How Do They Look & Which Way Is Your Favorite?

Welcome to the 572nd Metamorphosis Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope your week is starting off great! Mine has started off with an interesting twist. Unfortunately, my car left me stranded last night at the grocery store. I think it’s probably a dead battery. Apparently, my battery doesn’t like really cold weather. It’s used to sleeping inside a garage at night in Georgia and not outdoors in Ohio. lol

I’ve always heard cold weather is rough on an older battery so I guess the cold must have gotten to it. I’m sure it’s an older battery because I can’t remember when it was last replaced. My son will be taking me back to where we left it today and once I call roadside service and have it jumped off, I’ll be off to buy a new battery. Today’s my birthday and I’m getting a new car battery! Whoo, hooo! 😉

Update: Well, my car mysteriously cranked right up this morning. Have no idea what was wrong last night, just hope it doesn’t come back, whatever it was!


So How Do They Look?

Recently I mentioned in a post that I had ordered a couple of twilly scarves to use on the handles of this recently purchased Lady Dior handbag. This bag was a find HERE, a Christmas/Birthday present to myself. (Much better than a battery! Ha!) I saved around 50% purchasing it preloved in Excellent/Like-New condition.

Since I frequently wear lotion on my hands, I know those cream white handles won’t stay pristine white for long if I don’t protect them. Plus, just the regular oils/sweat/everyday-dirt can easily transfer over to the handles of a bag. That’s not as big a problem if a bag is black or brown but with a white bag I feel better adding that extra layer of protection

Dior Lady Dior Studded Supple Leather Handbag


I thought it would be fun to do a follow-up post for this week’s Met Monday sharing how the twillies actually look on the bag. I ordered this floral one for spring/summer…

Dior Twill Scarf


…and this one in autumn colors for fall/winter. I always have a hard time finding twilly designs that I love. I have a knack for finding twilly scarves that are discontinued, so I was really happy to find some that are available in store right now and that I actually like.

So how do they look on my bag?

Dior Twilly Scarf


Here’s how the spring/summer twilly looks on one of the handles of the bag. I didn’t tie it on both since I’m saving these for springtime. I love how it looks, crazy about the colors!

I also love how much cushion/comfort it added to the handles. I’ll be wearing this bag crossbody or on my shoulder much of the time, but when I pick it up by the handles, I do love how much cushion the twillies add to the feel of the handles.

Studded Lady Dior with Twilly


Here’s a quick photo I snapped this morning showing how the fall/winter twillies look on the bag. It was very early in the morning so not the greatest light, but hopefully, you get the idea. I paired them with my fave Burberry scarf and one of my Orvis “barn” coats since we were just talking about barn coats in yesterday’s post.

If you are interested in learning more about barn coats, check out the comments left on yesterday’s post. I loved hearing about your love for the iconic, classic barn coat!

Lady Dior Studded Bag Christian Dior Mitzah Scarf, Orvis Barn Coat, Burberry Scarf


Here’s a bit closer view of the twilly. I tied it in a different way than I did with the spring twilly. I saw this method on the Instagram feed for a Dior Boutique in Beverly Hills. Instead of having both of the little tails of the scarf hanging down in front, the Dior associate had tied it where one of the tails was tucked up under the scarf on the side where the little Dior charms hang, I guess so the charms are more visible.

Lady Dior Studded Bag with beige Le Phoenix de Christian Dior Silk Mitzah Scarf


How do you like it tied–with both tails hanging down as shown below?

Studded Lady Dior with Twilly


Or, do you prefer it with one tail tucked up under the scarf so the charms are more visible?

Lady Dior Studded Bag with beige Le Phoenix de Christian Dior Silk Mitzah Scarf


Okay, I’m off to deal with a dead car…wish me luck! I just hope it’s not the hybrid battery that’s the issue because I’m not spending $6-7,000 on a new hybrid battery for a 12-year-old car. Nope.

