Critters On My Feet!

Just a quick post as I take a break from working on tomorrow’s post for Tablescape Thursday. Remember these adorable scuffs I shared recently? I purchased a pair for my daughter-in-law since she’s a kitty lover, too. I also thought my grandsons would get a kick out of them.


She texted this photo last night saying that my oldest grandson who is 3 years old now, thinks they are hilarious. Apparently my youngest grandson, who is 1 and just started walking, likes putting toys inside them. lol I think she’s wearing an apron in this picture since she was working in the kitchen.

L.L. Bean Kitty Scuffs


I texted this picture back. 🙂 I’m not actually wearing flannel pajamas just yet, it’s still really hot here in Georgia. I just put them on for a more authentic photo of how the scuffs would look with pajamas.

I can’t wait to see my grandson’s reactions when I next visit and wear these. Such a clever design! I was just thinking today, I wish they made them in men’s sizes. I would so get my son a pair just to see the look on his face and if he would wear them. Lucky for him, they don’t make them for men. Ha!

If you need some of these, you’ll find them in different colors and animals here: Critter Scuffs.

L.L. Bean Raccoon Scuffs


Okay, back to sorting photos for tomorrow post. Here’s a sneak preview. Tomorrow all the pressure washing and deck work starts, going to be a busy few days around here!

Pumpkin filled with flowers

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  1. OMG, I love those fox slippers !

  2. The raccoons are so fun. We were looking at these not long ago and thought what a great idea the 2 halves would make for kiddos learning which shoe going on which foot. Even though Bean has gone mostly imports we still enjoy a lot of their products.

  3. Laughing at toys in the slippers, but they seem to put toys inside anything though. I bet the two kids will enjoy your slippers too next visit. You may not be able to find them when you pack to return home. Thank your DIL for sharing the photos and chuckles.

  4. I would have expected red silk slippers with a gold embroidered dragon to go with the castle. Oh well…. next trip to China.
    The wollies did made me laugh, but not as much as the flannels.

  5. Too stinking cute!

  6. Those slippers are darling! I know your grandsons loved them on their mommy. So cute! I may have to get me a pair.
    Can’t wait to see your table tomorrow. The colors look pretty. I love blue & white china.

  7. I love those slippers. Wish they had a fox for a gift this year.

  8. Love the raccoons! I’m going to order these for a friend’s birthday. Adorable!

  9. Love the flowers in the pumpkin. The slippers are so cute..I am a cat lover so of course I would say this.

  10. Adorable! I need to look into those!

  11. Love the slippers, what a great idea!!!

  12. Adorable critter shoes to go with adorable you! Lucky DIL, too!

  13. Such cute slippers. Your grand boys will love your raccoons. We are having “Indian Summer” here in Virginia also. So very humid with temps in the high 80’s. The leaves on my crepe myrtle are turning and falling which makes raking in this heat a miserable task. Looking forward to seeing the finished rehab to your deck, etc. Vikki in VA

  14. Just love your blog. It makes for a happy day when I read it, even if it is just seeing cute slippers.

  15. So cute! I know the Grandkids will love them!

  16. Cute slippers, tho partial to the kitty ones!

  17. Cute slippers….I often have critters on my feet…..chipmunks….I hide peanuts in my tennis shoes and they come on my feet to find them…..let me know it you want to see a photo

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