9 Thanksgiving Table Settings, Plus a Colonial Williamsburg Centerpiece

Welcome to the 634th Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions!

Wow, Thanksgiving is just one week away! Wasn’t Halloween just yesterday? Do you ever feel like life is flying by way, way too fast! The older I get, the faster it seems to go. I know everyone says that, but it really does feel that way.

For this week’s Tablescape Thursday, I’m sharing links to 9 previous Thanksgiving table settings. Most of these settings feature my favorite dinnerware for autumn, Spode Woodland. This pattern is still available and on sale where I purchased mine here: Spode Woodland.


Did you know Spode made turkey patterned salad plates several years back to go with their Spode Woodland pattern? I’m so happy they did that! This pattern is still my absolute fave for Thanksgiving dinner.

Spode Woodland Turkey Plates for Thanksgiving


Since I haven’t hosted Christmas dinner here for the last few years, I think I’ll bring out the Winter Greetings for a few meals this autumn, too. No sense having pretty dishes if we’re not using them, right? I just realized that I haven’t used this pattern in a table setting in so long, this sad picture below is the best photo I have of it here on the blog. This was taken before I really understood how to take better photos. Definitely past time I brought this pattern back out.

Winter Greetings Dinnerware


If you’re looking for a different centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table this year, check out my easy tutorial for making a Colonial Williamsburg style Apple/Orange/Lemon/Lime Tree Centerpiece: Make an Apple Tree for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

If you don’t have the form on which this centerpiece is built, I found them available for purchase here: Apple Cone Tree Base.

Colonial Williamsburg Apple-Lemon-Lime Centerpiece


If you’re looking for last-minute ideas for your Thanksgiving table, I hope you’ll find these tables from previous Thanksgivings helpful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Click on any title below to view that table in more detail.

Thanksgiving 2019

Large White Pheasant for Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece


Thanksgiving 2016



Thanksgiving 2015

Whimsical Turkey Centerpiece for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving Table Setting Tablescape with Spode Woodland, Copeland Spode Tower, Rustic Turkey Centerpiece and Turkey Tureens


Thanksgiving 2012 

Thanksgiving Table Setting with Turkey Centerpiece and Turkey Tureens_wm


Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving Tablescape with Natural Centerpiece of Greenery, Antlers and Pinecones


Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving Table Setting with Turkey Tureens


 Thanksgiving 2009 
Thanksgiving-Tablescape-Table-Setting 2


Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving Table Setting With Spode Woodland


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I also own Winter Greetings. I am looking forward to your table using them. I need some new, creative way to make them look fresh and different this year. I have not used my set in about five years. You are my inspiration. I mentioned to my husband that he has to help me dig them out of the Rubbermaids in the basement storage. His comment, “Have you been talking to Susan, AGAIN?” Help me surprise him with a new way to set a table. After 52 years of marriage, I am running out of ideas. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family. I love how you make it so special for your grandsons.

  2. Thank you Susan, I love round ups of previous tablescapes, they are so worry of looking at again and again, and I always notice something I hadn’t before! Lovely china!

  3. Imagine how extra exquisite that Williamsburg centerpiece was in colonial times, when fresh winter fruit must have been so rare. Most likely, the boys dine at the same table as the adults, but if they ever decorate a kids’ table just for fun, be sure to include a photo. It would be fun to see what they’ve picked up from you.

  4. Mary Kliethermes says


  5. These are all so beautiful Susan – you have such a wonderful talent! Thanks for all the Thanksgiving inspiration, and hope you have an excellent holiday too!

  6. Everytime I see that huge gorgeous white Turkey in your tablescapes, I think how amazing that piece is. My sister gave me a couple of years back for my birthday (in Oct) a set of 4 transferware plates with Turkeys which are beautiful and I found two awesome vintage large turkey tureens, at Goodwill unbelievably, for … wait for it… $8.99 and $6.99. SCORE. Anyways, have a safe and happy, happy Thanksgiving. And yes, we should enjoy and use our beautiful dinnerware, often!!!

    • Thanks, Dawn! It’s almost too big for my dining room table, probably be a little better on a wider table. Wow, great score on those tureens! Awesome find!
      I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, Dawn!

  7. I love Spode Woodland also! For the longest time I didn’t know which specific pattern to buy–pheasant, red grouse, the rabbit, the red fox, Mr. Tom Turkey, mallard ducks, deer, moose, black bears–there is so much to choose from!

    But after going to gorgeous Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks twice this year, I found EXACTLY what I wanted: the American Bison pattern. I purchased 8 place settings from Macy’s, got them for almost 50% off.

    I was able to come up with a wonderful “Yellowstone Bison” tablescape using a rust-colored tablecloth, wood slice chargers, my bison plates, and a colorful photograph pattern of bison herds on cotton which I sewed into napkins. My main centerpiece was a large bronze bull bison figurine which I bought at the Old Faithful gift shop. I also had rustic wood napkin rings with bronze bison heads mounted on them, and the table was scattered with beautiful smaller resin bison, tree and moose figurines. All of these decorations came from the National Park gift shops.

    If you had told me last year that I would create a bison tablescape, I would have laughed out loud–who does that kind of thing LOL?! But I fell absolutely in LOVE with American Bison, the largest and most magnificent animals in North America.

    Recently I was so happy to have guests over to enjoy dinner and my bison tablescape. The next time I do my bison thing, I’m going to send you the tablescape photos, Susan. I think you’ll like them.

    Thank you for another lovely Tablescape Thursday, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! XO

  8. Bobbi Duncan says

    I remember when you posted these table settings and LOVE seeing them over and over as you always set a beautiful table. I had to chuckle when you replied that you would have helped Nancy’s husband bring those dishes up from the basement because I absolutely know you would! I’m still hoping to one day come across reticulated chargers that are as lovely as yours, or at least close….love how they make settings look extra special. Hugs!

  9. Gorgeous tables!

  10. Beautiful table settings. Originally wasn’t going to set my typical Thanksgiving table with all the decorative pieces since we are socially distancing with the usual cast of characters (NY State numbers rising). Probably not even my son coming -although I will deliver a dinner that I cooked to his home. Your pictures have convinced me to tone it down and still set a nice table for my husband and myself! Thanks!

  11. Jill from Southern NH says

    I could look at your pretty tables over and over, and I do! Beyond awesome that your family is coming for Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to see how you set the table for company this year. And I hope that before they go back home, the little ones will get a glimpse of your Grinch kitchen table fun.

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