively from a store online that had a deal of the day. I can’t remember the name now since they changed their name to something else. It used to be something like Wasulu or something like that. They were advertising on the blog Miss Mustard Seed. You may want to leave a comment for Marilyn at Miss Mustard Seed to ask her what they changed their name to, hopefully they are still around and have these rugs.

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