Armoire-Wardrobe Transformation Including Wallpaper & Beautiful Antique Mirror

Earlier in the spring, I shared a wonderful Before and After of this old cedar armoire. Phyllis and her husband, Jerry, completed an amazing transformation!

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If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: Amazing Transformation: Beat Up Wardrobe Becomes a Beautiful Storage Armoire.

Beautiful Wardrobe Transformation


Shortly after I posted that beautiful armoire makeover, Franki, a BNOTP reader, shared a few photos of a wonderful makeover she and her husband Merle completed of their armoire. Frankie wrote, “I am NOT a techie, however, a “sometimes DIY’er. This is the basic armoire we bought and Merle made the crown, bottom molding, and bun feet. I sanded, painted it the same color as the bedroom to blend in. Sanded, painted, etc… you get the idea.”

Armoire Make Over


After completely redoing the exterior, Franki wallpapered the inside back of her armoire and added a beautiful antique mirror. I love how it turned out!

Franki said, “There are no closets in the twin bed guest room, so this is it! Franki added, “Phyllis (today’s post from you) and I seem to be on the same track!!”

Indeed! I absolutely love this transformation, especially the addition of the wallpaper and mirror! If you have an old armoire hanging around that you’ve been thinking of donating or you come across one in a flea market or estate sale, consider making it over for extra storage. Armoires are great places to store linens, extra clothing that may be out of season or keepsakes like photo albums. The things you can do with an old armoire are truly endless!

Wallpaper & Add a Mirror to the Interior of Armoire Wardrobe


Thanks so much to Franki for sharing these photos of her beautiful armoire!

Have you made over an old armoire or piece of furniture in the past? If so, I would love to see it! You can share photos with me via my email: [email protected].

Check out a hutch makeover I completed for the porch many years ago here: Porch Hutch Makeover.

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  1. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Wow, another beautiful armoire transformation! Loving the wallpaper inside of it too, along with the mirror. I would love to come across one of these to fix up, but being my house is so small, I would definitely have to get rid of something to make room for one. lol Hugs, Brenda

    • I have a couple of armoires, one that’s sitting empty and another that has been repurposed for storage. I still love them, don’t want to get rid of them, so I’m loving these examples of ways to repurpose them, too.
      Thanks, Brenda!

    • Franki Parde says

      Awww…I appreciate your nice comments! Trust me, I know about “house small”…in m case, “log cabin small!” The little armoire has come in handy! franki

  2. Those armoires are beautiful, especially that they are transformed by BNOTP followers! Fun wallpaper and a nice use of an antique mirror. Anyone sharing paint colors?

    • I love the addition of the wallpaper and mirror, too! Hopefully Franki will see this and share her paint color. 🙂

    • Franki Parde says

      Thanks, Mia, for the nice comments! The paint is “Behr” but the custom blend (had to match wee little aqua/blue/green in the hanging antique panel you see…*sigh*) ANYWAY, The BASE: (Gallon) Premium Plus Internal: Egg shell enamel, Watermark (470E-2) Utra Pure White (2050) COLORANT: C Yellow oxcide 3/48th of ounce, D Thalo-green 7/48th of ounce, R Exterior red 3/48th ounce. There will be a quiz on this tomorrow…GOOD WISHES, franki

  3. Nice transformation! Adding the crown molding took it a notch up. Wondering if the drawers already had the detail? Adding the mirrors for guests is nice too.

    • Great question! I’ll email Franki and ask her about that, in addition to the paint color she used.

    • Franki Parde says

      Hi, Kathleen! THANX for nice comments! The moulding around drawers was original. The inside of the door (hidden behind the mirror for the most part) was the original varnish. Covered it with “KILZ” twice! Took three coats, sanding between each to get the “luster” I wanted…it’s ALL ABOUT the luster!! 🙂 Take care, franki

      • Kathleen L Lazarski says

        Hi Franki! Thanks for replying. I just took another look and noticed the hooks on the side. Good idea for guest’s personal items and storage for you.

  4. I love armoires and spent a fortune on one after looking for ages because stores kept showing me the ones for TV’s. Last week I was in GoodWill and there was a perfect looking one with the drawers in the top for $99. No place to put it or how to move it. Hopefully, someone is a happy camper for their good find.

    • Myrna, I love it when the TV is hidden away inside an armoire. Lately they’ve come out with some clever ways to make TVs look like paintings on the wall when not in use…even with a frame surrounding them.

  5. Beautiful! Going to keep my eye out for an armoire to make over!

  6. Cyndi Raines says

    Great job Franki! Love the white dress with the patriotic sash! Awesome! Thanks Susan.

    • Franki Parde says

      Cyndi…appreciate that…needed that comment between all the coats of paint and sanding! Our two grand daughters “claimed” the armoire and kept their “dress up” frocks in there…alas, now they are all grown up and there is just one “little dress” left…franki

  7. Great transformation Franki. All your hard work definitely paid off! Love the paint formula and hope I don’t fail the quiz! 🙂 Thanks both of you for sharing it with us!

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