Dramatic Garage Makeover with New Lighting, Fresh Paint and New Flooring!

Welcome to the 706th Metamorphosis Monday!

There are so many things I would love to share in this post but if I share everything that’s happened through this garage renovation, this post would be a million miles long–and ain’t nobody got time for that! Today we’ll just enjoy the transformation which is pretty darn dramatic!

A little back story: Does something ever needle at you and then one day you just snap and think, something has gotta be done and the time is now! My garage has been bugging me for years, but for many reasons, it always fell to the bottom of the “To-Do” list. There were always other rooms or needs that took priority. Also, it had temporarily turned into a storage room for all my son’s old bedroom furniture after I converted his old room into a home office.

Child's Bedroom Renovation to a Home Office


Now that those pieces have all found a home again in my grandsons’ bedroom, I felt this sudden urge to finally get the garage in order.

Pottery Barn Dinosaur Quilts for Boy's Bedroom


It was way past time for a full makeover of this space. Here’s how the garage looked before the process got underway. That dark shadow in the center of the back wall–I think that was where an old “college” refrigerator stood running for about 20 years. Long gone now, but its shadow lives on.


I moved the last piece of my son’s bedroom furniture (the large bookcase) inside a few weeks back and the Christmas trees are back in the basement where I used to store them for many years. I was ruthless when it came to clearing things out. Anything I came across that wasn’t being used on a daily or weekly basis was either donated or went to the basement. It just didn’t make sense to store stuff here that was rarely being used because the more you store in a garage, the harder it is to keep it clean.

I used to have two sets of open shelves in the garage. Over the years, I had moved one of those down to the basement for storage. The other one remained in the far right corner near the garage door and was forever looking messy. Leaves and “stuff” would get caught on the shelves whenever I tried to blow out the garage. Those shelves have also been moved to the basement and I have vowed to never have open shelving in a garage again after my experience with those.

Garage Before New Flooring Surface


How does a cement garage floor get to look like this? Sooo many stains. Yuck!

Garage Floor Before Makeover


I actually love this 40-year-old wood garage door–it’s not plastic like so many are today. It’s heavy and sturdy and harkens back to the early ’80s when my home was built. Not sure why the inside was never painted since the exterior was painted when the home was built. Over the years, rainwater has dripped down on it and left watermarks in various places. I’ve always wanted to have this side painted since I knew it would help lighten up the garage and would look much better.

Garage Door Before Painting


Speaking of lightening things up, I guess in the 80s, garage lighting wasn’t that important. These lights were fine for lighting up the garage for the purpose of seeing where you were walking, but they were terrible as task lighting.

Old Garage Lighting


One of the first things I did during this makeover was to change out the lighting. It was something I could get done while waiting for the painting to begin. It made such a dramatic difference and it really ramped up my excitement for the other changes I had planned.

Garage Makeover in Progress


You may remember when I shared this photo as the painting process got underway.

Garage during painting


At first, I thought I would keep the Christmas trees here in the garage since it’s a pain to bring them up from the basement at Christmastime, but in the end, I decided they ruined the clean look I was going for in this space. So to the basement, they went!

Garage Painting, Ceiling Done


Here’s how the garage looked with a fresh coat of paint and the garage door painted. But, oh my gosh, look at that floor! Freshly painted walls really highlighted just how awful the floor looked. So how did it all turn out? How does the garage look now?

Garage Floor Before Makeover with Epoxy Flooring


It’s a very different place these days! It’s clean, bright, and light-filled and I can’t stop looking at it! It’s a place where I really love being now.

Garage Before and After, Garage Makeover


The biggest improvement of all the things I had done is the lighting and the flooring. The painting is nice but I’m in love with this flooring! It’s hard to share just how beautifully bright this space is now–the photo below is the most accurate, although even it doesn’t fully share how bright and happy it feels.

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


Here’s a closer view of the flooring. The color I chose is called Farmhouse Gray. Granite Garage did a great job with the installation. I think I’ll create a separate post to share that process because it’s a two-day process involving quite a few steps. Oh, and to answer the questions I received about if it’s slippery–definitely not. I’ll share more about that in a future post, but I don’t find it slippery at all. It has a fair amount of texture, which I love.

Epoxy Flooring, Granite Garage


Here’s another view of the floor showing how it looks in natural sunlight and in the shadows. I LOVE this color soo much! It was my first choice, then at one point, I started to second-guess myself–wondering if it would be too light. Granite Garage graciously came back out with all their samples so I could see them again and I went right back to Farmhouse Gray as my favorite. We should always trust our first instinct, right?

