A Patriotic Celebration Table Setting

Welcome to the 147th Tablescape Thursday!

A Table Setting for the 4th of July-Independence Day

Happy Tablescape Thursday! I’ve been working on a couple of 4th of July table settings and having the best time! A table setting for Independence Day is so much fun to put together since it’s all about celebration and love for our country.

Patriotic Tablescape With PinWheel Centerpiece


Time to break out the Red, White and Blue! This table setting is similar to this 4th of July table setting from a couple of years back, but with some fun changes and a few new twists. (Click on any picture to ENLARGE it, two clicks will REALLY enlarge it. Just click the “back” arrow to return because clicking”x” will close the post.)

4th of July Table Setting and Decorating Ideas


The centerpiece was an easy one to make. I used a tall, metal container I already had and filled it about half way up with kitty litter. I added lots of pinwheels, all sizes and heights, along with a silver star. I tied a wide red, white and blue, grosgrain ribbon around the container for a final touch.

4th of July Table Setting and Decorating Ideas


It just dawned on me…wouldn’t it be fun to tuck some of those tall, skinny fireworks in among the pinwheels. Ummm, filing that idea away for next year.   You’ll find a detailed tutorial for making this 4th of July centerpiece in this post: 4th of July Centerpiece Table Decoration.


The breezes on the porch had some of the pinwheels spinning like crazy.

4th of July Table Setting and Decorating Ideas




Another view…


I’ve been itching to use the little lawn chair votive candle holders as cupcake holders again like I did in a previous 4th of July tablescape in 2009. (2009 Tablescape can be viewed here: 4th of July Table with Flag Centerpiece)


This time around, instead of topping the cupcakes off with flags, I added a little excitement with fireworks!


4th of July Table Setting and Decorating Ideas


The icing was made using a recipe my Mother-in-Law always made for her coconut cake. You’ll find the recipe for this yummy Seven Minute Icing here: Seven Minute Icing.



I wanted to keep this table setting casual, so no chargers. I also wanted to keep it airy and open so the bright colors would contrast against the white of the table. Flatware is by Hampton Forge and available here: Hampton Forge Argent Sophia


Sometimes I don’t like to explain my “thinking” behind a table setting. It feels like it distracts from the enjoyment of seeing it. lol But, it occurred to me, you might like to know why I made some of the choices I did for this table setting.


This is a very inexpensive tablescape to create. The white Gibson china was only $29.99 from Big Lots for six, 6-pc place settings. (I’m only using the dinner plates from that huge set in this tablescape.) The salads were $2.99 each from HomeGoods. The glassware works out to be .66 cents each since the Ball canning jars are $7.99 a dozen. The flatware was around $25 from either Tuesday Morning or Marshalls. Napkins are hand towels from Dollar Tree, so only $1 each. The pinwheels were all very inexpensive, including the little ones on the glasses that were just 3 for $1. This year, I already had everything except the ribbon, soda, ice cube trays and a few of the pinwheels. By mixing and matching, you can create a “new” 4th of July table setting each year without breaking the ole budget. Save your money for the good stuff…the FOOD! 🙂


The Ball “crystal stemware” 😉 was perfect for this playful 4th of July table setting.


I added a bit of ribbon around the top, along with colorful mints and pinwheels for some extra fun. If you don’t want to use the little mints, you could add almost any type patriotic trinket to the ribbon…stars would be cute. I used three different patterns of ribbon: red with stars; red, white and blue with stars and red gingham. I couldn’t make up my mind which I liked best, so I just used them all.

4th of July Table Setting and Decorating Ideas


What better for our Red, White and Blue celebration than Blueberry Soda!


I tucked raspberries and blueberries into star shaped ice cube trays


In the past I’ve used flowers like lavender and dianthus as seen in THIS post, but today’s table setting called for red, white and blue. You can see the star shape looking down into the glass.


I love how the fruit looks down inside the glasses.


It looks especially pretty through the frosty sides of the glass.


The fruit-filled, star-shaped, ice cubes would be great with lemonade. You would still be able to see the cubes more clearly with lemonade. Just thinking out loud. 😉


A view down the length of the table…


It’s beginning to get dark, time for a little candlelight.


4th of July Table Setting and Decorating Ideas


Do you have special plans for the 4th? Cooking out? Going to the lake? Hanging out around the pool? I’d love to hear what you’ll be up to this Independence Day.

4th of July Table Setting and Decorating Ideas


Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful tablescapes linked for this Tablescape Thursday!