Update: As a follow up to my post about Barn Coats, I just ordered this one last night. I’ve had a couple of Orvis barn coats for years and love them, but I wanted to try one from L.L. Bean since I always love everything I buy there. I purchased it in this color shown below. If you like the look of this coat, you’ll find it here: Barn Coat.


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. It’s a shame you have to use them. I really don’t care for how they look. They spoil the nice clean classic lines of the bag and look fussy. I suppose the tucked-in look would be my preference if I had to choose. Sorry.

    • I felt that way initially when I first saw them on a bag, but they’ve kind of grown on me. And they sure do make the handles feel so much more comfortable in the hand. If I didn’t wear so much lotion, I would probably take a chance since my hands never sweat so I don’t have that issue. But I don’t want to give up my lotion.

  2. Donna Nance says

    Happy Birthday!

  3. I prefer it with both tails hanging down.

  4. Happy Birthday! Mine is tomorrow. I like the one tail down and one tucked under the twilly. I like the charms to be visible. Hope you get your car running. Mine died on me last week at Wally World. The battery in my key fob died. I knew it was getting weak but kept putting off replacing it. Serves me right! Glad I was at a place where I could purchase a new one. Have a great day!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Buy yourself a HALO to jump your own car! Have your son look into it! Its a great purchase to have

  6. Good Luck with your battery, and Happy Birthday! I love both your twillies!

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find the link up button – if I missed it, let me know where to look. Otherwise I’ll check back in a bit. Thanks as always for the great posts and for hosting!

    • Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t showing. I just replaced the code again and I think it’s working now. Thanks, Barbara! My car cranked right up this morning…so weird!

  7. well you might not like my opinion but you did ask…I don’t like either one me it takes away from the beauty of the purse and it is a beauty. I thought you bought those handle covers in plain colors to use. But if I had to chose I would use the tails ducked inside the purse..just looks neater. Sorry if I am to blunt. But Happy Birthday.. your birthday is just a few days ahead of mine. Make it a good one. rls

    • I bought those plain handles for another bag that had cloth/canvas handles. Sorry you don’t like them, Robin. I think they are kinda cute. Def make the handles feel nice and soft.

  8. Andrea Nine says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY pretty -N- sweet lady! Hope the day is great!

  9. Happy Birthday!
    Love the bag….I have a collection of Louis Vuitton’s…

  10. Deborah Latimer says

    Happy Birthday! Best of luck with your dead battery. I prefer both tails down also.

  11. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day.

  12. Anne Shaheen says

    Happy Birthday wish of an outrageous brownie from Dorothy Lane!!

  13. Hello! Hope your car’s battery has been replaced and that you are ready to roll! Twilly scarves…I like the uniformity of both tails down. I have a question about the Orvis barn coats. Do they have exterior pockets? In looking at the Orvis website, it seems the coats you mentioned in an earlier post don’t have outside pockets.

    I would also like to thank you for producing wonderful content on your blog. Your readers appreciate the variety of subjects you cover and ideas you offer.

    • They do, at least the two I have do. Maybe I linked to the wrong coat. I have two Orvis coats…one’s in today’s post…and they both have big outside pockets. Last night I purchased an L.L. Bean one for myself since I’ve never had one of their coats…and it does have pockets. Here’s the one I bought last night: .
      I purchased it in the Loden color.

    • Okay, just checked and I did link to the right coat. It does have outside pockets, they come in from the side and may be hard for you to see in the photo:
      You may like the L.L. Bean barn coat better since it has even more pockets. I think I’ll add it to yesterday’s post because it’s a nice one, too!

  14. karen lyons says


  15. WANDA BRADEY says

    Happy Birthday! Prayers for abundant blessings and great joy.

  16. I forgot we share the same birthday Susan! Here’s to us ❤️

    • Happy Birthday, Doreen! I wish my birthday was in June! lol It’s too cold in January! Oh well, it’s a nice celebration after Christmas has passed. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful one!

