Halloween-Thanksgiving Dinnerware Shopping & What I Couldn’t Leave Behind

Welcome to the 574th Tablescape Thursday!

Yesterday I stopped by two of my favorite stores to check out the autumn dishware offerings. At first, I was completely underwhelmed, every table I saw was done in neutral tones. There were at least four dressed that way. I didn’t take photos of all of them because I was really in the mood for some gorgeous fall color.

Black & White Dinnerware


If you love neutral colors for autumn, you’ll find this pattern available here: Dinnerware in Neutral Tones.

Black-white dinnerware


Another table with a simple, neutral palette.

Cream White Dinnerware for Autumn


There was lots of fun Halloween dishware. These would be super cute as an appetizer or snack plates for a Halloween Party. You’ll find them available here: Bat Plates.

Halloween Dishes, Pottery Barn


More cute Halloween party dishware, these are available here: Skelton Dishware.

Halloween Dishware, Pottery Barn


You’ll find this colorful Pumpkin dishware here: Pumpkin Plates.

Pumpkin Dinnerware for Autumn


These cracked me up! So fun for Halloween!

Skeleton Glassware for Halloween


The wine glasses are my favorite! Imagine serving wine in these for a Halloween party. 🙂  You’ll find all the Halloween glassware here: Halloween Glassware.

Skeleton Glasses for Halloween


Loved this table!

Pumpkin Plates for Halloween and Thanksgiving


These beautiful pumpkin plates look like gorgeous watercolors.

Pumpkin Dinnerware for Halloween and Thanksgiving


The salad plate set comes with different colored pumpkins and I loved them all! You’ll find this set available here: Pumpkin Plates.


The Thanksgiving dinnerware is also beautiful!

Turkey Dinnerware


You’ll find it all here: Thanksgiving Dinnerware.

Thanksgiving Dinnerware, Pheasant Design


I loved the big turkey tureen in the center of this table! I think he’s priced very reasonably for such a large piece! He would be beautiful in the center of a Thanksgiving table! You’ll find him here: Turkey Tureen.

Large White Turkey Tureen for Thanksgiving


After shopping in Pottery Barn, I headed over to Williams Sonoma a few doors down. I remember this gorgeous pattern from last year…it’s so beautiful and dramatic!


It sets a stunning table, too! You’ll find it available here: Autumn Dinnerware. Scroll down at that page to see all the piece offered in this pattern…there are a lot and it’s all beautiful!

Autumn Dishware, Stunning Dramatic Pattern


I loved this beautiful pattern as well! You’ll find it available here: Thanksgiving Dinnerware.

Thanksigving Dinnerware, Turkey Motif, Large Ceramic Pheasant


Woodland Birds Autumn Dinnerware


I love, love, love this mix of china, especially with the tartan chargers! The plaid/tartan chargers are available in two different patterns/colors here: Tartan Chargers.

Autumn Dinnerware with Woodland Birds


I have them in the red tartan and love using them for Christmas!


You’ll find the red tartan chargers available here: Red Tartan Chargers.

David Carter Brown Christmas Dinnerware, Christmas Kitties with Plaid Plates, Bark Edged Chargers


But, this guy! Oh my gosh, I knew he was coming home with me the moment I saw him. I’ve learned from experience that if I really love something I see at Pottery Barn or William Sonoma, not to risk waiting for a sale because it will sell out. (He’s available here: Pheasant.)

White Ceramic Pheasant for Thanksgiving Table or Centerpiece


That’s what happened with this guy below. The first year I saw him in PB, I passed him by waiting for him to go on sale. He never did because he sold out immediately! I was shocked when that happened.

Thank goodness they brought him back the following year and I purchased him immediately. I had learned my lesson from the year before. He’s never been back since so I’m glad I got him that year. Sometimes it’s just not worth the risk waiting for a sale!


So when I saw this beautiful pheasant and it was love at first sight, I jumped on him and found a sales associate right away. She was going to retrieve one from the back and looked in their system to see how many they had. She was surprised to see he was the only one they had in the store so I bought him right off the floor.

When she was searching in the computer, she said there were only 171 left in the entire country. I guess that would be 170 now!  So if you love him, I wouldn’t wait too long to get him. I get emails all the time from folks asking me where I purchased my big turkey and I know it’s going to be same with this guy.

