Like It Should Have Always Been There

Welcome to the 528th Metamorphosis Monday!

For last week’s Met Monday I shared a console table I had ordered for storing the items I often need when taking a cycling class on my Peloton bike.

Console Table with Drawer Storage


You may remember when the box arrived, there was a big gash on one side. It was the box you see below on the right. When I opened it, I found one of the shelves was badly dented. I started to return it immediately, in fact, I completed the return online with Amazon. But then I decided to cancel the return and hold onto the defective console until the new one I ordered arrived. That way I’d have some spare parts in case something different was damaged on the new one. The new one arrived a few days ago in the box on the left.

Bookcase Console Delivery


I don’t know what happened to this box between Amazon, UPS, and my front porch, but one end looked as if it has been soaked in oil. When I touched it, black stuff came off onto my fingers that looked like dried oil, too. It was really gross! I tried wiping some of it off with a paper towel before I laid the box down on the hardwood flooring in my living room just off the entry. Fortunately, when I opened the box, the styrofoam surrounding the console parts had kept the oily substance from getting onto the console.

So grab a cup of coffee (or your drink of preference) and a cookie, this Met Monday post is a lengthy one.

Console Delivery Box


I took all of the parts out of the box and hauled them upstairs to assemble them in my upstairs family room since it’s the only room left in my home that still has carpet. It’s much easier to assemble something like this on carpet–easier on the knees and definitely more gentle on the furniture parts.

See that top board there across the very back of the console, the one that’s against the floor and just above the book with the heart on it? It’s on upside down, only I didn’t know it at the time. 🙁

Putting together a Convenience Concepts Console


In the photo below, the upside-down board is the top board across the back of the console. The reason it’s on upside down is because the instructions for putting this console together are terrible. In the instructions, they show you distance photos but never any close-ups, and they never show or tell you which direction a piece should be attached.

Convenience Concepts Console Assembly Instructions


I distinctly remember one review at Amazon where someone said they had put a piece on upside down or backward and that they weren’t able to correct it since it would involve taking the entire console back apart. I bet it’s the same piece I have on upside down.

If I hadn’t already spent several mentally exhausting hours putting it together (exhausting because the instructions were so bad) I would have taken it all apart and corrected it. Have you ever assembled a piece of furniture following terrible instructions? IKEA could teach these folks a thing or two!


I didn’t realize it was on upside down until I had the entire piece put together, except for the top–which just so happens to connect to that piece. Since the back support board was on upside down, I was only able to attach the top of the console to the body at either end and not across the back. Insert cuss word of your choice here. 🙁

You would never know that the top is only attached at the ends to look at it, plus it’s completely stable, but it bothers me that I don’t it have assembled exactly perfectly. Before I purchased this piece, I remember reading in many of the reviews that the assembly instructions were horrible, and they were right!

Also, see those metal drawer guides on either end? The instructions don’t give any clues about which of the many holes in the metal guide you are supposed to use when inserting the screws that attach the glides to the side pieces. The diagram in the instructions is useless (see instructions above) so I gave it my best guess and fortunately, I got it right. The drawer slid in all the way and worked properly. I checked that before I ever installed the top since I knew it would be almost impossible to correct with the top already in place.

Convenience Concepts Console Assembly Instructions


So How Does It Look?

So here’s how it looks in place behind my Peloton bike. I love how it looks there! Amazingly, the framed scarf I have hanging above it is right where I want it, so I didn’t have to take it down and rehang it. It really looks like the table should have been there all along, doesn’t it?

I may eventually add a tall lamp on the right end of the table. I love lamplight and wouldn’t mind having one more lamp in this room.

Exercise Room off Master Bedroom


I’ve placed extra towels on the lower shelves since I like having a nice, plush towel over the handlebars of the bike. The handlebars can be pretty rough on your hands without gloves or a towel, especially when you’re standing in the pedals climbing the hills.

I also placed a few of the shirts I sometimes wear on the shelves, but most of my riding clothes are stored in the drawers on the other side of this dressing room.

Console for my Peloton Cycle


In order to fit the console behind my bike, I had to scoot the bike forward 2-3 inches on the mat. You can see below how far I moved it out by the imprint left in the mat from the round feet under the base of the bike. I didn’t move the mat (not sure I could have anyway) because I didn’t want it sticking too far out into the dressing room. I may eventually scoot it out some if I ever need to have the guys from Peloton out to service the bike. So far, it has been great and hasn’t needed anything.

