Long Lines, Closed Roads, Dead Mowers, Head Lice and Champagne…

Recently I went shopping on eBay for a silver plated, champagne bucket. I had visions of tablescapes featuring chilling champagne. I saw floral centerpieces, starring a lovely champagne bucket filled to overflowing with big, beautiful flowers.

So eBay a-shopping I went! I found this gem (seller’s pic) and before long that wonderful e-mail arrived in my mailbox proclaiming, “Congratulations, You won this item on eBay!” Yipee!

I waited impatiently for it’s arrival, and one day, the waiting was over. It came late one afternoon on what had been a difficult day…a day of unfulfilled errands due to closed roads, long lines, and head lice! Yep, head lice! No, not mine, thankfully, but that of an unhappy looking teenage girl, reluctantly drug by her Mom to the hair salon where I’d planned to get my hair cut…before I changed my mind. It came on a day when my recently serviced lawn mower would not even think of starting, despite a yard overgrown with tall grass. Finally, something good on a day when nothing had gone right. A newly delivered box full of promise sat waiting on that other porch here at Between Naps on the Porch.

Lawn mowing duties now completely forgotten, I eagerly lifted the much anticipated package to the kitchen counter…and as I did, I heard a little clank. Ummm…that’s odd. As I cut the tape and began to lift the wrapped bucket from the box, I heard the noise again, louder this time…CLANK. Something was definitely moving around in there and whatever it was…it was clanking into the champagne bucket. I don’t like this. The day from “you know where” wasn’t done with me yet.

Here’s how it looks after just a little polishing with Hagerty’s, my favorite silver polish.

It is positively GORGEOUS!

More beautiful in person than it was on eBay…

It has beautiful detailing around the rim…

Yep, I love it…

Well…except for this minor problem.

The seller was able to give me a full refund, since it was insured. Thank-you, Cindy.

It’s just too beautiful to throw away, so I took it to a silver shop close to home. The silversmith said it would cost a lot to fix it and would involve removing the handles and attaching new ones. 🙁 He recommended against it. I tried “Gorilla Glue”…the Gorilla laughed! A friend suggested welding it…what do you think? Any suggestions?

Have you ever bought anything on eBay and had it arrive broken? Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time it’s happened to me…normally it’s been china. I welcome your suggestions!

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  1. Try JB Weld. It's a two part glue just for metals. You can get it at most hardware stores. I used it on a broken cast iron finial outside and it worked well. I've had plenty eBay purchases arrive damaged. I'm glad your seller gave you a quick refund!

  2. Epoxy? You know that stuff that has two containers of stuff to apply? Check out Home Depot's glue aisle. Surely, there is something! It is beautiful!

  3. Caro's Thrifty Adventures says

    Oh no!!
    I have no advice. If it were me, I would ask DH to weld it, or try to. But I bet it'd show since he's not used to 'fine' work?

    Good luck@!

  4. Maybe you could cut the other handle off with a Dremel tool. And then do something creative to hide the places where they were cut off.

  5. ~Country Lady~ says

    I have an almost exact twin of your champagne bucket. I will say the few times I've used it, I've not used the handles to move it around. So as long as you can afix the handle onto the bucket without it looking hideous and breaking the bank in the process, you're in business. Mine is more for decor purposes, I suppose. It belonged to my husband's grandmother. Anyway, my first thought was to use the highest powered epoxy glue you can find. That should work beautifully. I wouldn't weld because of the way it may turn out looking. Since it was free, I'd just reattach the handle with epoxy and be conscious of that when in use. Don't lift it by the handles for fear of it coming loose again which would merely require you to use the epoxy once again. Epoxy is amazing especially if you use a top quality high strength version!

  6. JB Weld sounds like a good idea to me, maybe when it dries you can touch it up with silver paint? Or maybe some silver leaf (like gold leaf)? by the way, I enjoy your blog.

  7. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    This JB Weld stuff mentioned above sounds good. My thought was solder ~ soldering the handle back on and it is silver; just my 2 cents.

    It is gorgeous though, all polished up!