  17. Happy Birthday Susan! Is the linkup button missing from the post?

  18. Happy Birthday, Susan! Love the twilly wraps. Our cars are going on 13 yrs old, and the Mr’s is a hybrid Lexus. He’s had the same hybrid battery (102K miles), and we have the same feeling as you, but replaced the regular battery. Advance Auto was a snap – they change it right on the parking lot.

  19. Selma Kessler says

    Happy Birthday, Susan! Sorry to hear about your battery. I’m with Mary about getting the HALO. You may never need to use it, but if you do, then you at least have an option. As far as your beautiful bag, it’s nice that you have options. You can show the Dior logo with either the charms or the scarf itself, but I would think the charms would also be a potential source of discoloration to the leather, so my reaction would be to take the charms off and fly your Dior flag with the twillys. 🙂

  20. Jean from Georgia says

    I personally do not care for the little scarf. I had seen them on some far less expensive handbags and did not like them and to see them used on a more expensive bag is not attractive to me. Just keep your hands clean and you probably won’t be carrying the bag for everyday use.

  21. Terri Santiago says

    Happy Birthday Susan
    Well if I could afford the bag, I would leave it plain.
    But since you asked our opinion, I would say tucked.

  22. Happy Birthday, Susan!! I like the twillys both ways!!

  23. I think I would like the evenness of the two tails if there wasn’t a charm hanging down. It seems like the tail & charm are competing with each other so maybe I vote tucked in with the charm.

  24. Happy Birthday Susan!
    If your sure you don’t need a new battery, make sure your starter is not going bad. Often a finicky battery could mean the starter is pulling excess power. I like the Barn Coat you got from Llbean. I also liked the one Orvis offers, however, did you noticed if you want the Orvis Barn Coat in the color Tobacco or Garnet you will pay $71.00 more for those colors than you would if you ordered the color Stone or Loden. I just don’t get that??? I won’t order from them because of that. Have a safe trip home.

  25. I love the twillies. Tails showing if no charms or one tail down and the other tucked up if you have the charms. I love bag charms. A very Happy Birthday and many, many more.

  26. Carol A Norton says

    I like both tails hanging down on the outside. It shows off the twillies better. They’re too pretty to hide–but that’s just my preference.

  27. Happy Birthday Susan!

  28. How scary for you that your car wouldn’t crank. I’m thankful your son was close. I remember when car batteries gave you a little warning that they were weak. You would think with all of the gadgets on cars that there would be a screen telling you the battery is getting weak. I like that barn coat from LLB. I’ve been thinking about buying one for a while.

  29. Happy Birthday, Susan! I love barn coats.

  30. Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear about your car battery. If you can’t remember the last time you got a new battery, you may need a new one. Mine tend to last around three years here in Virginia. You may also want to invest in a Halo Bolt, which can charge your phone, tablet, and laptop, but can also charge your car without needing another car to hook up jumper cables to. PS I like the twillies tails tucked in

  31. Mary from Virginia says

    Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a fun day!

  32. Well happy Birthday, Susan! I approve your choice in a gift. The purse is lovely – so lady like! And the scarves wrapped around the handles gives that extra bit of style.

  33. Linda Gomoll says

    Happy Birthday Susan!

  34. Happy Birthday Susan!! Hope your day is Wonderful and you have a blessed new year.
    Your new Dior purse is lovely, with tails on the twillys down or tucked, either option is fine. It is always nice to have options. I especially like the Spring one, with the faint hint of yellow peeking through. You may want to have your car hooked up on the meter at the mechanics to show what may be ailing it before heading home. All my best, Bren

  35. Happy birthday, Susan. Tell Peggy that I have a Toyota and when my fob went bad I panicked and went to the dealership. They told me that you can always start your car even if the fob is dead by touching it to the starter!

  36. Frances W. says

    Honestly I think the handles look too busy with the twills. There is too much pattern completion with the bags busy decoration. A cream or white plain twills would be more sophisticated I think. Perhaps you could use soft pastels to enjoy seasonal variations. The purse should get center stage. IMHO

  37. Happy Birthday, Susan. Sorry to have to join the blunt, but think you asked, your purse looks much better without those twilly things. I wish you could just enjoy your beautiful purse and not worry about it.