Peloton Cycle Mat


Fortunately, you can’t tell that the top is only attached on the ends and it feels totally stable and sturdy. I may one day take the time to take it all back apart and rebuild it with the back support board as it should be. Maybe. Arggg!

Narrow Console Bookcase Table for Exercise Space


I’m really happy with how the little seagrass basket I purchased to hold my backup water looks on the table. It’s the perfect size for what I had in mind. (Basket is available here: Seagrass Basket.)

You may remember from my previous post last Monday, the reason I purchased this table was because I occasionally hop on the bike and start a spin class, only to discover I have forgotten something I really need like my water bottle or a hair tie. I typically use a stainless steel water bottle, but it will be so nice having water available if I’m 15 minutes into a ride, dying of thirst and realize I forgot my water. Again.

Console with Drawer for holding Water and Cycling Needs


You may remember from last week’s post that my little party light was on the floor before. That’s definitely not a great place for it since it could easily be stepped on.

Peloton Bike Set Up in Dressing Room


Now it’s on the console top which is much better. I love having everything right here at hand including tissue, the remote for the fan and the remote for the party light.

Console with Drawer for holding Water and Cycling Needs


Here’s how this party light looks when it’s on.


You can set it to rotate your favorite color or color combo.


This is the color combo I normally go for since I love green and blue together. The lights rotate all around creating a fun party atmosphere. I saw this idea on the Peloton Riders Facebook page and couldn’t resist adding a light to my room, as well. Any distraction is great when a Peloton instructor is kickin’ your tush! Ha!

The light I have is available here: Party Light.


Inside the drawer, I’m able to store hair ties, my heart-rate wrist band monitor, the tool I use to tighten my cleats when they need it (which is pretty rare) and the Bose wireless headphones I wear since it can be hard hearing the spin instructor over the roar of the fan without them.

Water Close at Hand for Riding Peloton Cycle


The iPad is stored here for those times when I just want to take a “scenic” ride while watching a show on Acorn TV or one of the YouTubers I follow online. You may remember the little device I purchased a while back that will hold a phone or iPad on the handlebars of a bike. I used it just a few days ago after I had taken a HITT class that morning and just wanted to relax with a scenic ride that night. I popped it onto the handlebars and watched a YouTube video during the ride. I don’t feel so guilty watching YouTube videos or shows if I’m at least getting a little exercise at the same time.

Water Close at Hand for Riding Peloton Cycle


Not sure if you can tell in this picture, but I am able to easily reach everything on the table and in the drawer while I’m sitting on the bike, so no more having to unclip out of the pedals and remove my cycling shoes to go fetch whatever I’ve forgotten, thus missing part of a class and throwing off my entire ride.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the closet door on the right and found that it still opens/folds completely back without any interference from the console, meaning the console could stay centered underneath the scarf. Miracle!

I really wish I had added a little table back behind the bike a long time ago. It’s a big stress reliever knowing everything I need when taking a class will always be right at hand.

Narrow Console Bookcase Table for Exercise Space


If you need an inexpensive console table, I can definitely recommend this one currently available here: Console. Just know that the instructions are not great, thus it may take longer to assemble than it would if the instructions had been better. And don’t put the back support board on upside down! 😉

Exercise Room off Master Bedroom


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  1. Always love how you come up with useful items for homes. The comments you make about things you use are great. Your house is always so organized and spacious in the pictures. I always wonder if the pictures make your house look large or if you really have a lot of square footage (how much?) to make use of?

    • Thanks so much, Linda! I think when I first moved here, I was told it’s around 3,600 square feet including the finished side of the basement. One thing that attracted me to this house was all the closets and the storage. It has a good bit of storage to have been built almost 30 years ago.

  2. Joy Jerger says

    I enjoy your blog so much.
    I swear I do not know of anyone who has your delivery experiences-
    I guess it’s your thing.
    What a thing.
    Can hardly wait for your next order/delivery.
    You should just order stuff Willy Nilly and see what shows up, in what condition.

    (This room is terrific)

    • Thanks, Joy! lol I know! I don’t what it is, apparently I have a case of “bad-package-delivery-karma” or something! It’s gotten where I almost dread deliveries of furniture, dishes or books. Those are the items for which I seem to be the most jinxed.

  3. I love your tribute to Hermes!!! And that party light! Talk about the perfect personal space. Have a wonderful week, Susan.

  4. Yes perfect the before picture looks like something is missing. Such a perfect fit.

  5. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  6. Glad it’s all worked out, the new piece looks great {and hard to put together!} Thanks Susan!