  8. Room Service ~ Decorating 101 says

    My husband just spent $400.00 on something for his bullet making… it was broken! He is a welder, I will ask him about this later. I just found your comment on joni, and wanted to let you know that joni may be our queen, but you susan are the princess…

  9. JB Weld should do the trick. Sorry it's broken..but it's gorgeous. Just sit it with the broken part to the wall!!! Maybe if they had cleaned it up before selling it would have brought more…which wouldn't have been good for you…except…that you got a full refund!! Sorry abour your day from ####!!! Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

  10. Alison Gibbs says

    It is difficult when you receive something you have purchased on Ebay – no matter how well the seller packs it – if the mail person is too rough with it then anything can happen.
    Good luck with your repair

  11. I've used jewelry glue on all sorts of things with great success. I'd rather do that than actually welding it. I don't think it would look the same.

    I've had things break so many times coming from eBay. I no long buy anything fragile from there for that reason. Sellers just don't package the items properly most of the time.

  12. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    I've experienced the heartbreak of broken eBay purchases as well. Sounds like you've gotten some good advice about fixing your chiller — you'll have to keep us posted on the progress!

  13. JB Weld would be my suggestion as well! You're lucky you got the refund AND were allowed to keep the bucket…whenever I have had something broken..the post office here generally decides to keep it when they give me the refund. :o/ Congrats! It's beautiful!

  14. I have no suggestions, sorry, except for NOT to weld it. When you do fix it with JB Weld or whatever I suggest you only lift it up by the rim edge and not the handles. Sure is pretty. I have to get some of that silver polish.

  15. Room Service ~ Decorating 101 says

    hahaha, yes, that is me….when I was young and hot! I am still hot, but for other reasons…

  16. Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss says

    Wow! What a beauty. So sad it got broken. You mentioned you took it to a silver shop. What about getting the opinion (and estimate) from another silver shop…or maybe a jeweler who works with sterling silver jewelry? I bought my daughter a pair of diamond solitaire earrings but I wanted screw on backs on them so she wouldn't lose them. The jeweler cut the original posts off and soldered on new white gold posts that were threaded. I'm thinking perhaps a jeweler could use the soldering technique to attach the handle with some silver. ???

    I've done some selling on eBay. Most eBay buyers don't realize the seller is required to get your item to you in one piece…no exceptions. As long as you pay with PayPal, you are under no obligation to keep something that arrives broken…even if the seller says "no refunds." If the seller refuses to give you a refund, all you have to do is file a "Significantly Not As Described" claim with PayPal. You will be required to return the broken item to the seller at your expense (be sure to get Delivery Confirmation) but PayPal will refund your full purchase price and the original shipping costs.

    I also just got notification that very soon eBay sellers will not be able to charge the buyer an extra fee for shipping insurance either (because again, it's the seller's responsibility to get the item to the buyer safely) but if the seller is smart and wants to protect themselves, it might be factored into your shipping costs.

  17. I like it just the way it is. Sharon

  18. Justin and Jenn says

    What about removing the handles? Is that a possibility?

  19. Hi! Susan,
    I have really had good results with (over-advertised) Mighty Putty! You will need only a tiny amount. Once it is dry, there may be a hairline area that is white, but that can be touched-up with glossy silver paint that are available in the acrylic paints at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Jo-Ann.

    I've had plenty of china pieces to arrive broken, too, and it's always so sad for my collections and that a vintage piece is now gone.

    Best wishes on your endeavor.


  20. Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria says

    Susan what a shame…and girl I have bought things from Ebay and got them broken…Now as a former owner of a machine shop I will tell you do not have it welded…welding torch gets to hot and silver is a soft metal and will melt it…use a soldering iron on it..but you need to do a smooth solder on it…Wished you were closer girl I would do it for you…try the jb weld…lets us know how it works for you…May you have a great weekend and glad to hear it wasn't about yours lice ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  21. Karen at Nittany Inspirations says

    I had a metal dresser drawer break when we were moving. I think they tried to pick up the whole dresser using the handles. I tried super glue, but it didn't work. My son-in-law is a welder. He tried to weld it, but since I had already used super glue the weld didn't work. He said I should have told him I used glue on it. I didn't know that he need to know that. I may try the JB Weld that everyone is talking about.

  22. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    It's beautiful Susan! Let us know if the JB Weld works – my suggestion was to see if a jeweler could repair it.

