The Christmas Tree Post: 23+ Themed Christmas Trees

Though Christmas is behind us now, I couldn’t end this wonderful tour without putting together a Christmas Tree Tour post showcasing ALL the Christmas trees we saw while visiting Governor Roy and Marie Barnes beautiful home.  Marie told me she puts up 16 trees, 14 artificial and 2 live but there are lots of little ones all throughout the home and on the veranda, too.  Plus, there’s the Christmas forest on the lower level!  As I put this post together, I remembered one tree I missed taking a photo of, a full-size tree at the foot of the stairs leading down to the terrace level of the home.

Enjoy and feel free to pin or bookmark this post for some tree decorating inspiration for next Christmas.

23+ Themed Christmas Tree Ideas

In the entry you’re greeted with two smaller trees, a warm-up or appetizer for the main course!

Christmas Decorations in Entry of Victorian Home

A Poinsettia Christmas Tree for Governor Barnes’ study/library…

Poinsettia Christmas Tree in Study Library

Dining Room Christmas Tree…

Christmas Tree in Dining Room

Peppermint and Gingerbread Themed Christmas Tree for the Breakfast Room and Kitchen…

Peppermint and Gingerbread Christmas Tree for Kitchen

Christmas Tree for the Back Entry…

Christmas Tree in Back Hallway

Great Room family Christmas tree…

Christmas Tree in Living Room

Angel Themed Christmas Tree in the Master Bedroom…

Christmas Tree with Angel Theme in Master Bedroom

There were two of these small trees on the veranda, one on either side of the door.

Veranda Decorated for Christmas

The year before the veranda was decorated with full-size Christmas trees.

Veranda with Fireplace and Christmas Trees

Upstairs Landing Christmas tree…

Christmas Tree in Upstairs Hallway

Guest Bedroom with a snow/snowman themed Christmas tree…

Snowman Themed Christmas Tree for Guest Room

University of Georgia “Bull Dog” Themed Christmas tree in their grandson’s bedroom…

University of Georgia Bulldog Themed Christmas Tree

I’m dubbing this the Princess Christmas tree in their Granddaughter’s bedroom because who wouldn’t feel like a princess in this room!

Pink Girl's Bedroom with Pottery Barn Beds and Shades of Light Chandelier and Sconces

Mardi Gras themed Christmas tree at the top of the attic stairs…

Mardi Gras Upside Down Christmas Tree

A Christmas Tree forest on the Terrace level…

Christmas Tree Forest

Smaller trees in one of the dining areas on the Terrace level…

Entertaining Party Area for Basement Terrace Level Bistro Table

Another Christmas tree on the Terrace level

Christmas Tree with Polar Bear

And, last but not least, Palm Tree Christmas trees for the lower level guest bedroom to go with the palm tree linens…

Bedroom with Palm Trees Decorated for Christmas

Was that not the most amazing tour?  Did you get lots of  ideas for next year?

I know we’re all sorry to see this tour end and what a tour it’s been!  Looking forward to 2013!

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  1. Wow! I don’t care what time of year it is…I love to see Christmas trees. Those are ALL so beautiful! Have a great day Susan!

  2. Susan,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your series of posts from the Barnes family home! So much inspiration! Did you get any sources for where we might find some of the more unique ornaments. Loved the jewel-toned ornaments on the trees. What a wonderland!!!

    • Gwen, I bet Marie will see your comment and can help with that. She really does have some beautiful ornaments!

      • How enjoyable this has been! What a joy to see all this creativity. Does Marie decorate for other holidays? Can you imagine how beautiful her home would be at Easter or 4th of July? Thank you for doing such a beautiful job of sharing. I’m still looking at all your posts and oohing and aahing.

        • Thanks, Annette! Yes, she does! I hope to share some of her other holiday decorating this year. You know how I am about holiday decorating! πŸ™‚

        • marie barnes says

          I do decorate for other holidays, in fact I am in the process of taking down and putting up Valentine’s Day now…however I don’t do the decorating I do for Christmas. I decorate the tree in the kitchen and the table there for Valentine’s day. I also decorate the large hutch in the kitchen. sometimes I go a little further and decorate the cushions in the den as well as other ares of the main floor. At Halloween I do some decorating of the grandkids rooms too. I will let Susan know and if she wants to come and take pictures she will be more than welcome.

  3. Amazing I notice something new each time I look at the pictures. BTW is the Mardi Gras tree upside down??or is that just shadows?
    Thanks again.

    • Dianne, you have good eyes…it is one of the upside down Christmas trees. I’ve always seen those and could never think of a place to really use one that felt just right, but I loved this one at the top of the attic stairs. It’s fun and quirky…kind of like attics are sometimes. πŸ™‚ And I loved the masking peering down, daring you to ascend the attic stairs. lol

      • I love this. I agree I never have found a place that I thought it would work. Plus the fear of a huge hole in my ceiling sheetrock. LOL. I live in Vicksburg, MS and we too have a Coca-Cola connection also, in 1894 Joseph Biedenharn bottled Coca- Cola for the first time. I still have 3 or 4 six packs of the commemorative glass bottles form the 100 th year celebration.

