Autumn-Fall Table with a Woolly Throw Tablecloth and a Cozy Pumpkin Centerpiece

Welcome to the 628th Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions.

Hope you like a lot of photos because this post has a bunch! Last week we were chatting in the comments about using throws as tablecloths. I love that look, especially for a fall or winter tablescape. I need to do a round-up sometime soon of tables I’ve created in the past where a throw was used as a tablecloth, I think that would be a fun post.

Along that theme, this week I pulled out one of my woolliest throws to use as a tablecloth for this week’s Tablescape Thursday. I paired it with a very woolly pumpkin centerpiece for this autumn-inspired table. I draped another woolly throw over the arm of each chair because who doesn’t want to be warm and cozy while dining! 😉

Throw Tablecloth for Autumn Table


It was late in the day when I took these photos so my lighting was changing by the moment. It’s kind of interesting and fun to see how different the table looks from different angles and in different lighting. The lighting really does affect how a table feels!

Candlelit Woodsy Table with Woolly Throw Tablecloth


This photo most accurately shows the colors in this table setting. The throw I’m using is still available here: Woolly Throw.

Woolly Tablecloth for an Autumn Table


Between Naps On The Porch Autumn Table


An acorn tureen filled with a warm, hearty soup would be a great start to this autumn dinner. I found these acorn soup tureens in Williams Sonoma many years ago and purchased them in two colors: brown and gold. For this table, I used both colors for a bit of added interest.

Cabin, Lodge Dining, Leaf Plates, Acorn Tureen


PB has acorn soup tureens this year in a muted cream color here: Acorn Soup Tureens.


The grapevine chargers were from Crate and Barrel, if I’m remembering correctly. I could be wrong about that, it’s been so long since I added those to my charger collection, it’s hard to remember now. I found some that are very similar and reasonably priced here: Grapevine Chargers.

Acorn Soup Tureens by B. Eigler


I love the whimsy of David Carter Brown dishware. This pattern is called Country Lodge.

Moose Crossing Plate, David Carter Brown, Autumn Table Setting


The set features four different scenes, but for this table, I’m only using two of the patterns: the Moose Crossing plates…

Autumn Fall Table Setting, Red Candlesticks


…and the Pine Lodge plates. The autumn leaf dinner plates are from Pier 1 many years ago.

Cabin Dining Table Setting, Woolly Throw Tablecloth_wm


I couldn’t make up my mind which napkin rings I like best, so I used two different kinds in this table setting. My sweet friend, Linda, gave me these adorable deer napkin rings many years ago.

Update: I had a question about the red flatware I used in this table. I don’t rememer where I purchased it now, it may have been from Amazon, although I don’t see it there now. I did find it on sale here for what looks like a great price: Red Flatware.

Deer Napkin Rings, Red Velvet Edged Napkins


For two of the place settings, I used these rustic acorn ornaments tied around the napkin with a red ribbon. I went a little crazy and layered three napkins (plaid, leaf and red-velvet edged) instead of my normal two. The red, velvet-edged napkins are from Pier 1 many years ago. I can’t remember where the leaf and plaid napkins were from—probably HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning or Marshalls, if I had to guess.

Acorn and Ribbon Napkin Rings, Red Flatware, Red Velvet Edged Napkins


I couldn’t decide if I like the contrast of the lighter colored throw or not, so later in the evening I removed everything from the table and used a different throw in a more muted taupe color.

Autumn Table with Acorn Soup Tureens


What do you think, which throw do you like better?

The pumpkin centerpiece felt like it needed something so I added a pretty ribbon around the top.

Fall Autumn Table with Woolly Pumpkin Centerpiece


I really liked how that looked…wish I had thought of it earlier. That’s a good little tip for when you’re planning a dinner party: if possible, set your table a few days in advance. When you see your table with fresh eyes the next day, you may instantly think of something you want to add or change.




A couple of photos taken this morning in natural light coming in through the windows. Natural light is always the best! This woolly pumpkin is from here: Woolly Pumpkin.

I purchased it in three sizes/colors and the others just arrived a couple of days ago. Looking forward to using them in my fall decor this year.

Cozy Pumpkin Centerpiece for Table


Hope you enjoyed this autumn table! Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Autumn Table in Red, Brown, Taupe


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  1. That is such a great cozy table Susan! I like both the throws, but the taupe one is extra super cozy! I’d love to see a round up of throws as tablecloths – that would be so fun. I just love all the texture you’ve got going here. Thanks a ton for your weekly inspiration! Happy Thursday!