    I bought a pair of matching yellow McCoy vases one time & they were both in pieces. I received a refund but I wanted those vases so badly. I FINALLY found another one a few months ago. ♥ diane

  23. Have the other one cut off to make a beautiful hour glass shape. My dear friend Maryrose, from My World and Welcome To It….gave me a beautiful glass champagne bucket the same shape….LOVE it!!!!
    Good find, but unfortunate that it was broken…yet fortunate that it was insured.
    : )

  24. Oh Susan, what a shame, but it is still beautiful! I agree with JB Weld. We've used it many a time.
    Hey, look at this way, you really did have a good day….it wasn't you with the lice. LOL
    Have a nice weekend!

  25. tales from an oc cottage says

    Ohhhhhhhhh, I cannot tell you how many times!! That feeling…when you gleefully pick up your package…and it rattles…your heart sinks to your shoes…such a bummer. But, I have to say, I usually receive my items wrapped to survive a nuclear winter!
    I have had pitiable luck with gluing metal…I generally just end up "artfully" draping a vintage linen or piece of lace to camouflage the boo-boo!

    m ^..^

    that HAS to be the YEAR'S BEST post title!!!!

  26. Someone's Mom says

    It really is beautiful, and I have no suggestions on how to fix it. My own silver items are blackened in a box somewhere in the basement. But, now that I've started blogging…and my new word (which is driving my husband crazy) is "tablescape" I may have to look for them.


  27. Cottage Rose says

    Hello Susan;;; OH my what a day you had,, I am not sure I would have stayed to have my hair cut after she came in…lol I love you silver bucket,, just gorgeous.. I use E 6000 glue,, it works great on any thing and it sticks good… forever.. dries clear too. How great that you got a refund,, I have had lots of problems with that when I have received broken things…. once I did not even get what I ordered,she sent it to the wrong address, and would not refund me… I was so mad,, they were four blue willow bowls, some one got some really get free bowls….
    have a great weekend and good luck with your bucket….


  28. prof en retraite says

    Hi Susan! It's beautiful! Can you ask a jeweler to solder it…like with our charm bracelets back in the dark ages? I would change my mind about that hair cut, too!! lol I hope the road closures weren't flooding related!! How about all of this rain? One good thing…I have been cleaning to entertain myself! Happy rest of the weekend…hugs…Debbie

  29. Dragonfly Treasure says

    Oh it's gorgeous!! I'd try JB Weld. Its a 2 part epoxy for metal. My Dad used all the time on the Farm, and always swore by it. I just used it last week to repair a hair claw! LOL After it's dry if you need a touch up maybe dab with silver paint? So glad the seller gave you a full refund. I sell on eBay and am a great buyer too! 😉 I've only had a couple things arrive broken but always give a refund even is it's not insured. As did a seller to me, after her glass bowl arrived in one hundred and one pieces. I hadn't insured. Can't wait to see your champagne bucket in use!

  30. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    Oh Susan, I hate it when I have days like that. Yes I just had a cake stand that arrived broken in a million pieces. I got it on Ebay also, it was insured but the seller sent me the Ins. paper from the Post office and I had to go through all the hassel to get a refund which involved 2 trips to the post office and waiting 2 months. I don't think I would ever order from that seller again. I don't have any suggestions for fixing it, but I would definitely try the E6000 glue. They say it really works well. Hope your weekend goes well. Hugs, Marty

  31. Hope Ellington says

    Try E6000 jewelers glue. I glue metal and other stuff all the time. Your blog is lovely…good luck gluing.


    Susan, so sorry the beautiful ice bucket is broken, that can really mess up a day. I agree, take it to a jeweler and see what he has to say, anyway if nothing else you can get some info on it…Thanks for the suggestion on the silver polish. I love your blog and you inspired me to start my own last week, I am so new and it's a little scary, but I use all of your helpful hints, thanks for all your inspiring words, please stop by, it would mean alot to me, but remember I am still new…phyllis

  33. Pretty Pink Boutiques says

    OHH Susan I am so Happy to find you Blog.. I am doing a magazine in Dec called In the p.i.n.k.!and would love to feature you and some of what you do. When you get a min could you please email me
    Posh-Intelligent-Networking-Keen [email protected]
    My blog is no where as pretty as yours.. Hugs Amanda

  34. nannykim from spindle cottage says

    It is beautiful…I am wondering what the JB weld is that everyone is talking about!?

