How I Store/Organize My Napkins + Some New Additions For Spring and Summer

Welcome to the 756th Tablescape Thursday! If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you know that I store a lot of the goodies I use in table settings in these cabinets here in my garage. I’ve been doing this for quite a few years now and it has worked out really well. It’s super convenient having so many things grouped in one place and so close to the three areas where I normally set tables in my home.

Garage Makeover Renovation


When I renovated the garage last summer, I add a few additional cabinets, including one more in the 2-drawer style. This week, I thought it would be fun to take a peek into how I organize the napkins I store in those drawers, including the 5 new napkin designs I just recently added to my napkin collection.

Garage Storage Cabinets


For the most part, I try to store napkins based on color. That seems to be a good starting point when I’m choosing napkins for a table setting. Beginning with the two drawers in the far left cabinet, the top drawer is filled with napkins in colors of cream/off-white, white, and yellow. A few pastels snuck in since I really don’t have a great spot for those since they are a mix of green yellow and white.

Napkin Storage for White, Off White, Yellow Napkins


You may remember the white butterfly napkin fold I’ve used over the years in a few tables. The lacy-edged, white napkins are the only napkins that I stored away, folded–since they are the only napkin design that I currently have that really works well for the butterfly fold. Notice the yellow and white buffalo plaid napkins on the far right.

Napkin Storage for White, Off White, Yellow Napkins


These were a fairly recent purchase that I’ve tried twice now to use in a table, but each time, they have been just a bit too sunny-yellow to work. I seem to always need a napkin that’s a bit more toward the gold side, as opposed to this bright, sunshine yellow. I love the color, though! One day they will be exactly what I need for a table–hopefully this summer! Do you have any napkins that you love but just can’t seem to use? (Buffalo plaid napkins are available in many, many colors here: Buffalo Plaid Napkins.)

Sunny Yellow Buffalo Plaid Napkins


In the drawer below, you’ll find napkins in the colors blue and green. Sorry about the shadows, these photos were taken late in the evening. This drawer contains two new napkin designs that were just purchased over the past couple of months.

Napkin Storage for Green and Blue Napkins


One set is a nautical design that I think I may have shared in a previous post. The other set is a tropical design in green and white. Love both of these designs and hope to use them this spring and summer. Both are still available here: Tropical Napkins AND here: Nautical Napkins.

New Napkin Purchases, Tropical and Nautical


Moving to the right and starting with the top drawer again, you’ll find a collection of napkins in the colors orange, rust, and gold. This drawer gets opened a lot in the fall, although a few of the designs stored here are great for summer, including three new ones I just added.

Napkin Storage for Orange, Gold and Brown Napkins


These three designs were all recent purchases.

New Napkin Purchases, Sunflower, Bee and Pizza Theme


You may remember seeing the bee napkins in this recent spring tablescape. (Bee napkins are available here: Bee Napkins.)

Bee Themed Table with Daffodil Centerpiece


I can’t wait to set a table and use these happy sunflower napkins this summer! They are beautiful! I couldn’t resist the funny “pizza” napkins! I actually purchased a dozen of those thinking how perfect they would be for a pizza party one day. lol You’ll find both designs available here: Sunflower Napkins AND here: Pizza Napkins.

New Napkin Purchases, Sunflower, Bee and Pizza Theme


Moving to the drawer just below, you’ll find napkins in various shades of red including a set that’s trimmed in dark red velvet trim. A lot of these napkins end up on tables I set for Valentine’s Day, the 4th of July, and Christmas.

Napkin Storage for Red Napkins


Moving over to the final “drawer” cabinet–when I added this cabinet last year, I decided to take one drawer and group together all the napkins that I primarily use in “holiday” table settings. I say “primarily” because the first 4 sets of napkins on the left, though bunny-themed, really work great all spring and summer. I do find myself mostly using those in the spring and for Easter. Those are followed by two napkin designs that are definitely St. Patrick’s Day themed since they feature shamrocks in their design. The black and white napkins at the front in the middle are strictly Halloween, followed by orange and black buffalo plaid napkins that have only (thus far) been used in Halloween settings. Those are followed by two designs (star-covered & red/white/blue) that always seem to end up in my 4th of July tables. The last row is filled with napkins that really only work for Christmas due to their colors or their embroidered design. If I’m setting a holiday-themed table, I almost always check this drawer first, just to remember what I have in case one of these designs will work best.

Napkin Storage for Holiday Themed Napkins


The drawer below is currently filled with a row of placemats, rolled and stored in such a way that I can see their colors/designs. There are a few more miscellaneous “table” things tucked into this drawer. I’m sure the day will come when these will get moved elsewhere and this drawer will become additional napkin storage.

Placemat Storage, Miscellaneous Storage


Hope you enjoyed this peek into my napkin storage, including a little preview of some of the possible tables you may be seeing in the upcoming spring and summer months. Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! If you enjoyed this post, subscribe for free email updates when a new post is up here: Subscribe for post updates.

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  1. You are so organized, I sure wish I was! Thank you Susan~

  2. Thanks for sharing your napkins! I had to buy the nautical and the pizza ones because I know I can use them in a tablescape!

