Favorite Finds, Free Monogramming and an Ingenious Device

It happens almost every year here in Georgia,one of those strange weeks when you would swear spring has arrived. The daffodils are poking their little heads up out of the ground and the temps actually reached the 70’s on the porch today. I just checked and the low for tonight is 63 degrees! Crazy, but I’m loving it!

It won’t be long before the porch will be back in business. It’s needs a good vacuuming and a thorough wipe down, though. Then the pollen will descend and undo all my cleaning, as it does every year. lol Oh well, I can live with pollen since green, leafy trees and beautiful flowers soon follow.

Build a Screened Porch


If you follow BNOTP on Instagram, you saw this photo earlier today. This is where my head is right now. Are you seeing warm temps in your area now, too? Speaking of Instagram, if you’re not following BNOTP on Instagram, you can do that here: BNOTP on Instagram. Warning: it’s addicting, I find myself checking Instagram several times a day. It’s worse than Pinterest for me!

Screened Porch for Summer


Today I’m sharing some recent finds that I’m absolutely loving. As usual, it’s an eclectic variety of things, something for everyone.

Free Monogramming!
I’ve always wanted a Burberry cashmere scarf in their classic house check pattern. It’s been on my wish list for many years. Though the scarf never goes on sale, right now they are offering free monogramming when you order one online! Normally, there’s a $75 charge to monogram one of their cashmere scarves.

A Burberry sales associate I spoke with in Atlanta told me the free monogramming was supposed to be just for Christmas. He was surprised it was still going on. He had no idea why they had extended it, but he encouraged me to order one now before it ends. So, I did, going with their Classic Heritage Check scarf.

For the monogramming, there are 38 thread colors to choose from…and two sizes of monogram. Thank goodness they show you their “recommended colors” for monogramming because 38 colors is a lot to choose from! I considered a lot of combinations including the “Medium” size monogram in red visible in the middle picture below. The Heritage check scarf below is available here: Burberry Cashmere Heritage Scarf

Burberry Classic Scarf in House Check


They’ve also come out with a darling, heart-covered scarf. OMGosh, is this cute or what?!  Scarf with black hearts is available here: Burberry Cashmere Heart Scarf

Burberry Heart Scarf


It also comes with red hearts, too. So cute and would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day.  The red heart scarf is available here: Burberry Red Heart Cashmere Scarf

Burberry Red Heart Scarf


I really wanted one of the heart scarfs since I love anything with hearts on it, but I decided to go with the classic house check. I chose the small monogram in the “camel” color so it would be really subtle, something I would know was there but others might not even notice. You can see how it looks in the center photo below. The Classic Cashmere Scarf I purchased is available here: Classic Cashmere Scarf in Heritage Check. Just wanted to share this with you now before they start charging again for the monogramming.

Burberry Classic Cashmere Scarf


An Ingenious Device!

Do you ever hop in the car to go someplace and about half way there, realize you forgot to put on your perfume? This happens to me all the time because I’m usually rushing and don’t want to be late for a movie or dinner out with friends.

One thing I have always been reluctant to do (although I know many folks do this) is keep a small bottle of perfume inside my purse. I would be so worried the cap would come off and it would either spray or leak inside my bag. I’m super picky about my handbags, so I’m just not willing to take the risk.

But then I came across this awesome little device and it changed everything! Do you see it below–the little white tube that looks like a lipstick? That is actually a Chanel perfume dispenser that’s devised to be portable so you can carry your perfume with you in your purse or on a trip.

As far as I know, Chanel is only brand that makes these specifically for their perfumes, and I think Chanel only makes it for three of their perfumes at the moment. The one that I purchased was for their Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. I love the Chance scents by Chanel so decided to give Coco Mademoiselle a try since I don’t have that perfume. It’s just as wonderful as Chance, so I am really enjoying it.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Twist and Spray_wm


Here’s how the dispenser works: you twist the top (see arrow below) and as you twist it, the gold dispenser inside rises up and out of the top of the container. It twists/turns where you see the arrow in the picture below.

Coco Mademoiselle Twist and Spray by Chanel


Here’s how it looks when fully twisted up. Once you’re done spraying the perfume, you just turn it back down and it disappears back inside the container. Is that not genius?! I think this is the answer to carrying perfume in a purse because there’s no cap to pop off.