  35. Sandi (Meme) says

    I quit ebay 3 years ago when I sold some Christmas ornaments – they arrived broken, I repaid the lady, and the wonderful United States Post Office never DID send me my 100 dollars. I've asked 3 times since where my money is, and never have gotten an answer. I gave up. Wish you the best of luck for this one, I hope your seller is able to recoup their money as well. It is a beautiful bucket, I can see how you could use it a lot!

  36. Sedona @ MyDivineDelights says

    Oh Susan, you've had a day girl! I have nothing for you with the silver, although, it is gorgeous! Broken handle or no!

    On the lice front, I got pulled into the nurses office in the 9th grade to get checked, turns out my brother had it and I had to be checked. You can not imaging what this meant for us…my mother is for real, OCD, I think it was a year before life was almost normal again!! Anyway, the lice can not live in the heat, just as you're told to put stuffed animals in the dryer, if you will dry your hair, everyday, until it is bone dry, any lice, or their babies will not be able to live. I didn't have lice that day, although my humiliation was complete at 14! Hope you have a better week!!!

  37. It is beautiful. Not sure what would fix it, but would try everything.

    I had a horrible time a couple of months ago with a seller on Ebay. Bought some dishes and some came broken. They were insured. I took pics and sent them to her. At first it took her a week to get back to me and than said she would take care of it. Never heard from her after that. I had to make a complaint with Ebay and they refunded me by money and she no longer sells on Ebay anymore.

    I have bought many things from there and never had trouble like this. I will still buy when I get the chance though.


  38. Just call it shabby and use it like it is. Once you put a beautiful arrangement in it it won't matter a bit. You know what the Nester says…It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Mimi

  39. Twice Remembered says

    Just this last weekend I used good old fashioned super glue {the stuff in the tiny tube!} to attach a handle back to an old silver coffee pot – It worked beautifully! Just tape it in place until it is all completely set up. At first I thought it wasn't going to work because usually with superglue, the bond is immediate. This took a few moments but with the tape holding everything together, it was a solid hold within a few hours.

    What a beautiful piece you have there!

  40. Tales From My Empty Nest says

    I'm so sorry about your champagne bucket. I feel sure you can get some kind of glue to work, so that you can at least be able to use your bucket. It is beautiful!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  41. Oh, it's beautiful Susan! I'm so sorry the handle was broken but what a nice lady to give you a refund. I ordered a set of dishes once (are you surprised?) and two of the bowls were broken. It wasn't insured. I emailed the seller and she said she would give me back some of my money, but it never came.
    I'm sorry I'm no help about how to glue the handle back on. Maybe you could take it to Lowes or Home Depot and they could help you!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

  42. Rita @ Goodwill Haunting says

    It is gorgeous … I buy & sell on eBay. I purchased an item but did not buy insurance…item arrived broken because seller did not package properly. I was able to glue it together, but it was very disappointing. I would have rather paid a couple $$ extra for more packing.

    So, as a seller I make sure my fragile items are very well packed and even double box because if an item arrives broken, I do give a full refund. I also do NOT use the post office insurance (I've heard they are a pain); I purchase insurance from a 3rd party.

    But who would have thought a silver bucket would have been "fragile"! I surely hope you can get it fixed …it is so pretty!

  43. Hi Susan,
    Like they say, some days are a total waste of makeup!
    What a shame! I use E6000 glue for making jewelry, but I think the problem you're going to have is supporting the handle at the right angle while it dries. And if the handle is heavy, I don't think it'll hold.
    Sure hope someone can solder it for you – it's such a beautiful piece.

  44. Blue tack! Lets face it – you know its broken and if you tack the handle on and carry it carefully when or if you use it – no problem.
    PLUS – if you just want it to display the bluetack will keep it inplace and when you want to clean it – off with the tack and clean it up and back on with the blue tack!
    There ya go!!! LOL

  45. The Bloom Girls says

    Hi Susan,
    If the JBWeld doesn't work, try taking it to a stained glass shop and ask if they'll solder it together using flux and lead.
    Happy Autumn!

  46. The Bloom Girls says

    Hi Susan,
    If the JBWeld doesn't work, try taking it to a stained glass shop and ask if they'll solder it together using flux and lead.
    Happy Autumn!

  47. I was going to suggest JBWeld, but I see someone beat me to it. Great stuff, and holds amazingly!!

  48. mustard seeds says

    I wonder if E6000 glue would hold it.