Farmhouse Gray, Epoxy Floor


Over the next week, I’ll be moving all my white storage cabinets back to this wall. I love those cabinets here and they have stayed nice and clean inside over the last two years since they aren’t open shelving.

Garage Renovation, New Paint, Flooring and Lighting


Other than hanging the painted bunny window back on the wall above the potting bench and adding back the white cabinets, this is all I plan to ever store here in the garage. No more open shelving, no more Christmas trees. I want to keep it as sparkling clean and open as possible! Granite Garage left a bottle of their cleaning solution in case I have any spills/stains. They also offer a reasonably-priced service where they will come out whenever you wish and clean the floor. I like that and I could see myself doing that every few years.

Garage Before and After, Garage Makeover


So, we went from this…


To this!

Full Garage Makeover, New Floor, Paint, and Lighting


Not sure if I’ll fully recoup the cost of this transformation when I sell my home one day, but I don’t even care. It makes me so happy when I come and go now, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Garage Before and After, Garage Makeover


The guys finished the flooring last Thursday so technically I can begin parking my SUV in the garage starting tomorrow.  I think I’ll wait another day or two just to be extra safe.

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


Thanks for coming along on this makeover with me–you all said it would be worth it in the end and you were right! Thanks so much for the encouragement along the way. It helped keep me going when my arms and legs were tired from hauling dishes, cabinets, and Christmas trees! Ha!

Garage Before and After, Garage Makeover


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  1. Oh, Susan. WOW. Fresh, bright, open, airy and absolutely perfect. Enjoy!

  2. *Swoon*

  3. Wow, that looks great! It’s more like another room of the house & not a garage!
    Great job!!!

  4. Donna Howell says

    That looks amazing!! I know you are enjoying the transformation.

  5. franki parde says

    Holie Molie…better than new!!! Truly an amazing change…you just have to be tickled…granite dust!!! KUDOS!! franki

  6. Beautiful! I shall not envy..,,I shall not envyโ€ฆI shall not envy!!!

  7. Christy Keyton says

    That looks AMAZING and now I want to do my garage floor!!

    • Christy…go for it! Wish I had done this a long time ago. One nice thing about waiting is the Farmhouse Gray is apparently a new color that was just added a short while back. So I guess my timing was meant to be.

  8. Wow! What a transformation! The garage looks amazing and is so beautiful. I am so in love with that flooring, who knew a garage floor could look so beautiful. Your garage is so nice and light and bright-a very happy place for sure! Money well spent and worth all the hard work you did to unload all the dishware into the house. Love, love, love it! Hugs, Brenda

    • The flooring is definitely my favorite part, too. Thanks so much Brenda! It’s so much more pleasant now to be in that space. I’m actually excited about putting it all back, that will be a lot more fun than it was taking it all out. lol

  9. SharonFromMichigan says

    What an amazing transformation! If you ever do sell your house, because your garage is attached, I’m sure it would add value. I’m jealous (lol)! Our garage floor is so nasty – being in Michigan with the snow & salt during the winter and all of our clutter – cleaning out our garage is on our Fall to do list.

    • Oh, I can’t imagine dealing with that…that would be tough…all the snow and salt. Do homeowners do the epoxy flooring there, Sharon? I wonder how it holds up under those situations?

  10. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
    I just want to put a real comfy chair in the middle ,get a great book, beverage of choice and enjoy the ambiance.
    Great job and a huge inspiration for me.

    • Thanks, Cynthia! lol That would be so cute! I was putting a shelving cabinet together in the garage yesterday and it was so nice working out there with the bright lighting. Thankfully our temps here have cooled off a good bit so it wasn’t too hot.

  11. Wow, talk about a transformation! It looks terrific. So bright and cheery. Your white cabinets will look great in there. Kudos to you for all your hard work! Wish I had your energy lol.

  12. This is amazing! Please do a post of all the details on the floor. I’m wanting to do this very soon and I also love the color you chose. One question, how does the floor feel barefoot? Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s hard to explain, it doesn’t feel like any floor I’ve ever walked on before. You can feel the texture of the flakes that go into the flooring, but they don’t feel uncomfortable at all. It’s definitely more comfortable to walk on than concrete. I’ll be parking on it later this week, so that will be interesting.