This evening, just to test it, I twisted it up half way where the spray nozzle was visible and I tried to press it down. It would not spray. Instead, it went right back down inside the container. Apparently, the only way it will spray, is if it has been twisted a complete 90 degrees so that the sprayer is all the way up and the container is fully aligned with the other side of the container. Totally awesome!

Chanel Twist and Spray, Coco Mademoiselle_wm


I love the styling of the container with the overlapping Coco Chanel “Cs” on top. It comes with a bottle of perfume inside and you get and two refills, seen on the left below.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume_wm


Chanel makes the twist containers in three fragrances: Coco Mademoiselle, Chance and Eau Fraiche. This is the twist container for Chanel Chance and how it looks when twisted upward.

You’ll find Chanel Coco Mademoiselle here: Coco Mademoiselle or here: Coco Mademoiselle and Chanel Chance here: Chanel Chance. or here: Chanel Chance. As I mentioned, they didn’t cheap out on how much perfume you get either. It comes with a 0.7 bottle of perfume inside and two refill bottles of the same amount. So that’s over 2 ozs of perfume…not bad!

Chanel Chance Twist and Spray Perfume


Chanel also makes the Twist and Spray in their Chance Eau Fraiche fragrance, too! It’s available here: Chance Eau Fraiche

Chanel Eau Fraiche Twist and Spray


Update: If you’re a Chanel No. 5 fan, there’s a fascinating book out about Coco Chanel, her life and the making of Chanel No. 5. It’s called, The Secret of Chanel No. 5: The Intimate History of Worlds Most Famous Perfume. I listened to it on Audible and enjoyed it. It’s also a bit of history lesson since Coco lived in France and was running a business during World War II.

Also, I found this Ted Talk to be really interesting: The Science of Scent by Luca Turin. Luca Turin has also written a fascinating book about perfume and why it has such a hold on us: It’s called, The Emperor of Scent. Another good book about perfume that gives you an inside view of how new perfumes are created is: The Perfect Scent: A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York, by Chandler Burr. That one’s available on Audible, too.

Here’s where I carry my little Twist and Spray Coco Mademoiselle in my bag. My cell phone fits in the other pocket. I think I’m going to buy the Chance dispenser next. I love all the Chanel perfumes and these little dispensers are so perfect for carrying with you and for travel. Now I just need for Viktor and Rolf to invent a “twist and spray” container for Flowerbomb!

Perfume Dispenser for Purse


Another recent perfume purchase was Kate Spade’s new, “Walk on Air” fragrance. I discovered it when I was shopping the after-Christmas sales. This entire gift set was on sale for less than what the perfume normally costs by itself. This kit came with a large bottle (3.4 oz) of perfume, 3.4 oz of lotion, a roll-on container of the perfume with lip gloss on the other end. I’ve forgotten now how much it was but I remember is was less than what a 3.4 oz bottle of the perfume normally costs.

Kate Spade, Walk on Air Perfume Gift Set_wm


That gift set is now sold out, but I noticed they are running a similar deal for Valentine’s Day. It includes the same large bottle of Kate Spade “Walk on Air” perfume and an even bigger bottle of the lotion. I think the Valentine’s gift set is a better deal because I didn’t care for the lip gloss and don’t normally use a roll-on perfume. The Valentine’s Day set comes with both the perfume and the large bottle of lotion for around what the perfume normally costs. The Walk on Air Valentine Gift Set is available here: Walk On Air Set

Kate Space Walk On Air Gift Set for Valentine's Day

Moving away from perfume, I couldn’t remember if I had ever shared this conditioner with you. I read about it on a hair forum where folks were raving about it. I decided to give it a try and I do love it!

I usually use my favorite Millcreek Biotin Shampoo and follow it up with this awesome conditioner. It’s not cheap, but it doesn’t take very much so it lasts a long time. When I use it, I leave it on as long as I can in the shower, then when I rinse it out, I make sure I don’t rinse all of it out. I love it and I’m on my second container now. You’ll find it here: Kerastase. They also make a conditioner for super dry hair here: Kerastase.  I think I may try it next.




Natural Bristle Brushes

I’ve been hearing about how natural bristle brushes are so much easier on the hair than the cheapy plastic brushes usually found in department stores or drugstores. I went in search of a good one and found this natural boar bristle brush. This one has a 4.3 star rating after 657 reviews, so I decided to give it a try.

