Celebrating a Special New Year’s Eve with a Snowy, Star-filled Table Setting

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I’ve been working on a table to share this week but it’s not quite ready for prime time. Yesterday was my birthday so I gave myself the day off to relax and play a little. As you get older, seems like celebrating each birthday becomes a bit more important–know what I mean?

I’ll share in another post the two small birthday presents I gave myself this year. One was an item I missed out on when it was available in store and figured I’d never see it again. I was stunned when I spotted it at Fashionphile, my fave online store for purchasing pre-loved items. I’ll share it in an upcoming post in case it’s something you would enjoy seeing.


New Year’s Eve: Dining on a Snowy, Star-filled Night

A couple of weeks ago, Warren, whose tables I’ve shared here at BNOTP before, shared a special table he put together for New Year’s Eve. I loved it from the moment I saw it, then I read his inspiration for creating the table and loved it even more! I’ll let Warren describe this beautiful table for you.

Warren said, “At the end of each year, I ask my friends to select which of my tablescapes is their favorite. This year, their choice is the New Year’s Eve silver and blue tablescape.


“My inspiration for this tablescape came from a picture of a winter scene at night taken in February of 2019. A fluffy snow had fallen all day. In the evening the snow stopped, the wind was calm, the clouds parted, and a full moon shone brightly. The newly fallen snow, blue in the moonlight, looked like a sea of twinkling diamonds; it was magical. The first picture shows the sparkling snow but does not do justice to its brilliance.”


“Accordingly, I set out to capture the magic this winter night in my tablescape. A dark blue tablecloth served as my canvas.”


“A white table runner with snowflakes continued the theme.”


“I placed at the center three long stem globe candle holders, which provided the “moonlight” for the setting.”


“Supporting the tall candle holders was a wreath of silver ornaments topped with deep blue glass balls.”



“Translucent white and glistening ceramic trees, illuminated from the inside with strings of line lights, flanked the tall candle holders.”


“Tea candleholders were placed around the runner.”


Kathie, Warren’s lovely wife, recently found two flower-shaped holders. Warren said they “provided much twinkle and sparkle to the tablescape.”


Warren said, “Johnson Brothers “Blue Will0w” plates were placed on silver brocade chargers. The sterling silver flatware was made by Towle and was a wedding gift to my parents in 1929.”


“Dark blue napkins atop the plates sported silver Christmas tree napkin rings made by Lenox.”


“Most of the glassware is from Waterford’s Marquis Collection.”



“Sparkling white snowflakes were scattered around the table thereby reinforcing the nocturnal winter mood.”


“Finally, I added four “Snow Babies.” My mother had collected Snow Babies and had a large collection when she died twenty years ago.”


“My grand-niece was the recipient of most of the collection but I kept four, which we prominently display in our china cabinet at Christmas.”


“It seemed appropriate to include the Snow Babies as a symbol of rebirth provided by the New Year.”


Thanks so much to Warren and Kathie for sharing this stunningly beautiful New Year’s Eve table setting! I loved hearing the stories behind all the beautiful treasures Warren used to create this snowy, star-filled-night setting for a truly wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration.

New Year’s Eve has always been a special time, but this year, the start of the New Year seemed to hold even more significance than ever for so many of us. It’s been a very hard 2020 for so many families and even 2021 has seen a bit of a rocky start, but I know in my heart that it’s going to get better and that 2021 will truly be a year of rebirth, a fresh start.

I’m so looking forward to sharing this upcoming year with you, my dear friends! Much love and Happy New Year to you!


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Wow, this is gorgeous table setting and inspired by such beauty on top of it! Warren and Kathie did a great job with this table setting as it indeed reminds you of the moon shinning down on new fallen sparkly snow. Yes, it really does sparkle and Warren is right, the photo doesn’t capture the full beauty of it. I love everything about their table setting with the snow babies adding the perfect ending touch. Hugs, Brenda

  2. What a beautiful table! Thank you for sharing it with us. And Susan, Happy Birthday – it’s birthday season, so keep on celebrating.

  3. Warren has done it again – this is lovely and really does feel like a moonlight snow! So sweet that he has his mom’s snow babies too. No wonder it was a favorite! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and Happy Late Birthday!!

