Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Napkin Fold Tutorial

Welcome to the 280th Tablescape Thursday! Two years ago, the day before Valentine's Day, I posted about a few Valentine's Day decorations in the guest room.  I decorated the foot of the bed with heart garland.   I placed a little teascape on a wicker tray along with a few sweet-scented daffodils cut from the garden.   For this cheerful tea setting, I created a cute, heart … [Read more...]

Wide Ironing Boards Make Ironing Easier

Welcome to the 216th Metamorphosis Monday! Recently I made an upgrade most folks would probably not get too excited about, but I'm actually pretty excited!  While out shopping a couple of weeks ago, I found myself in the ironing board isle of a local home product store. Guess what I discovered?  Ironing boards come in wider sizes! Did  you know this?  I had absolutely no idea. I didn't buy an ironing … [Read more...]

Napkin Fold Tutorial: The Butterfly

  Recently, I created a table setting with a butterfly napkin fold. (You can view this tablescape in detail here: Romantic Table Setting for Two.)   I used this same napkin fold again for this table setting which can be viewed in full here: Romantic Candlelight Table Setting.   This fold is super easy to create.  I think it looks especially nice when created with a napkin that … [Read more...]

Napkin Folding Tutorial: The Flower Basket

As you continue enjoying all the wonderful tablescapes linked for Tablescape Thursday, I thought I'd share another fun napkin fold. This one is called, The Flower Basket. It really helps if you use a napkin that is as square as possible. None of mine were perfectly square...but this one was pretty close. This fold looks especially pretty with a lace edged napkin. Happy Folding! :) Your finished … [Read more...]