  13. Even with all the peeks and your descriptions, I was not expecting that beauty! I also would wait a bit longer before “stabling” your car; better than having to redo all that. I would be tempted to set up a little bistro table and chairs for a funny spin on Tablescape Thursday, lol.

    • lol Now that would be a hoot! It surprised me, how it turned out. I wasn’t expecting it to be so bright and cheerful. The flooring really transformed it!

  14. Your garage looks wonderful, that garage floor really makes it! Thanks so much for having us over, hope you have a great week!

  15. GARAGE ENVY!!! Just love it. Love it so much it inspired my husband and I to clean our garage and plan for cabinets and organization! Thank you – I think!!!

  16. Oh it’s so pretty and clean! I love it and can’t wait to see your white cabinets back in place, too. Great job!!

  17. Wow! Your garage is beautiful!! I never thought I would love a garage so much or be envious of anyone’s garage, but I really wish I had yours. Looking forward to seeing more information about the floor process. Thanks for sharing.

  18. As we say here in the South – “Pea-green with envy!” – Just beautiful and I agree – worth the cost!

  19. Bonnie Bee says

    A M A Z I N G!!! great selections… you have inspired me to “get off of the bench” & get it done & not just talk about it. I have considered calling Granite Garages & you have helped me decide which company. I cannot wait for your post on their process. I do have one question… did the new LED light fixtures interfere with your garage door opener? At one point we put LED light bulbs in our garage opener units & they stopped working. We had the repair man come out & told us that LEDs interfere with the frequency of the openers???? thanks for the kick in the back side.. hope ours will look as fabulous as your garage!

    • Thanks, Bonnie! Someone had mentioned that to me in the comments of a previous post so I asked the electrician when he came out to install my lights. He immediately brushed that off saying I would not have to worry about that. I could tell he had gotten that question before because of how quickly he replied. He explained why it’s not a problem, but I don’t remember now what he said. I think he said that only occurred in certain situations. Whatever it was, he said that it wasn’t an issue and that he had installed a lot of LED lights with no problem. Maybe it was a problem with early LEDs or something, I’m not sure. Bonnie, the company that I used and will probably use again for the whole house surge protector I want to have installed was Lightning Bug Electric. They were super nice and have great reviews. Give them a call and ask them about that, they’ll be able to explain why it’s not an issue. I wish I could remember why he said I wouldn’t have any problems. He was right, my garage door opener works great, just as it did before.

  20. This is such a pretty and useful transformation to your garage! I love it! And I agree with you… I think the pleasure and sense of satisfaction you have now, and will have in the future as you use your “new” garage is worth the money! BTW, where did you put your large white storage cabinets while the work was being done?

    • Thanks, Dianne! I had someone help me move them to the kitchen. I thought we would have put them in the kitchen and laundry room, maybe even in a hallway, but thy surprisingly they all fit in my breakfast room. I should take a photo of that room right now. lol It’s crazy!

      • I’m glad to know you had help to move them! You amaze me with all the things you can do, Susan! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. AMAZING, Susan!! Wow – no wonder you’re thrilled! I seriously agree with Mia that it would be fun to set up a table out there for a little inaugural tablescape &/or tea party! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been so fun to follow along on this process, and it WAS totally worth it! You’ll get your money’s worth in happiness over the years! Thanks so much for hosting, as always. Happy Monday!

  22. Wow! You can have a party in your garage!

  23. Your garage looks SO GOOD! Love the floors…and I know what you mean about not wanting to stop looking at it. We used to feel that way each year when we cleaned out our garage…
    Are you going to move your white cabinets that hold all your dishes and napkins and things back into the garage…or did they go to the basement ?

    • Thanks, Ann! I am, just waiting a few more days but hope to do that this week. They will go on the wall where they were before, except for the one that was closest to the garage door. That was the only one that seemed to get dust inside and I think that was because it was right at the crack/opening alongside the garage door. I’ll put it on the front wall along with a couple of more cabinets. I could use a little more storage anyway.

  24. WOW! What a transformation! Iโ€™ve never seen such a pretty garage! Iโ€™d love to add the flooring to ours, but my hubby does not agree. Enjoy it Susan!

  25. That is absolutely beautiful! You should set a few long tables in there before you start parking your car, lol. Like a wedding venue. Seriously, it’s like an extra room – a grand meeting hall!

    • Thanks so much, Rita! It really does feel like an extra room right now, especially since the temps have cooled down so much the last few days. I can see it now, “Dinner in the Garage.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Your garage is beautiful Susan, you should throw a big party in there! Thanks for the grand reveal!