  3. I am crazy about those Urban Villa napkins. I’ve ordered several sets for myself and my sister. The only regret I have is that I ordered the orange/black set for autumn instead of the orange/white. I feel like the orange/black is too Halloweeny. I prefer autumn decorations to Halloween.

  4. Tina W Reynolds says

    I loved this post and once again, you have inspired me to get busy and re-think my system (if you can call it that!) of organizing. During the 1980’s I collected so very many sets of napkins at flea markets. It seemed as if no one wanted them because I was buying them so cheaply. I suppose the laundering and the ironing wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that is something I enjoy. So, I have some pretty things that are old, and I will always keep but they haven’t always worked for my table settings! So, I know what you mean about those cute yellow napkins! My stuff is located in 4 places! Gosh, I need to do better. I have the nicest napkins/ tablecloths in a highboy in the dining room, but all of those things I got years ago at the flea are in an old chest in my entry. The everyday napkins live in the hutch in my family room and some little napkins, cocktail type napkins (again from various flea markets) live in a box in the pantry. I’m hopeless! I truly admire your garage and basement renovations. You worked hard, put forth the money and your own labors. You deserve to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    • Thanks so much, Tina–appreciate that so much! I never thought I could get so excite/happy about a garage and basement renovation, but I have so enjoyed those. Definitely worth it for helping me get more organized! I’m thinking of ordered more cabinets for the basement, just to store backup/overflow from my food pantry, but I want to do the floor on the unfinished side first. Still itching to get epoxy flooring in that space, too.

  5. Ahh – it makes my heart happy just to see that many beautifully organized napkins! I love the lacy folded butterflies, and I may be ordering those pizza napkins any minute! Thanks for the moment of beauty this morning, and of course, for hosting the party! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    • Thanks so much, Barbara! They do look kinda pretty, all lined up. Ha! Hadn’t really thought about that but it’s def eye-candy for us dish lovers.

  6. I love the buffalo check napkins and have them in several colors. The yellow ones you have would look great paired with some blue toile napkins if you have any. I absolutely love blue and yellow together!

    • Ohhh, that’s a great idea! I will have to try that. Thanks for that suggestion, Joyce! I love blue and yellow together, too. ♥

  7. You are well organized Susan! Loved seeing how your have all those gorgeous napkins stored. Hugs, Brenda

  8. franki Parde says

    Those napkins…it’s becoming more ‘n more like my pillows…I LUV THEM…but, storage. Finally, I, too, have them in one place…I “tried putting them in sandwich bags” cause getting them out required removing the entire stack…”if I had a dollar”…( I’d probably buy another napkin”… franki


  9. Cynthia Blaylock says

    We are currently building a home and all my decent things are in storage (living in a tiny apartment now). I can’t wait to pull all my things out, add some more, and get it all organized in our new home. Thanks for all the inspiration, and great sources.

    • Oh, Cynthia…what a day that will be when you are reunited with all your things! I sometimes think about building so love hearing your experience.

  10. I can certainly relate to your issue with yellow! I have a set of plates with a yellow band, and a set of glasses I acquired from an estate that I thought might go together – nope. But the glassware – a sunnier yellow – looks great with those Dollar Tree lemon plates. My Spring/Easter table found a match with a vintage quilt as tablecloth. Always something to keep us interested in shopping new (and old) things, right? I love your storage. I rearranged my napkin storage when we moved into this house, and it works similarly.

    • Who would think yellow would be so tricky to use? I should pull out my dollar-store lemon glasses, they would probably be a great match. Thanks for that inspiration, Rita! I would love to see your napkin storage!

  11. I see some fun tablescapes coming up, based on the new napkins!

  12. I love, love, love your tableware organization, Susan. All of it. From these cabinets in the garage to that special storage place in the basement with all your centerpieces. It’s all so perfectly organized and a sight to behold.

  13. Susan, I always love getting a peak into your organization projects. They are always inspirational! Love the categories for napkin storage, and the way your cabinets hold so much in such a tidy way! I also wanted to thank you for doing the “Tablescape Thursday” each week. I am a new blogger so its been a blessing for me to be a part of something with my favorite bloggers, and its been a great way for me to show my blog to others who might be interested. Thanks so much for doing this for the Tablescape community! – Patty

    • Thanks so much, Patty! Congrats on your blog! The dearhearts who join Tablescape Thrusday and are the most lovely people you could ever meet! I’ve made so many friends via the TT party. So glad you are joining this wonderful group!

  14. Susan, I love how organized your napkins are – sometimes the organization is as lovely as the things that are being organized. I think you may have started a trend with those pizza napkins as I am in love with them too. I can’t wait to see how you use them! Happy Thursday to you!

    • That’s so true! Well those pizza napkins are adorable–I’m crazy about them! I should probably buy some for my DIL since I’m sure they have a lot of pizza party these days. 🙂

  15. I love your organization skills!!!

  16. So many napkins and so organized! Will those yellow buffalo napkins go with your sunflower napkins or are they too yellow?

  17. Great ideas on the organization. I don’t have many napkins as you yet! Prefer the large size of Urban Villa and bistro style. Would love to hear your insights on new dinnerware options. Time to replace our everyday dishes Old set is worn and way to large for newer dishwashers. Maybe a post down the line? Thanks for all you do write bout

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