  49. * Sweetest Susan~~~

    I remember "talking" about this n'thinking "My goodness!!! Could her day get any WORSE?!"… I'm glad to see you CAN find SOME humor in it all, and I'm just so PROUD of you, Sweetie!!!

    It's happened to me (on a very rare occassion), & I say, in the most LADY-LIKE way I can muster, the words "Oh sugar!!!"~~~ (Got THAT lil' gem from my Sis who obviously couldn't/wouldn't say the "s" word when her kids were little… kinda stuck with me!!!).

    ANYHOOOO, since Jim constantly laughs that I even "decorate" our dressing room, maybe YOU can try the same thing as I would, & use it in your pantry for holding misc. things, or in your closet, holding a few antique silk clutches or gloves (I'm just SURE YOU would have many, my dahlin' lil' suuuuthe'n gal!!!)…

    So sorry I haven't been around lately!!! I HAVE missed you, tho!!!(Forgive???)

    Love n' hugs,
    Linda *

  50. Susan,
    I did have a recent eBay purchase arrive not in the best condition, can you say "smashed"?
    I blogged about here
    so I can commiserate.
    I'm sure that one of the above suggestions will work, fingers crossed.
    Maggie @ Normandy LIfe & QCI

  51. The Raggedy Girl says

    I would try different glues or welding as it is really a beautiful piece.

    Sorry about those lice!!

    The Raggedy Girl

  52. Try that strong putty that Billy Mays hawked on TV. You will need to meld it around the out side of hand asthough you are creating a sleeve.Then it hardens,then take silver buff inrub and cover. Woked for me. Remember you are not just putting on "ends", you are encasing ends of each piece about 1/4" and press down to get into crevices.There should be atiny bit between each break. It is sold at Target.

  53. Bad on my typing today!

  54. I wish I knew how to help you but I don't. It's a pity but it's still a gorgeous piece though.

  55. Rebecca @ Belle Blog says

    Good morning. My son is in Metal shop at his high school. He says it can be easily welded. Check with your local high school and wee if they will weld it for you. They might do it for cheap.
    I bought an antique sake set on ebay once and it arived in pieces. Very little pieces. The guy shipped it with no padding at all. How silly. Anyway I got a full refund thank goodness.
    Happy weekend!! I hope it gets better for you.
    ♥ Rebecca

  56. That is such a beautiful bucket. The only thing I can think of – and it may sound funny – is that they advertise this stuff on tv that mends clothing – if you have a rip you use the stuff and the rip disappears – they also include a bottle of jewelry glue – that you'd use on rhinestones, etc. That stuff works like a charm on all kinds of things. I was skeptical at first, but I've used it on a multitude of different jewelery items (which are sterline silver and it's really worked.

  57. Mary @ Framed and Tagged says

    Oh how many times I have heard that clank or clink in most cases…I even received one and wanted it so bad I didn't listen to my gut reaction, I could have easily refused to accept it. I opened it up and the seller hadn't even put any packing around it. I glued it back together and put it in the cabinet…you can't tell it was broken. I am scared to purchase glass or pottery items from Ebay now…not worth the hassle.
    Oh and JB Weld will do the trick.

  58. Susan,
    Always such a disappointment when something arrives damaged. I, too, know the feeling from previous eBay purchases. You're fortunate the insurance paid for the piece and let you keep it. The post office here takes the item. 🙁 Who knows what they do with it.

    I think welding is tricky. It works, but then you will probably have an area that is looks very different from the silver. Perhaps you have a welder who is talented enough to smooth it out so you don't notice much of a difference. Good luck with it. This is a beautiful champagne bucket. I love to use my champagne bucket for flowers. I don't know that I've ever used it for anything else. 🙂
    Hope all is well and that today is a better day! ~ Sarah

  59. What a shame. But you got a full refund and I'msure you'll get it glued together somehow! It's a very pretty one!

  60. Let it Shine says

    It is absolutely stunning. What about the E600 glue? I have heard it works on metal, but have never tried it. Or even liquid nails? It can glue pretty much anything. Worse case scenario, could you put it in a corner or against something, so that the broken handle is in the back?


  61. Let it Shine says

    It is absolutely stunning. What about the E600 glue? I have heard it works on metal, but have never tried it. Or even liquid nails? It can glue pretty much anything. Worse case scenario, could you put it in a corner or against something, so that the broken handle is in the back?