  27. Ditto: ALL the WOWS!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Thanks for taking us along on this garage transformation! It’s beautiful!! Enjoy the finished product ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Marilynn Harmon says

    How beautiful! Just curious how difficult it was to get the trees to your basement. Did you carry them yourself, or have help…and are they on wheels? Thanks!

    • Thanks! I carried them down myself. They aren’t on wheels. What I always do with those is break them down into their separate sections and take them downstairs, one piece at a time. Each tree breaks down into three parts…so it takes 6 trips down the stairs to get them to the basement. The only part I don’t like is carrying the bottom/largest section. Even though all the sections fold downward, that largest bottom section is heavy and awkward to carry.

  30. Snowflake281 says

    Great job! Kudos to the contractors that you hired. Just a small thought..I moved into a new community in Florida & we had a choice of a finished or unfinished garage floor, although not like yours. I have noticed some of my neighbors using old blankets on their nice garage floors & parking their cars on them to prevent any potential staining from the car by accident.

    • Interesting! They tell me that it cleans up really well with just soap and water, but I will probably mop it every few months with the cleaner they left. I saw an amazing “Before and After” photo on their website of a floor they had cleaned, so hoping I can keep this one looking as nice as it does today. I think the polyaspartic coating really helps with that.

  31. We did our garage before we moved in but I made a few mistakes. You garage looks great. Two questions–do you need to now organize that basement after carting all the stuff down there and when was the last time you had a nap on the porch? You are far too busy for naps. Enjoy your “new” garage.

    • lol So funny you say that because when I hauled the trees down there, I looked around and thought, I’ve got to get things more organized down here. I probably need to donate a few things. I actually have some built-in shelving in the unfinished part of the basement…I need to clear it off and use it.
      Thanks, Lin! It has inspired me to start saving for those bath renovations my home needs.

  32. Beautiful transformation! Prettiest garage Iโ€™ve ever seen.

  33. LOL I was going to say the same about the basement! Now you have to get busy and organize, donate and throw away for I’m sure you have a ton of stuff since living there awhile.
    I love the garage floor. Wish I could get ours done before my husband’s 80th birthday party but hopefully will get it done before we sell and move out next year. KUDOS on a job well done!!!

    • lol Unfortunately, the stuff in the basement is the stuff I do want to keep. I have shelving down there on the unfinished side. I just need to get down there and organize it all.
      Thanks so much, Nita! It only takes a couple of days for them to get it done and you can walk on it after 24 hours…just can’t park on it for 3-5 days.

  34. I think I could live in your new garage!

  35. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    You know that saying “It was so clean, you could eat off the floor!” Well, girl you nailed it!!! Big time garage envy here! Enjoy !

    • Ha! You could definitely do that right now in the garage. It is spic and span! lol I almost hate to drive on it, a leaf might get on it! Gasp! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Susan, your garage looks amazing and the floor is gorgeous! You must be so happy that its done and I can’t wait to see your post on all the details! I, too, have serious garage envy…

    • Thanks so much, Kim! It def turned out better than I expected. The flooring really is the best part–I thought I would like it, I just didn’t realize how much.

  37. I live farther north than you. We purchased styrofoam sheets, cut them to size, and inserted them in the garage door panels for insulation in our previous door. Our newest door came insulated. We also painted our back porch with a flecked paint from Lowes. It has held up beautifully for twelve years. You will not regret your new flooring.

    • Interesting! I didn’t know garage doors came insulated. My garage surprisingly stays pretty comfortable temperature-wise throughout the year since its surrounded by a heated/cool space on all sides but two. The kitchen is across the front, the breakfast room and laundry room are on one side, the bonus room is above and the basement is below. So it’s only the window side and the garage door side that does not have a heated or cooled space on the other side. The garage door faces east so it gets the early morning sun which isn’t very intense. If it faced west, I bet the garage would get much hotter during the day. I like the idea of an insulated door, though!

  38. Love, love, love your garage! It looks so clean and fresh. Can the floor be washed down with a hose when needed? And I agree with you on the value of closed door cabinets in the garage. Frankly, I never wanted to see my garage “stuff” out in the open on shelves. I think your garage will increase the value of your home!