Patriotic Tablescape With PinWheel Centerpiece
To view additional 4th of July tablescapes click on the heading “Holiday” at the top of this blog and scroll down to the 4th of July category.  Or, just visit these two links: 4th of July, 2010 and 4th of July, 2009.

Dinner Plates: Gibson china, Big Lots, 2-3 years ago
Red Salad Plates: Marshalls, 2-3 years ago
Glassware: Ball Canning Jars, Walmart, this year
Flatware: Available here: Hampton Forge Argent Sophia
Napkins: Handtowels from Dollar Tree, 2-3 years ago
Chair Votive Holders used as Cupcake Servers: Ole Time Pottery, 2-3 years ago
Pinwheels and Mints: Hobby Lobby, some from a few years ago, the little ones purchased this year
Ribbon: Michaels and Hobby Lobby
Blueberry Soda: TJ Maxx
Star Ice Cube Trays: Michaels, this year. I saw them at Dollar Tree recently, too.

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  1. Jacqueline says

    What a fabulous table. I really need to step it up for the 4th I can see! Everything is so pretty and festive. I love the little lawn chairs.

    Thanks as always, for the wonderful party. I am glad to be home and to be able to participate.

  2. What a fun table, Susan, with the pinwheels and cupcakes in lawn chairs! Very festive, indeed!

  3. This is so festive! I love the pinwheels for a centerpiece. My favorite part of all is the cupcake idea on the little chairs. That's just adorable!

  4. Yvonne @ StoneGable says

    Susan, this table is so full of wonderful inspiration!
    Patriotic and American~ my favorite.
    I love that you have used some element from years past, and put a whole new "spin" (haha) on it! That is the brilliance of tablescaping. Making the same things look different!
    And this table is fresh and red, white and blue fabulous!
    Thanks for hosting TT!
    xo Yvonne

  5. Susan (My Place to Yours) says

    Debbie took the word right out of my mouth: ADORABLE is definitely what those little chairs are! And I'm headed to DT first thing in the morning to look for star ice cube trays! Thanks for the info. Such a fun and festive table!

  6. Splenderosa says

    Susan, you're so far ahead of the rest of us. Gorgeous ! Happy Birthday to the USA.

  7. On Crooked Creek says

    What a festive tablescape! I adore those little retro lawn chairs!!! I never heard of Blueberry Soda before…too cute! Those cutie star cubes with frozen berries, very cleaver, dear!!! You definitely have put me in a festive spirit! Thank you for a delightful post!

  8. Beverly@southernhomesweethome says

    That table is great! Love the center piece. Those chairs w/ cupcakes are cute as they can be.

  9. Maggie @ Midwestern {Sewing} Girl says

    What a GORGEOUS table you created! I had to go back and read the beginning of the post twice because I thought the first photos were from a magazine! Holy crow! That's your house?!?!?! Just gorgeous…really, really beautiful…

  10. Red, white and blue just makes a great table. Yours is wonderful and I think I like the pinwheels most of all. Thanks for hosting TT.

  11. Fun, festive table, Susan. I like the simplicity of everything on that white table and the berries in the ice cubes. Clever! You are inspiring me to get my patriotic decor down from the attic and start seeing a little red, white, and blue around here. 😉
    ~ Sarah

  12. niartist says

    Thank you Susan for letting me link up to your party! 🙂 I love your 4th of July table! 🙂 You're so creative, and those cupcakes look DE-licious! 🙂

  13. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    what a darling star spangled table you've set for us! I love the pinwheels.

  14. A Perfect Setting says

    Hi Susan, your fourth tablescape is so fun and festive! I think the soda is adorable, and the cupcakes are very cute. I liked reading your post about kitty litter as well. Our cat doesn't like staying in the house much, so we have her box and bed in the garage. We keep it cracked during the day, but close it at night to keep the wild animals out. Anyway, your white table really makes the red white and blue pop!

  15. Jeannine says

    This is a smashing table! I would love to come and sit and eat and talk all evening! Thanks for continuing to host Tablescape Thursday.

  16. The Tablescaper says

    I remember your using the lawn chairs before. They're quite lovely. I'm so glad you're using them again. It's always great to see one of your tablescapes.

    – The Tablescaper

  17. FABBY'S LIVING says

    Oh Susan, you're so creative, my goodness! I love the cupcakes with the lawn chairs, so darn cute! God, I have to get moving on the 4th., like right away!! I'm loving this patrotic table so much!! Lots of hugs. FABBY

  18. Kathysue says

    Susan this is so adorable and festive. It looks as if anyone that got to sit at your table would have a wonderful time, kathysue

  19. carolinajewel says

    Lovely table Susan! I used pinwheels and fireworks for my Flag Day table also. I posted Mikasa Modern Butterfly instead of the Flag Day table tonight since I just got it! I love how you mixed things you already had to have a "new" Fourth of July table!