  38. Brenda Lawrence says

    Happy Birthday Susan!!! Love that you got yourself a nice pretty pocketbook for your birthday and not a battery. lol Those are never fun gifts. I sure hope it isn’t any thing else wrong and just an old battery. Love the tails both ways. The tails hanging is so fun, but tucked up is neat and tidy looking. So I guess if you are feeling more formal, wear them up, if you are feeling fun, wear the down. lol Hugs, Brenda

  39. At first the covers look like they don’t go with the bag, which then makes the bag less attractive. However, when you pair the bag with clothing that has the colors of the covers it seems to work better on the eye (grows on you). I like the charms showing and I don’t like the advertising showing. A dead battery that recovers? Still sounds like it might need replacing (good luck with the outcome!). Also never thought of replacing the fob battery as someone suggested; something to ponder as it also locks and unlocks. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  40. Sorry, the twillys aren’t enhancing all that is going on with your lovely bag. It’s all too busy leaving no quiet place for your eyes to appreciate the bold detail on the bag. Use it unadorned, clean the handles with leather cleaner when needed, and enjoy it as Dior intended you to. If it shows wear at some later date, it merely shows it was used and loved.

  41. Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  42. Happy Birthday, Susan. I remembered that we shared birthdays in January. Mine is coming up. Hope the car battery issue is solved. I have to say I hate dealing with car issues, especially dead batteries. I had to have my car towed when the battery died.
    You new Christmas/birthday bag is stunning. I admit I’ve never purchased an expensive designer bag. I’ve always wanted a Louis Vutton, but the logo on it bothers my husband. So I’ve never indulged! I like the tails hanging down. They look cute and flirty instead of looking as if you are covering up the handels for a reason. Beautiful silk scarves!

  43. Happy Birthday, Susan! (and maannny mooorre) :o)

    Wow, the twilly opinions are all over the place, lol. Guess you’ve got to do what you like. So pleased you were able to see Chip and the family again so soon. I think you’re going to have to make that move sooner than later. ;o) But I’m worried about you making that long drive back with an iffy battery. :o( Or whatever it was. Please be careful!

  44. By the way, love those outfits you put together. They look perfect! Love the fall/winter twilly with the Burberry scarf and red jacket, and the white jacket with the bag and accessories looks great too!

  45. Happy Birthday, Susan! Enjoy your special day with your family! I think I like the Twillies with the tails hanging down best. I’m eyeing that barn coat. I just wonder if it’s too warm for So. CA…… Our winter mornings are in the 50’s, but then it warms up to 60+. Please consider having your battery tested/ checked before you hit the road. I’m a “nervous Nellie”, but it is a long trip. Be safe getting home.

  46. Happy Birthday, Susan! Enjoy your special day with your family! I like the Twillies with the ends hanging down the best. I am eyeing that Barn Coat, but wonder if it would be too warm for So. CA. Our mornings start our in the 50’s, but then go up to 60+. I really wish you would have your battery tested/checked before you hit the road. I’m a “Nervous Nellie”, but it is a long ride home. Have a safe trip!

  47. Happy Birthday Susan! The gift you bought yourself is beautiful. May you enjoy using the bag for years to come with the tails in or out or whatever makes you happy!

  48. Franki Parde says

    Whoa, BIRTHDAY GAL…you really know how to CELEBRATE!! Hope it was better than expected!! Our car battery just “gave it up,” too…really glad we got that replaced as it got pretty cold right afterwards! The scarf around the pocket book handle is SO creative…I had not seen that before…love the spring-summer scarf with the tails showing. CHIC you are!! franki

  49. First off, Happy Birthday! Secondly, I like symmetry but I also like the charms showing…could you tuck in both ends? Whichever way you choose will be perfect for you. If they let you enjoy your bag without worrying about lotion staining the handle, they have done their job well.