        • I didn’t know that about the bottling. Interesting! I hadn’t thought about how you hang the tree…not sure how I thought it stood up. I should have gone up the stairs to check it out. I wonder if they do hang from the ceiling…guess they would have to. πŸ™‚

  4. So glad you put together this tour of just the Christmas trees Susan! Everyone is stunning! I can’t believe Mrs. Barnes puts all of these up all by herself. She must have lots of help. How sweet of her to let us see her beautiful home at Christmas.

  5. Such beautiful trees! I was feeling kind of sad after we took our Christmas decorations down. Thanks for brightening my day!

    • Me, too. I almost didn’t take my cedar garland around the front door down because it was still almost as fresh as when I put it up. It killed me to take it down. I left the snowflake wreath up, though!

  6. Susan Jones says

    I have loved every minute of every tour you posted of this gorgeous home! I looked at some of them more than once. I look forward to seeing other holiday decor Marie does and hopefully she will let you post those as well……….

  7. Loved the tour, Susan! I have just finished taking all of the ornaments off of my only tree and can’t imagine decorating (an undecorating) 23! Really amazing…..

  8. I hate to see this tour come to an end. Thank you Susan for compiling this last post with just the trees. They are so beautiful. I believe I love the Poinsettia Christmas Tree in the Governor’s study/library the best, however, the Peppermint tree in the breakfast area is breathtaking. Now I need to how one gets the “upside down” tree to work. Dianne D. has piqued my interest also.

    • marie barnes says

      I was listening to sounds of the season on the music channel and they have a bit of trivia for everyone to learn about. They said that an upside down tree was a sign of Christianity. The trunk was originally hung from the ceiling and that formed a symbol of a cross. Today’s trees sit on a stand, with everything operating in reverse to make it stand upside down.

      • So you don’t have to actually hang it from the ceiling…that’s great! I wondered if it was in a stand but just couldn’t imagine how it worked. I didn’t know that about the upside down tree being a sign of Christianity and representing the cross.

        • marie barnes says

          when they were first used and hung from the ceiling the stump was tied to the ceiling forming the top of the cross. Then the shape of the tree gave the appearance of the of the cross.

          • Hi Mrs. Barnes,
            I am admiring your lovely “back entrance” white tree. It is so pretty against the gold paint color! Can you tell me the name of that paint color and who it is by? Your house and trees are beautiful!
            Thank you!

  9. Wow, I am impressed with these beautiful trees.

  10. Mary from Virginia says

    Beautiful trees! Each one is so pretty. Mrs. Barnes gets the award for patience!

  11. These are amazing and I think I counted 29 trees in all, including the forest. I absolutely love all of them and never thought I would like an upside down tree, but she pulled if off wonderfully and made a believer of me.

  12. Amazing and inspirational! So many great ideas here!

    I’d love a post from Marie about storage, putting these up, taking them down etc. I’ll bet she’s learned a lot over the years about how to manage all this – tips we could all benefit from! Everything looks clean and shiny too – so there have to be tricks!

    • marie barnes says

      I have learned a lot…not just over the years but from my youngest daughter who has taught me how to organize. She has printed me some labels, Foyer, Master Bedroom, Dining Room, Master Bathroom….etc. I have put them on everything in each room. My two Guys that bring up all the decorations will now know where they go and can put them in the general area where they go. I try to put things together by rooms and after all the trees come up and the lights are on them, I can put on the ornaments.

  13. Their trees are so pretty. You should do a post on how they organize and store everything. ;o)

  14. Linda Page says

    I think my favorite was the Back Entry Christmas tree because the Christmas ornaments are the most beautiful ornaments I’ve seen. I just love the colors and gold glitter designs. If it was mine, I just might have to display it all year long! Thanks for this wonderful tour. It was amazing!

    • marie barnes says

      I bought many of those ornaments at Coldwater Creek years ago..
      i didn’t use them until this year because i didn’t have enough to do a tree. This year I found many (shatterproof ornaments) at Hobby Lobby that went together. And that is how that tree came together.

  15. They are all sooooo beautiful! I can’t believe Marie does this herself! It’s about all I can manage to put up one tree! I think my fav is the Master Bedroom tree, but I’m a sucker for gold and white. Thanks so much for sharing these fabulous decorations with us Susan!

  16. Susan,
    What amazing Christmas trees!
    The decorations were just lovely on each themed Christmas tree!
    I’ll never forget my first reaction when I saw my first upside down Christmas Tree!!!
    I was transformed to my childhood, once again!!! Through the eyes of a child!!!!
    Thank you for sharing this lovely post and Home Tour with us this Season!!!

  17. Susan,
    I have absolutely loved every single post on the Barnes’ Family Christmas tour. So amazing. Thanks so much for inviting me to come along for the festivities!