  2. Such a creative idea! (And btw, those flowered boots were/are incredible!)


    • Thanks so much, Wendy! I love those silly boots so much! lol I wore them once while shopping in Atlanta and got so many compliments on them. They are definitely unique. Ha! I need to pull them out and wear them some this fall on a non-rainy day.

  3. Susan, I should have guessed that your PB pumpkin “pillow” would make a table appearance. I think it makes a wonderful centerpiece, and I like the bow. The table just says autumn and does bring to mind warm soup and freshly made bread, yummm. I like the double napkins, the plaid is so fall inspired but it is enhanced by the bordered napkins. I like both throws but I would not want anyone to splash soup on them! Glad you are feeling better and it is so lovely to have a new tablescape from you. MM

    • Thanks, Marie! It’s great to be back home after bring away for over two months. I miss my grandsons but it feels great sleeping in my own bed again and playing with my dishes. lol
      I know, that’s a good point! At least they are washable. 🙂
      Hope you are enjoying some beautiful fall weather!

  4. Susan Waters says

    Lovely table! What brand are the pillar candle holders? TIA!

    • Thanks, Susan! They don’t have a brand name on them. I found those on sale in Hobby Lobby about 9-10 years ago. I was just thinking that it’s been a year or two since I even visited a HL, I really need to do that!

  5. In my book any textile can be used on a table. Your throw works!

  6. Beautiful and inspirational fall tablescapes! The textures and colors of the pumpkin, chargers, and dishes are beautiful! I think I like the taupe one better. Thank you!

  7. The table setting is looking wooly warm. I think the French Onion Soup is going to be delicious. Every thing will be beautiful and tasty.

  8. I have been admiring your red flatware for some time now. Can you tell me where it came from and will you get credit if I order and mention your Blog?

    • I can’t remember now if I purchased that on Amazon or somewhere else, I was thinking I bought it on Amazon but I don’t see it there now. The only place I see it right now is here: .
      It’s currently on sale and that does look like a great price.
      You are so sweet to ask that, Patti! Sometimes I’ll use an affiliate link when linking out to a product, if that company supports that and then I get a very small commission for linking to the item. It just depends if that company participates in an affiliate program.

  9. The textures and layering adds tons of depth and coziness to your table.

  10. franki parde says

    These are always SO fun AND informative!! I luv “unusual” table coverings, and have used everything fro m artificial turf grass, oriental carpet runners, pine boughs, Autumn leaves…decisions, decisions. franki

  11. Snowflake281 says

    I think that this tablescape might be one of my favorites. As long as we’re voting for which table covering is preferred, my vote goes to the faux sheepskin throw. What a great idea! And I love, love, love the added throws draped over the chairs. If you’re entertaining & one of your guests needs that extra bit of warmth, what better way to accommodate them; they can just drape it over their shoulders or perhaps their lap. Nice touch adding the ribbon onto the pumpkin too. So cozy. Good job.

    • Aww, thanks! I love the soft furriness of that throw…really feels cozy.
      Oh, I love the picture you just painted, I could so see that, especially in a beautifully paneled dining room with a roaring fire nearby. I would love to have a dining room with a fireplace!

  12. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Beautiful table settings Susan! I love the first throw for a wintery setting as it looks like deep, thick snow to me. Also is more cozy for a colder table setting. The second one is perfect for fall to me. Light weight but still warm and cozy. I am so loving your PB pumpkin “pillow” on the table setting! If that makes any sense! lol Both are stunning though and I love a throw on each chair. So cozy! A round up of table settings using throws would be so fun. Hugs, Brenda

    • Oh, I see that! It does make me think of snow! I like your idea of the faux fur one for a winter setting and the taupe one for fall.
      Thanks, Brenda! I’ve been having fun with these pumpkin “pillows.” They have been roving around the house the last two days, you never know where they will turn up! 😉

  13. Thank you so much for hosting! This week I am excited to share how I am styling my fall table and a collected fall tablescape! Hope you are having a great week and staying healthy!

  14. Your “pillow” pumpkin is a perfect centerpiece for these warm and cozy tables. I think the 2nd throw appeals to me the most but they are both lovely. And the bow on the pumpkin is just the extra touch it needed.

  15. Barbara Harris says

    I love the 2nd throw best. The glasses look more stable on it. You make the best photographs. I never have to wonder what is there that I cannot see. Look forward to your post. I really hope you are feeling better.

