How I Store/Organize My Napkins + Some New Additions For Spring and Summer

Welcome to the 756th Tablescape Thursday! If you've been reading BNOTP for a while, you know that I store a lot of the goodies I use in table settings in these cabinets here in my garage. I've been doing this for quite a few years now and it has worked out really well. It's super convenient having so many things grouped in one place and so close to the three areas where I normally set tables in my … [Read more...]

Adorable Bunny Napkin Fold: So Easy and Fast to Make!

Welcome to the 635th Metamorphosis Monday, a blog party sharing fabulous Before and Afters! I have the cutest bunny napkin fold to share with you! I remember seeing a similar fold years ago somewhere and last night I decided to see if I could recreate it from memory.   This has to be the easiest, fastest napkin fold to make! Seriously! It is so easy and takes just a few seconds to make. … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Napkin Fold Tutorial

Welcome to the 280th Tablescape Thursday! Two years ago, the day before Valentine's Day, I posted about a few Valentine's Day decorations in the guest room.  I decorated the foot of the bed with heart garland.   I placed a little teascape on a wicker tray along with a few sweet-scented daffodils cut from the garden.   For this cheerful tea setting, I created a cute, heart … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold Tutorial

Welcome to the 256th Metamorphosis Monday! I'm putting Met Monday up early since this next week is going to be super busy for us all. Also, this "Before and After" is something you may want to use for Christmas so figured getting it up today will give you a little more time to plan. This past week, I posted a Christmas tablescape with a Christmas-tree theme. Tablescape can be viewed here: Christmas … [Read more...]

Wide Ironing Boards Make Ironing Easier

Welcome to the 216th Metamorphosis Monday! Recently I made an upgrade most folks would probably not get too excited about, but I'm actually pretty excited!  While out shopping a couple of weeks ago, I found myself in the ironing board isle of a local home product store. Guess what I discovered?  Ironing boards come in wider sizes! Did  you know this?  I had absolutely no idea. I didn't buy an ironing … [Read more...]

4-Leaf Clover Napkin Fold for St. Patrick’s Day Table Setting

Last week for Tablescape Thursday, I shared a fun St. Patrick's Day table setting with a Shamrock Cookie Tree centerpiece.  If you missed that tablescape you'll find it here:  St. Patrick's Day Table Setting and you'll find the recipes for Shamrock cookies and icing here: Shamrock Sugar Cookies and Icing Recipes   The tablescape also included a napkin fold in the shape of a 4-leaf clover. … [Read more...]

Starfish Napkin Fold

Recently, for Tablescape Thursday, I posted a table setting with a beach/coastal feel.   That table setting also included a fun, easy-to-make starfish napkin fold.  Here are the super easy steps to creating this fun napkin fold.   Lay your napkin out on a flat surface, with it turned on the diagonal.   Fold the top corner down until it meets the lower … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Fold Tutorial

Recently, for Tablescape Thursday, I posted a Thanksgiving tablescape with the little ones in mind.     (Tablescape below can be viewed here:  A Thanksgiving Tablescape for the Kids) It included a fun turkey napkin fold.   Today I'm sharing a tutorial showing how it's made, in case you would like to incorporate it into your Thanksgiving table this year.     To create your turkey … [Read more...]

Napkin Fold Tutorial: The Butterfly

  Recently, I created a table setting with a butterfly napkin fold. (You can view this tablescape in detail here: Romantic Table Setting for Two.)   I used this same napkin fold again for this table setting which can be viewed in full here: Romantic Candlelight Table Setting.   This fold is super easy to create.  I think it looks especially nice when created with a napkin that … [Read more...]

Bunny Rabbit Napkin Fold: Great for Easter or a Springtime Tablescape

While we continue enjoying all the beautiful tablescapes posted for yesterday's Tablescape Thursday, here's a tutorial for the bunny napkin fold I used in this tablescape:  Easter Tablescape with Daisy Centerpiece and Bunny Napkin Fold.   All you need is a little ribbon and some small pom poms from the craft store and you'll be all set for Easter dinner.     This fold … [Read more...]

Sailboat Napkin Fold

This napkin fold is a great fold to create with a striped napkin but it will work with any pattern. I used a 20" square, blue and white striped napkin for this tutorial. Hope you enjoy this fun fold. It's a great one for summertime dining. Here's a second way to display this fold for a completely different look: You could even tuck a little surprise … [Read more...]

Napkin Folding Tutorial: Double Sails

This napkin fold is a great fold to create with a striped napkin. I used a 20" square, blue and white striped napkin for this tutorial. (Sorry about some of the pics looking kind of weird. I took these pics on the porch and the shadows were coming and going. The camera couldn't figure out where to focus with all those stripes.) For more napkin folding ideas, click … [Read more...]

Napkin Folding Tutorial: The Flower Basket

As you continue enjoying all the wonderful tablescapes linked for Tablescape Thursday, I thought I'd share another fun napkin fold. This one is called, The Flower Basket. It really helps if you use a napkin that is as square as possible. None of mine were perfectly square...but this one was pretty close. This fold looks especially pretty with a lace edged napkin. Happy Folding! :) Your finished … [Read more...]

Napkin Folding Tutorial: The Artichoke Fold

Here's one more napkin fold I think you'll enjoy. This one is called the artichoke and I've taken a lot of pics of the in-between stages. Don't let it scare you that there are so many pics...I figure the more pics, the better. I really like this one...can't wait to use it in a future tablescape. For more napkin folding ideas, click on … [Read more...]

Napkin Folding Tutorial: Triple Pocket Fold

While we continue visiting all the wonderful tablescapes posted for Tablescape Thursday, I have another fun little napkin fold to share with you today. This fold creates three pretty little pockets where you'll be able to tuck in flatware or place cards or flowers or even a little favor for your guests, if you like. Today, we are making the, Triple Pocket Fold. I didn't take time to press this napkin … [Read more...]

Pocket Fold Napkin Folding Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this summer tables setting for Tablescape Thursday. (You can see more pics of this tablescape here: Summertime Table Setting Tablescape with a Floral Centerpiece of Roses and Daisies.) Several folks expressed an interest in how this napkin fold is achieved. It's soooo're gonna love it. So, let's get started. By the way, if you have a napkin with a monogram or … [Read more...]

A Little Secret To Delight Your Dinner Guests

If you're like me, you rarely iron these days. I tend to iron a lot more in the spring/summer months since that's when I'm wearing a lot of cotton and linen clothing. It's perfect for those hot, balmy days and evenings here in the south. When it comes to ironing my tablecloths and napkins, I have a little secret I thought I'd share with you today. Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but I love to use scented linen … [Read more...]