  62. Gorgeous bucket! There is one product I've had some luck with and it's Liquid Weld which is a glue-like product and deep gray in color. It holds pretty well but it all depends on the metal properties.

    I did try the Liquid Weld for an exterior wind directional because the "N" for the North pointer had been broken off. It held all summer but with the wind, rain and sun the "N" soon fell off again.

    Don't think I'd bother again for anything exterior but interior it's actually pretty good.

  63. Lady Katherine says

    Susan, It is beautiful! Now you said ice bucket not champagne! I would not have shown you mine! Hubby welds,and does soldering. First option: is get second opinion at another jeweler, make sure to find out what the metal is underneath, jeweler should know. Second Option: is to have soldering done on it. Hubby says if you do, Do not pick up on that handle for it might not hold under pressure, for it will be weak at the area. Use a towel on it. lol I went to the dentist, twice, I came home just feeling like a bug was in my hair. I did think of lice! Hubby had the window down and must came in. We never found anything! lol I did have him check it well!!! For You know how germs scare me. The Denist had his assistance to wipe counters down just so I could place my handbag on it! lol They laughed when they saw me reach for my paper towel and then lay it down! But they understood WELL Why I did! lol

  64. I hate the clanking sound coming out of any package. It can only be bad news, unless the box is from Canada and it is full of Loonies or Toonies!
    I also recommend JB Weld. I have put a copper finial back on a casserole. You would have never known there had been a mishap. Lowes carries it in my neck of the woods. Here is a link.
    J B Weld
    Good luck, it is a gorgeous piece Susan!

  65. Its So Very Cheri says

    Be sure to come by tonight around 9pm (Eastern time) for the announcement so you don't miss out. I promise-it good-really really good.
    Its So Very Cheri

  66. Captured by Love says

    I've had a KitchenAid that I got off of eBay come broken…. =((( Sad day too! Sorry about your bucket!!

  67. I'm a fan of JB Weld, too. It works on everything! Careful though, it's messy 🙂

  68. It is always a shame when something that you're expecting arrives broken. Especially if its a present for someone else.

    As to your problem in fixing your bucket, it really depends on what value you would place on it and the purpose it is for.

    JB Weld may work and could be a good solution. The alternative, welding it back together with silver, can be expensive and there is absolutely no guarantee that it will look good.

    I recall one time my wife was so heart-broken when she took a beautiful Georgian berry spoon in to a jeweler have a minor tear fixed. It came back without the tear, but with a great big blob of silver in the middle of the spoon. We did ended up getting it fixed properly, thank goodness.

    Good luck and thank you for your informative and enjoyable blog.

  69. So sorry about the ice bucket. It is beautiful anyway.
    We bought a used Alto Saxophone. It was not as advertised, but the seller paid half for the repair. I think it's time to sell it since Daughter graduated to Tenor and doesn't play THAT anymore!!

  70. I'm just shocked that you got your money back and the shipping company didn't want it back….We ship all over the world from E-Bay sales and the shipper always takes the item back…You are very lucky and it is very beautiful….I'm sure you will repair it like new…

  71. It is beautiful..You will fix it. I am sure, and no one will notice!

  72. Phyllis@AROUND THE HOUSE says

    Hi Susan, I wanted to take the time and let you know that I signed up for the google picasa 3, wow, I love how easy it is to work with your photos, I love it….Thanks for sharing and helping us new bloggers get started…I'm a fan…Phyllis

  73. Susan, I took my mothers 50 anniversary silver sugar bowl to have the handle fixed at a jewerly store and it was $75.00. It's so sad about your ice bucket. I have one similar to this one that we used at our daughters wedding, and I know you have to be careful when using the handles even when their old. I hope you find a solution. I did not have mothers handle fixed; I always remembered it broken so I left it that way. Let me know if you find a solution.

  74. What a find! I recently found one at Goodwill and can't wait to clean it up using your magic silver polish. Every once in a while I unwrap broken dishes, and my heart breaks. I dedicated an entire post to a full set of dishes that I ordered and they came wrapped in a couple of sheets of newspaper, of course arriving broken. http://cjsextemporaneouseffusions.blogspot.com/2010/12/broken-dishes.html

    Good luck with the handle. You will make it work!


  75. I would get a second opinion. Go online and search for a silversmith who has been in business for decades. You can send them a photo and get advice. I had a great one but they finally closed.

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