  20. Diann @ The Thrifty Groove says

    What a fun and cheery table Susan!

  21. Mary Ellen says

    What a fun tablescape!!So festive and patriotic!

  22. The most ADORABLE tablescape ever!! I love it. So pretty and festive yet comfortable. Thanks for sharing! Jima

  23. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking says

    Wow this table looks awesome! It really does look so festive and I love the little rocking chairs to hold the cupcakes!

  24. Susan
    Love the cupcake holders and the pin wheels. I think I may have to make a run HB. I start celebrating the 4th with Flag Day (it was birthday) red, white and blue are one of my favorite way to decorate.

  25. Lady Katherine says

    adore the chairs, centerpiece is darling, just love the fruit in the ice. Wonderful Tablescape as always!

  26. What a happy tablescape! So colorful and whimsical… Love it! Especially like the pinwheels and little metal chairs – such fun touches. You are the best, my friend!

  27. Great British colours red, white and blue. I am sure you saw lots of flags etc.. on British TV when the Royal wedding was happening with the street parties. Hoping again next year for the Queens Diamond celebrations of 60 years on the throne. They are such cheery colours and your table looks wonderful and very American! Have a great 4th July from Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  28. I love this lavish fourth of July tablescape. Its great you did this in time for everyone to take away some great ideas for our own celebrations. I love the pinwheels and ribbon for the centerpiece and those little chairs with the cupcakes, just fabulous. How much fun to see everyone's faces light up to see this table, children and grown ups. I love it! Thanks for sharing this holiday table and for hosting your fabulous party.

    The French Hutch

  29. Beautiful tablescape! My mouth is watering for 7 Minute Frosting….it's my favorite! My birthday is next week and now I might just have to bake myself a cake with 7-Minute frosting!!!

  30. As always Susan you have such fun and festive ideas! I just need your porch to pull this look off!-AND your dish closet 😉

    We used to spend the 4th at my brother in law's home because July 4th is his birthday but as our sons have grown-well, you know how it is; they have things to do. I might have to just livin' up our table this year with your cute ideas.

    Thanks for such beautiful and clear pictures so I can check all the details! Now, I'm off to read your MIL's icing story.

    From Virginia

  31. Wow, Susan you really know how to throw a party….this is absolutely stunning! (As always)
    Thanks for hosting too!

  32. Heidiopia says

    Just fabulous! 'Nuff said. 🙂

  33. Crystal @ Ordinary Days says

    Such a fun and festive table. I LOVE pinwheels!

  34. Okay, I am in a festive mood now! Such a fun and beautiful tablescape. There are 2 other things about this post that I really like. I have only been following you since the fall, and I like your links back to your previous posts for similar ideas or themes. I could probably find them by searching, but I appreciate that you do the work for me. I also love that you convey to your readers the idea that beautiful tablescapes come in a wide range of styles and budgets and use a variety of elements from the very elegant to the very simple. Thanks for keeping this blog very real and displaying the kind of beautiful that real people seek to achieve.

  35. Okay, I am in a festive mood now! Such a fun and beautiful tablescape. There are 2 other things about this post that I really like. I have only been following you since the fall, and I like your links back to your previous posts for similar ideas or themes. I could probably find them by searching, but I appreciate that you do the work for me. I also love that you convey to your readers the idea that beautiful tablescapes come in a wide range of styles and budgets and use a variety of elements from the very elegant to the very simple. Thanks for keeping this blog very real and displaying the kind of beautiful that real people seek to achieve.

  36. So adorable! Thanks for all your hard work. I buy all kinds of decorative items and then I'm too lazy to drag it all out. I either need to start decorating or quit buying. LOL!

    Susan, I could not help but notice that you have MY pot…..the one the water is simmering in for the icing. I have a whole set of this cookware. It belonged to my parents and must be forty years old at least. Do you know anything about it? It sure jumped out at me when I saw you were cooking with MY pot. HA! FYI, we recently remodeled a kitchen in an old lake home we bought and I chose an induction cooktop. Low and behold my parents' old beloved cookware is induction compatible. Yippee!!!

    Thanks for sharing with us. I enjoy your blog so very much.