He’s not a tureen, he’s meant to be a centerpiece or to hold a beautiful floral arrangement. I love that!

White Ceramic Pheasant for Thanksgiving Table or Centerpiece


He looks gorgeous in this table! I could also see him in on a table or chest in an entryway or foyer holding a beautiful, tall, autumn floral arrangement. Wouldn’t that be stunning?! You could even tie an autumn ribbon around his neck. 🙂

You’ll find this beautiful pheasant available here: Autumn Pheasant.

Pheasant for Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece


I awoke early this morning and after I dressed, made my bed, etc…I headed down to the kitchen. I couldn’t help but giggle when I walked into the kitchen and was greeted by this silhouette. 🙂 I think he’s going to stay right here all fall except for when he’s in use as a table setting centerpiece.

I’m starting to get excited for fall now! There’s a chill in the air each morning so I know it won’t be long before the leaves start changing into their autumn dress.

Fun Silhouette, Pheasant


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. I enjoy checking out what is new for the season. The bad thing is I’m always tempted to buy and I don’t need another thing!

  2. I agree the watercolor pumpkin plates are my favorite! I seriously need to go through and get rid of plates! My entire house is filled with them – then I can buy more haha!

  3. I loved all the things you saw on your fall shopping trip! I need to work on acquiring more good centerpieces. The big turkey is a great idea for Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks, Kristie! I’ve used Mr. Turkey so much, I felt really good about buy the Pheasant. I know he will be in a lot of fall settings in the future and just a great decoration when he’s not in a table setting.

  4. I’ve always loved your big turkey Susan, and I can see your pheasant doing so many wonderful things ahead! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all the tempting tableware!

  5. This is still my favorite party!! Thanks for hosting! – I like your kind of shopping!!

  6. Susan! I’m in love with your pheasant! All the wonderful dishes too! I have the tartan plaid chargers also. Fall is an exciting time.

  7. I finally succumbed and bought four of the small black/harvest squash plates at WS yesterday. What I really wanted was that gorgeous platter in the pattern; but, dang, I just couldn’t convince myself that I need it. *L*

    • That pattern is sooo stunning with the black background! I know, the platter would be gorgeous hung on the wall all fall and winter. I might even be tempted to leave it up all year, as pretty as it is!

  8. Hi, Susan. I’m totally the opposite when it comes to neutral table settings. I prefer color in my center piece, tablecloth, placemats, napkins, etc with plain white dishes. I have a hard time at Thanksgiving when eating off plates that have a turkey on them. Lol! Or plates with fish on them and eating a piece of salmon, etc. Lol! To each his own! White dishes are my go to always. Your white pheasant is amazing!
    I just wouldn’t want to have pheasant on my menu when it’s my centerpiece! All kidding aside, great post.

    • lol That’s too cute, Bev! I can see the benefit of having a plain plate, not competing with the food. But I sure do love my patterned dishes. 🙂
      Thanks! I’m looking forward to using him sometime soon. Ha, Ha, Ha about having him on the menu. 🙂

  9. Your pheasant is sooo beautiful and I love the watercolor pumpkin plates!! The table setting with the pheasant was so elegant. Thank you for the pictures and your pheasant does make a cute silhouette.
    I saw some cute Halloween plates online at Bed Bath and Beyond. They were Fiestaware and I always thought Fiestaware only came in solid colors.

  10. I love that harvest bloom pattern from WS. Your pheasant will look great on the table. I can see it paired with your Tom Turkey tureen on a buffet or dining table just as seasonal decor!
    Thanks for sharing the inspiration and hosting us too, Susan.

  11. So many beautiful things for fall – thanks for the shopping trip Susan! 🙂 I’ve had my eye on those red tartan chargers for a while, maybe now’s the time. And thanks again for another wonderful link party – I’m excited to read about so many lovely tablescapes!

    • I’ve really enjoyed mine and I’m shocked how many patterns they go with. Barbara, in case it’s helpful, here’s a post I created showing how the chargers look paired with several dish patterns.

  12. What a great fall centerpiece that pheasant is! Those Halloween wine glasses are great and I LOVE the Harvest Bloom pattern at WS. I wonder if they will ever have any of that on sale.

  13. What beautiful products. I would love one of everything.

  14. I think it’s very sad—that younger people are simply choosing plain, blah, boring everything. I remember when gray just meant something was old and dingy…lol. Love the colorful choices you made to photo, and with the standard wild birds them. The pumpkin plates are adorable! Someday I will get a tablescape together and join you all!

