Gone, Gone and Gone! Plus, Two Future Updates I Have Planned!

Welcome to the 713th Metamorphosis Monday!

The painter finally finished with the painting here in the garage. Repainting the shutters was the last thing to be done.

Painting Plantation Shutters


I don’t know why, but during the time he was here painting, it suddenly hit me that I didn’t like seeing all the lanterns atop the cabinets across the back wall of the garage.

Garage Makeover with New Flooring, Lighting and Paint


Not sure why but I just suddenly didn’t like seeing them there. So you know what that meant.

Garage Storage


I took them all down to the basement yesterday. Sorry about the shadows, these photos were taken this morning and the east sun couldn’t quite make it through the trees that have gotten sooo tall all around mine and my neighbor’s house.

Garage Renovation Update


But here’s a peek inside of how it looks, minus the lanterns.

Garage Updates, Garage Renovation


Initially, the cabinets seemed so short against the wall, I guess because I was always used to seeing things on top which drew the eye upward.

Garage Makeover Renovation


But now I prefer them this way–all cleared off. Don’t look too closely at the cabinet doors, I still need to take an hour or ten and adjust them. I hate adjusting the doors–they weigh a ton and can be fickle, but I will do it sometime soon. The wood planks (there are two of them) are still screwed in across the top. I added those so the lanterns weren’t directly sitting on the top of the cabinets, afraid that would cause the tops to bow in from the weight.

Complete Garage Makeover


I will probably go ahead and remove those since they are no longer needed now.

Garage, Cleaned and Organized


Still, my favorite, favorite, favorite part of this garage makeover is the flooring.

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


Here’s how it looked this morning with the tree-filtered morning light playing across the floor. It wasn’t inexpensive to do, but so worth it! It really is my most favorite part of this update.


This is how I will keep the garage forever more. My bathrooms may be 40 years old and badly in need of renovation, but my garage is uptown now! Hahaha! Bathrooms are next though–saving for those now while waiting for the labor and supply shortage to improve. The stories I hear from you and from my friends make me want to wait a bit. It’s a renovation jungle out there! Oh, one thing I do have planned for this winter–I think I’m going to have my basement painted this winter.

Complete Garage Makeover


I’m also seriously thinking of having crown molding added to the bonus room. It’s the only room in my home without it and I saw a photo recently of a bonus room with crown molding and it looked amazing!


I had no idea that was possible for a room with slanted ceilings, but apparently, it is! I need to get estimates. With the price and availability of wood these days, I may have to put that project on hold. We’ll see. Estimates first, then I’ll make a decision on waiting vs going forward.

Hermes Tray for Living Room Coffee Table


What were you working on this weekend? I can’t wait to see all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Good morning, Susan. Your garage is fabulous and I do love the flooring. I thought the lanterns looked great, but I agree that I like the cleaner look now. Have a beautiful autumn week!

  2. I could move right into your garage! Thanks for hosting, Susan.

  3. Thank you Susan and your garage does look amazing, so clean and sparkly!

  4. franki Parde says

    It is a “nice clean look!!!” Your floor, looks to me, like the one “the Baumlers of HGTV” just did in their hangar/garage! Good taste!! My “closet renovation” may now be…A Christmas present…*sigh* franki

    • Really! Thanks, Franki! Maybe it was an epoxy floor, too. They are really popular for industrial/commercial applications, too. I want to see your closet! Everything seems to take longer these days. Hope you get your closet sooner than you think!

  5. Elizabeth Roderick says

    Everything you do, you do well. Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. My daughter’s home has slanted walls with crown molding. Should you choose to use the molding be wise about the width you select.

  7. I loved the lantern collection displayed on your cabinets. Makes the garage look more like a room instead of a utility space. I have two oil paintings, a mirror, a rug, and a chandelier in my garage. Also a chair for changing my shoes.