    • That’s a good point, they probably are a bit more stable…less fluff!
      Thanks, Barbara! The lighting is always a challenge in this room, but I try to put you there as much as possible.

  16. Love the cozy tablescape and the pumpkin looks so huggable! Thanks Susan!

  17. Linda Nixon says

    Just received my La Maison plate in such a short time. Absolutely love it.

    Thank you for guiding to the link. BTW your tablescape today is so pretty. But I have never seen one that wasn’t that you have shared. Keep think I will delete some after reading but can’t do it.

    • Wow, that was fast! I’m so glad you were able to get it and glad it arrived safely. I love that dish pattern soooo much!
      Aww, thanks Linda! Appreciate that so much!

  18. Your table is beautiful and very inviting! I would love to sit and have some soup with you at that table setting. I love the wooly throw. I also use scarves to put on my tables. I always look at the end of the season to see what will go on my table next year. Thank you for your inspiration.

  19. I love using throws. For your table, I like the taupe throw best. I’ve used throws with high texture and they’re really not as stable for glassware, so that’s the test for me. Overall, I love the table!

    • That’s true…a bit more tricky with the more plush throws.
      Thanks, Rita!
      I bet you guys are starting to see some fall color. I haven’t really noticed any around here yet.

  20. Oh, my, Susan, I LOVE this table. It is cozy and welcoming ; with all the warmth that a fall tablescape promises. Partial to the taupe throw, but either works well. Your David Carter Brown dishware makes me smile! What a treat it would be to be seated at this table! Bravo!

    • Thanks so much, Rosie! I’m really starting to get in the mood for some autumn tables now.
      Isn’t David Carter Brown’s dishware the most fun! I wonder if he is still drawing and producing beautiful patterns. Fortunately, we can still find it on eBay.
      Happy Autumn to you!

  21. For the fall, the second (taupe) throw. Save the fluffy one (first one) for a winter table. However, it might be that you need to use heavier weighted drinking glasses for balance and to offset the fluff.

  22. Lovely fall table, Susan! I’m a fan of using throws on the table and on the chairs, expecially when we dine alfresco in the fall. It’s a perfect touch for a cozy evening. Yes, please do a recap of posts you’ve shared using your throws. I may do the same. Happy October!

    • That would be so perfect for an outdoor dinner in the fall. I can just see a big roaring fire in an outdoor fireplace nearby…dreaming now! My friend, Marie has the perfect set up for that at her home. Maybe I should set a table on her outdoor table sometime…there’s a fireplace just a few feet away.
      Happy Autumn, Sarah!

  23. I like both throws, but I think I like the taupe one better. And I’m with Rita in that wine glasses may be a bit tippy on the wooly/sherpa throw, unless the glasses are really heavy. But, really, both are beautiful! The DCB plates are adorable!

  24. Cyndi Raines says

    Ohhh, love this super cozy setting! I agree that the white one looks great for winter and the carmel /taupe one for fall. Are we having traditional chili or white bean chicken chili!? Hehe. I enjoy both and really like having the additional throw ready to warm up my lap if need be. I love your fuzzy pumpkin! Many years ago our Hallmark store was selling velvet pumpkins and I couldn’t resist. I have a gold one and an orange one and still love them after all these years. The ribbon added that extra touch. Well done! Happy Fall!

    • Let’s go for chili, that sounds really good! Ohhh, velvet pumpkins sound beautiful! I bet those feel wonderful to touch. Happy Fall to you, Cyndi!

  25. I love your David Carter Brown Country Lodge plates. All the different scenes (Moose Crossing, Pine Lodge and Cabins Campground, Hand Carved Decoys) are so very heartwarming and cozy. I would love to find them(esp the Hand Carved Decoys plates as my husband actually does collect wooden antique hand carved decoys). I am not very computer savy, but I did try ebay and replacements unlimited with no luck. Do you have a suggestion or a specific link where you have seen them. Your advice would be appreciated ( You always seem to be so great at locating things ! ).

    • I found my set on eBay several years ago. That’s the best place to keep an eye out that I can think of. You can actually set up an alert on eBay so they’ll notify you via email if any get listed. I bet some will eventually. Hope you that happens soon, Gail!

  26. Your table settings are such that I would love to be there,enjoying great conversation. I really liked the second throw on the table; it looked so rich and brought it all together . I truly enjoy your blog; you are so down-to-earth and a very welcoming read!

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