Decorate Your Door for Easter

Welcome to the 167 Metamorphosis Monday!

I have a fun, crafty metamorphosis to share for this Met Monday.   I don’t have “before” pics but they would simply be the supplies you would buy to create this adorable bunny for your spring door.   I know that looks like a Christmas tree out on the porch.  It was a tree in an urn with dragonfly lights.   I had it out there for a while but eventually removed it since it did look a bit too Christmas-tree like for year ’round.

Many years ago, probably 14 or so now, I purchased this cute bunny “wreath” at a crafts fair.  (View Easter tablescape HERE, or click on Holiday category at the top of this page and scroll down to the “Easter” section.)

Here’s a close-up of Mrs. Bunny.

She’s pretty old and a bit faded, but I still love her.

I almost took the whole thing apart to rebuild it to show you how it’s made.  In the end I realized it is such a simple door decoration to make, it really wasn’t necessary to take it apart to share the process in detail.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a bunny for your door:

•18″ wide straw hat
•White Foam Sheets, enough to cut two 11″ tall ears
•Easter basket straw for hair, whatever color you prefer•
•Decoration for hair (optional)
•Pink Foam Sheets, enough to cut two 9″ tall ears and a little mouth
•Two, 1″ googly eyes
•Two, 2″ white pom poms for cheeks
•One, 1″ pink pom pom for the nose
•3-4 white pipe cleaners for whiskers and a hanging tab
•Plaid ribbon or ribbon of your choosing
•Hot glue gun/glue sticks
•Craft glue

Let’s start our bunny “wreath” at the top and work our way down.  Cut two,”ear shaped” pieces from the white foam sheet, measuring approximately 11 inches long x 5″ wide at the widest part, which is across the center of the ear.

Cut two pink ears from the pink foam sheets, measuring 9″ tall by 3 1/4 inches at the widest part which is again across the center of the ear.  The pink foam represents the inside of your bunny’s ears and it will mimic the shape of the white part, but will be about an inch smaller for most of the way around.

Using craft glue, glue the pink “inside ear” onto the white foam ears.  I don’t think I’d use a hot glue gun for this part since it could dry to quickly and leave you with some bumpy-looking ears.  Actually, looking a little closer at this pic below, they may have used hot glue because the ears do look a tad bumpy inside.  I think craft glue would probably work better, but of course, there would be some drying time.  So use whatever glue you feel most comfortable using.  Our door decoration does NOT need to be perfect.  She will be lovely however she turns out! 🙂

Next, using your scissors, punch two holes OR cut two holes into the top of your hat, right where the rim of the hat meets the raised portion of the hat.  TIP:  Be sure the holes you make in the hat are far enough apart that they don’t merge and become one big, gaping hole.  (see pic below for spacing)

Bunch the ends of your ears together and poke them through the holes you just made.  Hot glue them into place as shown below.  Notice you can see the pink foam in the center of the white here on the back.  The foam ears are just squeezed together, poked through the holes and hot glued into place.  You may wish to hot glue the white foam and pink foam ends together so they won’t spread out once they are in place.

Next, attach a loop of pipe cleaner to the back with hot glue.  Cut a small piece of white foam and hot glue it over the ends of the pipe cleaner for a more finished look if you like.  The hardest part is done, it smooth sailing from here.

Now it’s time to make Mrs. Bunny’s hair and face.  (You can save the hair for last if your prefer.)  Apply small, thin amounts of hot glue to the top of the raised part of the hat just under the ears.  Press the Easter basket grass onto the glue.  You’ll want to use enough “hair” to hide all the hot glue.

Our bunny has a little decoration on top of her head.  This is just a “pick” with a cluster of small Easter eggs.  It’s stuck through the straw hat and hot glued in place.  If you scroll up a bit to a previous picture, you’ll see the end of the pick sticking out through the underside of the hat.  Have fun with this.  There are so many things you could use to decorate her head like a pretty bow, a big flower or anything spring oriented.  I like the big flower idea.

Before we make her face, put a little masking tape on the back of your white and pink pom poms and eyes and temporarily place the face where you think is best.

Then mark a little X where they go, remove the tape and hot glue them back into place.  (Note the basic positioning in photo below.)

Cut six, 4 1/2″ whiskers from the white pipe cleaners.  Hot glue the ends of each one to the hat, up underneath the pompoms as shown below.  Bend the pipe cleaners in and out to give them some playful movement.  You could glue the whiskers on first but I think it’s easier to do that once the cheeks are in place and you know where to position them.

From the pink foam, cut a tear-drop shaped mouth measuring 1 1/2″ long x 1″ wide at the widest part.  Hot glue it in place beneath your bunny’s fluffy cheeks.

Make sure the pointed part of your tear-drop mouth is facing up toward the cheeks.

Create (or buy) a pretty bow for the neck of your bunny.  The simple bow you see here was made with 60 inches of  1 1/2″ wide, ribbon.  I love the colors in this ribbon…so perfect for springtime and Easter.

That’s it!  Now just hang your bunny on a door in a protected area where he won’t get wet and you’ll enjoy him for years and years.  This would be a fun project to do with kids/grandkids, as long as an adult supervised the glue gun.  You could probably use other types of glue…would just have a little drying time involved.

Looking for more Easter inspiration?  Click HERE and scroll down to the Easter section for additional Easter decorating and table settings.

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