    • Thanks so much, Marilyn! I think so since it can get wet, but I wouldn’t want to get near the wood trim around the walls…or the walls. Granite Garage recommends blowing it out on a weekly basis and I’ll just use my Mopnado to wash it occasionally when it looks like it needs it. The Mopnado makes mopping super easy and fast so it will work great for that. It’s what I use for the screen porch, as well. Every time I do something to this house, it makes it harder to ever think about moving.

  39. Looks great!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party each and every week!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it!! Thank You!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  40. Oh Susan, it’s so beautiful! I could have family Thanksgiving out there and not have all that furniture rearranging. I would love to have it done but like others said, the thought of all the clutter that needs to be moved. My husband ordered LED lights that screw into the existing sockets and they are wonderfully bright, not as good looking as yours though. They do make my little kitchen TV cut out when they are on but no problem with the door opener or anything else. Our garage faces west and it gets very hot in the summer and if the door is left open in the winter the heat in the house comes on more often. Another thing, I didn’t see a drain in your floor. Ohio has all that sloppy slush and salt also. I don’t know how long the floor would last although I see it advertised on TV. Anyway I know you are just reveling in the joy of your beautiful space.

    • Thanks so much Mary Lou! I wonder why they cause your TV to cut out. I remember asking the electrician if my new lights would interfere with my garage door opener and he chuckled and said, no. He explained why but I just don’t remember now what he said. Maybe it has to do with the type of LED bulb you have. You may want to try a different kind to see if that helps, especially if you’ve had them a while. Maybe that was an early problem with LEDs.

  41. Now you need one of those garage screens you can get so the garage door can stay open when you are out working with the cabinets or the potting bench. It must have really taken a lot of time and effort to get things out of there and into new homes. The result is well worth the hard work you did! It should be easy to keep it this way going forward. Love the color choice for the floor and the updated lighting and painted garage door.

    • Thanks, Kathleen! Wow, I didn’t know those existed but I just searched for those and read about them. Pretty cool looking! That would be great if someone has a workshop where they spend a good bit of time out in the garage…cool idea!

  42. Beautiful job Susan and was certainly worth the planning and the wait!

  43. Mary Anne says

    It looks so good Susan! So fresh and clean. Iโ€™m in the very beginning stages of having a house built just northwest of Charlotte, NC and will be moving from CT next summer. One of the upgrades the builders offered was a โ€œfinishedโ€ garage. I had to ask what that meant. Turns out if means primed and painted and baseboards all around. Like you, I will use half of it for storage so I thought it would be nice if it looks as much like a real room as possible. The cost was $1,800 which I thought was not too bad for something Iโ€™ll be looking at every day. I knew Iโ€™d regret not doing it everyday if I chose not to! Iโ€™ve never had a garage before that was painted. Seems like such a luxury now that I know I can have it. Haha. But the floor will not be done. Oh well. Maybe it will look OK for a while since it will be new. Iโ€™ll just hate the first stain I someday see!

    • Here it’s totally standard for the garage to be finished. I was shocked when I moved here and saw that the inside of the garage door wasn’t painted because I’ve never seen it left unpainted. Yes, I would definitely opt to have it finished in now, so much easier to do it in the beginning!
      The flooring I went with isn’t paint…it’s an epoxy process that is supposed to be super durable. I think the original homeowners of my home had the floor painted at one point because when we moved in, it was flaking like crazy. I remember having a painter pressure wash it off because the chipping paint looked so bad. I don’t think a painted floor holds up well in a garage so I would not go with a painted floor.
      I know what you mean about stains. I think a lot of those come from rainwater and dirt/slush that drips off our cars when we pull into the garage with a wet car. I was shocked by how much water puddled in front of each tire a few days ago when I arrived home in the rain. It’s amazing how much water tires/cars hold onto in the rain. And I noticed the puddles in front of the tires were muddy, yucky looking. I mopped it up since I didn’t like seeing it on my new floor, but I’m sure it would have eventually evaporated. Anyway, I think that’s where some of the stains we see on a concrete garage floor comes from–dirty rain water dripping off the car…and the other stuff that sticks to our tires and we drag in with us.

  44. Antoinette says

    Your garage looks amazing from top to bottom! When we built our house five years ago, we got a floor similar to yours, but we made the mistake of getting a smooth finish. It looks beautiful but whenever it gets a little wet it gets very slippery and if I’m not careful, I could go flying off especially if I’m wearing flip-flops. Susan you made a smart choice by choosing the rougher texture. Enjoy your new garage!