  8. Oh I love that clean cupboard look – nice job! Happy Monday and thanks for hosting, as always!

  9. What a massive project this turned out to be, especially when adding in the annoyingly poor quality of work that required repeat visits. But wow, look at it now! When I was out walking recently, a neighbor had their garage door opened and saw a black and white checkered floor–so cool.

  10. Looks so fresh and clean and tidy. It must feel fabulous to have it all complete! Enjoy!

  11. Yes, do wait, Susan. I did the bathrooms last year and it was a nightmare. I’m still trying, after an entire summer to get people over to the house for fixes in the yard.
    Your garage is perfect, and the sunny and bright bonus room must be a lovely place to spend quiet time in.

    • Yeah, it’s so crazy right now to get almost anything done. Be glad when/if things ever return to normal again. Thanks, Rachelle! Hope all goes well with your yard…I need to redo my back yard badly.

  12. Susan,
    That is one amazing garage!!!
    Really Nice!!
    Thanks again for hosting this charming party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  13. I liked the look of the lanterns on top but not my garage so I will mind my own business.

  14. Love how clean and cohesive it looks, better without the lanterns. I hope you won’t mind if I sneak in and paint that purple table dark grey. We finished the master closet this weekend, new carpet and paint, looking for a cute new light fixture. Moving everything in and out and reorganizing was so much work, I need a whole day to recover.

    • It would look great that color with the flooring, for sure! Congrats on finishing the closet, Jillian! I know that must feel sooo good! Hope your new light fixture finds you soon. I really like the low/flat LED ones I just put in the garage.

  15. Looks good. Too good. Have you forgotten it’s a garage?

  16. Your garage is amazing with all that storage and nice looking floor. Thank you for hosting the party!

  17. Not sure why my links say they need to be moderated. On my end inlinkz says I either don’t have a backlink to your site ~ which I added ~ or host server is blocking. Any ideas to solve?

  18. I think that now you have the garage all beautiful and everything has a place it will be so easy to keep. What does your basement look like with the extra things going down to be stored. At first I thought you were going to send the lanterns away permanently! Recently I had to find a small ceiling fan for my garden house (shed) and I came across fandeliers. Have you or anyone here ever used one? I almost bought one, but couldn’t find one in white so ended up with a 30″ fan.

    • Right now, the lanterns are all on the finished side of the basement, but I’m going to move them to the unfinished side. I’m thinking of having some sheetrock added to the unfinished side so waiting to do that before I move them. No, I hadn’t heard of those. I just searched to see them. I wonder how they work, it they do a great job of cooling/creating a breeze. Interesting idea!

      • I was so intrigued by the fans! The farm house look and only 20″ wide and with lights. I will just have to wait until I need another fan to try one (most reviews were encouraging about cooling). You always have a project in mind. Buying building supplies right now is so expensive. I had to buy wallboard and insulation which was high, but when I went to buy 1×2 and 1×4’s oh my I had a hard time with those!

    • Hi, just jumping in here. When we built our house, I researched adding fandeliers. The concept is so unique, but our lighting person talked me out of them at the time, I think because they were fairly new. I’m still thinking of changing a few of our fans to these type.

  19. Garage is perfect !

    I don’t remember ever seeing pictures of your basement but can’t wait to see you work some magic down there.

  20. Looks great! Love the star flag❤️

  21. Susan we have the same flooring in our garage—even the same color flecks! We have had it for 4 years and it is virtually maintenance free. My wipe it down once a year and it looks just like the day we moved into our home. Best decision we made as well! By the way, I am amazed at all your energy! 🙂

    • Denise, that is so great to hear! So far, mine is holding up beautifully. I drove 500 miles home from Ohio and when I got home, I pulled right into the garage. You always hear the stories of people having issues with hot tires after driving for many hours, so I thought this would be a great test. It performed beautifully, no peeling whatsoever. I do really love it! I’m thinking of having it done on the unfinished side of my basement.

      • That would look great in the basement area! Never thought of that. Excited to see your basement when all the changes are completed. It sounds wonderful.

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