Découpage a Pumpkin

There is sooo much inspiration to be found in Blogland these days, the cover of a magazine has to REALLY grab me to convince me to buy the magazine.   The October issue of Country Living did just that. I loved the toile covered pumpkin on the cover. I glanced inside and saw there were directions with the “how to.”  I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor


Another pumpkin inside was decorated using images from Pictorial Webster’s: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities



Isn’t it awesome! I love it!Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor


Supplies you’ll need to Découpage your pumpkin:
A Craft Pumpkin
Mod Podge
Foam Brush
A fabric you love (you don’t actually use the fabric…more on that in a sec)

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor


I didn’t want to buy a yard of fabric just for this project, so I searched around the house for something I already had that I thought would make a cute pumpkin.  I spied this cute pillow in my Master Bedroom.

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor


My friend, Carol, made it for me a few years ago and I love the cute floral fabric she used for the center and back of the pillow.

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor


To create this pumpkin, you will need to photocopy the fabric you wish to use.  Then you will découpage that onto your pumpkin.  I tried copying the pillow pattern on my home copier but it didn’t work too well.  I think my printer was low on colored ink.  So, I headed off to the Office Depot near my home.  They easily copied it on their color printer.  Copies were .49 cents each.  I asked for 10 copies, but in the end, I only used 6.

Tip:  Copy your fabric on a laser printer (not ink jet) to avoid problems with the design/print running or smearing once you apply the Mod Podge.

One More Tip:  If the pattern you choose to copy has a direction to the pattern, try to copy it with the pattern going the longest direction on the paper.  For example, if you’re copying your fabric pattern onto standard copy paper which is 8.5 x 11 inch paper, have the direction of your pattern going the length of the paper…the long way  (11 inches).   Mine was not photocopied that way.  It was photocopied with the pattern going the short way…the 8.5 inch way.  I’ll explain why it’s better to go the other direction in a sec.

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor



Here’s how the copies looked…pretty much exactly like the fabric.

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor


Here’s a view of the back of the pillow…that’s the side the guy at Office Depot used to copy the pattern. I was amazed at how great a job their printer did.

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor


You will need to cut your paper into one inch wide strips.  I turned over one piece of paper and drew lines in 1 inch increments.  Then I held three sheets together and cut them all at once.

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor


After you cut out your strips of paper, using a foam brush, lightly apply Mod Podge to the back of one of the strips of paper.  Then starting at the top of your pumpkin, right underneath the stem, apply the strips of paper to your pumpkin.

Now, the reason you want the pattern to run the long way (the 11 inch way) is because on a small to medium size pumpkin like the one I bought at Michael’s, 11 inches will stretch all the way from the stem to the bottom of your pumpkin…and will curve underneath.  That means, you’ll have very few “seams” running sideways on your finished pumpkin.

Unfortunately, since I didn’t know to tell the nice guy at Office Depot to copy it that way, my 8.5 inch strips ended pretty high up, so I have lots of  seams running around my pumpkin.  You can see in this pic below (on the left side) where my 8.5 inch strips ended.  So, if your fabric has a pattern that has a definite direction (like my floral fabric)  if you can, copy your fabric where the pattern direction runs the longest length of your paper…not the shorter direction.

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor


If you’re planning on making a toile pumpkin, the directions for the green and white toile pattern shown on the front of the magazine suggests “tearing” out the toile scenes, leaving about 1/4 inch of white space around each scene.  Then you découpage those onto the pumpkin.  In other words, if you’re using a toile pattern, after you copy it onto paper, don’t cut your paper into strips for that type pattern.  Instead tear out the individual scenes and découpage those onto your pumpkin.  The torn edges will feather out, per the directions…and look better than if the scenes were cut out.

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor


This was the very first time I’ve ever used Mod Podge or découpaged anything.  It worked great!  Once you finish découpaging your pumpkin and have it fully covered, you put a very light/thin coat of Mod Podge all over the pumpkin.  The directions recommend placing your pumpkin on a bowl, cover one side with Mod Podge, let it dry, then turn your pumpkin over and do the other side.  It dries very quickly.

If your pattern is light colored, the directions for the green and white toile pattern suggests painting the pumpkin with two coats of a flat, acrylic paint in the color of the background of your fabric, prior to applying your pattern.  I ended up not doing this because the orange of my pumpkin did not show through the paper/pattern I chose.  Just check that first before you start découpaging.

Tip:  You may need to make a tiny cut in your paper occasionally to make it lay down flat on your pumpkin surface.  That’s better than getting a yucky wrinkle…something I learned the hard way.