    • Thanks, Antoinette! Yeah, they pretty much only install it with this textured surface.I talked to the installers a bit about that and they said they only put down one coat of the polyaspartic top coating and if you request more than that, you have to sign a waiver or something showing you understand that can cause it to be slippery. I tested this floor a few days ago when it rained…got my sandals all wet on the bottom and tried to make them slide on the floor and they didn’t at all. I’ll have to do a test with a leather-soled shoe. When new, those are slippery on regular flooring.

  45. i vote for a “house” warming party!! perhaps as a little gift each guest will get to choose something from the basement to take home?!?!

  46. The company should use your home as before and after in advertisement. What an amazing improvement. Great call on the colors and lights. Awesome to see the finished project

    • Thanks, Teresa! I was shocked when I looked at the old photos. You really don’t see how dingy a garage is until you redo it. Kicking myself for not having done it well before now!

  47. Tina W Reynolds says

    Dear Susan, It looks wonderful. That garage would definitely make me happy! My own detached garage was built in 1989. It has had some very tough, hard use with family, the over-flow for my husband’s business (ugh!!!) and, unfortunately, I have had raccoons and opossums think that it was cozy. All along the way, I just try my best, but years have taken their toll. I have allowed myself to be intimidated by the amount of work required to get it in a better situation. I am going to give it the “old college try” this fall. Like you, it “bugs” me and I really need for it to be a very functional space that I don’t dread! I love your new floor. That won’t be in the cards for me because I have to spend the dollars on replacing all of the trim around the garage door and I have made the decision to hire the local franchise of a nationally advertised “junk removal” company to come in after I have removed the things I am keeping. They will supply the muscle to get the job done. Good-bye to my defunct old lawnmower! Good-bye to a lifetime of “why are we saving this?” items!

    • Fall would be a great time to do it, won’t be so hot out. I know critters love camping out in the garage if they can do it.
      Sounds like you have a good plan! There’s a guy here I occasionally call if I have something really big that needs to be removed or donated and it won’t fit in my SUV. Funny you mention old lawnmowers, for many, many years…about 25+ years, I cut my own grass and I loved that lawnmower! Eventually, it had a problem and would not staying running. It would start, but then stop. I took it to two different local repair shops who both claimed to have fixed it and both times it stopped running just as it had before. I guess they only started it but didn’t actually engage it. Anyway, I still have it…can’t bear to part with it since it’s metal and not plastic like they are today. It had the best self-propel ever, it would almost pull you off your feet. I keeping thinking of donating it, but just can’t part with it. I used to love cutting the grass! If I ever move to smallish cottage with a smallish yard, I want to see if someone can repair it because I’d love to cut my own grass again. I really enjoyed it!

  48. Absolutely Fabulous! Everything is bright and beautiful.

  49. Darla Grossman says

    looks great!

  50. Mary from Virginia says

    I am depressed knowing how bad my garage looks! This is a beautiful makeover! What is the wall color again? I tried to find it in the other posts but I am missing it every time.
    It is truly a good looking garage!

    • Thanks, Mary! I understand, I felt the same way before this remodel. The wall color is a Sherwin Williams color called Eider White SW7014. It’s light but has plenty of contrast against white trim…I really like that. Here’s where I shared about the paint. https://betweennapsontheporch.net/choosing-a-neutral-paint-color-for-the-garage/
      I chose a color that wasn’t at all what I expected at first and a painter at the painting company had just painted another garage this color and said is was great. I decided to give it a try and love it! He’s the painter that will be coming out soon to do some final touch-up work and I’m going to thank him in person for that suggestion.

  51. Susan the garage makeover looks GREAT! We have the same flooring in our garage (its 5 years old) and it still looks like new. We use a damp mop to clean it in the spring and fall and that is it.
    How the heck did you get those christmas trees downstairs all by yourself?

    • Thanks, Denise! That is so awesome to hear–I want mine to look the same way in 5 years! I just took them apart…they come apart into three sections and I hauled each section to the basement separately. When you take each section off, it sorta collapses down which helps it fit through doorways.

      • Ahhh that makes sense! Iโ€™m in Georgia as well, hope you are staying cool. This humidity has been nuts with all the rain lately. Have a good day!

  52. Cyndi Raines says

    Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! Well done! I would be excited too.

  53. Sorry if someone already asked, but what color did you use on your walls? You have inspired me to dive into my garage project ! Thanks

    • It’s a Sherwin-Williams color that the second painter suggested called Eider White. He had just painted a garage that color and recommended it when I didn’t like the color I had originally chosen. I do like it a lot.

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