  15. I covet your big birds. They are fabulous.
    I also agree with Sandi Magle. Don’t do blah. Never did.

  16. I absolutely love Halloween dishes! It’s my favorite holiday, and I can’t wait to go to Home Goods to see what they have available. I have a few dark dish sets and some Halloween decor that’s just creepy and not too theme-y that I use year-round.

    I do love that transferware you found for autumn, though I usually don’t do autumn dishes. They’re beautiful.

    I’m so glad you’re still doing this hop. I haven’t been around in a while, but I love seeing everyone’s tablescapes and wish I’d found my way back here sooner.

    • I think it’s mine, too. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas but Halloween is just so much fun and I love how excited the kids get!
      I know, I was super tempted by the transferware! I don’t why, but I’m always drawn to brown and white transferware, especially layering as they’ve done. Brown is such a calming, warm color to me…really love it for autumn!
      Have a great weekend, Kim! Glad you’re back! XXX

  17. Love all the Fall dishes, each and everyone is adorable !
    Thank you for hosting for us this week.
    Happy Fall !

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    Love the pumpkin dishes. My fall dishes are from Kohls and are cream with an orange thin band on the boarder and pumpkins in the boarder and I so enjoy using them. The pheasant is a keeper for sure. Many uses for him this fall and Christmas. Good choices Susan.

    • Those sound sooo cute, Cyndi! Love how you’ve described them!
      I’m looking forward to using him this fall…gotta get my creative juices flowing and think up a pretty setting for him to star in. 😉

  19. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who loves color, particularly when beautiful dishes are involved. Life’s too short to be spent in neutral!

  20. I’m still in neutral fall decor phase, although that will be ending before long. I love the pheasant that you bought; can’t wait to see its debut. Amazing how few are left–in the entire country. (I wonder if many were bought by ebay sellers.)

    • I know, I couldn’t believe it when she told me that. I know that WS and PB sometimes “test” the market by having a limited supply of something when it first comes out, then if it sells well, they’ll bring it back in a larger quantity the following year. But what really confused me was she said something about it selling out last year, so that made me think this is the second year they’ve had him. If that’s the case, why would they have so few? I just don’t think he’ll last long with only 170 in the whole country.

  21. Oh, how I love that pheasant with the flower arrangement & he is so very handsome in silhouette on your table, too!

  22. Do love the new addition to your tablescape family of center pieces. Also appreciate you taking me along shopping with you as just purchased ten of the PB alphabet mugs as Xmas Stocking stuffers, so thank you. -Brenda-
    P.S.: You really are an inspiration, Susan … ☺.

    • Oh, that sounds like such a nice stucking stuffer! I love picking up items like that throughout the year. You’re so smart to get started early on your shopping Brenda! I have a few items stashed away for my son and dil already.
      Thanks, Brenda!
      Have a wonderful weekend!

      • With so many stockings to stuff, one not only has to start early but you certainly have ‘to put on your thinking cap’ … lol! Wishing you a wonderful weekend as well. -Brenda-

  23. bonnie morgan says

    Glad you got your pheasant!
    Thanks for the preview from Pottery Barn.

  24. Those skeletons holding the wine glasses are too funny, Susan, and I love
    those ‘watercolor’ pumpkin plates, too! And that ‘Thanksgiving’ table setting! It’s sooo elegant and classy.
    Susan, yesterday I watched “Downton Abbey” the movie and I thought of you when they set the gorgeous and breathtaking table! 🙂
    (The servants had to be more diligent than usual in setting the table and the whole mansion had to sparkle and shine more than usual because King George come for dinner!) Oh Susan, it was sooo beautiful! ♥
    (Although my son had to bring me a new Kleenex box, while watching! Sigh… )

    • Oh, I want to see that movie but if it’s sad, maybe I don’t want to see it. I’m a wimp and don’t like sad movies or movies where people die. I hope those were tears of happiness and not sadness.

  25. Oh, I do have a weakness for pheasants…being “from” Nebraska could be a reason. I have them everywhere, plates, hand towels, feathers, paintings…you made a good buy!! franki

  26. Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip. There is something so lovable about colorful pumpkin plates. I decided I am entitled to one must have every year. I like the napkin rings, any more information about them ?

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