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor


Here’s the finished pumpkin.

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor


A bit closer view

Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor

This was a super easy project to do.  I had so much fun with it, I ended up decoupaging a pumpkin for the guest room too.


Here’s how it turned out.  You’ll find the full tutorial for the blue and white pumpkin in this post: Decoupage a Pumpkin for a Blue and White Room



Decoupage a pumpkin to match your decor

Costs Breakdown:
Pumpkin: On sale for 50% off at Michael’s: $6.49
Mod Podge: used 50% off coupon from Michael’s website and bought a large 16 oz bottle: $4.50
Foam brush: .07 cents
6 Color copies of my floral pattern from Office Depot: $2.94
Total Cost:  $14.00

You can do this project for less if you buy the smaller bottle of Mod Podge, but I wanted to have some left over for any future projects.  I still may do the Webster’s Pictorial pumpkin. 🙂  As it turned out, it doesn’t take much Mod Podge at all, so a smaller bottle would still leave plenty left over for future projects.

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    Oh this is just tooooo good! I love it. I know exactly what fabric I will copy. I think I will do 3 small ones and use them as a centre piece! Thanks for this great post!

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    Susan, this pumpkin is so cute!! I love it!!

    Your header is adorable!

    Lou Cinda 🙂

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  12. The Aud Author, Audrey says

    Susan, I love it! I'm gonna have to do one for myself, you did a great job. (And I also noticed it's "the blue hour" in your finished photo), lol. Have a great night!

  13. Great tip on the copy of fabric for your project. I love your Halloween header.

  14. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Audrey, it does look like the Blue Hour, doesn't it. Too funny. It was really only around 4:30 or 5:00 this evening, but it was just so rainy and dark out it looks much later.

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    Your pumpkin is just adorable! That issue of Country Living inspired so many people. I'll save mine and do some next year!

  20. Janette - The2Seasons says

    It's nice to know it works when a real person does it, too. Sometimes the projects look great in a magazine, but when I do it, ummm, not so much. Yours turned out great!

  21. Wow Susan that turned out wonderful! Love the idea of the fabric being the inspiration!
    I like that one with the pictures from the dictionary too!
    I am amazed to see Mod Podge being used so much these days! I think that came out in the 70's when everybody was decoupaging so much.
    I'll have to give it a try one of these days too!
    Thanks for showing the tutorial, it helps make it seem less daunting when you see it displayed in steps.

  22. Cottage on the Hill says

    Wow!! Office Depot printing is great!! That is a super cute pumpkin…may need to try it with my kids!…Oh yes Love the Halloween Banner!!! 🙂

  23. Susan, love the pumpkin! FYI – you can get Country Living subscription at Amazon for only $5 for a limited time! Rita Mays shared this on her blog (Thanks Rita!) & I quickly scooped it up. Here is the link at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Country-Living-1-year-auto-renewal/dp/B001THPA3U/ref=br_lf_m_1000720631_1_2_img?ie=UTF8&s=magazines&pf_rd_p=1323098842&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_t=1401&pf_rd_i=1000720631&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=19AJXM2VXA5Z382X55JX

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  25. So interesting to learn Office Depot can copy fabric like that. Your pumpkin is darling. Thanks for keeping us informed on cute ideas.

    By the way, I have the same check fabric on pillows on my guest room bed.

    • Lydia Trainor says

      What type of copy paper did you have it printed on? What did Office Depot print the copy of the fabric on?

      • I didn’t specify a type of paper, I just took it to their copy department and one of the employees there printed it out, placing the fabric down on The copier. I think they used regular copy paper, it definitely wasn’t the shiny kind of paper you use for photographs.

  26. Susan (My Place to Yours) says

    Wow, your first time to decoupage? Isn't it fun?!! No time this season to make a pumpkin, but I'll be remembering this for next year!

    Great Halloween blog header, too!

  27. ❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ says

    First of all, I love your Halloween header. All the little details…spiderweb and pumpkins on the house. Too cute!!
    Okay, Susan, you are killing me with all these cute DIY projects! This is another one I'm adding to my list. I have green toile in my sewing room and I think it makes for a beautiful looking pumpkin. Gotta go shopping next week, so I'm adding this one to my list 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  28. Country Dreaming says

    Saw these in my copy and thought they were cute. Yours looks great!


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    So SUPER CUTE!!!! I am definitely going to have to try this out. I love the fabric choice as well. I am already headed out to the craft store today so the timing is perfect! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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    Susan, love the header! Perfect for the season with all the spooks. I bought the Halloween copy of Country Living. I couldn't pass up those pumpkins. Maybe by next Halloween I'll get up the courage to give it a try.

