Making a Few Changes and Upgrades, From the Kitchen to the Bath

Welcome to the 598th  Metamorphosis Monday!

It’s funny all the things you notice when you’re home a lot! I’ve been making a lot of small changes, little updates in both the kitchen and bath that are really long overdue.

For example, a while back I noticed the wood tray I store my flatware in had somehow gotten stained over the years. I’m guessing something splashed or dripped inside the drawer somewhere along the way.

I decided to replace it and came across this neat flatware tray that actually expands out to completely fill any drawer. I loved that feature since my old flatware organizer/tray left an awkward 2-inch gap on the side between the tray and the side of the drawer. (You’ll find this expandable flatware organizer here: Flatware Organizer.)


Stainless Flatware Storage, Expandable Tray to Fit Drawer


Here’s how it looks inside a smaller drawer.

Flatware Storage, Expandable to Fill Drawer of Any Size


And here’s how it looks inside the wide drawer where I keep the flatware in my kitchen. I love how it expanded to fill the entire drawer from side to side! It stays in this position very well, too! It doesn’t slide or try to close down.

I’m very pleased with this new-found space I have for storage now! This is the way all flatware organizers should work! They should all be designed where they will completely fill the whole width of a drawer. That’s makes so much more sense than leaving a weird gap on one side.

You’ll find this flatware drawer organizer here: Flatware Organizer.

Flatware Storage, Expandable for All Drawer Sizes


New Everyday Stainless Steel Flatware

Buying the new flatware organizer caused me to take a closer look at the stainless flatware I’ve been using for so many years. The old flatware set I purchased many years ago only had service for 8 and I never really thought twice about that when I ordered it. Unfortunately, over the years, a few spoons and salad forks have vanished, and every now and then I find myself running out of spoons and salad forks before I next run the dishwasher. Annoying!

While shopping online for the flatware storage tray, I came across this beautiful set of 18/10 stainless steel flatware. It included service for 12, had rave reviews and the price was excellent!

Mikasa Stainless 18-10 Flatware, 12 Place Settings


I’ve never purchased everyday flatware that came in a set of 12. That would solve my “running out of spoons and forks” issue. I ordered it and I’m very happy with how it looks and feels. Each piece is quite substantial and a bit bigger than my previous everyday stainless steel flatware.

Flatware Storage, Expandable for All Drawer Sizes


Here’s a close up of the pattern. It’s pretty and elegant enough to even use when having a dinner party. I really do love it!

If you could use new everyday stainless flatware, I think this set is priced very reasonably, especially for 18/10 quality and service for 12! You’ll find it available here: Mikasa Flatware, Service for 12.


Mikasa Flatware, Service for 12, 18-10 Quality


Bathroom Tweaks/Updates

As mentioned in previous posts, I’ve made several little tweaks in my bathrooms recently, changing out all the dark, warped-wood, 80’s shelving in the closets to bright, flat melamine shelving. Another issue I’ve been needing to correct was storage in the shower for the items I always use when showering, like shampoo, conditioner, etc…

I liked the look of this corner shelf I found online and the reviews sounded really good.

Shower Caddy Organizer, Attaches to Wall Easily


It arrived yesterday and was very easy to put together and install, only took a few minutes. It attaches easily to the wall of the shower with sticky pads/hooks that come with it, so no drilling or damaging the tiles.

Shower Caddy Organizer, Easy Install


I like that it’s rustproof and I love that I no longer have shampoo/conditioner bottles scattered all around the various corners of my tub/shower. If you could use a bit more storage space inside  your shower, you’ll find this neat little shelf here: Shower Organizer

Best Shower Caddy Organizer


Of course, I felt compelled to order a few pampering items to hang from the little hooks underneath the shelf. 🙂 This was the set I ordered. If you could use a bit of pampering, you’ll find this set here: Long Handled Bath and Shower Body Brush and Handheld Pouf.



One thing leads to another and adding the shelf reminded me that occasionally the hand-held shower thingy leaks around the metal connection whenever I’m showering or trying to scrub down the shower walls. I think it needs a new washer inside.

I decided to upgrade it and just ordered this cool double shower head. It sounds really luxurious from reading the reviews! There are quite a few of these double showerheads online with the rainfall showerhead. After a ton of review reading, this was the one I finally settled on since it had all the features I wanted. You’ll find it available here: Rainfall Shower Head.


Rainfall Shower Head, Hand Held


Those are some of the little tweaks I’ve been working on this past week here in the house. I actually love making small, inexpensive changes like these around my home because, though small, they are changes that have a big impact on my day-to-day living and comfort. Sometimes it really is the little things, ya know?

With all this time at home, have you found yourself making a few upgrades or tweaks around your home?

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Charlotte Macpherson says

    I couldn’t find a link to the drawer organizer. Could you share? Thanks!

  2. Could you please publish a link to the flatware drawer? I looks wonderful. Thanks so much.

  3. This is a great reminder to keep my eyes open for these things! I just this weekend got boxes and boxes of my mom’s possessions and furniture, and while I’m looking for places to put them, I’m going to find all the little things that need attention! 😉 Thanks for the timely ideas!