  37. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Tobe, You may be right about it being the same kind. I was somewhere between the ages of 9 and 11 when my Dad bought this cookware. I remember it because it was very expensive cookware, but he emphasized how extremely well-made it was. After my parents passed away when I was in college, my sister inherited the cookware and used it for many years. After she bought another set of cookware, she passed it on down to me. I had "Revereware" as a new bride, but I prefer this over it. It's my main cookware now. On the back, it says: Pluramelt, Flavorseal by Cory, Zirconium, Stainless Steel.
    Wow, I just looked it up and apparently the handles are Bakelite. I've never put it in the dishwasher…glad I didn't now. After all these years, apparently it still goes for a decent price…check out this site: http://www.classickitchensandmore.com/refurbished-flavorseal-cory-stainless-13-pc-skillet-saucepan-set-p-4595.html My set has the egg poacher thingy, a dutch oven, 3 (small med. and Lg) pots and a small and large frying pan…and all the lids for everything. I think that's all of it. Oh, and it has the double boiler insert you saw. It still cooks great after all these years. Tobe, do you like yours? I've never used any other type of cookware, other than the Revereware so not sure how it compares to what's available now. I think my Dad would be amazed and proud to see his 54 year old daughter cooking on cookware he bought when she was around 10 years old. 🙂

  38. Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures says

    Susan how cute is everything!!! I love those little chairs!

    And the Ball crystal stemware. to die for!!!!

  39. Those are great pinwheels! Just makes you happy seeing them. Especially with a breeze. Love the idea about the ice cubes too. Always like to know your thoughts. Many blessings. Marlis

  40. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Jodi, thanks so much for your comment. You made my day because I'm always hoping you're finding what you need and want when you are here visiting. I'll be sure to keep including the links. Thanks so much for that input!
    Last night I gathered all the 4th of July posts I could remember having done and I placed inks to them in a group on the sidebar. 🙂

  41. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Jane, I know you are just wishing you could afford such "elegant" stemware. 😉 lol

  42. lulumusing says

    You could not have done this table any better, especially since you are serving my favorite soft drink, blueberry soda. I just had one this week with a perfect lobster roll!

  43. What a beautiful porch!

  44. bluebird1959 says

    I just don't think your table could be any cuter! I have to admit, I am totally copying your idea with the pinwheels – found some similar to yours at WalMart this morning for 97 cents each. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  45. Dannyelle says

    What a beautiful table! As a Canadian we don't do the forth, but I loved your cupcakes on the chairs with the sparkly topers! And…they looked so yummy. Thanks for hosting what's always a great party!

  46. Veronica says

    Hi Susan! This is my first Tablescape as i am a new blogger! This is so wonderful and fun your table. Love it!!! Also have enjoyed some of the other bloggers tables. Thanks for the inspiration and hosting! Loved it to join in.


  47. This table is perfect, without being too fussy! Love the ball jars, pinwheels, and those cute little lawn chairs. Thank you for hosting.


  48. Anonymous says

    This table setting rivals anything in a magazine! In fact it's better, because it's real life. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Trish - Sweetology101 says

    WOW…I think I have to pick up my jaw from the floor! THe little cupcakes on the little chairs were too much…I let out a squeal!!!! I am linking up a special cupcake design for Father's Day..I know it is not a pretty table but if someone has not seen the Team Hoyt video it is so worth the time to be inspired and touched by this father and son. Blessings to you.

  50. poppilinnstudios says

    How festive! I love the tiny lawn chairs! Makes me want to plan a party!

  51. Catherine says

    I love your idea of putting fruit in the ice cube tray. I will definitely be trying that this summer. Love the tablescape, I love how patriotic it is (wish us Brits got as excited about our country!)

  52. sensitivecreations says

    Hey Susan! This is Sharkara, I have been visiting your blog every now and then and have also been part of your Metamorphosis Mondays, but never before could leave a comment, Your's is a very striking and inspiring blog and of course thanks for the link parties. They give very good platform to the newbies like me.

    Take care

  53. Richard Cottrell says

    I love you're table setting and porch decor, makes me want to have a 4th of July party. Would love to find some of those pin wheels. Thanks for sharing, your link will not let me join, so I just have to set on the side and enjoy. Richard at My Old Historic House

  54. Sizzle and Zoom says

    This is a WONDERFUL tablescape. It is blowing me away that you purchased everything from places like Big Lots, TJ Maxx, Walmart, Michael's and Tuesday Morning. I have been to all of these and never had anything look like this when I was tablescaping for dinner parties.

  55. Paula Jo @ Home Decor Accents says

    What a beautiful table for the 4th of July. It looks like alot of work, but I'm going to at least come up with a few of the items here for our table. Just so darn cute, and so festive!!