    The French Hutch

  35. Becolorful says

    love the project but it just has my mind swimming with copying fabric pattern and mod podging everything in sight. 🙂 I thank you. My husband is probably cursing you. :0
    Pam @ BeColorful

  36. Nancy's Notes says

    What a grand idea, you are so clever! Love the awesome looking pumpkins- I think I'll give it a try!

  37. Personalized pumpkins ~ simply adorable! K

  38. Kathryn Ferguson Griffin says

    Love your new Halloween header! Great job on the pumpkin and I love the fabric you chose to copy. Just lovely. On another note, have you ever thought of doing a day in the life of Susan at BNOTP? Young House Love has done this and it was quite lovely to be able to peek inside the daily lives of people who inspire us. I'm sure all your readers would jump for joy. Just a thought. Hope your day has been grand. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  39. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Kathryn, thanks so much for the suggestion. Every day is so completely different…but that might be a fun thing to do. 🙂

  40. Chari at Happy To Design says

    Hi Susan…

    Oooh…your pumpkin turned out sooo very pretty, my friend! What a great idea…to copy off a fabric onto paper! Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Your pretty pumpkin vignettes…simply gorgeous!!!

    Love ya,

  41. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    Oh my, this is beautiful! I missed seeing Country Living & thank you so much for posting your pumpkin! Now I need to make a trip to Michael's for supplies. When my son was in grade school, we used Mod Podge, pretty napkins & diamond dust or glitter on small glasses for candle holders. The napkins would probably work too – just pull apart the layers so you'll only use the top layer.

    Thanks Susan!

  42. Your pumpkin is absolutely adorable. You did a great job. I sure do love your header as well…reminds me of

  43. Michele Smith says

    Oh wow this is fabulous! I didn't know you could copy fabric? awesome!!!

  44. Thanks for the post Susan. My magazine has been sitting there because I haven't had time to read it yet. Now I'll definitely be opeing it tonight. This is a great idea and I loved the look! BTW I love your Halloween header!

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  47. I saw these earlier this week, Susan, and cannot wait to give them a try.
    PS-Love your header changes. Cute.

  48. Thanks for sharing this delightful idea Susan! Your pumpkin creation is perfect. As I have used Mod Podge before a word to those who are copying a pattern; ensure that it is 'laser' copied (not inkjet) otherwise the design will smear when the Podge is applied. -Brenda-

  49. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Brenda, thanks for that important tip! I'll add that to the post. 🙂

  50. Your (and your readers) are more than welcome! Trusting you are keeping well. Many hugs -Brenda-

  51. The pumpkins are really neat, just think what we could do for Christmas now? Love your tutorial, it makes it look simple enough to do. Thanks

  52. You did an awesome job explaining how to do this. Now I am inspired to do it also! Might be a fun thing to do with my granddaughter when they visit!


  53. Excellent tutorial. Thank you!
    P.S. I voted for your green pumpkin.

  54. Love this ~ I’m featuring it today on my site with full acknowledgement (and links) of you as the originator. If this presents any problem whatsoever please let me know and have a wonderful weekend!

  55. Bravo Susan! I love these precious pumpkins! Thanks so much for the tutorials!

    Art by Karena

  56. This was wise and beautiful advice! Such lovely results, indeed!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Hugs and happy highways,

  57. I am catching up from the beginning while reading your current at the same time ;). I love this idea and will have to try this out soon.

  58. Joni Hafner says

    I know this post is several years old… but I’m trying it this year and I’m having the wrinkle problem… any advice? how man cuts do you make to help it lie flat…? Also… it seems to be taking forever to do… is this normal?


    • Since the pumpkin is round, I’m afraid some winkles are inevitable. I just tried to smooth them out as best I could. The busier the design, the less they tend to show. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, it will still look great! I didn’t find it took too, too long once I got started covering the pumpkin.

      • Joni Hafner says

        does it help to spray it afterwards with something to minimize the wrinkles ? and also i couldn’t find where you described how to cut the paper around the stem…. maybe i missed it… thanks so much

        • I didn’t spray mine afterwards. I don’t think that would help with wrinkles. I just reread the tutorial since it’s been a while since I made these. I mentioned in the tutorial that when needed, I made a little cut in the paper so the paper would lie down flat without wrinkling. So that’s how you can handle the wrinkles. Just cut a small slit/cut into the paper and lay it down flat with it appears it’s going to wrinkle if you don’t. I started at the top and just fit the paper around the stem the best way that I could. You can always cut a small piece and attach it if you need to.

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