Proof I Will Never Grow Up, As If You Needed It

Welcome to the 555th Metamorphosis Monday!

Remember the dinosaur bookends I bought for my grandson’s bedroom…

Dinosaur Boy's Bedroom


…when my daughter-in-law and I completed a full makeover of their room?

Dinosaur Theme Boy's Bedroom, Pottery Barn Quilts


Yup, I’m talking about the ones there behind the dinosaur eggs. lol

Dinosaur Eggs, Boy's Bedroom


I loved them soooo much when we did the makeover…

Dinosaur Bookends


…I decided I had to have a set for the bookshelves in my home office.


Here it is, proof that I will never grow up! Ha! I tucked all my travel books in-between them.

Each time I plan a trip, I always buy one of the Eyewitness Travel Guides, they’re my fave because they are filled with tons of pictures. Travel to me means adventure so somehow (in my furry brain) the dinosaur bookends seem to work for holding up my travel guides.

If you need a set for your home or as a gift for a dinosaur-loving fan, you’ll find them here: Dinosaur Bookends.

Dinosaur Bookends


New Insert for My Bamboo Arc Bag

One more quick update to share with you for this week’s Met Monday. You may remember when I purchased this bamboo arc bag this past summer. Every time I carry it, I get so many compliments. Its unique design is an attention grabber for sure. (Bag is available here: Bamboo Arc Bag.)

This bag is reminiscent of the infamous Cult Gaia bag that swept through the YouTube fashion community, only this one cost about 1/3rd as much. Also, the thing I really like about this one that’s missing with the Cult Gaia version is how this one comes with an insert. The insert is a brilliant idea because it keeps all your smaller items (like keys and pens) from poking through the bag.

When I purchased it, I had a hard time choosing between the three insert designs available and finally decided on the “Palm” insert. I emailed the seller to see if I could purchase one other one separately. At that time, that wasn’t available but they assured me they would be offering the inserts alone at a later date.

Bamboo Arc Bag with Insert


They have them available now and I just purchased this one a few days ago. I love it because it reminds me so much of my visit to Isle of Capri back in October 2015. I’m not sure if these inserts would fit inside a Cult Gaia bag, but they may. If you purchased the arc bag from Amazon back this past summer when I previously shared it, you’ll find the other inserts available for purchase here: Arc Bag Inserts. There’s also a cute hummingbird one.


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. I almost ordered one of these bamboo purses but decided not to because it didn’t have a shoulder strap and I’m a cross body gal. I see they are offering one in that beautiful dark insert with the daisies and hummingbirds on it. I may have to order one after all and ween myself off of the shoulder strap for a change. Your dinosaur bookends are great. By the way…don’t forget I have first dibs on that “face” teapot you keep on the book shelf when you are ready to get rid of it. I didn’t see it in the pictures above. LOL

    • I’m a cross body girl when I’m running errands all over the place, but I do love a handle carry bag when I’m just going out for dinner or something where I won’t be running from place to place.
      lol Right now he’s downstairs in the kitchen cabinets, chilling with the rest of the dishes. He visible though since he’s behind glass doors, so I can still see him. πŸ™‚

  2. Love the inserts you bought! The little bit and bobs would have a way of finding a spot to poke through (and escape!). Love the look of this bag and wondered if it is “comfortable” to carry. I am so used to flexible handles.

    • It is. I wouldn’t carry it on a day when I’m running a bunch of errands but it’s fun to carry when you’re going out to dinner or to have your nails done. I used it for that this summer and liked not having to worry some chemical or nail polish would get splashed onto one of my more expensive leather bags. It was a big hit at the nail salon with both the employees and the customers.

  3. I won’t grow up if you don’t grow up…franki

  4. First things first, congrats on the 555th MM, Susan, aka Mrs. Monkina, Mrs. MacGyver, Mrs. Petra Pan! (“Petra” is the German feminine form of Peter) πŸ˜‰
    I know I would be scared to death by those dinosaur bookends but on the other hand I am not as brave as you and your grandsons are! lol
    I am sure, those lucky little boys know they have the coolest Nana ever! πŸ™‚
    Love the bamboo bag! I’d choose a yellow insert for its arc and make it look like a bright and shining sun! (You know the kind of sun small children tend to draw… I guess, I am a “Petra Pan”, too!) lol

  5. Oh those dino bookends are wonderful – they look excellent with your travel books! I wish I’d had those when my boys were little! πŸ™‚ And love the purse inserts. You always find the perfect accessories. Thanks as always for hosting. Happy Monday!

  6. Thanks so much for hosting each week!

  7. Hi Susan.. Everytime I visit your blog I end up spending money. Thanks for hosting one of my favorite link ups in Blogland!

  8. Susan, have you really been all of those places shown on your Eyewitness Guides? That’s pretty impressive. The Eyewitness Guides were always my favorites because of the beautiful pictures. They are heavier than the other travel guides, though, which can add that much more weight. I worked at a bookstore for about eight years, and acquired so many books, I finally had to give away and donate many of them. I have the book disease, though, so I’ve just acquired more – mostly design and gardening books, but also biographies and history. I just have to learn to be more selective. It’s hard! Lately, I’ve fallen in love with children’s books. Many of them are so sweet and funny, and the illustrations are wonderful. Oh well, there are worse addictions than the book addiction.

    This is your 555th Metamorphosis Monday – WOW! That’s a milestone. Congratulations! How many years have you been blogging now?

    • Thanks, Lisa! Yup, I have been to all those places. I’ve been traveling as much as possible since I started traveling in 2015. I had a lot of lost time to make up since I had never traveled prior to that.
      The guides are pretty heavy. I don’t normally take them with me when I’m traveling, mostly view them leading up to the trip. I have taken photo copies of certain sections with me on trips, thought…but normally I’m taking a guided tour, so I don’t really need the book with me on the trip.
      I have the book disease, so I totally get it. I could go nuts if I ever really started collecting hard core. So I completely understand the book disease! πŸ™‚
      I started blogging back in 2008, the years have absolutely flown by!

  9. The boys probably don’t even remember the old bedroom by now. Those beds look like they will be so, so cozy on a cold night. One not too far off.

  10. Sandra D in Joliet says

    Love the bamboo bag but I don’t carry purses of any kind. Love the dinosaur bookends and I don’t think they’re only for kids. I collect die cast cars (Hot Wheels, etc) and PEZ dispensers. I only buy name brand/specialty cars now-I have some like Count Chockula, Cheerios, etc and the specialty cars are emergency vehicles-the last set I found was zoo vehicles. I need little people and animals to populate them. I didn’t buy the Michelin tire truck I recently seen and it had the little tire guy-went back and someone else bought it πŸ™ I keep packing them away in hopes of getting a crafting room someday where I will display them. I can only dream but refuse to grow up too.

  11. Love the book ends!

    Thanks for hosting!

  12. OK, Susan, the book lovers need to see a wide angle shot of your bookshelves! You can’t leave us with just a side view and close-up of one shelf!!! Unfair…

  13. Love the bookends they are awesome.

  14. Thank you for letting us know about the inserts for the bamboo bag. I purchased the bag when you originally posted about it. I just put both inserts on my Amazon shopping list. I see a lot of people only use cross body bags and so do I but when I go out to eat or to a special event at friends’ homes or venues with only invited guests, I like to use this bag. I too have had numerous compliments on it.

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