  4. Franki Parde says

    Warren & Kathi…this was totally an “Enchanted Evening” table/nitescape!!! Those are such beautiful lit trees!! I absolutely loved it..thanks for sharing w/ Susan, etc. franki

  5. Happy Birthday, Susan!! Thank you for taking time away from your special day to share such an exquisite tablescape. Every element is perfect for creating the atmosphere of the beautiful photo Warren shared. What a sight!
    Mother Nature can be quite astonishing…

  6. Snowflake281 says

    Another beautiful tablescape. I love the snowflake theme paired with the blue and silver colors. This table setting encourages me to layer my linens more often. I’m also noticing more and more the use of tabletop decorations that light up, which I think adds a feeling of warmth. Great job Warren.

  7. Dorinda Selke says

    Hey Susan ! Happy 2021 to you with hopes it brings you good health and much happiness. Happy Birthday too. Are you 29 again like me? I had to write and tell you also how beautiful the snowflake tablescape was. Who wouldn’t want to be invited to sit down at that beautiful and festive table? Hoping that you have an easy winter, cause the Polar Vortex is coming for us ! Hugs, Dorinda

  8. Barbara Robinson says

    I look forward to all your blogs. This particular table setting is one of my very favorites. Thank you for providing me and others with suggestions, ideas and stories of your family and of others; better than any magazine subscription. Happy Birthday!

  9. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday and spoiled yourself! Thanks for another lovely table setting. Always so nice to see all the creativity of folks out there, and I look forward to these posts.

  10. Tina W Reynolds says

    Happy Belated Birthday, Susan! Celebrating our birthdays IS important! And, is also a great excuse for having cake! Well, Warren and Kathie have set another lovely table. My mother has been gone for 13 years now, but everything about this table would have suited her perfectly. She would have loved every element. No wonder their friends voted for this table!

  11. Selma Kessler says

    Happy Birthday, Susan! I know what you mean about the importance of celebrating every birthday, especially as we get older! And thank you SO much for sharing Warren and Kathy’s table! Warren and Kathy, if you guys read this…you are “My People”! Susan, I SO wish I could have you, and some of the readers of this post for Tea someday. It could be a new sideline for you–Susan’s Traveling Tea’s! We could all commit to a fabulous tablescape and menu, and people could come from all over! Maybe that’s a pipe dream, but there really is nothing like sharing a beautiful table and equally beautiful food and tea with others who truly appreciate it. Oh! And off topic, I received a BEAUTIFUL Liberty Puzzle for Christmas! Didn’t you do a post about Liberty Puzzles? They are FABULOUS! AND thanks to you, I knew right where to order a puzzle board! 🙂 You’re the best!


  12. Happy Birthday, Susan! It was my son’s birthday too. I hope you had a lovely day. I can’t wait to see what treat you got yourself.

  13. This really is a pretty table. All of the elements blend together so well and the navy, white and silver combination looks lovely. And Warren, I want to thank you for providing quite a few pictures this time. Sometimes I think, I wish Warren would have taken more pictures, lol! Warren, if you see this, I’m curious to know and wonder if you’d tell us where you keep all your tablescaping goodies. Are you like Susan, with special cabinets built for your tablecloths, glassware, different dishes and so forth? You know, I think this is my favorite of your tables, as well. Beautiful. And thanks for sharing!

    • Oh, and happy belated birthday, Susan! Glad you took a day off. I hope it was relaxing.

    • warren giering says

      Hi Pam,

      In 2009, we built our house in Buxton, Maine. It provides us with one floor living with a huge great room (dining area/living room/entertainment center). On the second floor there is a guest room with a walk in closet. We use the closet to store our collection of tablecloths. There are two huge attic spaces over the great room and over the garage. We have rows of shelves in these spaces where we store all seasonal decorations and tablescaping items. warren

      • Thanks for answering, Warren. Sounds like you have plenty of space!