  56. Susan, yes indeed we have twin pots seperated at birth. LOL! The markings are the same on my cookware. I KNEW it was the same…..cause for a split second I thought "what's Susan doing with my pot?" I am 55 and can't remember when my mom got this set, but it's all I really ever recall them having. My mom died in 1980 at the age of 58. She had a prolonged illness but took the time to teach my dad how to cook before she died. My sweet daddy continued to cook with these pots till 2006 when he died at the age of 92. I always knew I would keep and treasure the set. I love it and I can certainly say that they don't make em like this anymore. I was beyond thrilled when I realized they were induction compatible because so many lines are not. Like you, I think my parents would be happy to see me still using and enjoying this cookware. God Bless our parents!

  57. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Anonymous…thanks sooo much! XO

  58. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Tobe, it really cooks so evenly, doesn't it? I love the look of copper but this cooks so well, I can't justify changing. It's heavy as all get out, isn't it? I think I remember my Dad saying it had a stainless steel core or something weird like that. Whatever it is, it was supposed to make it cook evenly. You couldn't dent this stuff if you tried. lol

  59. Pattie @ Olla-Podrida says

    Fabulous table! I love the mason jars with the patriotic ribbon, the great berry-studded, star-shaped ice cubes, and the cupcakes with the "fireworks." Perfect!

    I thought of you when I got word that my hanging bottle tree has shipped (you can see it at atwestend.com). I'm so excited! It will take the place of my much beloved Chinese man birdhouse that was a victim of the recent tornado.

    Beautiful table, as always!

  60. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Pattie, Thanks so much! Love the bottle tree…it's adorable! Will you use blue bottles, too? I love the blue.

  61. tammylovesdishes says

    I just love a red, white and blue tablescape! Your pinwheels are so sweet; I'm now on the lookout for some of these.

    The canning jars are perfect glasses for this table. And the sweet berry- studded star-cubes are adorable.

  62. What a festive table! I love the crispness of red, white, and blue. Enamelware has always been a favorite of mine, too! (Oh, a rhyme!!) 🙂

  63. Cottage Rose says

    I so enjoy your table settings,, how fun is this one… I will be right over for dinner.. *wink* you are so clever and talented…


  64. Renee @ where the grass is greener says

    I love this setting! Where do you get the pinwheels? Please tell me it's a chain store so I can get some , too!!!

  65. Momma Button says

    Susan, I am in love with this one! I especially love the mason jars. How very simple yet festive. I just may copy this one.

  66. Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio says

    Wonderful tablescape, Susan. You really made me excited to decorate for the 4th of July. I love red, white and blue. My favorite part of your tablescape are those little chairs. Just so cute. I'm going to dig out the RW&B tomorrow.
    So much inspiration, I can't stand it.

  67. The chair votives! Love them!

  68. Louisette says

    What a fabulous table.Congratulations for nice ideas

  69. Slim Paley says

    Oh- what a fun table and post! I've just discovered your blog through Vignette Design. I will take some time to look through all these great links- I LOVE great tablescapes!
    I have never done a proper 4th of July themed table yet, but I might be tempted this year, it being the year I'm finally applying for my U.S. Citizenship 🙂

    PS. your porch looks GORGEOUS

  70. Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques says

    Oh my gosh. I am in awe of your tablescape!!!!! Great ideas… the colors just pop. Great job. Inspiring! I love decorating for the fourth!

  71. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Thanks! I've had the little chair votive holders a couple of years. I haven't seen them online…they are perfect for cupcakes. 🙂 Hopefully someone will make them again.

  72. What an adorable tablescape for the Fourth of July! We love how you have replaced the use of traditional crystal glassware with mason jars. The lawn chair votive holders are too cute. Do you think they are available anywhere online?

  73. Sincerely Retro says

    Please stop by my Patriotic linky party and enter all your Patriotic posts. They are breathtaking. How I wish I had the gift of decorating especially during this time when we honor our wonderful, beautiful, awesome country. I can now look your ideas and try to do the same. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  74. iSavor the Weekend says

    Last post (from SincerelyRetro) was under my other blog :\ So sorry. But I mean every word 🙂

  75. Susan,
    The big versions of the chairs holding the cupcakes are my passion. It was so much fun to see how you used the little replicas to such sweet advantage. Very original.

  76. Valerie Jones says

    Love, love, love it! The chairs/votive holders are absolutely adorable. Where could I find those?

    Thanks for sharing………

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