  7. Awww…”You Came, You See, You Conquered!!” ( the Ronettes, 1969) franki

  8. Always love your posts on items that you have purchased. You go into such detail and let us know exactly the good points and the not so good points! I would love to have the link to your little device that holds your iPad onto your handlebars though. Must’ve missed that somehow!

  9. It looks like your exercise room is set up just the way you need it to be and it also looks really nice. I am looking at the picture above your new console table and can’t quite figure out what it is. In a way, it looks like streets crossing each other which would go along with the Peloton theme. Enjoy your rides with everything at hand!

    • I loathe putting together anything so if it says “Some assembly required” I usually run the other way. Your persistence certainly pays off! Good job!

      By the way, I hope you’ll do a packing blog for your trip to England including your carryon.

      • I will definitely make a note to do that! I know one thing that will be going with me, some kind of duck boots and/or my waterproof Teva boots. lol Gotta be ready for the rain.

    • It does look like little streets crossing each other! 🙂 It’s actually a Hermes scarf I had framed a while back. The name of the scarf is “Bolduc” and the little brown lines are designed to look like the ribbon Hermes uses to tie around a package or gift purchased from their store.
      I just found a good description of the scarf and the meaning of the word Bolduc at the site 1stdibs: It says, ” This interesting name of medieval French origin means a thin ribbon or thread used to wrap gifts. The pattern is recognizable as the decorative signature ribbon that ties every pretty parcel from the house of Hermès, first introduced in 1949.”

      Here’s a better view of the scarf in this previous post where I shared how it was framed:

  10. Snowflake281 says

    Congratulations Susan you little do-it-yourselfer! The bookcase looks great. Well done! My husband & I have put together our fair share of diy furniture and we are both so over doing that these days if we can possibly avoid it. I sometimes kidded around whenever we encountered horrible instructions (so many times)by saying that it must have been a man who drew them up; a woman would never have made them so terrible!

    • lol Maybe that’s it! Definitely frustrating. I know I’ll probably end up taking it apart one day and rebuilding it, just not sure it’s worth the risk of damaging the MDF.

  11. What brand are the blue water bottles, and where do you buy them?

  12. your right, it totally completes your room. Sorry it was such a hassle but now you can enjoy it fully! Thanks for always sharing do many great details. xo- maryjo

  13. Party on the peloton! Love it!

  14. Mary from Virginia says

    It looks fun! and your new table looks very nice!

    How in the world did your delivery end up in oil?? !! I wonder if you can find out? Lucky for the delivery people your table was not ruined.

    • Thanks, Mary! I know, don’t you wonder! It’s must have been set down in a puddle of oil at some point. I was so amazed it didn’t get through to the console pieces inside the box!

  15. Susan,
    I already knew it would look great! 🙂 That bookcase is a cute piece of furniture; love its drawer! Now I’m looking forward to seeing what lamp you’ll add to it! 🙂
    PS: If I remember correctly, that room (pic #2) is your home library (to be), right? Love that chest of drawers and that clock!

  16. Great post! I don’t like instructions that aren’t clear either. Dyson uses only pictures which I find confusing also. The table looks great and had to smile at your “miracle” closet door opening correctly. Sometimes we don’t think about the little things until after. Whew! Also, will you be leaving carpet in at least one room for furniture construction? I’m sure you are going to be a busy bee again! lol

    • It’s so funny you ask that because my intentions have always been to eventually add hardwood flooring in there, but I’ve hesitated since it’s a big room and will be expensive, it’s over the garage so the thick padding and thick carpeting add some noise insulation from the garage door going up and down, and it’s such a nice room to put together furniture or to try on a pair of new shoes to see if they fit before really wearing them. So I kinda like having that one room still carpeted. I’m tempted to just recarpet it and give up the hardwood flooring idea for that room. It needs to be recarpeted, the carpet in there is around 28 years old, though it doesn’t look it. It’s just a bit worn in the doorway mainly. Sorry for the long answer! You can tell this has been on my mind for a long time!

      • Maybe I helped you think on it more. When you said you used the room to put furniture together (whatever requires kneeling) it made me think about your hardwood plan.

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    Great table and so pratical, looks like it really should have beeen there all along. Good job Susan! Pedal on! ‍♀️

  18. Looking good and super job, Susan! Know if it was me, I would still be trying to put the unit together however being married to a Mechanical Engineer does have its pluses. Also, he like yourself enjoys doing puzzles so perhaps that is why you are so good at it … . -Brenda-

  19. Susan, hi, great post. I was wondering if you can tell me about the desk that is in this room. Did you buy it or make it? Any details would be appreciated.
    I’m looking for something just like that. Thanks.

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