Cozy Candlelit Dinner with Lenox Winter Greetings

Welcome to the 741st Tablescape Thursday! We’re dining by candlelight in the dining room this week. Why do I have the sudden urge to insert “with Colonel Mustard” into that sentence? 😉

Christmas Table Setting by Candlelight


Most of these photos were taken by candlelight or the early morning light coming in through the windows, along with a little bit of light from the lamps on the sideboard. One great thing about taking these photos here in the dining room–it forced me to finally polish the silver lamps that were black with tarnish and to give the mirror a long-overdue dusting.

Red Dining Room, Crystal Chandelier, Venetian Glass Mirror


This is how the room looked late last night. I actually set this table several days ago but it’s been so rainy and gloomy here, I kept delaying taking photos. I prefer viewing tables by candlelight anyway.

Benjamin Moore Raspberry Truffle for Dining Room


This dining room was made for Christmas with its red walls, wasn’t it? I saw this red color in a den during a Christmas Home Tour many years ago. I was able to find out the name of the color–Raspberry Truffle. It’s an older Benjamin Moore color.

Cozy Red Dining Room, Christmas


Okay, I’ll suffer to include at least one photo with the chandelier on.

Lenox Winter Greetings in Holiday Christmas Table Setting


I first fell in love with Lenox Winter Greetings during a Christmas Home Tour in either Washington, Georgia, or Madison, Georgia. Can’t remember which tour now, but there was a table set in this wonderful china and it was truly love at first sight. The moment I returned home, I tracked it down and purchased 12 place settings.

Winter Greetings Dinnerware for Winter and Christmas


A few years back, Pottery Barn had these plaid charger plates available, and being a big-time lover of plaid, I purchased a dozen not knowing how I would use them. I was delighted to find the colors go beautifully with the colors in Winter Greetings.

Plaid Chargers with Lenox Winter Greetings Dinnerware


I will never tire of this wonderful pattern and I love how it really works beautifully for all winter, not just Christmas.

Lenox Winter Greetings for Bird Lovers


The true colors are most visible in this photo taken in natural light. Such a beautiful design! Winter Greetings is currently on sale here: Lenox Winter Greetings.

Lenox Winter Greetings for Winter or Holiday Dining


For this Christmas setting, I brought out my Waterford Araglin tea/water glasses and Waterford Ruby Hock goblets. If I had taken the time to put a leaf in the table, I could have squeezed my Waterford 12 Day of Christmas champagne flutes onto the table for some extra fanciness. Ha! I think this may be the only photo where I captured the cute salt cellars, a long-ago find on eBay.

Waterford Stemware in Christmas Table Setting


Sadly, I don’t think they still produce the ruby hock goblets. I only have 6 and I’d like to add a few more.

Waterford Crystal, Ruby Hock Goblets, Araglin


Since I didn’t put the leaf in the table, I kept the centerpiece simple. I think this adorable ceramic gingerbread house was a find in Bath and Body Works many years ago.

Gingerbread House Centerpiece, Christmas Table Setting


I love how it looks lit up in the evening.

Lit Gingerbread House, Christmas Tablescape


Ceramic Gingerbread House


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and all your loved ones! Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Red Dining Room, Crystal Chandelier, Venetian Glass Mirror


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  1. I love this table setting. I also love plaid and it does go so well with your Lenox china. It was one of your Thanksgiving table settings that brought me to your site and I could hardly wait for the next one. The only problem is it makes me want to buy more dishes and I don’t have anywhere to put them. Ha ha.

  2. Lovely table. I, too, fell in love with Lenox Winter Greetings when i first saw it and purchased a dozen place settings and some serving pieces several years ago. The first year I used them and my son came over, even his eyes popped out. My table, like yours, did look beautiful. That pattern is a show stopper! I used red crystal goblets also, and used my mother and daddy’s wedding crystal champagne glasses from the 1940’s I used some pretty gold flatware I had purchased years before instead of my sterling silver. The gold pattern was so pretty with it. It was the happiest dinner ever, with so many memories and starting new ones. Hope someday my son and his new fiancé will treasure these. Their engagement party is Dec. 16th, our 40th wedding anniversary. 🙂

    • Congrats, Anne! Happy days ahead with your growing family! ♥

    • Tina W Reynolds says

      Your post really warmed my heart! Congratulations to the couple, Happiest of Anniversaries to you, and my very Best Wishes to all of you for the wonders and joys that the future will surely bring!