  50. Ok, so now I know what a twilly is.

  51. Thank you so much for hosting. This week I am excited to share my cozy style for my home during the wintertime. Have a great week!

  52. Bobbi Duncan says

    I love how you matched the colors with your seasonal jackets. Ends tucked in or left out is fine–just depends how you feel on any given day. I wished you Happy Birthday yesterday, just in case you didn’t post today. Other than the battery issue, hope it was a great day!

  53. Cyndi Raines says

    Well, a belated Happy Birthday to you since I am now 2 days late as it is after midnight, but well wishes just the same for a great year. I am conflicted, I would prefer no twilly as the purse is stunning by itself, but since you are concerned with staining, then do whatever suits your fancy, both looks are cute. Hope the battery situation is solved and will pray for no issues traveling home. And yes, I love my barn coat with the extra pockets, it is great for fall yard work as it is easy to move in, very comfortable, light-weight yet keeps me warm and protects me from the wind and it is well broken in, ha.

  54. First of all HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you Susan! Know that you are on the road today, so safe travels if heading home.
    Re the twilly, most probably for myself would prefer for casual dress the charms showing whereas for dress up wear the two tails down in order that the charms wouldn’t compete with my jewelry as have tendency to wear more of it then. On the same note, I’m wondering if one got a child’s ‘snap’ headband (since they are flexible) and wrapped it around the handbag handles, if it would suit a similar purpose of protecting them? Just a thought. -Brenda-
    P.S.: I’ve seen such sold in Walmart/Target/$-Stores/Pharmacies.

  55. Happy belated birthday, Susan! I like the twilly with the ends hanging down best–but won’t the twilly itself get filthy? I’m sure it would be less expensive to replace than a new bag, but … And what about those purse handle covers you wrote about before, that come in lots of different colors? Wouldn’t they work? Seems as if they would be less expensive and easier to maintain, and they would cover just the center of the handles. I agree with one of the other followers that the bag looks a bit “cleaner”–and I think more classy–without the twilly covering the entire handle (even though the twilly is pretty).

    • Thanks for that input, Maureen. I know, I love it without them, too. I’m sure there may be times I wear the bag without them. The nice thing about the twillies is they are super easy to wash and very durable. It takes a pretty long time for them to look like they need washing, usually they will last through a whole season. To wash them, I wash them with this silk wash and they look great afterward: . Silk is very strong and really does hold up well.

  56. A belated happy birthday Susan. Not a fan of the twillys What about the handle protectors you bought before ? I had a battery problem too and went to check it at Advanced Auto where I bought it. They gave me a free battery ! It was under warranty. BTW Want to reconsider those cabinets for your purse collection ?

    • Thanks! I decided to just keep the summer set of twillies since I really love those. I used my favorite leather cleaner on the handles the other day and it worked great, so I think I can go without twillies some of the time and not worry too much. These are what I used and they work great!
      I’m on my second container and will def buy more when I use these up. They condition the leather in addition to cleaning it.

      Apparently, my battery is okay since my car cranked right up the next day. I think what happened is when I started it, I didn’t wait long enough before I put it in Drive and it freaked out the hybrid part of it. I’m not used to it being outdoors, it’s normally in a garage and by the time I hook my seatbelt, it’s ready to go. But I guess it takes a couple of seconds longer for the car to be ready in a colder climate. It somehow reset itself overnight though and was fine the next day. Now I just make sure that I give it a few extra seconds when it’s been outside overnight in cold weather.
      Glad you were able to get your battery issue solved…awesome that it was free!
      lol Do you mean buying more cabinets? I’m trying to just keep it down to the one. I took my yellow Frye fringe bag out and put it in one of my regular closets since I rarely wear it. I should wear it more. That gave me room for my new bag. I’m pretty much at “Purse Peace” as they call it, at least for right now, so don’t anticipate buying anymore bags in the immediate future. 🙂

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