  18. Hi Susan and Happy New Year! Oh, my! I loved all of these gorgeous trees. Let’s just hope she has some help taking all of these down! πŸ™‚
    Here’s to another wonderful year of blogging with you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  19. Wow oh wow! I could only dream of having 23 Christmas trees like this! This is a wonderful post and loved all the trees. I pinned this to share with others. Diane

  20. Dorinda Selke says

    What an inspiring ending to such a thoroughly enjoyable collection of Holiday Decor and Collections ! Thanks again to Governor and Mrs. Barnes for their Southern hospitality and to you, Susan, for bringing it to us in your own enchanting way! Hugs, Dorinda

  21. Marsha Cowan says

    Showing us the Christmas trees again was the icing on the cake of all the fabulous posts. Thank you for sharing and Thank You to Gov. and Mrs. Barnes for opening their beautiful home to you and all of us!!

  22. Does Christmas have to be over… Loved the tour!
    I noticed what looks like super dark ceilings in the lower level pics… What were those like? Did they add height ?
    Sheila C

    • marie barnes says

      When we lived in Mableton, I finished my ceilings with ceiling tiles and my floors with carpet. Then several years later I had the sewage back up and some pipes to leak in the ceiling…I was determined not to go through that again. I had the ceiling painted with a dry fog paint and the floors painted with something that was for cement surfaces. The crown molding makes the ceiling disappear and it looks higher too. Many of my children’s friends who are remodeling or building their own houses have taken notice of this and are doing the same thing. It makes the room virtually indestructible to little munchkins.

  23. Bonnie Brown says

    These posts of the Barnes home have really made my holiday season bright! I enjoyed every single post so much. Thank you for being so diligent in taking pictures to share with your BNOTP readers. This has just been fabulous. I have been taking down my four trees all week and I can’t imagine having to take down or put up as many trees as Marie does. Thanks, Susan, for a wonderful tour and thank you to the Barnes family for sharing their beautiful home.

  24. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome holiday tour. I decide on one room as a favorite and then you show me something more. Every bit of it is awe inspiring. I have so many new ideas for Christmas’ to come. Oh how I wish I had more room for more trees!! A special “thanks” to Mrs.Barnes. HGTV should do a holiday special where they feature Governors mansions. Georgia would show how it’s done.

  25. Thank you, Susan for sharing such a delightful series of posts. The photos of the trees are just spectacular!! I showed my little grandson the tree surrounded by Disney characters, an he exclaimed, Nana, let’s go there, please!” πŸ˜‰

  26. Susan and Marie;
    This has been the most wonderful tour of a gorgeous home, even without the holiday decorating. I have gained such inspiration from it. The Trees are simply gorgeous. I to am a decorating fiend come any holiday excuse. Such a gracious hostess to let us , via your posts, into her special wonderland she calls home. Thanks to you both. I have enjoyed it immensely and look forward to other holiday posts in the future.

  27. Wow, I counted over 30 trees! What an amazing display, just beautiful!

  28. All the trees are amazing, but the one i loved the most is the gingerbread themed tree!!!! I wish I had a bigger kitchen and decorate it so beautiful! Happy New Year!

  29. Beautiful, just beautiful! Sooooo many ideas! So many themes!!! Such inspiration!!!!!!! I will definitely use some of that inspiration for next years decor! Thanks Susan, for posting this beautiful tour. Just can’t say “beautiful” enough!!!! LOL!

  30. Just like eating a delicious dessert, you are sad when the last mouthful is eaten. This is how I feel about the tour of Governor and Mrs. Barnes fabulous home.
    Susan, the posting of all the trees was a superb idea and after spending a few hours taking down my own decorations, I ask Marie how long it takes her put away all her Christmas delights?
    You have shown us many houses on different tours, but this has to be the ultimate. Each day I was amazed by the detail in everything.
    Thank you Marie and Susan for giving us this gift at Christmas and I look forward to seeing other decorations if Susan chooses to take us along.
    Many thanks!!

  31. I’ve so enjoyed all the tours of the Barnes’ home, and I’m sorry they have ended. Thank you, Susan and Mrs. Barnes, for sharing all this beauty. I think Mrs. Barnes should have her own blog. It would be fantastic! Thank you again!

  32. Susan thank you for the tour! I hated to see it end and was so glad to see one more post. Marie is so talented and has been such a dear to write comments and let us learn her tricks for decorating so many trees and such a large home. When I saw she gives tours, I asked my daughter how far away is that. I have been to the Biltmore House for Christmas and they have nothing on the Barnes.
    Thanks again to both of you and hope to see seasonal decorations from her home.

  33. Gorgeous .. love all Mrs. Barnes holiday decorations ! It is all spectacular! Wish we lived close enough to see it in person ! Thanks for all these posts !

  34. How lovely!!! Such a beautiful home and such gorgeous decorations! I loved that it was not only incredibly elegant, but it was also so warm and welcoming!!

    Thanks for sharing this lovely home with us!

  35. Absolutely, without a doubt, the most gorgeous array of Christmas trees in one home! Stunning!

  36. Great ideas! Thank you! : )

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