Double Bowl Hurricane Floral Centerpiece: Pottery Barn Knock-Off

I’ve been using a lot of fresh flowers in table settings lately.  Once those cold winter months are behind us, it’s such a joy to bring fresh flowers into our homes.  One of my favorite flowers is the tulip.  It’s almost impossible to think of spring and not think of beautiful tulips.

Tulips are a wonderful flower to give or receive for a birthday or for Mother’s Day.  I’ve been the happy recipient of tulips on several previous Mother’s Day.

A few months ago I was shopping in Pottery Barn and I came across a vase that really caught my eye.  It was designed with a center vase for flowers and that was surrounded by a larger vase.  It was more or less, a vase within a vase and it opened up lots of possibilities for pretty centerpieces.

I couldn’t find a picture of the vase online, but here’s a screen shot of two of them being used by a Pottery Barn Floral Designer and Expert Sylist in this Pottery Barn You Tube Video found, HERE.  He calls it a “double bowl hurricane.”



I really liked the design of the double bowl hurricane but not so much the $49.  So I decided to try and make my own.

Make a Double-Vase Hurricane Centerpiece for Easter or Spring


I found both in a local discount store.  The large vase was just $9.99 and the smaller one was on sale for $5.   You can see in the photo below, the smaller vase fit nicely down inside the larger one leaving about an 1 1/2 inches all the way around.  Before purchasing the vases, I checked to make sure the height of the center vase would work fine with that of the larger vase.  It was just right…not too tall and not too short.

DIY Double-Bowl Vase Hurricane, Pottery Barn Knock-off


For this centerpiece, I purchased Easter basket grass and candy-covered almonds in the shape of pretty pastel-colored eggs.

Make a Double-Vase Hurricane Centerpiece for Easter or Spring


This is such an easy centerpiece to make.  I placed the smaller vase down inside the larger vase, centering it inside the bigger vase.

DIY Double-Bowl Vase Hurricane, Pottery Barn Inspired

Next, I tucked a little basket grass inside between the two vases as shown below.

Make a Pottery Barn Inspired Double Hurricane Bowl Vase for Spring or Easter


Then, I just randomly dropped in a few of the candy eggs.  I carefully added water to the center vase, making sure to not spill it on the grass and eggs.  Tip:  If you are worried you may spill some water on the outside of the center vase, just add the water to the vase before placing it inside the larger one.

Potter Barn DIY Double-Bowl Vase Hurricane, Easter Spring Centerpiece


A view from overhead…

Potter Barn Double-Bowl Vase Hurricane, Easter Centerpiece


I filled the center vase with lots of gorgeous white, pink, and lavender tulips. Welcome Spring!

DIY Double-Bowl Vase Hurricane, Pottery Barn Knock-off


Don’t they just make you smile!  Stunningly beautiful and the colors of cut tulips are so vibrant!

Tulips in a DIY Double-Bowl Vase Hurricane, Pottery Barn Knock-off


I loved how the tulips looked here on the porch.  They just lit up the space on this gorgeous spring day!  Something tells me you may be seeing them in a table setting real soon.

Double-Bowl Vase Hurricane, Pottery Barn Knock-off for Easter Spring Table on the Porch


Update:  here’s how this centerpiece looked in my Easter table setting. Tablescape can be viewed here: Easter Tablescape with Tulip Centerpiece in Double-Bowl Hurricane Vase

Easter Spring Tablescape Table Setting with a Tulip Centerpiece

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  1. Laurel's Quill says

    Great idea. I wish tulips would last longer…they seem to droop so quickly.

  2. LOVE this! I will definitely copy this idea. I think I already have suitable vases. And there are so many options for filling the outer vase!

  3. Happy Cottage Quilter says

    I’ve made a similar idea using dried roses petals in the outer glass and a candle inside the smaller one. Yours is very pretty with the tulips. Welcome Spring 🙂 Jocelyn

  4. Gardening in a Sandbox says

    Love it. Going to find the ingredients and give it a try. V

  5. That’s so lovely, Susan! It perfectly captures the spirit of Spring. Thank you so much for sharing this idea!

  6. Well done! I’ve recently seen some cute ideas on Pinterest that require having a vase inside of a vase. This would do the trick. And so easy!