    • I know that must be an emotional experience, going through all those boxes. My dad passed when I was 19 (a freshman in college) and my mom passed two years later in my senior year. I remember having to do this with my sister and brother. I was very lucky to have them helping with all that. They are gone now and I truly miss them. Sending you lots of hugs as you take this task on, Barbara. ♥

  4. You posting about shower heads reminded me when I had to argue with my handyman who was appalled that I wanted a new shower head installed. Mexicans are very much like the U.S. used to be in the Depression era. My parents fixed, patched and recycled before recycling was cool.

    He said, “I can unclog that shower head with vinegar” (hard water here) so I told him to go ahead and he could keep that one but please install this new one. I’m sure this just added to his library of crazy gringa stories.

    It really is amazing how little changes can brighten every day life. My kitchen drawer storage problem are 2 very deep drawers which have turned into a kitchen gadget burial ground.

    • That’s how my father-in-law was, he never threw anything away. He loved tinkering with stuff, including cars, so he saved everything. He and my mother in law lived through wartime so they knew how fast things can change and how scarce simple things can become…like metal graters.

      That was nice of him to let you know he could fix it and save you some $$$.

      I know what you mean, I cleared out mine a while back and with this new update, I put a few more things in the “donate” box…mostly knives I no longer need or use.

  5. Donna Pike says

    Love all the items you found. Thanks for sharing with us. Inspires me to do the same with the things that can get lost.

  6. How do you keep your shower clean?? I have the same and I’ve tried everything and nothing works! The flatware pattern is very pretty. You find the neatest things. I bought my sister the emergency light you featured one time. She told me recently that the power went off during the night and how handy it was that the light came on.

    • I just use Clorox Bathroom Cleaner. They make a foaming type and a gel kind. I’ve used both. You can buy it with or without bleach.
      I’m so glad it came in handy. I’ve purchased several now and I have one in every room. I used to worry that the lights would go out during the middle of the night and I’d have to walk through a pitch-black dark house trying to find a flashlight or candles. Those little emergency lights have completely removed that worry. I know if the lights go out, one of the little lights will come on in every room of my home so no matter where I am, I won’t be left standing in the dark. Peace of mind!

  7. Little changes can make such a huge difference! thanks for the ideas Susan!

  8. Thanks so much for hosting each week!! Stay safe, healthy, happy!!

  9. Julie Huff says

    I had the wallpaper in your bathroom in my kitchen at one time, when I saw it, memories came flooding back!

  10. Thanks for hosting. I love all the home oganization products you featured. Have a great week, CoCo

  11. BOBBI DUNCAN says

    Your new flatware is so pretty, and what a terrific price! I just purchased a similar shower head system from the same company lol! The only difference is ours stated it is made with microban technology to retard bacterial growth, and the microban isn’t supposed to wear off (we’ll see). You still need to deep clean any hard water clogging issues, though, which I don’t do often as we don’t have a real problem with that where we live. I’m looking forward to the rain shower feature. I love our expandable drawer organizers–use them throughout the house for so many things. Years ago, my utensil and kitchen junk drawers were such a mess I couldn’t stand the clutter and constant search for everything. I adore any gadget that saves time and keeps my life better organized. Once again, thanks for all the useful items you bring to the table. Hugs!

    • Bobbi, that was the other one I was looking at buying, the pretty blue one that’s supposed to retard bacterial growth. I couldn’t make up my mind and then finally just chose the other one. It just came today, so I haven’t opened the box. I wonder if I should return and get the one you bought. I love the look of that one with the blue colors. 🙂

      I totally agree, if it makes my life easier and more organized, sign me up!lol

  12. Love the shower head! We put in a rain shower type a few years ago during a master shower remodel, and we love it.
    Speaking of clearing out drawers and cabinets, can you recommend a product for keeping those little, itsy bitsy spiders at bay in cabinets you rarely open, especially near the floor? I give them a swipe whenever I clean but the buggers are back again the next time around.
    Love your blog, Susan; it’s always fun and uplifting to visit!

  13. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    It really is in the little things Susan! I love that flatware holder, I love that it fills the whole drawer. That is my problem, the one I have slips and slides all over the drawer. Drives me crazy. I will have to invest in this one. I am loving that shower head too. lol And flatware…..Hugs, Brenda

  14. Susan, be aware with that new shelf you put in your shower that it might fall down in the middle of the night. I’ve had that happen with mine so make sure you don’t have any glass bottles in there.

    • Thanks, Robin! They are all plastic, but that’s a great point. I don’t think this shelf will fall because I noticed in the reviews, people say that it’s very difficult to remove the sticky hooks once they are in place. Apparently, when people have wanted to remove them, they had to use tools to scrape them off. So I think they will hold but that is a very good point you make!

  15. Cecilia from Georgia says

    My husband has been trying to get me to buy a shower head that can also be removed but I haven’t see anything I like. Thanks for doing the research! I’m going back up and buy one!

  16. Georgette says

    I Have the showered. You made a good choice! I have never regretted installing it. It feels luxurious.

    • Thanks, Georgette! Your comment is so timely, I literally just got thru installing it in my bathroom. I’m looking forward to my next shower! I’m wondering if I’ll end up wanting to remove the flow regulator to increase the water pressure. I thought I’d try showering without doing that first, then remove it if I think the pressure is too light. I would like to run both showerheads at the same time which I know (per the instructions) reduces the pressure. Did you remove the water flow regulator or did you leave it in place?

      • Georgette says

        I didn’t pay much attention to it and left it in place. It has been fine. But we have had a regulator for a long time so I think I was used to it.

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