It feels very different from the plastic brush I had been using, so it took a little getting used to. Now I love it and it’s all I use. Since it’s pretty small, I purchased a second one to keep in my purse. Great brush! You’ll find  it here: Natural Boar Bristle Brush 

Spornette Boar Bristle Brush


Something for Cat Lovers

My son and dil are cat lovers and have three kitties. They love the diaper genie they use for their son, so when I saw that the same folks make a Litter Genie, I ordered one for them. We set it up in their basement near the litter boxes when I was there for Christmas and my son told me that it works great. Apparently, it works the way a diaper genie does for odor control, except it’s for scooping kitty litter. You’ll find the Litter Genie here: Litter Genie

Litter Genie Plus




I’m sure I’m leaving something awesome off, so I’ll come back and add it to the end of this post if I think of anything I’ve forgotten to share.


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  1. Susan, hope you are giving yourself a Burberry scarf. So classic!
    Thanks for all the shopping tips. I may start wearing a fragrance again because of you. Ha!

    • Thanks, Sarah! I love that classic design/pattern. It’s so iconic and never goes out of style.
      I love trying new perfumes. I just listened to a book called, “The Secret of Chanel No. 5 “The Intimate History of the World’s Most Famous Perfume.” It was all about Coco Chanel and how Chanel N0. 5 came to be. She had a fascinating life and a very difficult childhood. There’s a fascinating Ted Talk about the making of perfume by Luca Turin on TED. I’ll link it here in case you’re interested. It’s amazing all that goes into to the making of a new scent. https://www.ted.com/talks/luca_turin_on_the_science_of_scent?language=en

  2. uuuuuuuugh, 70’s. (lucky you)
    We’re in that storm front–6+ inches of snow so far with more to come.
    Oh how I would love a Burberry scarf- monogrammed or not!

  3. Love that second photo of your porch–feels so springy! I use the Biotin shampoo also but wasn’t happy with the conditioner, so still looking for one. I will check out your recommendations, thanks.

  4. I have been in love with the Burberry pattern ever since my aunt gave me a Burberry schoolgirl purse when I was 10 years old. Believe it or not I still have it and it looks completely in style with the today’s crossbody purses. I completely understand your ‘need’ for that scarf and isn’t the heart version just too precious!!!!. And yes please a Viktor and Rolf purse spray for flowerbomb would be most excellent. Such a dreamy post and so close to Valentines. Must start dropping a hint or two.

    • I love Burberry, too! You can’t beat the quality and it’s just such an iconic brand. That is so wonderful that you still have your purse! Burberry pieces are definitely worth holding on to.The heart version is adorable! Thanks, Patricia!

  5. I am lovin’ the warmer temps of winter! Our 19″ of snow melted in 8 days because of the mild temps!
    Holy cow! I knew Burberry scarves were luxuriously expensive, but $75 for a monogram? I can’t believe my fortune last year at an estate sale – I bought the classic cashmere scarf for $5!! It was in perfect condition!
    Love that new type of perfume dispenser too – great for travel.
    Thanks for your consumer lookouts – always enjoyable.

    • That’s awesome, Rita! Unfortunately, you never find those kinds of deals in the garage sales around here. For vintage furniture and collectibles, the yard sale prices are always like shopping in a consignment shop or antique sale. That’s why I never go to those here anymore and the ones in ATL are even worse.
      I know, love the dispenser. I was wondering if other perfumers can make something similar or if Chanel trademarked it.

  6. You got me thinking about carrying my signature scent with me. I found this gem at drugstore.com–a tad cheaper than the $11 at Amazon. Works with Most Bottles with a Removable Nozzle:


  7. Most higher end fragrance lines have refillable purse sprays; well, I know Amouage, By Kilian, Guerlain and several others do, anyway! It’s SO handy!

  8. I had no idea the Burberry scarves were soooooo expensive, but the one with hearts is darling.

    • They are long scarves, really great quality and 100% cashmere, so they are on the higher end. The up side is, they last a lifetime and are worthy of being passed down to your kids. I kinda blew that by having mine monogrammed.

      • I think the monogram would make it more special as an heirloom!