  3. I love the colors of the walls and how they work with the tablecloth. Great contrast.

  4. Beautiful Susan!! I LOVE the ceramic gingerbread house!

  5. Nancy M. Dellinger says

    Beautiful table setting, Susan! Merry Christmas and safe travels over the holidays.

  6. franki Parde says

    So very lovely!! Lots of memories around those tables!! franki

  7. This table is so elegant in it’s simplicity, Susan. I can’t imagine ever loving a China pattern more than I love Winter Greetings. Even the Everday version is beautiful to me.

    This tablecloth looks so lovely with your dining furniture. It looks made for the table and the openwork is so pretty. That little gingerbread house is adorable.

    I also noticed that pretty flatware! It looks very elegant with the china and crystal. A very pretty table for Christmas.

    • Thanks so much, Pam! I so agree–we both love this pattern! I don’t bring out the fancy stuff very often, I think I prefer the more casual settings, but it’s good to get all dressed up once in a while. 😉

  8. The tablecloth is a beautiful setting for the gingerbread cottage and so perfect for the occasion. The plaid chargers and goblets brings everything together.

  9. I have always adored your silver lamps. Love it when you show them. Gorgeous!

  10. Carol Thompson says

    Your tablescape could not be more beautiful!! Thank you for sharing. I find myself lingering over your enchanting photos. You are an artist. ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Your dining room is stunning. Your mirror and chandelier are show stoppers! The red walls really add to the beauty. Just a perfect Christmas room.

  12. I love this china, Susan. I was lucky enough this past summer to be at an estate sale that had 12 place settings and more serving pieces than I could count, all for a very reasonable price. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it all, but negotiated a deal with the host for four place settings (dinner and salad plates only). The plaid and your other red elements are a really beautiful look.

  13. This table setting is gorgeous and so elegant! I love those dishes, they steal the show for sure. You always set a beautiful table Susan. Love the sweet gingerbread house for the centerpiece. I think quite a few people have that gingerbread house as I’ve seen it around a good bit. Love those salt cellars too. Very Christmassy room and table setting! Now…Col Mustard, dinning room, candlestick! lol Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks so much, Brenda! Yeah, I think there was a run on those little houses that year. lol I remember seeing a lot of them in blogland.
      Ha, glad you caught the reference on Colonel Mustard, wasn’t sure anyone would remember Clue. I still love that game.

  14. Susan, you continue to amaze me with your creativity and imagination! I love everything about your dining room and the pretty Winter Greetings table setting you’ve shared today! Enjoy the Christmas holidays with your family!

  15. Susan, what a gorgeous table you have set! The Lenox pattern is so pretty – if I were to invest in a china pattern it would definitely be this one hands down! You have showcased it beautifully on your table with your lovely tablecloth and stemware, and of course, the WS tartan chargers. You are so creative and talented it is always such a pleasure to see your lovely tablescapes. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  16. The plaid chargers are perfect! The table is so beautiful Col Mustard and Miss Plum would be so proud to attend dinner in the dining room. The room is just gorgeous with the mirror and chandelier. I recently found the best mirror and glass cleaner–Chase’s—at the dollar store!

  17. Tina W Reynolds says

    I just bought 4 place settings of Winter Greetings upon your recommendation during the cyber-Monday sale. They should arrive today! As I wrote to you, I already have the beautiful accent plates. Now I look forward to using the new place settings all winter long, not just at Christmas. Now I will take special interest in postings that use this pattern.

  18. Extra wintry, with the snowy tablecloth and candleholders, and with the icy goblets. Loved the photo with the gingerbread house on and the candles lit.

  19. Your dining room is beautiful and your table setting is exquisite. I love Winter Greetings too and purchased mine for such a bargain, I can still hardly believe it! Haven’t set my table yet, but I’m planning to use the green rope chargers from Williams Sonoma that you featured some time back. You’re a bad influence on me! The older I get, the more I love dishes. What’s with that?!! Merry Christmas!

  20. “Winter Greetings” is on my wish list – it looks amazing with the plaid, and of course the little gingerbread house is adorable! Everything just gleams in the candlelight! Thank you for continuing to provide the opportunity to enjoy so much tablescape inspiration – you inspired me to start my own tablescaping journey several years ago. I also appreciate the opportunity to “link up,” which I don’t do as often as I should! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Susan, and thank you for so much inspiration!

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