      • Warren, I just wanted to come back to say I loved that combination of navy, white and silver so much, I’m going to put together a winter tablescape of elements with those colors myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Warren and Kathleen Giering says

      Hi Pam,

      In 2009, we built our house in Buxton, Maine. It provides us with one floor living with a huge great room (dining area/living room/entertainment center). On the second floor there is a guest room with a walk in closet. We use the closet to store our collection of tablecloths. There are two huge attic spaces over the great room and over the garage. We have rows of shelves in these spaces where we store all seasonal decorations and tablescaping items. warren

  14. Beautiful table! It captures the essence of a snowfall at dusk – twinkling at us.
    And happy birthday Susan!

  15. Beautiful table! A very happy belated birthday to you, Susan. Hurry up and post your birthday gifts to yourself!

  16. First I wish you a Happy Birthday! The table design from Warren is just beautiful as well as his description of the snowfall inspiration. My mother as well collected Snowbabies , which I have. Usually they are displayed in a family room cabinet, but this holiday I didn’t have much heart for decorating. Next year I will certainly use them in my dining room as he did!

  17. Loved the star light feel of this tablescape. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Love this tablescape Warren & Kathie ! Johnson Brothers Blue Willow are my favorite dishes. Such a beautiful & formal way to use them. Like Pam I too am curious about how Warren stores all his tableware.
    Can’t wait to see your birthday presents Susan.

  19. What a BEAUTIFUL TABLE! I love how it was inspired too! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  20. Talk about sparkle! Love the use of a wreath in the centerpiece. Placing all the snowflakes here and there, even having a snow baby sit on one! The dark blue tablecloth really gets everything shinning.

    Happy belated birthday, Susan. Actually Happy birth month/year!

  21. Wow that was done so beautifully! Love the snowflakes on the table and the center arrangement was lovely! Definitely a table I’d enjoy gathering with others at!
    Happy Birthday and blessings to you for many more!

  22. Happy Birthday Susan ! May the year bring you wonderful memory making
    moments filled with joy & the knowledge your efforts in sharing are deeply appreciated.

  23. Happy Birthday Susan. Can’t wait to see what you gave yourself this year.
    Kathi, I think Warren is a keeper. Lovely tablescape !

  24. Beautiful table. It looks so peaceful

  25. Happy birthday Susan! Hope you had a wonderful day! Warren’s table is beautiful – I think he captured the essence of a beautiful snowfall. Thanks so much for sharing!

  26. Such a pretty and magical table setting, really love it.. Thanks for sharing..
    And yes Susan.. I want to see the birthday presents to yourself even though I know I’ll probably be pea green with envy!! Lololol… I always love the articles that you choose. ❤

  27. Cyndi Raines says

    Happy belated birthday to you Susan! Good health and best wishes for a wonderful year! Warren knocked it out of the park, awesome table. I have a collection of snowbabies and just love each one. Great addition to his already beautiful winter wonderland table! Maine is still on my bucket list of states to see. I was so disapppointed when covid cancelled our trip in June of 2020. Maybe this year!

  28. Bobbi Duncan says

    Happy belated birthday, Susan! Glad you took a bit of time for yourself to relax. Warren, I love your table setting , and the story behind it really adds to it’s charm. I cherish that look of a snowy evening, depicted perfectly on your table! Thanks for sharing it.

  29. I love Warren and Kathie’s table!

    Susan, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Happy belated wishes.

  30. Donna Nance says

    Happy belated birthday!

  31. Lisa Polinsky says

    One of my favorites! I do love an elegant table!!!

  32. Happy Birthday! I LOVE snowbabies! I have collected them since my son‘s birth, 1988. I love neutral colored things and they just look so beautiful displayed ..so classic. I even have the larger pieces with a wizard on a sleigh and polar bears pulling it! I think next Christmas I should do a Christmas themed table only with my snow babies with the fake snow you can sprinkle on the table. Kind of like what you did with your winter village table scape!

  33. Biodynamic Barb says

    Oh, I love that centerpiece! Is Warren willing to share where he got the globe candle holders?

    P.s. How lucky for Karen, that her husband is so creative!

  34. What a beautiful table. Love the navy with the snowflakes, so pretty. I adore the trees you used, so pretty and if I may ask where you found them? They added so much to your table as did the snow babies. It was just lovely and glad you have storage for all the great items you have!

    • warren giering says

      We purchased the trees at Home Goods many years ago. They originally came fitted with rather weak LED lights, which I removed so that I could place the string lights inside the trees.

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