  7. It looks lovely. I have a vase like your larger one as I have a candle in it and makes a great hurricane style lamp. I need to find a slightly smaller one. I will try with the Easter eggs and tulips for this weekend and hopefully I will think of a few more creative ways to use it during the year. Happy Easter, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  8. Stick a pin in the stems, right under the flower heads. Should perk them right up 🙂

  9. miss flibbertigibbet says

    Just gorgeous….you can’t beat tulips….EVER… Lorraine

  10. Very pretty, Susan. Great idea. I love tulips, too.♥ Big surprise that I have some pink tulips blooming in our yard.

  11. Happy Easter Susan, I’m going to try this too, maybe with jellybeans if I can keep the vase in a cool place (which isn’t difficult this time of year in New England). I love your blog, and I just want to say hello and thank you for your constant creativity and inspiration. Carolyn

  12. Great idea and I love the eggs in the grass

  13. ✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life says

    Hi Susan, Your Easter tulips are gorgeous! I love your creative idea. Happy Easter! Dee

  14. Lovely! I’m gonna steal this idea from you for my own Easter table! Thanks for sharing! Liz

  15. so pretty! love the layering, it’s a whole new way to do flower arrangements.

  16. Absolutely beautiful tulips in a lovely Easter vase! Your bouquet says “Spring is here!” This is actually something that I could make!

  17. sweet violets says

    Yes, I am smiling!!! How very pretty that is!!! Put a copper penney in the water with the tulips, it makes the stems stronger. Happy Easter…cleo

  18. Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest says

    LOVE this crafty easy awesome idea, Susan! I think I need to make one of those – how AWESOME! Thanks – just what I am in the mood to bring to Easter dinner as a thank you on Sunday.

  19. iSavortheWeekend says

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW! So beautiful! Great pictures too!! Good job!

  20. Linda/patchwork says

    This is beautiful. And, so easy. Thanks for the tips.

  21. Hi Susan, Whow, great idea. Best greetings, Johanna

  22. Your knock off PB vase is GREAT! The tulips are really interesting looking and so fun for your porch. Their pattern picks up the stripes of the seat cushions. Thanks for the great idea for the vase.

  23. FABBY'S LIVING says

    What a great idea, yo’re so clever. I love tulips, they come around here only once a year and I try to buy them when they do. HAPPY EASTER sweet lady and may God bless you and your son. FABBY

  24. What a great idea! I think I’ve got everything it takes to do an arrangement similar to yours. Thanks so much. Gretchen

  25. Great idea Susan. Now I must hunt through my vase collection!!

  26. Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch says

    Brilliant idea!! xo HHL

  27. Lovely. Just throw a penny in the water and the tulips will last twice as long. If they’re already drooping, drop in a penny and watch them perk up. Really.

  28. Pat's Pink Apron says

    Wonderful Idea! I just need to get the materials now to make it. Ha! Ha! I love those tulips. Pat

  29. Anonymous says

    I will steal this idea with pride. Good job. Pat

  30. Miss Jean says

    Oh, I love this!!!!!! What a great idea. Can’t wait to go to the thrift store to find vases.

  31. Dropping a penny into the water in the vase and leaving it there works too!

  32. That looks great!

  33. Pretty…..simple… = Great idea! Thanks Susan

  34. martinealison says

    L’idée est bien pensée… Le résultat superbe. gros bisous

  35. Phyllis@Around the House says

    love the beautiful flowers the colors are wonderful

  36. heritagestitchery says

    Susan dear ~ A Friend filled in her outer shell with yellow marshmallow peeps on green grass and then filled the inner vase with bright yellow daffodils…Delightful! Your inspiration is contagious… watch what others will dream up as a result of your tulipmania~ A blessed Eastertide to you and yours ~ Gentility

  37. Lovely!!!

  38. Great idea…pretty and fun!

  39. Anonymous says

    Wow….what a great idea! Thanks so much Susan. YOU are so creative! Beth T

  40. Yes, it made me smile! Thank you!

  41. Lissa Faith says

    My tulips have just started to bloom what a great idea!

  42. Very pretty – Tulips and Daffodils are my favorite flowers. Let’s see what I can come up with to change up the table setting after Easter – will still need something that says Spring! Let me see what my little mind can come up with! Hugs and Happy Easter – Carol @arewethereyet

  43. mary ashbrook says

    This is beautiful for Spring. How about using orange and black halloween grass and use corn candy or pumpkin candy and orange and yellow flowers for fall. Xmas u could think of reds and green with poinsettas or something like that. Each season it could be a new center piece.

  44. Pat Cobb says

    Great idea! I will be doing this myself. It is beautiful, Thanks for sharing

  45. Susan, I LOVE this idea..thanks for sharing…I like how you see an idea and then come up with a way to make it affordable so that most anyone can replicate most of your ideas shown..such a great concept in this economy since most of us like to decorate but cannot always afford the more pricey stores.

  46. Denise from Savannah says

    Which local discount store? I can’t find them!

  47. Where can I buy this Double bowl centerpiece.

    • I purchased the two vases I used to make mine in Marshalls. Pottery Barn used to sell one but I’m not sure if they currently have it in stock.

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