        • Thanks for that, Chloe. You know, it would to me too. I don’t if my son would feel that way, although the Burberry heritage check scarf is a unisex piece.
          Maybe one of my grandchildren will love antiques and monogrammed pieces as much as I do and would enjoy it. It would definitely make it more special to me for sure. I think I may get my son one the heritage check scarves for Christmas this next year…have to figure out a way to find out if he likes small or larger monograms without him figuring out what I’m up to. lol

          • Personally, I think the small monogram is more classic and timeless for a man, but I tend to lean to the more conservative side when thinking about fashion. 🙂

  9. Coco Mademoiselle is one of my favorite perfumes, I get compliments on it every time I wear it. I love Chanel makeup too, especially the lipsticks & eye shadows – great colors!

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever left you a message, but for over a year now I’ve been enjoying your porch and all the wonderful blogs you’ve made! I decided to give myself a Valentine, and ordered the Kate Spade perfume which gave me the choice to add three samples of beauty products. I’m trying the two other Chanel perfumes you mentioned. Such fun! Thank you and looking forward to your next blog! Happy almost Spring!

    • Thanks so much for the comment, Sandi! Hope you love the perfume as much as I do. Happy almost spring to you! I can’t wait for it to get here! 🙂

  11. You are such a shopping sleuth, Susan. Do you realize how much money you have cost me? All kidding aside; I appreciate your taste and sincerely appreciate your sharing. Warm hugs -Brenda-
    P.S.: Even here in the Great White North we are having Spring like weather.

  12. I love Chanel No. 5. So classic.

  13. I have that Burberry scarf…but Atlanta too far to drive for a monogram for me. ha! Years ago…like in my high school days…Chanel made a small black fragrance container similar to your white one. I would carry it in my purse back in the day. I need to check out the new kate spade fragrance. I am so sensitive to perfumes that when I find one or two I tend to say with just them. I once developed a migraine headache years ago after spraying something on me in a dept store. I barely made it home…so now I am cautious. Love this post. Sheila

  14. Cyndi Raines says

    Thanks Susan for all the great tips, especially on the perfume. I’m in search of a new signature fragrance because the one I have used for 25 + years has changed. Estee by Estee Lauder is just not the same. I even sent an email to their site asking why, but no one has replied. I’m not the only one upset. Many women had my same complaint. I’m so disappointed. I’m very picky so the search is on. I have to ask…what is the brown furry thing in your purse that has the beehive on it? Made me smile. Yes, I’m eager for spring too. I think I’ll put away the snowmen, but about the time I do we’ll get blasted!

    • That is a shame that they did that. I just finished listening to a couple of books on Audible that are all about how perfume is made and how/why we love it. One of the things they mention in the books is how over the years, various natural ingredients that have always been used in perfume, have been banned. Every few years another ingredient seems to get banned. I remember one ingredient that was banned was musk from a particular deer. The perfume companies have had to come up with artificial ingredients/scent molecules to replace the natural ingredients they can no longer use. One of the books I listened to was by Luca Turin and you can hear his Ted Talk about the “science behind perfume” here: https://www.ted.com/talks/luca_turin_on_the_science_of_scent?language=en
      I found it fascinating! Perfume is just so amazing because it is so strongly immersed with our memories and can evoke such strong emotions in us. Just amazing! It’s really upsetting when a company like Este Lauder tampers with a scent we’ve loved forever. That’s terrible that they haven’t even bothered to reply to your email! I bet it smells different now because they have replaced a natural ingredient that’s been banned with a man-made scent molecule that they think is very close to the original. Sounds like they didn’t do a very good job!

      Oh, that fuzzy little bee thing is a Honey House Naturals wool bag. I love Honey House Naturals products because they don’t put mint in their lip butter. You can see their adorable bee tins with lip butter here: http://www.honeyhousenaturals.com/prod-46-1-115-17/lip-butter-tin.htm
      The little wool bee bag is great for carrying things in my purse that I like to have with me like lipstick, bandaids, Advil and other small items that I don’t want rattling around in the bottom of my purse. You can see the little bag at their website here: http://www.honeyhousenaturals.com/prod-30-1-100-21/wool-bag-set-lg-bee-bar-lip-butter.htm I’ll try to insert a photo in this comment that shows it on their website.

      Honey House Naturals Bee Bag

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    Thanks Susan. I listened to Mr. Turin, boy was that ever interesting. I think the beehive bag is really cute. I ordered the lip balm for my niece as she loves bees – such a cute container. Thanks for all the information.

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